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Gumballs & Dungeons(G&D)

Gumballs & Dungeons(G&D) for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Qcplay Limited. located at UNIT A17,9/F SILVERCORP INTERNATIONAL TOWER,707-713 NATHAN ROAD,MONGKOK,KOWLOON,HONG KONG. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the game, just wish for an easier way to upgrade and purchase the food for gumballs, such as a buy all ingredients button or something. Otherwise great game
You may play this game according to your prefference: as an idle game, as an adventure game or combined. When you have time, there's no pressure. There's no pay to win. You only purchase if you want but you are not forced. Nice developer, always working to improve the game. Still having fun after almost two years, still a lot of things to do. Never spent one cent, I'll do it only to reward the development team. Recommend!
Great game 3+ years played and still going. Normally I get bored and delete a game within a year but this just keeps going. They are really generous with gems so you honestly don't have to spend anything. If you do all the little spends add up so you get the ONLY item in the game that you pay for eventually (you don't really need it but it can help). Anyone who complains about this game usually says it's because things take too long, they don't. It is well balanced and keeps you interested.
I enjoyed this game a lot. I can tell that the developers put a lot of effort in. Graphic is good. Gameplay is nice and varied. No overly high paywall. I'm putting this one in my dedicated game list. Will play again once I have more time to spare.
Everything is great except there is no end game. The game is amazing, especially early and mid game, but once you unlock every maze, once you reach the space, well that's it. It's only waiting and repeating things. I don't know how much motivation the team has to continue developing game but right now you wait and wait to complete something. I mean waiting for research over 30 days to get absolutely nowhere is too disappointing. Everyone should try the game, but end game is not worth it.
The poorly designed Chaos (only actual pvp event) opens full of lag for half the players every chaos. I'm among them. As the leader of a major alliance, I have to watch my members frustrated as they cannot participate in an important part of the event at all. Devs have known about this growing lag issue for 6 months and taken no steps to correct it. There are free mitigation options on the table that could be implemented timely. They just don't care. I've stopped whaling over it.
Best game ever! No matter how many times my phone gets stolen or destroyed by unfortunate events, and all my progress lost, I still think and remember this game, and still I continue with starting over. This game has all the quirks and subliminal features anyone with a brain could want! ❤❤❤
I been loggin in in this game every day for almost 2 years. This is very different game from everything I have seen. Drawback is insane lag on games main event that happens once every two weeks.
This game is one of the best games that i have ever found. I am sorry for thsi very bad message as i am terrible at writing. But all yoi need to know is that hsi is a good di geom crawler and that I will definitely come back for more.
pure awesomeness. Edit: been playing on and off for nearly 2 years. Even after months of not playing, its still fun.
Awesome at the beginning, extremely repetitive to the point of being almost a chore later on. The dungeons are well made and the early game is really fun. After you reach floor 101 on all the dungeons and you try several different team compositions you may very well uninstall. After 101 there is nothing new in the dungeons, they just become more time consuming. Wasting your time is what researches, sky and space are all about. The guild pvp called chaos is just overall terrible.
This game is the definition of a game made by true passion and deserves to be supported! One of the few true gems. I wish there was a better platform for it to be published, because Play Store is plagued by garbage games. To everybody who has a 2nd thought about trying this game out and is going through reviews to see what people think: please come in and try it, im sure you will like what you will experience!
I loved the Dragon Warrior franchise when I was younger, and this game pulled me in because of the gumball design. But I've been playing because I love how it handles, and the makers are generous with handing out bonus gems so you never feel like you NEED to pay. And because of that, this is one of the few free to play games that I put money into. Highly recommended!
The great depth this game has is amazing. I can see how much effort was put into it, as there are countless things to discover. The gameplay is simple enough to pick up with ease, but the player has a lot of room for strategy and optimization. Well done.
I have only just started playing, but I LOVE the depth and breadth of gameplay available already. The controls are intuitive, the combat system simple yet loaded with strategic possibilities, and the graphics are cute, aesthetically unified, and well-made. The music and sound are also in-tune with the theme and feel of the game. Amazing work, devs; keep it up!
I used to play this game for 2 years ago and I came back. I knew that I still love this game. This game made me relax with simple play strategies and relaxing music.
