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GT Manager

GT Manager for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by The Tiny Digital Factory located at 3 Place Charles Hernu 69100 Villeurbanne France. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pretty great management game so far. I've only been on it for about 3 weeks and I have multiple cars without paying any real money. It helps to watch ads for money, staff, and parts but even that is optional. Updated 6-12-21 Recent update on tire balancing really didn't help the game play in my opinion. I don't think a GR.750 should lose to a slower GR.600, but it happened 3x. It also removed me from my "Weekly Rivals" bracket where I was 3rd and placed me into a new one a day before it ends.
Since Monday everytime I opened the game I am stucked on the Weekly Ranks Rivals Results screen. I press the Collect button, but the game won't proceed.
Very fun game, it's easy to understand, plenty of content. Great matchmaking, my only problem is getting cars, it takes way way to long other than that I love this game and I have 30+ hours I recommend it!
After playing F1 manager for weeks and wishing there was a GT sim manager, so glad the play store recommended this game. It scratches the GT itch. The game definitely needs more content such as cars and tracks. I get why they may not have put real world tracks like Spa and Monza in due to licensing. But definitely more of these. Just needs some polish in the sound effects during races. And more car customizations. As long as updates keep coming, I feel this game will get better and better.
Update issue, was in the elite division with over 5000 cups and since update gone down to 4400. What went wrong as all of the next cupmrewards are ticked and claimed.
Really good racing sim manager. Really like the racing and cars and upgrades. I like the fact that you can watch optional adverts for bonuses, very nice. The only problem I have experienced is stability, specifically when watching Ads. Some adverts freeze and hang, locking out all buttons. This forces the game to crash and you lose your advert bonus. Just fix the buggy ads!
Games solid so far, but currently won't let me "Collect" my weekly rivals rank results and I can't get into the game. UPDATE: It's fixed now
It's good but drivers seem to make any overtake seems impossible no matter their stats. Also can no longer enter game through it not letting me collect a prize
Overall a really good racing/manager sim. However I think some tiny tweaks here and there could be good and add more depth to the game. Possibly more structures to unlock and more cards to unlock. Also I have an issue with the drivers skills that definitely needs addressing! I have one driver with tyre management skill of 132 and another driver with 82 points yet both drivers tyres wear at the same rate.. this should not be happening 😑 it completely erases the point in having that skill.
Game is great (when it works). Have been having the 'gt manager servers are unavailable' issue for quite some time now, even after updating to the latest version that was meant to fix this issue.
I quite enjoy this game! There are some bugs here and there like the save function acting a little finicky. Aside from that, it's fun, it's challenging and when you get into a good flow it's very rewarding.
I was enjoying the game, but for some reason every time i try to open it the game crashes! Its been doing this now for 2 days! May delete soon. It is a shame, I enjoyed the game but for the last 3 days now the game will not open. Deleting if it does not open tomorrow.
This game is great! It is just like F1 Manager but with GT Cars instead, I am not a fan of any GT series, however I still manage to find this game fun! Keep up the good work!
Games good but the further you get in the game you. Need to spend to win what a joke all these games are a con just for you to spend money on a free game should be ashamed
Was a good game before the update, after that, every race i found someone that is 10 time more fast then me and its impossible win, the race are not with equal cars for a good competition, plus its really hard to arrive at least 100k to upgrade the crew staff. Just who spend real money can win easy.
Thank for fixing the bug. The game is fun & luck mixed with stragerty. Defenty one of my favorite games The only issue iven see is it doesnt know when you did the test drive ( no reward via challenges)
This game went from 5-⭐ to 1-⭐ so fast from this latest update. I pay for the season and can not even collect the rewards because of the lag! Because of the crashing on the landing screen every single time I I not have tike to achieve the rewards !
It's fun and fair at first, but as you play the game, you unlock higher race categories to race in. This means you are stuck with your old weak car vs players with a much better car. While you qualify 13-14, your opponent qualifies 1-2. Balancing and gameplay is otherwise great, but their "packs" which is basically their gacha system is what hides what the player requires to continue playing.
