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Gun Idle

Gun Idle for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Green Panda Games located at 48 rue Sarrette 75680 PARIS cedex 14. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
y'all need to add the gun sound that's the only problem... that repetitive vibrating is annoying TBH... turn the vibrations off but can you just add the guns going off the sound of the guns? Y'all added noises sweet! But I have to restart so... that's sad there's no cloud save, it won't even load now :(
Unsure if it is a bug or an intentionally frustrating feature, but the game randomly 'forces' each gun to an 'ad watching payment' x10 upgrade even if you only buy in x1 upgrades with normal coin. Everything else passes the game off as 'ads optional'. I might choose to watch ads for games sometimes, but force me to do so and I'll quit
I like it but the àdds when your on tapping streak mess the streak up. Other than that, I give a 10/10
This game is fun,time killing. And addictive but the problem is constant freezes ads freeze and restart game also i cant reset guns, when it says reset i click it and i cant click the watch ad to reset button. Again besides that this game is epic!
Great game! I enjoy the fact that there is not many ads. The gameplay is good, little to no lag, and a great concept! I recommend
This game is amazing but I got it like 5 days ago and I had like more then 900q bye buying stuff like VIP and stuf
Decent game, y'now, like basic idle games, but spent 3 bucks for no ads, and still got ads, so I mean cmon man
It's a really addictive and I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in shooting games but the only problem is. I'M JUST KIDDING THERE IS NO PROBLEM. Play the game you'll enjoy it alot!! 😂 😂
Incredible im already level 200 with more than millions of guns you get a gun every 5 levels i check if i can up grade my guns every day and if you leave the ap open but your not on it you still can get millions of coins without knowing and many more I can't even count its amazing definitely recommend I also know million of new guns that I never knew about🥰:).
y'all need to add the gun sound that's the only problem... that repetitive vibrating is annoying TBH... turn the vibrations off but can you just add the guns going off the sound of the guns? Y'all added noises sweet! But I have to restart so... that's sad there's no cloud save
The one thing I don,t like is the ads they keep asking for me to click the ads but all and all it a good
Just got all of the guns. Pretty fun game. I just have some guns that could he added to the game: Banana gun, Gold gun, Rainbow gun, Egg Launcher, If these get added I would really be happy!
It's a good game but I always have to watch ads when I level up. I hit the x but I still watch the ad it's very annoying
There is only on problem.im at the max level and I'm just gonna keep leveling up and getting extra cash because there's more guns to buy
Its a very good game and I am not a ai it is very fun like adcap and I can buy many many things in the game which can make it better download gun idle to have a ton of fun lmaoooo
The game is relatively fun but it is annoying that you can't upgrade your guns past a certain point without watching an ad. Also add appear out of nowhere and you accidentally click them because you are constantly tapping the screen.
It's just too simple to hate. To be honest. Bee factory is even more simple! I would really recommend this if your ever bored. I wish I can give this app 6 stars! Or even more than that!
This game is to good it change my life but i do not like Ads but I hope my brother doesn't delete this game by if he does I will make him DIE HAHAAAAAA. But this game is too GOODDD.
Good game but to many ads all the time and can't upgrade sometimes without ad. Remove ads and it'll be a 5 star
Its fun and it gives you something to do when your bored and you can keep reseting and do it all over again in still trying to se what the max money limit is but overall its a good game
1. Lag: On some low quality devices there is lots of lag. 2. Gameplay: 💰 Money 💰 is easy to earn in this game, Plus levels are the same. 3. Ads: Advertising happens every 1 minute+ that is average set. 4.Fun. A game for kids who like monster and killing stuff. 5. Others: Not much to explain. Not a supernatural game who can create amazing games or a person who can create games to not be played with really annoying players (I'm talking Agar.io and stuff.)
It's a good game!! Not 800 ads while your trying to play. It's a fun game and there is nothing wrong with the game! I definitely recommend this game!
The game crashes every two seconds making the game impossible to play, I do not recommend this game to anyone
This game is so fun! I dont care if the ads are ligit opening up in my face its fine im a kid btw haha but i love guns i swear im reaching billions of money play this game now!!! SO COOL!!!!!!
It's pretty fun when you're a low level but when you get to level 120+ it's like almost impossible to level up.
