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Guitar Band Battle

Guitar Band Battle for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Zeeppo located at 1440 Vinte e Quatro de Outubro Ave, Suite 710 Zip Code 90510-001 Porto Alegre / RS / Brazil. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
"This (Game is Really Fun), but I think it could us some better character graphics or designs..!!" And also have (More Songs Too)..!!"
I would give 5 stars because it's a really fun game and the ads dont bother me, but there needs to be more than 10 lives, I dont like having to wait to play. If I didn't have to wait to play I would play more. Please make an unlimited mode or something.
I am a huge fan personally over the idea of thr game, but it would be super cool if there were more veriaty of songs to battle with
Do not get this game because past 2000 discs it just becomes a pay-to-win so do not get this game it's only fun from the start and that's all.
Literally unplayable when you first open the game the notes get stuck at the top of the screen and theres just ghost notes all through the song
There is no pause button it sucks and play the one with the actual guitars and it sucks how are you supposed to keep track of all four of their coming at the same time
Terrible game. Everything is a ripoff from the guitars to the songs. And trying to play is nearly impossible. The strumming of the strings is very laggy. You have to hit the note before it's time to. Even still its impossible.
Lame ripoff of guitar hero, doesn't play like the real thing. Cant hold the phone comfortably while seeing the screen.
Seems okay at first glance, but when I actually attempted to play, I noticed the notes don't match up with the beat and it really threw me off.
Terrible. Only win 100 for each match yet to upgrade just one thing its now costing over 30k! Just for one band member upgrade. So thats 300 songs i have to win just for one upgrade. To top it off, if you lose a match (which is often) you dont even win anything at all. I would def not reccommend this app and certainly not pay money
It's a really fun game. You can play online too in competitions. If there's no power you can play offline per songs provided. It's very enjoyable
The only thing wrong with the game is that after having it for 3-4 months, the game stops registering my hits. I hit the note on point (even counting quarter notes in my head to the beat of the song) and still misses.
It helps me pass the time. There's a little lag here and there on the songs. Cannot figure out how to invite friends to play.
Its fun on the lower levels but once your in the higher levels, No matter how much you practice, the computer always wins against you. You get lucky a few times but this game is no longer fun for me since I keep losing most battles and some of the notes come at you so fast, its impossible to move your thumbs that fast unless you have super human speed like Clark Kent.
The songs are off tempo with the notes you hit, and the songs have different names and sound weird cause the makers if the game dont wanna get copyright claimed
The only thing i don't like is you can only see your accuracy is if you win. You should be able to see it if you lose as well.b
Very satisfying.. The levels might get tougher and tougher and that makes this game a whole lot challenging!
The game is good, and it's not pay to win like others have said. So far I have 5000+ discs and haven't paid a dime. You just need to be decent at the game and put in minimal effort. Wish there was more diversity in the songs...maybe some more Soundgarden and a Linkin Park song or two?
This musical game is good enough for me. Many people complained about the song and the precision of the tempo, but that's not a problem just to have fun. And I understand very much that the song's title and melody seems like rip off, but that's not a problem because it's very expensive to pay license for the original songs, while all you people download this game for free. My only suggestion is to add feature for adding new songs, a forum or community to share new songs, or online new songs lib.
I've been playing for 2 years & played from scratch 3 times. I love the songs, graphics, musicians, guitars, rewards, structure to levels & how it challenges you. Removing Ads is only 99¢—get lowest currency pack onsale. So many apps are literal adware—this game isn't! Lots of work went into it & as someone who never buys apps—I've bought it TWICE. Gameplay's determined by RAM & network connection. Close other apps if it lags during battles! DEV: Pls add new songs, achievements & guitar decals🙏
I download this game so many times before but it still having a same issues. Im playing this game until level 6 then when i went back to play suddenly the apps not working. I uninstall it back.