Hello dev , why the game feels like unfinished? ,also there times unable to log in , also many glitch , like flag glitch , doesn't show the flag u want when racing day , also the building is construct but didn't display time , and it is addictive game
Awesome The game is so good that it can produce entertainment and fun but I wish it had a Career mode for Single Player mode, League Racing mode for Tournament season and also Single Player mode such as Quick Race, Time Trial to complete it. I love GT Racing, But Overall 9/10
This is a really fun management game and I'm enjoying it very much. I've been a bit of a motorsports fan since childhood and GT is one of the better categories. Only issue is that some of the tyre choices such as choosing medium during an endurance race seem to never give any advantage, however maybe it does once I've further levelled the drivers and cars. Nice game, good work. Update: Medium tyres are working well for me now.
Defo need to spend if you want to do well. But apart from that a very nice game. Good graphics and sound.
Honestly it's very similar to Hutch's F1 Managaer. However I feel like this one is more comfortable and maneuverable. It's worth the download and try. It may not be for everyone but I definitely enjoy it
Cash grab game, even with p2w game mechanics work against you encouraging more spend. Qualifying is out of touch, lower class cars will beat you and then hamper the race by blocking you by being too slow, but seemingly only blocking you whilst other cars bump you out the way. Majority of races involve you being blocked by slow cars whilst dropping grid position yet others overtake without issue and that's with high level defending/blocking (again I've p2w) Tyre mechanic broken despite 'fix'.
Cant play the game anymore cause the collect button for the tourney wouldnt work and kept me stuck there but otherwise fun and entertaining game
Game was great till it stopped loading. I've tried everything and it still doesn't load. I've also sent a email to the developer and no response after 3 days... Now going through Google to hopefully get the issue fixed.
Game won't load. Splash screen... progress bar on bottom reaches about 90%, then freezes. Tried multiple times. Restart. Uninstall, reinstall... all the same result. Using S10+.
This game have good graphic.but this game is online....pls make simulation realistic racing game offline
games gotten to the point even though my car is fully upgraded I get put at the back of the field every race im about done playing this game, at least make the races competitive for top 5 and win finishes, I cant progress when im fighting to come in 12 and 13 place
Crashes immediately after the loading bar finishes every time. I've updated, reinstalled, restarted, all that good stuff. I'd love to play the game and give it a proper rating...
Races dont give rewards. I place no1. Get 0 cash. Place no5 get 0cash.. How you suppose to upgrade stuff if you get 0 rewards for completing race???? 0 rewards. Just keep leveling and no cash to upgrade things. Just offers to buy cash and packs. Sušikti nuopisos developeriai.
Update.... Tried clicking the update about 10 times and check Google play on my apps to see and nothing. Just went back and the update was there. Installed and back on the track! I do enjoy this game but why does it say update to continue but no update? Please fix ASAP
Overall good concept. But most options are unfortunately p2w. Its great that you get overheating issues for balance. But you can literally pay for parts that eliminate that. So you're left in the dust
Well I confirm this is a pay to win game. You'll get to a point where those who paid will become the only winners with no chance for the free players to catch-up. Sad, because this business model will basically ask from you more even if you paid once. Basically those who are on top are the ones who paid the most. I for one will not fall for it. Uninstalling...
Its fun, but im now at the point where it seems i cant, or wont progress unless i pay for upgrade packs...pointless seeing you dont unlock the better stuff till later, but getting there seems to have slowed down at least 90%...its a fun game, let down by greed...dunno how long im gonna continue playing tbh. Paying to progress is fine, but at least give us a chance to do it without having to pay, dont the adverts help. 🤷‍♂️
This game is a masterpiece. Everything is PERFECT. I have one complaint though. When you are doing a dry to wet or wet to dry race you should be able to use all tyre compounds. Otherwise, this game is absolutely amazing.
