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Guess The Movie Quiz

Guess The Movie Quiz for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by bubble quiz games located at Skalna 159E, 43-100 Tychy, Poland. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun, I wanted trivia, this is more like guess movie... based on a picture. But nevertheless I'm challenged every 10-12 movies. But for a casual movie fan it might be frustrating because alot of pictures barely have anything.
Sooo.... what are we waiting for (why keep the app) after all levels are done??! Sometimes the pictures are like charades. Not exactly okay.
So I made a purchase of 800 hints and I hadn't even used up the 60 hints I was given at the beginning but mistakenly reset the game. Now even if I sign in I can't find a way to restore my previous purchase. Fix this
Two issues, both of which are sufficient to lose a star: first, plenty of the posters are for tv shows, and the app is called Guess the Movie. Not semantics, the title is inaccurate. And second, when you tap a clue, and it can't be used because all available letters have already been established, the app still docks you. That's disingenous. If you can't use the clue, the game should block you from using it, not punish you. Also, Level 30 hasn't appeared. I guess it takes nine months. At least.
entertaining game but it's not just movies, there are some tv shows which made it misleading in the first few rounds b'coz I wasn't expecting to have also have to guess tv shows.
I paid to get ads removed and guess what they are still popping up. Annoying to say in the least. I'd like to enjoy the game if it had more ways to get more hints. The spinning wheel is terrible it gives only one maybe five extra hints if you're lucky.
My wife & I enjoy this game a lot. We look forward to the daily challenge, part of our evening ritual.my only disappointment is that if you save a game, you lose all your accumulated hints and are reset back to 60. Since we have been doing the challenge each day foe over a year, we had over 1100 hints save. It was like a second score for us. I saved my game to transfer it to a new device as suggested and lost those hints. Despite this we love the game and also play their Logo game.
Great quiz for moviefans. Nice idea and good knowledge of the movies for the drawings that can be tricky but really has the essence of the movie
it is a good app but the cloud is not working, i can't continue my game to my new phone. l always try to click the 'load save game' but it says 'can't connect to the cloud' for a couple of days now. please fix this
First time I downloaded this app,I was at level 7 within 3 hours. Interesting and fun but poorly executed,needs new levels quickly..otherwise,it is all great
Easy to play and the movie descriptions are great. I like being able to move between levels. Correcting mistakes is super easy to do.
This app is a lot of fun for cinephiles, but some of the films referenced are a little obscure. Lots of fun, though!
Is spelling the new game type? interesting premise but some flaws. if I am not right I should be able to return all letters with 1 button, I should be able to place letters, I should be able to scramble letters...then at least better. Wish the letter fields were separated to match actual words
Would give it 5 except that I already finished the game, they double up some movies, and they have tv shows that are from other countries that you'd have to Google or use hints in order to answer.
I can honestly say this is one of the best games I have played in quite a while Yes I have only given 4★s that's only because I haven't played long enough to give it 5 I will update my review in due course ♡♥
I really enjoy the challenges. the ads are very few. Thank you for developing this wonderful waste of time. I truly love it!!!
A fun idea, but executed poorly. Generally, the answers are either too easy or too hard. The controls could be better, like ability to just move tiles where you want at will. The phrasing or spacing of letters is terrible. The way Casablanca was put on 2 lines was horrible. It was split into Casab Lanca & totally threw me off. Others were phrased like this too, making it annoying not fun. It has glitches & doesn't always accept things. Things like ė really makes things annoying.
Fairly good difficulty. Sometimes the animated display of the movie guesses can work with you or against you. Overall fairly good game.
It's called Guess The Movie. So many throw you because they are tv shows and not movies. It's still fun but some pictures seem impossible to guess. If the ads had an exit, I'd probably keep playing, but bring as how there is no exit from the ads and I have to force quit the game and re enter, I'll like delete it soon. This just so often just mid level four is not a good impression.
Fun game, but the English is ATROCIOUS, and there is literally a spelling error in the next to last quiz. The show is spelled Gomorrha, NOT Gomorrah. Overall a bit pointless, as there are only 29 levels, so the game took me less than a day to complete.
This is one of the best Guess The... games I have ever seen because this one actually references unknown movies, gives opportunities for those who just want to relax, and has purchases and ads that aren't forced! 5/5 Stars.
Overall a good app, but some of the clues don't pertain in the slightest to the movie s name . I wish the pictures give a better clue.
