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gudetama tap! for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by CyberStep, Inc. located at 東京都杉並区和泉1丁目22-19 朝日生命代田橋ビル4階. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I contacted the developers about a bug on the first day of a two week ranking event in early February and it still hasn't been fixed. My support tickets have been ignored for over two months. No notifications for three ranking events... Very unimpressed. I used to love this game and now I'll only bother if the community Discord server lets me know there's an event.
I love gudetama tap and I was level 415‐ish but my last phone broke so I lost all my data. I would give 5 stars but I think it's stupid that there isn't a way to save your account other than device transfer. If it at least connected to google play games then I wouldn't have to start over.
I love this game but I think the transfer ID system isn't very convenient. If we could just sign in with an email, that will be alot better. Recently, I reset my phone and forgot to click the transfer ID button. Now everything is gone. I've cooked 250+ gudetama, I don't want to start all over again. I wish I could retrieve everything on my account. I emailed them 2 times already, but I still haven't gotten a reply.
Sometimes too difficult to advance. Still a very fun game but I wish it wasnt so difficult. A recipe guide or a easier way to get more gudetama would be good. It takes too long to get ahead in this game because of cook times. You end up waiting for several hours to make your next move or paying ALOT of money to make short cuts. After just a few minutes, Im forced to shut it off for several hours before I can do anything else due to cook times being so long.
i really like this app! gudetama is incredibly cute and everything about this app is adorable. i love the idea and it is exciting unlocking gudetamas after long waits! unfortunately, the lucky chances you recieve to unlock golden eggs or spin the wheel again will not load. i have to close the app and re open it to continue playing. golden eggs are really important to continue cooking and i hope this issue can be fixed. i would've rated gudetama tap 5 stars if it wasnt for this issue :(
Best game ever there are ads but there the characters cartoons and it doesn't spam you with ads anyone who says there's multiple ads there lying this game is super fun and easy. It's very relaxing and the characters are cute.
It's cute a game, I get to know various food from all over the world ( very mouth-watering ) Update: after maintenance on 19th February, me and several friends can't log in to the app, it's urgent because there's an event. The luck for the eggarapon is also somehow decreased, very disappointing i got lots of duplicates, i'm still in middle level and it's devastating to get dupes.
I really liked this game,I am a big gudetama fan,and i even bring my phone to SCHOOL to play this.My only problem is,whenever i start gudetama tap! now,it wont load.Hope this gets fixed. Anyways,still loved it.
The gameplay isn't too interesting and the only fun part is that we get too cook new recipes.. Somehow the secret recipes in the eggarapons are too difficult to get.. You'll only get a golden egg if you are lucky and it's usually a duplicate of something you already had.. If you guys are gonna give us duplicates.. Either make the golden eggs easier to get or don't give us the duplicates..
Worked fine until yesterday I can't watch any videos at all none I feel like I can no longer advance in the game unless I buy eggs since none the free videos is working , this was one of my favorite game to play to help pass time for the last few months
I love this game, but the devs aren't responding to my email, so I'll have to resort to this. I left it unused for a few months and when i came back, there was still an event egg cooking. Each time i try to clear it out, it errors the game, meaning i can't do any events ever unless if i feel like starting from scratch. I don't have much hope for a reply, but I'll be more than happy to reinstall if they can help me fix this
Fun for a clicker game! I love Gudetama. I do wish there was something I could do with all the extra AR stickers I've accumulated... I have 24 sparkle stickers and when the AR camera only lets you put 3 stickers down at any time, it's sort of useless to have so many. Would be nice to be able to trade them in.
I have been playing this game for 2 years and the developers have managed to pull through the many problems, but now I don't receive any notifications when my gudetama is done cooking. Permissions and all are allowed but still don't get any notifications. I hope this can be fixed soon or I might have to stop playing the game 😞
I really liked this game when I first got it but now for a while when I open it the screen is all squished vertical like to where you can't see it click on anything. I even gave up all my progress so I could uninstall and then reinstall the app but that didn't fix it. I've emailed support but I'm still waiting for a reply from them. Hopefully this one fixed but I'm seeing a lot of other reviews stating the same problem.
5 stars game. Love this game so much, adorable and cute and relax everytime see new gudetama come out. No need spend and waste long hours playing complicated games, this is just suitable for few mins leisure pass time daily, while commuting, while in toilet or between lunch time. And the ads are just some gudetama funny short animation, no crappy targetted ads. Spot on!
Live the game but can't connect, tons of errors when trying to use GPS or watch any ads. This broke in the last update
The best casual cooking & tapping game ever! Cook eggs to get different kinds of Gudetama and then tap them to get a response out of these lazy egg dishes! Go on a play it and have a gude time!