Despite being the exact copy of every motorsport manager game (it's even weird there's no lawsuit because it's another f1 manager manager / motorsport manager), the game could have been good with its real gt cars (but I suspect they don't pay anything to use it), but it's not due to that feel that programmers, or there managers, doesn't want you to play, they just 2ant you to pay. It's fun to see how the day you buy something, opponents are weaker! Scaaaaaammmm
Really enjoying this game so far, manage a racing team, upgrade cars, drivers and staff, manage race strategy. Game seems pretty balanced, still in the starter car but competing with faster cars using better strategy. Packs are fairly priced in my opinion and adverts are limited and optional. To the devs, keep up the good work. 1 issue I found is the daily race that unlocks at lvl 4 is still locked at lvl 12 for me
Absolutely Addicted. I love manager games. I've become addicted to this game in 2 hours. I've spent 2 days none stop playing it and I love it. Its different to other motorsport management games. Which makes it interesting, fun,enjoyable and I LOVE IT.
Not nearly as good as MM2 or 3,but it's playable. As i already wrote to youre player feedback service,it lacks qualifying and ability to manually adjust the car setup. I've been using car and bike(especially bike)simulations on PC and PS and i don't know why,but nowadays it's harder to find realistic racing sims then before 2000,and shortly after. But for a "phone",these manager games are ok.
I'm have been playing this game for a while now and it is a lot of fun but I've realized that it's impossible to progress because the amount of money you get from winning is way to low in relation with all of the upgrades...
App crashes daily on my Note20. Have uninstalled and reinstalled almost 10 times now. With that said, the game is enjoyable WHEN it works. Update (5/31): Game plays great now and haven't had a crash since the update. 5/5.
Great game but to greedy.have just got the second car in the game a Porsche and it's slower than the starting car.costs 100k -200k to add upgrade personal yet winnings are only around 4k. Unfortunately ruined by greedy developers.
Great game. Poor server connection. If you ever manage to connect to the game server it is a great game to play, constantly struggles to get started though. You guys need to up your server allowance as it is always coming up with "can not connect to server" errors. Seems to be a common complaint after reading other reviews.
The games dynamics are rubbish at times, you can have the fastest car/team but you will still lose due to you getting stuck behind the bot cars, while your opponent is able to double overtake.
Good game with a great concept but it is extremely time consuming if you plan on doing well. The upgrade and reward system takes a very long time to accomplish. The game starts out nice because everything is competitive but shortly afterward it gets frustrating because it's impossible to keep up without spending money.
Game keeps crashing. Been 24hrs and still can't get into the game. Wow. 3 may 2021. Been 3 days and still crashes I unfortunately have spent my hard earned money and no communication from the developers, just sad.
Was really fun to play and I paid £5 for some extra packs which I rarely do, but the latest update means that to play I have to uninstall and reinstall every time. *Edited down a star as yet to hear anything from the creators regarding this clearly common issue.
Great game and was enjoying it but now game will not load and just crashes. I've re-installed but still no joy. I would rate 5 stars if you could fix this pls? Edit: Is working well with recent update. Very enjoyable game and well worth a download 👍
Game has great potential, but crashes on opening 9 out of 10 times. Would love to actually rate it higher as it seems to be a quality game, but constantly crashing makes 2 stars very generous. Playing on a Note 20 5g ultra, so it's not my phone being unable to handle the game.
Really fun premise going on here, but a few performance issues on Google Pixel 4a with 5G that occur when in game. Ironing out some of these, and ammending some of the translations, would have me come back to rightly bump this up!
I was REALLY hoping for a motorsports manager mobile type game and this is not that. (Can't fault them for my expectations) What I can fault them for is very poor match making, only maybe 1 in 10 races do your decisions really make a difference in a close race. Normally you either win big or get blown away. Stats on cards from different places don't do much. Tried many different set ups with no difference in out come. Need lap times and seconds +/- from other drivers. Young game so give it time.
I was enjoying the game until i purchased credits and they failed to load. It seems going by reviews, a common occurrence. I would appreciate a prompt response to my email with POP attached and screenshot of frozen after purchase!
Having a lot of fun so far. Seems I can't always watch the videos to get the final free cards, today the free daily video won't load as well.
Enjoyed the races when it works but lately keep getting a "GT manager servers are not responding" error. Plus it takes a daft amount of time to unlock any other vehicles. And now it crashes before fully loading so unplayable.
Would have got a 5 star from me until it started to refuse to open. The game no longer loads at all. This is even after I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app
it's a good game shame there isn't no 1 to help u when u make purchases and they don't come at all ...they should be a way to reset your account 2 .I've made 2 purchases that haven't turned up and it says contact support which I've done no response 🤔 I don't mind but it's not great .