Enjoyable game but needs new levels more quickly to keep you interested. As you are now doing tv shows. More levels please.20/01/2021. Only two lvs added last year. You need to up that a bit to keep people involved. I have now something like 2500 plus hints. So please add more lvs (maybe 1 every 3 months).
fun game but need more movies.. I've been waiting from a long time for new movie updates . I've solved them all and now game is being useless.. i want to play more amd I've updated twice or three times..
Pretty cool, I a hardcore movie buff but find this app quite challenging. Most movie quiz apps lack imagination and are too easy. (On a general level) usually you gotta go real specialized to be challenged but this apps general tasks are downright baffling at times. Great work.
A great game for movie buffs. As others have mentioned, new levels more often would be nice. The option to use hints on the daily puzzle would be great too. Thanks.
Nice game but it includes a lot of tv series for a game called 'Guess the MOVIE'. Also, at least 95% of movies are American
I love movies and trivia games so this is very cool so far, I've only been playing for a while but haven't had any problems yet. I gave a 5 because most of the games I've tried have been bugging or so many ads its just frustrating to play, nice balance to the ads/gameplay, you guys have to make money right. thanks for a good thing.
Love the game. However, it has been quite awhile ago since I have completed it. The last update was in April, and was said level 30 was coming soon. It is now August. Well?
It's a good game if you have a good memory or a netflix account. The ads are not as offen as you think.
Great game with tons of movies (and occasional TV shows thrown in) to guess and learn about. Simple illustrations get the mind going, but there are hints a plenty if needed. Also there are descriptions including the release date director, major actors, plot synopsis, etc to teach you some film history, and you can access parts of these as hints too! Great app
I like the game very much. It challenges one's information about movies and improve their information as well; not easy (at least for me) nor very difficult that makes one disappointed or frustrated. Despite the ads which is acceptable for I use it free, it's not bothering or annoying at all. Thanks to all the creators and developers.
Great brain game but the bomb hint that is supposed to eliminate all letters that don't belong, sometimes, will leave a letter or two that should have been removed. Please fix.
It's fun. Although it really concentrates on a particular era and genre. Going for 1 demographic. Would be nice for over 50's to enjoy some challenge.
There an ongoing pulsing ad at the bottom that will spike your anxiety if you're prone to it. Very obnoxious, distracting, and imposing way to advertise. A reminder of the capitalistic nightmare we live in.
The movies are all obvious after some thought if your a film buff. There are a few foreign films in there but they are like the obvious go to movies that every list uses.y only gripe is that there are quite a few tv shows throughout. Which as the title suggest, are not movies.
I am enjoying the game, but the letters are not all the way in the boxes. It's hard to tell what is an "I" and what is an "L," especially. I love movies, so this is fun, but you have a glitch in your program with the letters.
This app is fun addicting and will make you realize how many movies that you've seen, The problem is the game ends so fast now I need to find a new one if the game had new levels daily I'll even take it if it was weekly I'd give it 5 stars now i just keep it for the daily challenge.
I enjoy playing Guess The MOVIE Quiz, but I am also just playing for mind stimulation. I don't care for compitions I rather play solo.
Fun and beautiful. Several levels of difficulties depends if you use hints or not. And advert are not too annoying!
Needs work. Game is called "Guess the Movie," yet there are television series included. Maybe not a big deal, but important to know when we're trying to guess film titles. Also, many titles are spelled incorrectly or are flat out wrong. This game could (should) easily be 5 stars.
I do like this game and its fun and gets you thinking. Love the idea of the game but I wish the pictures were a little more life like , that would make the game better in my opinion. And I don't think you should put foreign films in with the players country just because I had a French film a didn't know and have never seen and would never know the answer to. Just a feedback for the team that's all.
Makes the time go by; however, a lot of the artwork for the clues is just plain terrible! Don't feel bad if you find yourself having trouble getting the answers. It could definitely be due to the horrid artwork!
Might be mistaken because I am a kid, but for level 13 on the second row there is a picture of what looks like The Upside. Instead, the movie is listed as The Intouchables. I had to use many hints to get it. Other than that I love the game and hope you keep adding levels.✌🏻
It's fun remembering old movies that I've seen years ago. I wish the ads were not so repetitive. Even with the ads I enjoyed the game.
Engaging quiz. Clever idea. Not a fan of typing the answers; and you've got to know how to spell some titles. More hints, without having to stop to watch ads to get them would be better.
Good intill you don't get more free hints ! I can't play the game without free hints! Only 29 levels I guess when I complete level 29 I will have to delete the game from my phone!
I have enjoyed this game so much! I have finished every Level, and finished Level 29 this morning. Looking forward to more levels coming!!
I really enjoy playing this game 🎮. I love both TV and movies 🎥. The images are really cool 😎 and keep you guessing.
