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Guardian Kingdoms

Guardian Kingdoms for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Phoenix One Games Inc. located at CA. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
why can't I log in the game, its literally stuck on the loading screen, and then when I tried reinstalling it, it does not want to download, I still have 30gb left on my storage so y ;-;
A nightmare. Server fails to connect, game is incomplete and game freezes...It is a pity I cannot give you 0 stars.
The Mods and Devs are very responsive when an issue is addressed! This game deserves 5 stars because it has excellent replay ability, as well as superb social aspects. Very very Addictive and fun to play!
Interesting game play, loading game problems is why I rated 3. I really dont understand why the games loads so strangely and extremely slow. Will update after further gameplay.
The game is fun but it is heavily pay to win and the prices are insane. A regularly recurring deal is $124! You can get heroes through game play but at a ridiculously significant time disadvantage. Someone who spends thousands of dollars will beat you down with their 9* heroes. All the special events they put on are heavily geared towards spenders. At the time of this writing there is an event where you can get shards from chests awarded occasionally after a battle. The minimum reward needs 10 of them and you only get them from the rarer chests that take 2 to 8 hours to open... unless you spend. If you want to get any of the good rewards you are going to need to spend a lot of money. This game should be renamed Money Kingdom.
Good game. Too many updates that it lags the game. When you win, the most common chest you get is a ghost chest and when opened freezes your game. The worst part is that you need chests to get heroes
I suggest that u developers have a button to download everything at once first before starting the game.. I dun like loading pictures in the middle of the game.. Its like browser games..
what a great game, the only thing is after a while the game gets stuck on the loading screen so you have to uninstall then reinstall.
Very unplayable right from the start. Super laggy with black sections on the screen. I can play all other games fine.
This developer does not care for there customers they never answer the emails sent to them ive sent about 4 emails and no response or resolution for my issues had to contact Google directly to get helped
Remove the Chaos Lord and redeem code features from the game and i can easily give this 5 stars. But as of now chat is just spammed with higher levels trying to get newbs to redeem their invitation code. It's irritating and discourages new membership. Get rid of this feature. Ban any bots set to use it. And watch the game grow!
I have a bug when I try to open chests. When I win a battle, the reward chest is invisible. And when I try to open it, there is no reward and the game freezes. I try to find some assistance to inform about the problem, but there is no option to find assistance.
I've just started this game and it looks like a fun game.... The RPG and strategy style combo is great... Though the sound quality is bit low, overall it's a great game. Must try if you are a RPG or strategy lover.. Good job
Game wouldn't even load. I don't have any problems like that with the other dozens of games I've downloaded, so it is definitely this game. That sucks HARD!! Fix that, and maybe I'll play it and rate it better. Till then, GARBAGE!!
Game sets a new standard for real time interaction with other players, mixing PvP and Cooperation together in a way that makes other games feel like old text based experiences 😂 Ideally, play this with friends! Edit - support is not replying to emails anymore, removing one star.
Improve game, add more speed ups in battle and lower the graphic, that's all also I want to challenge you to grow and improve
I uninstal it! Need energy to play, but need to pay for that shiety energy! Pay to win, from lvl 1! Get lost with this stupid game!
The startup screen looked cool but that's as far as I got. It shouldn't take 10+ minutes to login/startup. Read your comments and fix your game. Uninstalling
'Tutorial' sux and doesn't cover everything, trying to figure things out on own... everyone in game i ask for help doesn't know answers either... not overly impressed despite looking pretty cool
After playing for more than a year, my village s not collecting to my Google play account. I have attempted to email the help and support button with a plea for help and repeatedly did not get an answer.
worst game i ever played. it takes 2mins for me to play this game and i uninstalled it. super lag. that you can even see what happening
all it does in mid battles is freeze and lag, and my quest take forever to register in thr system if this didnt happen Id easily rate it a 5 star.
