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Gun Builder ELITE

Gun Builder ELITE for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Lifebelt Games Pte. Ltd. located at 30 Cecil Street #19-06 Prudential Tower SINGAPORE 049712. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is okay, but you have to pay money to get what you want in the game and after a while the game gets pretty boring due to the fact that there really isnt much you can do in the game after you unlock the 4 shooting ranges or the zombies map which isnt the best and you have to pay $1 for it. I really dont suggest this game it's okay but not really well rounded. On another note I have bought the zombies pack for this game and I would like a refund.
Brilliant game. Loads of weapons to select, and create. However, I have a few issues: 1. In the Desert Sandpost mode, some snipers like the AWP and in the sniper section take 5 shots to take down the target, but some others only 1 shot. 2. The Night Vision sight only makes the screen darker, even in the Night Facility. 3. The Micro Red Dot sight is glitched: whenever I aim, a white square fills the screen, blocking view. Thanks, and brilliant game!
the app itself is phenomenal except for one feature, when you buy the mystery gun box sometimes you get something new but when you dont, you dont even get back half of what the cost of the myster gub box was.
Great app, but the last update was 3 years ago. I am an avid player, and I've bought zombies, and collected all the weapon packs, which happened to be a year ago. We need more weapons.
Might take legal action. Bought a pack, cant use it even, so waste of money, and the timer for a coin pack isn't moving. this app has stolen money and isnt even allowing me to play free. Curse the studio behind this game. I demand a refund.
This is a fun game in all, but it is too easy to get duplicates in the weapon spin. Once you get a weapon, you shouldn't be able to get it again. Plus getting money is way too hard. We should have decreased time for briefcases or be able to watch an add whenever we want for as many times as we want to.
Should have just made the whole game a purchase game-instead I go through all the trouble to build a gun I like; only to find out I can neither save it nor fire it. Waste of time unless you're paying for it
I really love this game, but I believe that there is some thing that should be noted. Instead of 5 coins back when you land on a weapon you already have, you should get 10-20 coins back. That way players won't be as upset when they don't get a new gun. This will also decrease the possibility that the players might uninstall this game which means both you and the game will gain more popularity.
The games is fun to play the only thing that really bothers me is the chances of getting something new and not get the same things you already unlocked in the crate spins. For weeks now I've been getting the same few guns. I've only unlocked three guns and I keep getting them. I just wish the chances of getting something you already have would be a little bit slimmer.
It's okay. However, certain features make it really annoying. Such as when you win guns you already own, it gives you 5 coins meaning you have to save another 95 coins and lose them again. Also, the lack of anything to do is infuriating. At least let us shoot npcs for free.
honestly, I am unimpressed, and dissapointed with this app. whenever you get a gun crate, chances are, you get somthing you already have, and get refunded 5 coins. Opening a new gun crate cost 100 coins. 7 times in a row I have gotten the same gun. This is a terrible waste of time, I will never recommend this to a friend, an enemy maybe. And I do believe that it is a scam, a waste of data, a waste of time, and ultimately probably the worst game out there. nevertheless, Thank you for your time.
Needs to stop duplicatin5 coins give us the money back if boo weapons duplicate the same thing will we have don't give us no more V coins even though I'm playing on my laptop this game needs to update airplane in 2019 god dammit the sucks
This game is great, But theres a problem in your game.. its purchases. almost everything in your game needs purchase and even the ZOMBIE mode which is not worth it. you should at least make zombie mode a lot more fun to play So our M O N E Y will not go to waste. im rating this 4/5. and lackness of weapons too. now i know theres enough guns but you can just add more and please, Stop giving us duplicates of weapons we owned. its has good graphics, Great gameplay, but just please fix your game.
Had this previously. Deleted so I could dowload other apps. Redownloaded and it won't go past the initial loading screen. Pretty sure this game is no longer supported, since there hasn't been an update since 2016, however a bug fix update would be appreciated.
A great game but what I hate about it are the in-app purchases. Even the slots for extra guns aren't free. Sorry but I'm uninstalling this game
First of all I love the game, great game but for me to rate 5 stars the one and only thing is to fix the night vision scope it doesnt work in the game on the nightime map it actually makes it darker than not looking throuh it please fix and will rate five 🌟's
Finally I can customize my gun. This game is really really cool! But the fact that you have to pay for everything is very bad. I think people should have the right to create. And I would like to suggest you add your custom gun to you library and make it public so people can use it. Like a gun maker for people to play with! And if they want, they can copy it and put it to a slot. Overall, a very very good game. But the controls are a bit goofy, I think you should add the ability to customize ctrls
It's a good game, but do y'all except me to buy every on of those guns with real money. Does that make the coins useless. I am not going to play a game where you have to buy moslty everything in the game just to have fun.
It's a really good game. My main gripes are: 1. There is little to no recoil. What if there was heavy recoil that you could subdue with foregrips and other attachments? What If different guns had different recoil? 2. The game becomes boring fast. Add a single player campaign or a new shooting gallery, as destruction is the only fun one. 3. All the guns, as far as I know, (excluding shotguns) do the same damage against pop up targets. Make high caliber guns deal more damage.
This game is great but i think it needs less money orientated stuff. also i think these people should pop out a pvp mode where u can use your own guns. other than that its pretty good.