It was cool I liked the game. There were a few ads and they told you that you were going to watch one which is what is supposed to happen.
I love this game had it on my phone sense I got it. very easy to play no lag what so ever love that it's offline so I can play anywhere but the reason it's not a 5 star is because I have the best gun and I'm just asking if you could add more guns.
This game is more of an ad simulator than anything. Sometimes when upgrading it forces you to watch an ad in order to keep upgrading it and if you don't it will block it off. The only way to progress and make your guns better is to watch ads. This game is ok if you only half play it and do something else. DO NOT play if you want serious gameplay or fun!
Little to many ads but still fun though I was wondering if a weird glitch got fixed was when I went offline and upgraded my guns it would not let me upgrade the gun even when back online
its very good and when i look at my other 100 games its better then them so i say you have to play this game and the reason i cant upgrade is because i cant afford it so its THE BEST GAME EVER
I've been playing this game since 2019 and I am in love with this game, less ads and not like a whole bunch of ads getting thrown at you
It is kinda fun, but theres an ad called foodpanda that i cannot skip, I dont know why i cant skip it.
This game is so fun now i have good aim at fornite download and try it out so you can have good aim in fortnite but if you already have good aim then even better so you gets victorys i even got one of playing this game i love this game.
Best game in my whole life there's not a LOAN OF ADS I can get wepons very easy and lastly I love power ups.
I used the free 3 day subscription to unlock and Max out all the weapons in less than 8 hours while playing occasionally. You literally just sit there holding your finger on the gun for hours....... Maybe this game is intended for those of a lesser intelligence.
Ah gun idle is kinda fun would be 5 stars if everything was 1.99 but it isnt and if it would run all night while i was sleeping😞
Liked the game just a bit short im waitin on some new guns please im at 1.992 Af and im sure if there will be new gun releases id be able to upgrade to max quickly not too bad as far as idle games go
Good game. BUT would prefer to make things that you can upgrade your offline earnings but otherwise highly recommend to download.
Kinda laggy but amazing to get rid of your stress and calm its pretty fun and you CAN play OFFLINE it's so good and the graphics are great and everything else is too and if you watch a show that you can never look away from the screen and then you play this well let's say you won't be able to look at the screen for too long so pause the show like I'm watching avatar and i cant watch it but it is an amazing show and i have never written a review this long but yea I'ma play some more so I'm at 500
I like this game as a time killer, there's really not a ton of ads outside of reward based ones (which is really the only way to earn coins quickly though). But it would be great if you guys could add more guns soon, I'm at level 322 and every gun is maxed out! Not much point in playing if there's nothing to work towards anymore.
I like the game because you have a long school week and you come back to a lot of cash it is realy fun after working a hard day of school
This mobile game is very amazing and non laggy. I have a phone that is super laggy, but since I started this, I haven't lagged at all. The amount of ads they put in is great, as about 85% of them are ones that you can just turn off immediately. Super fun, offline, and I play this on the highway. If I could, I would rate it 10 stars. Best game I ever played.
Installed it, 1st screen was offering £34 monthly fee for VIP. Promptly took the recommended action all players should do......DELETE!
Yes I love Playing The Gun idle every Day This is A Great game To Play When you Do not have Nothing Too Do Iit Give you Something too do play this game All Day When you are Bored I Give Gun idle game A 5 STAR For Playing Gun idle Win Money every day Gun idle App I START Playing Gun idle I love this game Because Gun idle Do Not Show AD You keep Play Until You Win Big Money on App Gun idle I Rate Too 5 Star
Terrible, the free trial is nothing but a scam, they took it away after one day then charged $11.99 weekly without asking even though the free trial never worked. Would not recommend.
It was idle gun game i was really happy to myself to play this game there ware 300 hundred levels I have completely done it on 4 months it waaas very easy😎😎 to play
I gave 5 star because the game starts out with no ads and it gives you a opertutny this is what the 5th day ive played this and im already on the bazooka
I'm so sick of these ads that open play store when you're trying to close it! I will never play your game nor give you money. Why burn people like that?
Games and games are the only games available for free online gaming machines that can be used for any other game or game of the game or game of any kind that you can play with your friends or family members or friends with you
Ads that don't close or don't give you rewards after you watch them, you lose your upgrades when you don't play for a while... Anyone surprised??