Been reporting a bug for about a week now. Reported it twice via email and twice on discord but devs don't respond. Been a part of tons of video games communities but never saw such lazy devs. And don't even get me started on GK's optimisation
I think it is great game one problem I watched add got crate with epic death bringer but I wasted gems on it to open it but it didn't give me death bringer.
I am new, but after 2 battles I am enjoying the experience. Not a fan of the the monetary push. I like the theme and colorful enviroment. The art depictions are also top notch. Its too early however to rate higher. Rating will rise or fall depending on further testing.
It has lot of bugs. The game just freezes at beginner's guide, i keep on selecting in game buttons, but nothing happens. Never before played a game with this much bug. Are the developers still there, they simply don't seem to be doing anything.
You Betta be ready to spend some chedda to do anything in this game. Also the graphics are just dated, and the animations are awful. Pay 2 Win at it's finest, or worst technically.
I invited someone to the game using the link the game gave me but it didint say i invited anyone so i didint get anythang that it said i would get for inviting people. And why cant the barracks hold stamina if the storage is full. Allso in the quest if i did boss badles adomadicly it would cost 1 stamina per 100 troops how its 8 stamina for 2. AND if i open a chest and get 100 of a typ of troop and get 100 more from the same chest i only get 100 not 200. When can i talk to a developer or someone
I cant even play the game because it keeps crashing every time I try to play. Guys dont download. This game is a complete time waster.
something is wrong with the game, it took my money and i didnt get my gems, it closed my main account and had to start from the beginning, i cant believe it
It was entertaining at first, but I hate it when apps are constantly reminding me to open them. Almost every 5 minutes, seriously. The tutorial also left out a few things.
Graphics don't load. Very few items are only shown and the rest is just all black that's why I can't play.
love it but theres a lot of bugs that ultimately lose me attacks and therefore trophies. sometimes i get kicked out of a battle and cant go back in.
Game is fun but support needs work i bought the starter pack and it gave me an error message i sent in to support and they have not gotten back to me as of yet. 5 star if support gets better.
Great game, only problem for me is I seem to have downloaded Brawl Smash (which is surprisingly a similar game to this game) and then I downloaded this game and am not able to join my friends as they have initially downloaded Guardian Kingdoms first. I have tried clearing cache and restarting but I still can't seem to join up my friends. any fix?
The game is so hard, I couldn't even past the tutorial that's how hard it is, fix your tutorial often time's it won't let me click what it wants me to click
This game has serious potential. The optimization is terrible, and so the game lags horribly, and gems should really be more obtainable without paying money... But overall it's quite fun.
Massive pay to win. Day by day devs are getting more and more greedy. This game wont have long life . Support never answer to problems . Lots of glitches
One of the first tutorial things you do. Build an Alliance building to make troops. After the 5 seconds go by to build the building the game days that the map is out of sync and then restarts the game. Have tried multiple trouble shooting steps and still doesmt work. Hard to play a game if you cant even get passed the tutorial due to a bug.
The game has been abandoned for their auto chess battler. You can't link accounts so if switch phones too bad. No support. Forum is dead. No response to emails. Discord was abandoned half a year ago.
It's good. Very fun and a great time killer. My only problem with it is sometimes I complete quests and it doesn't let me claim them..
Used to love this game, if you don't already play don't get it now. Nothing but another money hungry company that merges servers as a money grab with no consideration to the fact that the younger servers are way behind in level and have no chance to compete with the others. Very disappointed this game used to be a lot of fun until they ruined it with merge. Nothing but a money grab, stay away.
It's a little tough moving the camera around but otherwise I like it. Good for killing time and it's actually entertaining
Game is horrible... black screens, crashes, and so many other prblems... the game dev should have done more testing before release. I play many other games on my phone with no problem, but this one simply will not work!!!
Spam at chat with codes that already used When you load a screen there are some weird effects that cut the screen in two most of the goals can't be completed (like raze 10 castles it can only go to 9) In other words this game is a shitfest