In these few months I constantly gettinf error message when the egg done cooking and also no more notification when it's done cooking. It seems after upgraded to Android 11 these starts to happen. Any update for the fix?
Lovely game but... The developers, customer service, website support are no help at all. I have bugs in my game with the cup gudetama and nobody has emailed me back. I love Gudetama and the game is fun. A thing I'd change is repeat recipes from eggarapon and the cup gudetama. Imagine waiting 8 hours just to receive a recipe you already had. It hurts! I'll give this 3 stars solely for my love of Gudetama.
I love this so much! This game is so addicting and adorable! And the ads arent the usual crappy ads! They're animations made by the game and everything is dubbed in japanese! I love it so muuuuch im still addicted after getting more than 100 different gudetama
Ad situation seems to be fixed? Very addictive game, you recieve actual satisfaction from growing your collection so I would strongly reccomend.
I played this game from when it first came out. Loved the game. Until I upgraded my phone. All my lvls and gydetamas gone bc the app doesn't have a better way to transfer data other than "Transfer data to new device". I think it would have been better if there were other ways like Facebook login or Google Play (android user). Then I wouldn't have given up on the game
I already now in 946 level pls fix more new gudetama egg bec all the 4 recipes in the new cutting board, new frying pan, new pot and new nice microwave have cooking finish pls fix more Rank 5 to Rank 11 recipes and new events egg to let me cook thanks u for make this gudetama tap game i love this game very much 🥰🥰😍😍(I really need more recipes to cook bec this game is very fun and nice cooking game can u fix it new event )
Cute! What's awesome is that you don't have to worry about the maintenance thingy blocking you for the day!
I have been playing this game for so long but sometimes when event returns or new event comes, it just doesn't load and makes me go back to the main page over and over again
I already now in 908 level pls fix more new gudetama egg bec all the 4 recipes in the new cutting board, new frying pan, new pot and new nice microwave have cooking finish pls fix more Rank 5 to Rank 11 recipes and new events egg to let me cook thanks u for make this gudetama tap game i love this game very much 🥰🥰😍😍(I really need more recipes to cook bec this game is very fun and nice cooking game can u fix it new event )
If you love gudetama, you will definetly love this game. I like it doesn't take too much of my time on it, it just alert you when the egg is done cooking , and you will constantly get new kind of gudetama which is the best part of the game. It require patient to slowly earn the gold egg by watch ads, but I am ok for it since I am not in hurry : D
This is a great game and doesnt require Too much maintenance. There is lots to do and i love the animations. However, i do have a complaint, in the past, when a friend was helping me cook using secret ingredients etc. I would not only get the effect on the food but also get a secret ingredient sent to my presents box. However, this seemed to be removed on my device. If this is a bug, please fix this ASAP since i am losing so much gp buying secret ingredients for friends which could be avoided.
I Wanna play the game so bad but it wont even load can you fix this i have just been waiting on the egg loading at the beginning:(
Cannot play ads...keeps saying there is a connection issue but everything else is fine. Please fix!!!
Unable to watch ads to earn daily gold eggs in English language 😭. Other reviewers said it is okay in Japanese. Please set international players' expectation properly.
Deleting it. They changed the roulette rules. On top of too many ads! It's one thing to have ads and give users the option to watch them in exchange for items in the game. But never have I had so many ads - in ANY app! They just load in between screen changes and whenever I open an app. Makes it take up much more data and grossly disrupts the game play.
I love this game so much, but is there something that can be done with all the failed eggs and cup eggs? I know they're not taking up space or anything, but it's an insane amount of eggs to have. Can there be a trade aspect? Along with the green eggparon (if that's the correct English translation) it serves no real purpose once you've collected all the golden eggs.
(Video issue fixed. Thanks!) Cute without being cutesy: the cartoony style contrasts well with the nigh depressed personality of some of the gudetama. Has egg foods I was unfamiliar with. Playing around with the AR stamps also makes dandy wallpapers (I block the lens to get a black background). Premium currency, required to unlock vital items like some starter appliances and cookbooks, can be earned at a good rate. There's even a mild decorating aspect. A fun game overall
When I first got this game I loved it! But ever since I redownload the game just recently around November I noticed you don't get as many eggs, cooking utensils are harder to obtain, recipes more eggs, and it's very hard to obtain any ramen cup gudetamas! I first played this game probably around January till August then took a break from it and came back to this. Also whenever i get a happening it turns into a burnt/bad egg instead! As well as my AR stamps not coming up available to sell.