The game is just a total rippoff, I mean I know its supposed to be but they could have made their own songs or include the real songs, the tutorial song is supposed to be sweet o' child of mine but it sounds like it should be called sweet o' adult belonging to me
This game sucks. When I downloaded and opened the game it is completely unresponsive and when I press on stuff it doesn't work. Fix this now.
As soon as I hit Stage 8 I couldn't play anymore. The song selection is just track 1-8 instead of the names of the songs. And even when I select one, the game loads but then nothing happens. I would have rated it 5 stars but now it's literally unplayable.
Good lord above, I wish I could write more than 500 characters because there's a lot to unpack. The music in this game is just bad. Not only is it bad from a musical standpoint, being often out of time, out of key, and with almost random note placement, it is also bad from an ethical standpoint. Every single song in this game is a bad rip-off, borderline parody, of much better songs. The "guitarist" is very amateur at best. The game breaking bugs make it laughable. Stick to your day job, bud2/10
It was ok at the beginning but then it got really laggy! Higher levels are almost impossible. There is not much to say except this game SUCKS! Do not download unless you love frustration!
Hmmm every other game today has some insentive to play seems as its xmas day but nope its not even like a double sunday offered Jjst deleting now as too many little things now
This is a great for guitar s lover's out there You can customize you're guitar's in play they develop more guitar's in the game this is a fun one
It's hard and it's hard to hit the keys right at the time your supposed to but it's still fun to play
It is really good because it has old song from 70s 80s and more and I love that kind of music especially heavy metal
It's a pay to skip the grind. When you get to the higher levels it doesn't matter about how much skill you have at the game. If a player is a higher level, has better stats, better characters. You're highly likely to lose in the competitive play.
The most fun is figuring which iconic songs have been ripped off haha. Wasted about 5 minutes but couldn't play as beat out if sync with keys
It great bit i do have to say that the guitar songs are lot faster than the guitar hero so hard getting use to
Actually really good, although I know nearly all songs on here its just weird hearing them very slightly different
it's boring and no one would love that game ever in their life please don't play that game is so boring tell me I want to delete it now I tried it 10000 times it keeps jamming every time I play it. Don't tell me about this because every time I play that game the city gems my speakers every I've never play that again
Game is so smooth but why so to many ads, i thinke this kind of fantastic games dont need to a money from ads though.
You tried but when you furst start its fun but when you hit a bigger level you keep losing but some time you get lucky and you have fun but other times you lose and its not but you have to try and try the computer is very ongoing please make this game a normal mode please take it of difficult please Please I'm so sorry four rating it a two
A really good game great for compettion and makes you feel lime tou have guitar hero on your phone it does take skill and time to get better like in guitar hero and its not pay to win
It would be fun to play if hitting the bottons was on time with the music. If this is a beat based game it is a poor excuse at staying on beat. I feel like I have to hit everything delayed and it's not fun at all.
great game and it does have some lag, as does every guitar hero game..easy to adapt to that but needs an update. Met my first hacker today. Red notes all across my screen throughout entire song. Ghost [email protected]* that
The 1st "lets test your skills before the real battle you can use my guitar by now" but idk what to tap i taped skip toturial nope didint work clicked evrything nothing worked
This is actually a pretty awesome game despite all the critiscism 😂 it really is a challenge, that's what this is about you lose you win whatever just enjoy sore loser, I kinda don't like you can't play offline other than that, awesome
Pretty funny to see restfully numb and eye of the lion. Kinda sucks to be stuck on one difficulty tbh and the songs could be longer
Works fine. Needs upgrade on quality. Also glitches out when playing some notes. Yes I have good wifi. I check it on Ps4 everyday lol
The game is great, I love it better than other games because it's a challenge. Some songs are harder that others which is fun. The one thing I dont like is some of the notes are really hard to hit.
The game literally wouldn't progress past the tutorial, couldn't skip or play the tutorial, trying closing the app 3 times and still no luck