It doesn't give you no clues or help unless you use/buy hints. It also doesn't allow you to shuffle the letters you have got.
Good but not amazing. But a lot of people who are reviewing this need to do their research before suggesting the markers of this game have done things wrong, I have read multiple reviews of 1 star complaining that film names are spelt wrong when they are in fact not? These people need to go and Google the films and then check the spelling before they say it is incorrect because on all the specific ones people commented were spent incorrect were actually in fact spelt correctly...
ads over 15 seconds? uninstalled locking me into an ad i cannot back out of - uninstalled taking the liberty to redirect me to the app store - uninstalled are you getting the goddamm drift? you're uninstalled.
Fun, addictive game. Good assortment of movies, from new ones to old ones. I don't have a lot of money, so it's nice to be able to earn hints instead of being forced to purchase them. Some of the clues are easy and some really make you think, so gets your brain and imagination working. Interface is nice and simple, so it's easy to cruise through. In my opinion, this is a super fun little game! Keep those levels coming, I'm anxiously awaiting the next set to come out. Thanks, creators!
fun game, ads not too intrusive but some of the titles are misspelled, making them impossible to guess.
The clues are quite ok, some easy, some not, which is good It is heavily slanted to Hollywood mainstream films, with very few 'classic' period, no Film Noir, silent age, and very few foreign language films. But the worst thing was that there are quite a few US TV series that may not be overfamiliar to non USA players
it's wheel of fortune meets picture charades. the tips are good ; it's fun for a minute if you can spell
some of them pictures of very hard to guess on some of the crazy movies I don't normally watch but it's fun
A challenging game that tests the ability to recognize movies through pictures. Some of them are a little difficult but still fun.
I like how it shares information about the films. i think what can help is when i choice a letter it goes where it belongs. sometimes i forget the word the and end up having to erase and re type.
It's an interesting and fun way to see how many movies you know about, or have seen before. I like how it gives you a good number of different movies to choose from and guess the names of before you get a certain amount of them right in order to have the option to either move staight to the next level that you have unlocked - or just stay on the level that you're on already and continue earning some more hints from the movies that you've guessed right to use later on!
It has been a long time since you issued a new game (other than the dailies) and I find the quotation quizzez a bi of a cop-out. Enough wuth the quoation puzzles!
Fun game I only wish it took just a couple less correct answers to unlock each level. As it is now you tend to get stuck no matter how well versed in movies you are
A great little time killer.I personally think some of the visual clues are better than others.But that said the movie hints are normally pretty good if you have a reasonable amount of movie knowledge.Very playable but not really for Dyslexics unfortunately because you have to spell out the word correctly before you move on.But all the letters are there for you to make the movie title if you get stuck!!
Very enjoyable. Look forward to more puzzles. I will boost my rating back up to 5 when more puzzles are added.
It's okay, but it'll trick me by mixing shows in there, and since I only watch a handful of shows, I usually get it completely wrong. It also has quite a few foreign films, which is fine, though one issue I have is when I do know the name, I end up spelling it wrong because it's in a different language. 😰 Overall, it's worth wasting a few minutes every now and then.
The game itself is fun however I can only see the top half of the letters. That makes it hard to figure out which one is the I and which one is the L. B & P, E & F etc...
Very enjoyable. Look forward to more puzzles. I will boost my rating back up to 5 when more puzzles are added. Had this app for a long time now and still no new puzzles. My review will increase when more are added.
It wont let me get beyond level 8. The clues are very vague, I know a load of these films ,but like i said the clues are very vague for me to attempt the ones I dont know or even get those I do know, its so annoying. I enjoyed it but im deleting this now 🙂
Great fun I can and do play this with friends and family or even by myself. This has some great puzzles and includes a great variety of challenges
It's a fun game. Some are pretty hard as they are foreign films but I just use clues. Also some TV shows are included. Only problem is on level 9, it's not accepting the answer Gone In 60 Seconds, when that's what it is. I think it thinks it's spelled wrong. Could not find a way to report it, so put it in my review.
I'm a movie buff, but some of these are really hard. Maybe because I haven't seen the movie. It's very enjoyable! One problem though. Finshed a level but still says I have one more to guess. Frustrating. Unfortunately, when I do the daily challenge and guess right, I don't get 150 hints. Do something about it.
Potentially fun game. However, it needs more levels. There are only 29. Also it mixes in TV shows which can confuse you as it is a movie quiz by title. Could be better.
The game is simple and enjoyable. The movies , shows, and stories it has are a little old. Quite a few of of wich I have never seen or heard of.