Never had a problem with until now. Im curious is anyone else is stuck at an infinite loading screen all of a sudden? Literally left it for almost an hour and it didn't load still. I really like it and don't wamma go through the hassle of uninstalling and reinstalling it
good game. the guns are neat and there are many more features and guns than shown. while I have all of the guns, it was not easy to get them. there are many small purchases ranging from 1 to 4 dollars. for unlocking the guns, you get a ton of repeats and it was almost impossible to get any epic or legendary packs. please update to make unlocks easier and so we can use coins to unlock racks and individual guns. nice game. really fun
this game is really fun, only issues I have are: 1) I don't like that you have to pay to be able to own more than 3 guns at a time and 2) some of the attachments are useless e.g. the flashlight does nothing and just fills an attachment spot, the laser pointer is just a green dot on the crosshair but the Shotgun and Grenade attachments work BEAUTIFULLY 3) When you roll the gun crate, and it lands on a gun set you already have, it's annoying, I think you should make it so it removes ones you have!
the game itself is alright well that's for the gun building, and shooting range I don't even know about the zombies part because it casts money and it's not even $0.99 I could understand that but it's $3.00I get it's a free game why don't you just put ads on the game like every other time you come out of something
building guns are cool and all but you get 1 gun crate free and then you have to pay for everything else with real money you can't even go to the shooting range without seeing that you have to pay
Awesome, but needs some updates. Please add more legendary weapons like a minigun or something else. That would be great if you can do that.
Could be better the flashlight does nothing the shot gun has infint rang when you custom your guns changing the stock or the slide does not tell me what iv changed and the wepon thing way to much like CSGO and i havent even played it ever so lots of work and im not paying the cash i dont got to play zombies bisides that not bad PS it would be nice to have a info bar and real stats on a gun because it all looked the same.
it's a really awsome game but at least give us one rare pack to start and give us at least 6 more gun slots for free so we can save more instead of buy them so a total of 9 gun slots just please do that and I'll tell everyone I know to download and play this game and all of my friends love guns and building guns
basically you have to watch a ad video for 20 coins. each gun crate is over a hundred coins. do you like watching ad's and playing with virtual guns? then this is for you . oh, yeah this game hasn't been updated since 2016
Not really a good game. Takes way too long to acquire cases. Each time you get a case(100 coins) and you open it you get a different set of weapons if you're lucky. Most of the time you just get a duplicate and they give you 5 coins for it. Mainly just a game set up so that you have to pay to get things that you want unless you get extremely lucky. I wouldn't waste your time on this, there are much better games.
I personally love this game but what makes me mad is that when you get a weapon crate, when I land on a weapon pack I have it will only give me 5 coins, if I was the game developer I would give out 50 coins due to wasting 6 hours of my life.
I love this game so much that I tend to stay up playing this game and trying to switch my attachments. I'd love it if you include more guns like the P226 or the CZ75 and more attachments. :)
ACTUALLY THE BEST GAME EVER PLAYED IN MY WHOLE LIFE! usually, best things are that you can add designs to guns add WHATEVER you want like scopes and test it Graphics kinda lot like COD, but a bit thin though. What mean is, This game changed my life
I love it I like making an M4A1 but the colour patterns are not good i think you should be able to make any gun whatever colour u prefer like in real life. all I need is the smg pack to have them all. please give me a higher chance of getting it. also with the colour thing i really want you to add that and the flash light foregrip to the M4 pack and allow everyone to make it their favourite colour i want a black one otherwise it is a little boring please add but great app overall.
The graphics are quite terrible, and the collection of weapons is limited unless ypu buy the rarer types. The odds of receiving a rare weopon from a crate are 1000000 to 1, and the amount of gold you get back from landing on an already obtained weapon is useless. It's a horrible game.
Boring game that REALLY gets boring once you get all 4 maps and all weapons. It has NOT been updated in forever and honestly isn't worth anyone's time. No use deleting the review either, it just shows that you're even more selfish. Update this app, or remove it.
I assume that this will never be updated, but here are some ideas: , More detailed reload, it's disturbing how the bullets are never shown to be chambered. , Grenades pack, hey, you have knives. And maybe the bayonets can be put one weapons too, like custom ones. , WW2 axis pack, you have the allies, add the axis. , fix the hitreg on desert outpost. , Make the flashlight useable, and nv as well.
this game makes me pay real money just to play it who pays for this game the rich billionaires yes poor people know people that don't want to spend their money on stupid video games yes do not download this game if you want to be tortured go ahead
Well let's start off with the fact that unless you pay money to get the guns/knifes then it is going to be a long and painful time to get something new also why can't we unlock the safe thing so we can store our guns/knifes by doing challenges and same thing goes for the guns/knifes which is you can get lucky at getting the guns/knifes in a care package(looks like something from cs:go) and why can't we if we wanted to get a demo of the zombie mode see if we want it or not.If the developers decide to read this then add a message saying that i did this please that you for reading this and have a good day.
Where is everyone? Why arent there any updates for this game anymore? There is so much more that could be done with this game. All I ask of you guys is try to add some more things! This was a short and "straight-to-the-point" review, the quickest one Ive ever done really but anyway, please update this game again!