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Idle Shooting Target: Best Gun Sound, Sniper Free!

Idle Shooting Target: Best Gun Sound, Sniper Free! for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Gun And Zombie Shooting Games located at 15 Floor, Unit 2 ,Build 3, Gana, Haidian District, Beijing, China. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You used 2 different sounds for the pistol, a stock sound, and the glock 17 sound from half life. Kinda dissapointing how people just slap sounds in their game. Gameplay is decent though.
This game is okay. Its nothing amazing, but at least the ads are true to the game. There are a lot of ads and the gameplay gets boring as you progress. But it gave me a half hour of entertainment so 3 stars.
volume settings dont work with this game, 8f u put sound off it doesnt work it will keep it on once u click play
It's so challenging and it has you have patience and you know if you have too much if you don't have patience then you're not going to be able to finish
Why put guns on a add but not put them in the actual game they had guns but didn't have the ones that they put the add when you put all the guns in the add on to the game is when I'll give all 5 star.
Its a good game. Like really the thing is tho that if u like guns and idle games this gamebis good for u 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
I remembered the older kind it was way better than this becuase its was harder to play so it was fun becuase it had a challenge like speed but now its so easy
A nice little game. Although they have a hefty amount of ads they're decent and advertise actually decent games so cudos to them 👍
It if vary enjoyable to play that's why I like it so much it's not hard and not as simple as you would think it's a kind of fun I like that
It's a pretty good game, but why in rating it a 2, is that it crashes to much and I cant get passed level 2 due to it crashing, please fix and I consider a 4
I love it I can't explain but it's a fun game just listening to music and play with this is fun try it
Good so far only played for a short while but enjoying the game so far plenty of guns and easy to level up.
Great game I haven't even gotten an add yet, it's like a merge game that doesn't get boring, would recomend
adds, adds and more adds u watch an add and the game will then prompt you to watch two more adds before u can get back to the game
I love your game but when i do a run i cmplet it u would get restarted form scrach. I would love your game but with the bug i do not like it.
A decent game, but quite boring after a while. I would personally not reccomend it to anyone looking for a mobile game to get invested in
I thought the game was fun I really liked it but every time I leave the game and I get back on it after a few hours it starts all the way back over on level one!! So all the time I put into the game trying to get new guns is waisted and I am very disappointed!!
Not really much to it when you get the grenade launcher, after that all guns are rendered useless and when you get past the level above the power of the grenade launcher, the game is basically done
I just want to enjoy this game you money hungry people ads after each level and if I restart that game that's ridiculous we have an option to watch an ad and revive or restart from the start but it doesnt matter which option you choose because you got to watch a ad any way get your hands out of your wallets and make the game enjoyable not profitable
Whenever i shoot a bullut it lags very bad i dont like the ads i shoot it lags the thing that protects the target keeps moving then i shoot and i lose.
It's a fun game to play theres not much ads but when there is there is a good reason for it such as upgrading a gun overall a very fun and addictive game
Not Worth A [email protected] PLEASE SEE END OF REVIEW FIRST! Controls lagging, graphics antiquated, audio both annoying and choppy, all around sub-standard. Only positive is it will uninstall a lot faster then it installed. Down the crapper it goes! This app installed something called "Watcher" which I was alerted to by one of my phone security apps. It was completely removed before any damage was done.
game was decent. used to enjoy it until they restricted how many times you could shoot. not enough power? no thanks
Hey I have an issue, iam at level 17 and when I press shooting its all blank orange screen, the level does not spaw, plz fix
Man, for such a simple game, 50 dollars for a VIP package is as dumb as it sound. To top it off, you still have to watch ads to earn those "daily gifts" cuz they only remove "non-rewarded" ads. And isn't it a bit shady on how they price the VIP package? Like, the lowest was 9.99 but they slashed it to 0.99, and the highest was 99.99 but halved to 49.99. It's like the Fallout 76's Christmas Emote controversy, which turns out to be, somewhat, illegal.... Just sayin...
Got to weapon 40 wasn't worth it the game wants you to watch ads I did hecause the micro transactions are very very expensive it wasnt the best game I've ever played it was forgettable there's not that much to do after you get weapon 40 it is kinda a clicker game doing the levels don't give you enough money so there's not enough insentive to play them I probably won't play this again
DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME! Nearly crashed my phone. Could not close the app, had to turn off the phone. Game has constant lag. Game is constantly asking me to watch ads. On top of everything this game is boring, has bad controls, and is broken.
Fun game... but why am i paying for Ad-Free and then still receiving ads. Just instead of 30s they're 5s long. That's not fair.
every single time I go into shooting mode whenever I hit a target it says -24 and only gives me 4 points why is this it is soo infuriating and it is really making me mad coz there is no reason why it should be doing that please fix...
It was fun in the first few days. After that, it is very boring. Why all automatic guns have the same firing rate?
Sometimes the gun won't even shoot when you want it to like the Kar98 wouldn't even shoot when I wanted it to and most of the other guns
No wonder it's called idle shooter,takes forever just to put a gun together, developers getting lazy,why would I put together a powerful gun for just targets.lazy.goodbye.
Adds More time spent watching adds then actually playing. Lvls take 20 seconds then you watch a 30 second add
totally recommend this game. it's amazing that's why I have 5 star. ads can be annoying but that's fine.
It's so fun it's basically a shooting game and a March ng game all you have to do is have fun. Upgrading your wepond it's so fun
I found this game very inspieational believe it or not, but me being a some what gun smith I find a very big inyerest in this game...Would Deffinetly recommend.
The game was great and I loved the gameplay mechanics however whenever I would play and then come off, all my progress was lost. This is a great game overall but I did uninstall it because if this reason
Again way too many ads. I don't mind them if I want to accumulate points but they put too many long ads. Too bad. Not a bad game but now uninstalling
Creator can please make a online shooting games like block strike i would love it because this game is perfect for that and i love your games!♥♥♥