Tell me why you pay $3 for no ads but they pop up anyway, went from a 5 star to a 1 star, ridiculous.
Would get more stars if there was a way to save the game to a google account so that if someone upgrades to a better phone they can keep there progress, like in my case I lost 6 months of work due to not having a way to save the game to a google account. I had prestige 20 and level 238 all guns maxed by watching all 3 videos for ALL gun up to level 238.
I like this game as a time killer, there's really not a ton of ads outside of reward based ones (which is really the only way to earn coins quickly though). But it would be great if you guys could add more guns soon, I'm at level 311 and every gun is maxed out! Not much point in playing if there's nothing to work towards anymore.
Ads aren't TOO intrusive, but still pretty frequent. Gets boring pretty fast though.... I uninstalled for more space bc I stopped playing.. Still reccomend to fast tappers. 4.5 stars if you ask me. Would be 5, but the intrusive ads ruin it for me.. but hey, that's mobile gaming for ya!
I love this game it stopped crashing no bugs and no glitches also I unlocked the very last level it's called ......I will let you all find out it's like spoiling endgame thank you for a good game and thanks for the fixes btw when are yall gonna add more guns please add more guns thx
best game I've ever played in my life. you don't get a billion ads as soon as you play the game, you get guns very fast, and if you want to know what gun you have it's just right above the gun and the best part, is that it shoots by itself. so if your thumb/finger hurts from tapping the guns no need to worry, you can just let it shoot by itself. I really recommend playing this game, it's addicting
Absolutely love this game and have only been playing for one hour. its sooo much easier than other tycoons and doesnt bombard you with ads as soon as you click somthing, the only OPTIONAL ads are rewards and they arent too bad or long.The reason i didnt make this 5 stars is that you have self level i was stuck on level 2 for so long because i wasnt level 5. im so sad it had to be like this😥😥😥😫😫😫😫😫😫
It's fine but it should make a decline for the 10x more upgrades because it is being VERY annoying to me. That's why I rated it a 3.
A fun game that is easy and kind of calm and since that you don't have to do much the nucleus kind of fun that's the best thing in this game but if you don't like guns I wouldn't recommend it because it has a bunch of guns and I don't like how they put as level one the Colt 1911 because that is like the best gun in existence AK as level 5 I think that should be level 10 in the shotgun level 5 but I'm kind of crazy about guns I'm a gun nut so don't really take my word for how they think about gun
I just keep pressing the guns But one problem some times I'm already pressing the guns and it's not leveling up
Good game not too many ads but takes a while to make money the more you get upgrades since the guns and upgrades are expensive but you can earn money while not even playing the game I'm at like $20.nn after just a week.
This is a great game, but for some reason I can't prestige anymore. And it took me a while to realize that the video that you have to watch to continue upgrading your gun actually is a free 10x upgrade for an add, without spending money. Very addictive. I can't stop playing it to play my other 8 games that I have. It's an awesome game
It's a great way to get rid of being bored and it's that kind of game that's isnt pay to win and a game that you will want to grind out
Coolest game you don't even have to touch anything except for yatahey upgrade and then you don't have to do anything because the gun will shoot by itself card game makeup art Lego part 2
Great idle game! Even better if you like guns. One issue thats sorta bothering me is luger is spelled wrong. And there is a bit too many ads but besides that its a great game
I like this game in all, but I shouldn't need to listen to 2 ads just to play, that is not ok, please fix that.
I have always been a mobile game tycoon fan but they are always sooo advanced like get these things to better that and get that but thats limited blah blah blah. But this game is extremely simple which is what I like, and even better the guns have a upgrade limit thats actually reachable so you don't have to worry about upgrading the lower guns 24/7. And the ads are fine they aren't spammed or anything it doesn't bother me because people need to make money somehow
Its an excellent game.Recommend for those who need to pass time.I would change the time to get to a new level.I always have to watch a short ad to get the nuclear bullets.Great game overall.I played it for the past year now.
I played this game a while ago and it was great but recently the game just makes a black screen and when i look at my phone stats they are all above 80 percent with the app trying to open!!! The game was fun to play back when i had it.