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Guardian Puzzles & Crosswords for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Guardian News & Media Ltd located at Kings Place, 90 York Way London N1 9GU. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good app, subscription model needs work existing Guardian subscribers should get a discount as for example Sudoku's are not even available on the main app which should already be included as standard. Discounted pricing for Guardian existing members would be a welcome start.
Cryptic crossword answers aren't persisted between sessions, so I have to manually type my answers if I switch apps and resume later in the day. If this is fixed I'll give 5*
Recently i can no longer see my friend in the crossword app unless we are doing the same or intercrossing words. We used to be able to see who was on which word. Please can you fix2 this.
Very good and intuitive. However, it doesn't display dividers for multi-word crossword answers, it doesn't have the site's anagram helper functionality, and it doesn't save settings between crosswords.
Unless the guardian is planning to stop providing the daily puzzles for free I can't see any reason to want this app In particular navigating to previous puzzles is not available other than scrolling through the calendar view. What a drag it would be to go back to a quick crossword from 2005 for instance The sudokus don't match the ones published daily on the website
Imho not worth paying money for after the free trial. Yes it does crosswords well, and sudoku but as a Guardian subscriber I can get that. What I miss from the paper-paper are all the other puzzles futoshiki and others, plus Chris Maslanka's puzzles.
Decent enough puzzles, but I agree with some other users; the subscription fee is simply too high for what is a pretty basic set of puzzles. Limiting the free option to 1 sudoku a day is also pretty mean, especially as it takes under a minute to do the mini sudoku, and then you're stuck for 24 hours. Also for any kind of subscription there ought to be more features such as help with the cryptic clues when you get stuck.
Much less responsive and with worse UI than just using the Guardian website for doing cryptic crosswords
Good app, works much better than puzzles in a mobile browser. Reasonably priced subscription, but my tablet is an ipad so I can't yet use it on my android phone. Hopefully a password login will be introduced soon. When doing crosswords it would be better if the settings you choose for skip letters etc didn't reset every time you change puzzles.
Initially worked fine on free trial but having subscribed the 'share' link does not take me directly to the crossword. I have to find it by number. Nor does it save on some occasions or share the other player's contributions. SO not great for sharing currently which is the reason I subscribed. Frustrating but once resolved, a great stash for crossword lovers.
I got this to use the sharing function but I constantly get the message saying my subscription has expired (it hasn't) when I follow my own or my friend's link. Very frustrating. As other people say the support is absolutely terrible, completely useless.
Abysmal. I'm one of many not getting what they've paid for, and when I did finally get a response from their customer support they flippantly blame Google Play. Months later they're still accepting people's cash for an app that doesn't work and blaming a third party for it. If you're reading this review you're not using an iPhone. Buy one if you really want to use this app, it's your best chance (and even then- not guaranteed).
£32.99 per year! Decent listing of all the Guardian games and easy to find recently published games. But... Not robust. No way to save general settings. It never remembers what game you were playing last, let alone what month. Should require fewer clicks to get to settings/ word check - as in the main Guardian app. Strange to charge £32.99 A YEAR for something I get bundled in the paid main app. UNINSTALL.
Bad news, the problem appears worse than ever, it's happened three or four times in the past week.. . almost everyday. Its just a nuisance, I can still use the app.
Do the cryptic crossword every day. New feature of having clue at top doesn't fit my phone as screen jumps when keyboard pops up. Also, I preferred default where stay in same clue. Irritating that doesn't save my settings and keeps jumping to next clue. Please fix. Thank you.
I can't use this app despite having a digital description because I didn't purchase it through Google play. Purchasing through Google play does not allow me to have the main Guardian app on my iPad too. There seems to be no way to actually get access to all premium features with any subscription.
I was enjoying doing the quick crossword everyday with a friend, however this has not been updated twice in the last week... 5*s once fixed
It woud help if we could change the colour scheme, which would be useful to the 6% or so of people who are colour-blind, like me. Not exactly Araucaria, but some day ...
I adore this app but a recent update infuriatingly refuses to remember my settings. Every time I open another crossword, I have to enable the "skip over filled letters" option. (I am pressing the Apply button btw.) Hope this gets fixed soon. Apart from that, this app is now a part of my daily routine and I love it! 🤓
I contacted the guardian help line number they provided, to assist with the tech issue but received no contact other than an initial acknowledgement. I waited 6 weeks. So from my experience, customer service poor and app glitchy - though when working, brilliant to work on puzzles with a remote pal. Subs cancelled as a result and Google play reimbursed my first payment.
This is great, but PLEASE update with an Undo button for Sudoku, I often overwrite my pencil notes by accident and its so frustrating!