Have been playing this game for a few hours and there's no end in sight! That's how enjoyable and engaging it actually is. There are various elements to keep you distracted. A previous review said it felt like 4 games in one and I agree, in the best way possible. Really happy I finally found a game I can keep playing without getting bored.
Most unique and most innovative game so far, combining dungeon exploration, idle system, collecting and definitely not a "me too" game, generous developer, F2P friendly, been playing for more than 3 years! The guild system also amazing.
I have play this game from the beginning and it was a good one at that. But since Chaos start it has got worse with the lagging. And now on the 30/1/21 when it is taking up to 2 hours to get in the game. This Issue now needs to be sorted before Anything else is Brought out in the game.
the game seriously took a turn to the worse.. everything is becoming pay2win.. especially the new lunar year celebration!! if i want to get anything, it's going to cost me around 100 gems!!! seriously? that's not an event, that's a scam in my book.
It's an okay game with horrid support. There are plenty of gumballs to collect and upgrade, mazes to complete and space sectors to explore. They can't seem to fix the trouble with lag though. Every chaos round has massive lag that keeps many players from joining until the Asian alliances already secured their lead. I can't help but think this is on purpose. Edit: lag is still a huge issue. Paying players have left the game. The devs apparently don't care. We've reported this issue for months.
This game was fun in the beginning but now it's just kinda going downhill, Chaos is crazy laggy, leaning more towards P2P, not my type of game but I am staying for the friends not entirely the game anymore. Still kinda fun just not as much as it used to.
Chaos lag... I've been playing this game for almost 4 years. Not many mobile games can still be enjoyable for that long. I love that there are only a couple things locked behind a paywall (although it may take years of grinding for free-to-play). But the lag during Chaos, the only real PvP event, is awful. Chaos happens during a 12 hour window, so if you're locked out for 2 hours that's a large portion of it. No communication, no compensation, and it feels like nothing is being done to fix it.
Put a lot of time in to be able to be effective in chaos, but it doesn't matter as you lag out anyway. Won't be putting any more money into this game. Cue the response from qcplay that they are 'looking into it'
The devs are wilfully neglecting long running issues with the opening of Chaos and first Giant Creature waves. Months of viable fixes being suggested and demands for any remedy fall on deaf ears. During the Chaoses it's unplayable for half the players for the first 15 minutes... the other half clean up advantageously. Comphensation for the handicap does not exist.
one of the very best free to play games out there. you get sooooooo much value out of it without having to pay a thing. i will make some in app purchases just as a thank you for all the entertainment. i feel like i owe them. gameplay is mostly a dungeon crawler, with some research and development on the side. can be played with one hand. very very good game. thanks to Justin from gamescoop for the recommendation. cheers.
I love this game and this will be my first review to be honest but i used to own Amazon tablet and this was one of the only games i could play with it. sadly i had to restart but i do not mind as it will be all quite easy to get back and there are plenty of secrets i have yet to find and yet to try the joint server just keep doing what your doing the game is perfect
I've been playing for about two years now and while I initially loved the game the developers have decided to ignore our pleas to fix the ongoing lag issue. They won't even communicate with us and haven't been for a long time. We've been really patient but the whales who've kept this game alive are dropping like flies. Meanwhile the devs continue to push forth new content and cash grabs, we don't want new content now. We want you to fix chaos, fix the broken content that exists.
The lag experienced in Chaos has ruined any fun I had in this game. We have waited long enough with this issue. I will not be spending any money until the DEVs fix this issue.
This game is the only game I have played continuously for almost a full year. It never gets to old as every dungeon offer a new game mechanic that makes it unique and it hasn't gotten stale because of the shear amount of end game progression like dungeon competing, space exploration, eden expansion, shrine status etc. I normally do not put a review for games however for this game and the amount time I've invested in it i would like to give credit to the game developers.
I rated this game 5 stars for ages , but the ongoing frustration over chaos lag , where the game becomes unplayable for several hours , has changed my opinion. At least tell people if your working on a fix!
The first two thirds of the game is excellent, and shows a lot of love. (About the first two years of development.) Unfortunately, things change a little after that and while the ideas are good, the implementation is not and needs some tuning. Like server lag.