Any new recipes coming up?? There hasn't been new recipes out in a year plus.. Because there's a limit to how much GP one can have (maxed out), I've been recooking old recipes and have so many excess dishes.. Lolx.. New recipes used to be introduced quite frequently but not anymore...
Please respond to the email I sent 2 days ago, we have been trying to contact. Seems others are having the same issue. Some users can not cook the event (limited time) gudetama. I've managed to cook just one out of the 3 won from the Gold Eggarapon, though it is not listed in the gudeguide?! I really hope this event goes on for more than a few weeks so we can all have a chance to actually win and cook the event gudetama...
Notifications broken a while now. Love the game to death now and more when the game launched, but feel like there are more Redux events than ever. Very sadge at the moment.
game is cute and fun but i can't use the camera😭😭😭it shows only black screen when i open the camera. I've tried swith on/off the AR mode and back/front camera, but still don't work😭😭😭
I've been playing the game for a while, but over the past month the notifications have stopped working. It's become nearly impossible to remember to check the game, and I've been missing out on a lot of things due to this error.
Why did it become a failure when it clearly stopped at "happening" at result check?! It happened multiple times!!!
I downloaded for Gudetama!!! And the interface and all designed icons are far more than my expectation! They're so cute! The experience of controlling and playing is so convenient. However there seems some issues on my device. I cannot get into the GP and GoldenEgg purchase in the shop. I don't know why but every time I clicked it's always frozen. And I also cannot use the AR to take photos. I tried to check the caches and delete them but is of NO USE!
Love the events. However I can't get pass the title screen on version 1.23.0, keeps giving internal server error. I still get notifications. I tried clearing the cache and transfer to another device. Both doesnt work. My mobile device: Samsung s9 Android version: 8.0.0 Please take a look into it. Thanks!
It's fun. But I've been getting this glitch where I get these cup gudetama which get sent to my mail because apparently my cup inventory is full (eventhough it's not). When I try to claim the the cup gudetama from my mail, it keeps sending me back to the home screen or telling me that my inventory is empty. Please fix this.
This game is super fun, the gameplay and animation is very smooth, even though I have a old phone. The music and sounds effects are also really cute and fun. I love how easy it is to level up and how you can stop playing for months and the backlash is minimum. Definitely recommend. You can also save your game progress and make friends!
I absolutely love this game!! It offers more than just tapping an egg. It's really fun to play and the style is cute, colourful, and bright. I love all the foods you can make, too! The music is upbeat and relaxing, It's not hard to level up, totally reccommend this game!
EDIT:After getting to level 495, I think I am done with this game. I still love Gudetama. I gotta say that Sanrio and CyberStep has kept special attention to my favorite lazy egg with special events and activities going on, but the it has not been engaging enough to continue to play. The devs do listen to the fans and user feedback and make changes accordingly and that is rare in the mobile market and should be recognized. I hope they come up with something new, until then I'll nap on this game.
help. i just installed it today, and after the 3rd level, it produces error that says "temporary error occured. returning to the title screen. please retry the operation" this keeps on looping without solving the issue. ive tried uninstalling, but the issue remains. im using vivo v3max with funtouch OS based on Android v. 2.8.14
It's a fun collection game! You collect so many different types of Gudetama, and it's just a blast. I've been playing for over 2 years now, and I'm still excited to get new gudetama
My new hp get this gudetama get this game again then my old phone still playing until 946 level and my new phone only playing 498 level i hope can play for very long long time because this game is nice and fun 🥰😍🤩(can't watch any videos to get gold egg pls fix it)
This game is amazing for any gudetama fan! Gudetama tap allows you to make tons of recipes with gudetama so you can enjoy him in all of his apathetic forms. I would only recommend adding two features to this awesome game. First the ability to exchange the GP egg points for golden eggs and ramen recipes as a form of currency. The second would be to install a chat. So you can chat with your fellow gudetama friends. It would be nice to say hello and thank you for when people give you gift recipes.
Greedy company trying to squeeze out cash from you as much as they can. I understand gimicks like watching an advertisement in exchange for a free roll of gacha or to speed up time waiting. Putting a banner advertisement is fine as long as it isn't purposefully blocking everything or in some form, place in a way you will accidentally click it. The greediness is so apparent when EVERY SINGLE TIME i relog into the game, i am shove to watch an advertisement. For shame.
Update: I no longer have the error issue and can continue playing the game author issue. Original: I have been playing gudetama tap without issue for quite a few months but now I keep getting an error code whenever I start the app/game. I can't do anything as I am sent right back to the title screen. If this issue persists I will uninstall the game. A shame because it was a cute game up until this point.