Limited Levels. I finished the game in a couple of days. I only keep it because it has a daily puzzle.
As a fellow cinema lover I was glad they didn't fill this up with Blockbusters and the movies everyone knows, instead gave us some real good movies to guess. Some easy and some hard. It is a great game, no doubt you will enjoy this game 8/10
This is a fun game for movie buffs. The paintings used to guess are simple and well thought out. The movie choice titles are from varied genre's.
I have thoroughly enjoyed this game until now.... I have completed all 29 levels and now it won't let me access them saying I need to answer certain amount of movies to gain access - even though I've completed.
Its cute. wish there was sound off option. and they need to change title to Guess the Movie and TV cuz there's some clue for TV shows. But that's just me being picky. Also wish it can alter size for the device as I'm using it on my chromebook and the UI is weird. ETA: There is a sound off option. It's best for mobile devices; you can easily see the option on your phone.
I like the game, but the bottom of the letters are cut off, making it a lot harder than it should be, if you can fix this issue, my rating would be a lot higher
Movie selection choices are appropriately challenging. The hints are reasonably helpful without being overly revealing of the actual answers.
I beat this in 3-4 days. However, in the 2 weeks since I've beaten it they haven't added more levels. Theres 29 levels. Each level has 20 movies/t.v. shows (another problem I have with this) to solve. That's 580 movies or T.V. shows to solve. Theres no reason they can't add an more levels every week or 2. They have a daily challenge to earn more hints to help you solve puzzles but you can't use hints on Challenges so earning hint is useless if you don't have more levels to solve.
They have some pretty questionable ones in there to me, otherwise, very fun, great with game alone or with a little help 😄
I love this app, its the right amount of challenge, and love that we get hints when we guess correctly, thank you for this app.
Fun to play and figure out what movie or TV series it is with a brief picture. Wish it had more than 29 levels!
It was a fun game, but some levels are too hard to pass because most of these movies are not even heard before. But better than others movie quiz it was entertaining a little bit
Loving movies like I do I'm having lots of fun playing this game. Great clues and graphics to help you guess their wide selection of titles.
The game is great. And challenging. You should put a feature to share via massenger. It would make it a great activity long range.
I love this game. But my complaint is that it takes forever to get new levels. It's been months since a new level.
its not a bad game. i think that there should be some kind of written clue. sometimes the pictures are not enough to explain what the movie is.
Love this game! There are almost no ads and it is no stop fun. A lot of games now a days make you wait for tokens or life point to play, not this one. You can just enjoy guessing from the pictures and not have to worry about having to wait for more time. Super recommend!
It's a nice game for a movie buff. Love the info about the movie once you guessed it. My only complain is that some are not even "Movies" they are shows/sitcoms. Also the ad comes in at random moments, quite annoying. Maybe put the ad after finishing a level not while you're in the middle of it.
It's great. There are also other great movies and TV series that should be added. I'll give you some as a suggestion for next levels. The Goonies The Sandlot Frozen The House With a Clock In Its Walls The Land Before Time The Princess and the Frog Barney Family Guy Hannah Montana The Peanuts Hoosiers Killer Klowns from Outer Space Norbit Monster House Coraline Home Improvement National Lampoon's Camp Rock High School Musical Richie Rich Percy Jackson Oscar Annie Fiddler on the Roof
The wheel that gives you free spin points, doesn't seem to be randomly spun? It seems to always give you the least points, ( never stops on anything higher than 3 ,so far). Annoying that you can't play it entirely offline. Even though your next pack is achieved, unless you open it b4 going offline, it won't let you play till back online. Some of the categories are a bit obscure, foreign films? It's pretty good otherwise
I do like this game. It can be challenging at times. My major complaint is that there are 29 levels. That's it. I have been done with all the levels for quite a while now. Waiting for more levels to come out. So if you're like me and just play a game nonstop until you get tired or beat it, you may get frustrated with this game and may not want to download it.
Amazing brain 🧠 thinking games not so easy so keeps you busy when bored or waiting for train or bus.
Awesome, love this game you dont have to finish a level you can just go onto the next level and go back later
This is your typical game that you are led to from an ad posted in another game. You download it to find that it doesn't match the ad. That's exactly what happened when downloaded this game. I saw it did not match the ad and I immediately uninstalled it. Googleplay should do more to abolish deceitful marketing strategies like just like what this game did.
Loving the app so far! If your a movie fan, you will enjoy this app. It's kind of easy but the odd one or two will catch you out.
It's a fun game, somewhat challenging. I have gotten a couple wrong, surprisingly. So far no glitches. Not too hard to move up in rank.