Not a big fan or particularly good at crossword puzzles. I usually only dabble when someone else is doing one. But this app is easy to use, and as far as I can see, has plenty of puzzles at hand during its 14 day trial period. After that there's a pretty hefty subscription fee for those wanting to continue. For me, I'll be sticking with the occasionally free puzzle thereafter.
I like it on the whole, and it's a good interface. Just wish it had the anagram shuffle function like the online version
I don't actually subscribe to the Guardian itself so this app is great for getting access to the crosswords. The app itself works quite well and has a pretty good UI. But sorry guys. 32.99 a year is just waaaaay too much money to ask for this service in this day and age. If you brought the price down to say 1 pound a month then I'd definitely sign up. But at this price, I suspect only the most serious of crossword puzzle fanatics are willing to pay.
The website now has an annoying ad in the corner of the screen at all times asking you to use this app, but unlike the website it doesn't even have an anagram helper. Maybe wait till the app has feature parity before pushing people onto it.
How do I disable or change the notifications feature? It keeps buzzing on my phone too early in the a.m. and waking me up. Being disabled by a very debilitating illness, I can't afford to lose sleep; neither is it safe for me to turn my phone off. All other Apps with regular notifications "keep more respectful hours" or only send notifications when the phone is connected to Data. This new feature is poorly conceived & unnecessary anyway as app users know new puzzles appear daily!
The crosswords go back to 1999, but the only way to access them is to tap back one month at a time on the calendar. Even more frustratingly, if you stop halfway through completing a crossword and the app automatically returns to the home page, it doesn't save progress so you have to go back and re-enter the solutions you already had. I've given three stars just for the fact that it's got so many crosswords. Hopefully they'll read these reviews and fix the issues.
Didn't go past the trial - just reporting a small bug. Your uninstaller also seems to have uninstalled the newspaper app on my S20.
The actual crosswords and sudokus are great, and the navigation and UI work well and are attractively designed. The one big problem is that certain options do not save, which s a pain. Every time you start a new crossword you gave to set the options, or the defaults are applied.
I love the crosswords on the Guardian website and have wanted them put into a specific app for ages so I can better manage the ones I've done etc. But this app is one of the worst I've ever used. Apart from some annoying ommissions such as no anagram helper, no place to see your puzzles in progress and no quick way to navigate to past puzzles it also frequently forgets half my answers between sessions. This shouldn't have been released until it was at least on a par with the website.
The app isn't as good as the crosswords section on the guardian's mobile site, but otherwise it's good. However, a recent update has caused some sort of error, which causes a pop up notification to appear everytime I unlock my phone, saying the app has stopped, whether the app is open or not I have to close the notification before I can do anything else. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it makes no difference. Hoping there'll be another update soon that will fix it!
What's going on with this app? Needs several small fixes. Gives confusing info regarding my subscription. Keeps losing my saved state. And no response from customer services. Very poor considering this is a paid subscription service. Its a great shame since the actual crosswords are brilliant.
No way to stop auto rotation is annoying - when lying down it's not possible to keep it in portrait mode. No dark mode/theme for nighttime use. Also it's buggy. Doesn't show which crosswords you have started.
At least for the time being, this app is still buggy and more expensive than doing the crosswords in the regular app. You get more puzzles in this one, but there's no shortage of sudoku apps. Hopefully they'll fix the issues because this could be a really nice app once they do. As it is, it keeps forgetting user settings and puzzle answers, which makes for a very frustrating experience if you can't complete a Friday cryptic in one sitting.
It literally says in the app description and images there are FREE puzzles daily, and then I'm met with a subscription demand. How are you allowed to say that when it's an outright lie? They're free for a fortnight then £39. As someone else has said I'd happily pay a more reasonable amount but this is ridiculous, and sneaky af.
Despite paying for the annual subscription I was told I had to renew after 9 weeks! Don't think so. I admire the group's journalistic ethos but not to the extent of supporting what appears to be pure scam. Zero stars. Avoid
Love it. At last, a chance to go back and do Guardian crosswords I have missed. So sad when they stopped doing the books (who can stop at one cryptic a day, right?) Brilliant.
Terrible support. I can't share puzzles with others now I've subscribed. Contacted the Guardian only to be told they can't help and I need to go through the Play Store. On another occasion the puzzle had the wrong clues assigned and I was told to try and enjoy it anyway. Debating whether to cancel.
I really like this app. I use it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. Until recently I would save the puzzle as a PDF using the print dialogue. For some reason the Save as PDF has stopped working in this app only. Any suggestions why this might be.
Great to have so many puzzles. I subscribed because I felt guilty doing the crossword without buying the paper every day and quite like a sudoku as well. Most annoying bug is that it doesn't save your progress or settings. Easily sortable, I should think, but infuriating.