Maybe the only mobile game I have not dropped after playing over a year. Feels like 4 games wrapped into one that actually functions together. Would not be surprised at this point if there is yet another mechanic buried deeper. One aspect that i appreciate the most is I have never felt forced to purchase any microtransactions or drowned with ads. Well worth what I did end up purchasing some $5-10 pack long ago to support the dev's. Thanks!
I'm stuck at a wall of ores, they come so slow, I'll probably uninstall after new player rewards wear thin. The airship limit on explorations is very annoying I have 30 batteries but cant get past enemies busted ships
This game was a lot of fun and still is the massive amount of content from the core gameplay to the little itty bitty easter eggs this game is great give it a try you'll have fun
It's a huge pity . You made a fun game which is rare, only to complete and utterly RUIN it by making it frustrating to play. And I am not even talking about playing free. Even if you spent 100€ in this game , it is not enough. It will never be enough. I know it's a business but you really should feel some shame for your greediness.
I love this app! Wish I could have linked to my old email to get my purchases though. Sucks.Socks. thanks for all the work you put into this! I definitely appreciate all the changes since I played last! Looks great!!
It's a great game. Funny and simple at times. Other times its strategic and challenging which I love.
Downloaded this game on July 13th 2018, not thinking much of it, ya know just another mobile gamer to add to my collection. Then suddenly im playing every single day. months later I realize, there's not a single ad, it's not pay to win, sure paying little bit helps here and there but it's not needed. it's super fun and you can play for ages! Im still playing at least an hour every day (with over 600 hours and counting of playtime)!!
Easily one of the best mobile games I've had the pleasure to play. The candid messages from the devs are awesome (although you can tell English is not their first language lol), and what you get out of the game is awesome. I genuinely desire to put some money into this, and don't feel like I have to (see Summoners War or any game like that). The gameplay is fun and the core gameplay loops are engaging. There is a lot to do, and it is a good thing to dive in bite-sized chunks or longer play on.
Really fun game, similar to Dungelot. I don't even mind the poorly-translated text. In this case, it's actually kind of endearing.
I love this game! Something about it keeps me coming back time after time. I guess I would describe it as a puzzle-roguelike, which is not something I've found anywhere else, but I love it so much! I just switched servers so I could play from the beginning and its still tons of fun without everything unlocked.
Totally love the game, the concept is easy, basic and lovable. Hey Peter, hope you all are in great shape,sry words are the only support I can provide now but same sharing is all-time thing. Great job guys👍.
I haven't played in a year, and my account is still properly linked. Tons of returning player rewards, too. This game doesn't quite throw gems at you . . . only because there's so much to do with them. It's a cross between turn-based and strategy/puzzle games. All nicely incorporated into a dungeon delve experience. Or ten. Because there are many dungeons and dungeon mechanics. Combined with over a hundred slimed that can be put in teams, there's literally no end to the combinations. Try it!
It's been a while since I enjoyed a game, especially a mobile game that's as good as this. The details and easter eggs are touching, I am a dev myself and I can truly feel your team have put in enumerous hours in building the whole game. It's not a game from a commercial company, but feels more like a game coming out from the hands of true game lovers. Just like those who created Binding of Isaac, Hyperlight Drifters, Ori and the Blind Forest. Thank you for making it, I really enjoyed.
Great game, keeps expanding and even more theres almost always something to do. If you're in a hurry you can spend stamina quickly, and not be on for hours. The game has so many places to unlock and go theres always something new to find. Including new characters and and ships and the like. Love it, and will continue to support the game. Only critique would be: rework the alliance system.
I've never had so much fun with a mobile game before. It's a never ending journey and I admire the developers for putting so much work in this game. I really recomand if for dungeon raiding lovers and for those who like growing up in a game. I've been playing it for almost 3 months now and everyday it brings me happiness, simple as that. Just try it at least, is worth it!
While this is an enjoyable game, I have an older phone with limited memory. I played for a couple of months and started having memory storage issues, and discovered this game size had grown to over 450mb, which is a LOT more than the base download, and had to uninstall. If your phone has room I highly recommend this game. If you have limited memory it may not be for you.
I love this game to death,actually got me through some depressing timrs as stupid as it sounds. I started on an ipad back in the day and linked my account to the gamecenter instead of facebook and bound a new game on my andriod to my facebook.im on android now and would like to get that account back to play on my phone.is there a way to do that?