I love Gudetama and making the game makes him/her even more amazing! I cannot wait to get back on playing the game! Though, I do have one problem with the game, the game itself is very kawaii, but I have a slight problem with it freezing up. Of course the problem is not so bad, and I think the developers did a great job! Also, have a gude day! ;) (also, to the developers, maybe you should do a Fullmetal alchemist game! :D)
Gudetama Tap! has been part of my daily routine ever since I downloaded it - I cannot get enough of it! I love seeing the gudetama and reading their profiles and collecting voices! The one thing I would modify is some of the cooking times though... Some take quite a while and for an 8 hour wait to end up in a fail is a bit distressing, LoL. Also, maybe add more Golden Egg chances to the Eggarapon? All in all, I'm hooked on this game and look forward to its progression and more gudetama! 💛🍳💛
i can't login in the game since it always tells me there's an error that occurred and returns me to the title. Please fix this issue :( I lost my account because of it.
Love this app except for one thing: the happening space. I feel like there's at least a 50% chance for a happening to turn out to be a failure. This is unnecessary and frustrating when there is already a failure space to land on. If it didn't have that one annoying aspect, this would be 5 stars for me. I love gudetama and this game is adorable and fun. Just hate losing tons of GP to a failure after landing on happening.
Ad videos won't play and it freezes the app everytime it tries to play. Its been a couple days please fix.
This is a very cute game and very entertaining! I would really suggest you people to download it! Although, there are many delays on the controls... But overall, they tried their best on making this game !!
I love Gudetama & I've had fun playing this game for a few months, but I'm starting to get frustrated. I find it unfair that you have to rely on chance with the Eggarapon in order to get all of the egg recipes. You should be able to earn them or at least have a better chance of getting new ones. I have cooked all of my recipes once, most 5 or more times, & I'm still not getting new recipes from the Eggarapon. Also the game freezes often during the ads so I have to close & reopen it.
I contacted the developers about a bug on the first day of a two week ranking event in early February and it still hasn't been fixed. My support tickets have been ignored for over one month. No notifications for three ranking events... Very unimpressed.
A very cute tapping game. I really love the short Gudetama videos that you watch instead of those terrible mobile ads. My only issue is that there isn't any variety to the videos. It usually just plays the exact same videos again, and is only just there in place of those ads. I really do love the videos, and I do love watching them instead of those terrible ads. I just wish there was more variety to them. Gudetama has over 800 short videos, and only a little is being played. Still a fun game.
two days ago i lost the ability to use 'GPS' (a system that allows you to obtain Golden Eggs by watching ads) it seems im unable to download ads to watch. the default "check wireless/check cache" messages are entirely unhelpful and change nothing. please update soon as im missing out on some of the current event because of this.
Super cute and very fair! The option to buy golden eggs is available but it's easy to earn them for free through normal play and the in-app purchases aren't constantly shoved in your face. I love that the "sponsored content" is gudetama shorts instead of ads for other games, which makes getting the same video three times in a row WAY less annoying.
Absolutely awesome and addicting. So cute and so fun. It helps pass the time and it's always updating so there's always new stuff!!! Edit: I just transferred to a Samsung Galaxy 10e and the game is squished on my screen. It fits the ratio of my old phones screen but my new phones screen is larger. I don't want to restart cause it took me ages to get to the level I'm on.
EDIT: videos are working again please fix the videos, you can't watch videos anymore for extra gachapon rolls or for the GPS gold eggs :( It just freezes and I need to close and reopen the app just to play
I already now in 921 level pls fix more new gudetama egg bec all the 4 recipes in the new cutting board, new frying pan, new pot and new nice microwave have cooking finish pls fix more Rank 5 to Rank 11 recipes and new events egg to let me cook thanks u for make this gudetama tap game i love this game very much 🥰🥰😍😍(I really need more recipes to cook bec this game is very fun and nice cooking game can u fix it new event )
This game is amazing! I wasn't a fan of Gudetama before I came across this game, but now I am! It's enjoyable to collect recipes and make Gudetama in all its forms. Love the events as well. They make the process of collecting Gudetama more enjoyable, especially by adding limited edition recipes. However, I wish that the Devs will bring back past events, as I just joined last week and would like to try past events. Other than that, I'm looking forward to new events! P.S: Also, shout-out to the Devs for actually looking through the reviews and responding, as well as using it to improve the game. There aren't many developers who would actually take time to read player feedback and respond, not to mention to actually implement the suggestion in-game. Kudos to the Devs for actually doing both! 👍👍👍