Its very fun but it takes a long time to notice big changes to your team as money in this game is such a bottle neck. From my experience it seems quite a pay to play experience as getting money is that difficult. Hopefully this can be better balanced but as a whole its a great game and i can't wait to see where it goes
I have just downloaded the game . Having play a couple of races i have to say it has a lot of potential and its clear its a well developed game . The only things that have to be changed in my opinion are its graphics and its sensitivity . Good job!!!
Amazing game out of no where! Features liscenced cars, but it's lacking in numbers. Difficult to adjust to after playing MMO, but it's a great experience now. I'm hoping for more content further into the game's life. Good job!
the layout track doesn't make sense at all. people who just pitstop had advantage because the outside pitlane is literally "shortcut" and more faster. also trying to get new car, leveling or even get upgrading car, takes forever.
It's nice beautifully designed and my request is while car overtakes another car it seems that it does no finds its way out of the slip stream like f1 manager so if that is resolved then it is almost perfect and please do not rise up costs for the parts and to get this or make this a global hit allowing to get the spares should be considerate.. Thank you Bonjour
Great game. But stil need fix from a lot of bugs. I have finished my test drive but can't get my daily rewards. Now when I open this game I always stucked on loading page at the begining.
Tire wear stat literally doesn't affect tire wear at all still; objectives for daily and weekly refresh every time I play, which makes finishing them almost impossible unless you binge play for hours; last update nerfed my car (Audi R8 GT3). Other than that, I want to like the game.
AMAZING GAME!! I could not wait for it's official launch. I have been Playing this Game since its iteration as GT Racing League and it's so damn perfect. Sure it might be P2W but, given the patience, you don't need to pay anything. But I wished it had Offline Single Player Mode against AI
Unable to connect to game no matter on which WiFi connection, be it at home or at work. And my WiFi is working well for everything else, only not working for this app.
very fun easy to learn. the money income is really trash unless u spend actual money. so its quick in the beginning and slows down hard. if there was a higher amount earned each race thatd be great. this is a long game otherwise. if the average amount went up this would be a 5 star review. MINIMAL ADDS by the way.
It's a great manager game but its seems to be rather bugged on unlocking certain aspects. For example with daily races it says unlocked at level 4 well I'm level 14 and still dont have it. I also havent unlocked the advanced crew for racing staff which is supposed to be unlocked at level 13. Other than that highly recommend
Keeps forcing closed. Fun game when it works, but I expect it to always work when I spend money on the game. Kinda blowing the hell out of my season pass.
Well I just wanted to say what a brilliant game I have played F1 Manager for a long time an is very good but GT Manager is spot on an more complex I'm one of the quickest racers in the world on forza an have set a few #1 times in the world I've helped with my input in f1 manager an now would like to offer my support to you guys at GT Manager I think you should have regular occurring crashes ect an a lil better animation on the pit stops ie changing of tyres but other than that the game is spoton
Cool game, but bugs that are obvious: Some challenges not working (test drive of the day, ...), MOST annoying and game braking bug is the Speed limit in pit lane not really working for ki drivers (on some tracks ki is faster when driving through pit instead of track and shoots out of pit with more speed than on any straight, and so bad pit strategy has no penalty), race results not always correct (position, points, time do not match)...
Can never play as it constantly comes up GT manager's servers are not available. I've tried uninstalling and installing again and still comes up with the same server message. Needs fixed or I'm deleting
Gave 1 star for a reason 1 it says daily races unlock at lvl 4 nope I'm lvl 7 and still not unlocked and now the other one that unlocks a lvl 7 guess what nope that won't unlock either so what's the point uninstalled
Very good game I really enjoyed it but some bugs here and there.. for example went to sleep at lvl 7 and woke up I'm at lvl 16.. but buildings to upgrade still locked.. pls fix this to get higher stars thank you..
the game was fun, enjoy until now, but now it stuck on when i start open the game, it keep loading more than 15 min, i restart the game back to back bht still it stuck, please fix it for me..
One of the best automobile games manager ever seen very good graphically and the gameplay is very good. keep it up 5 star is yours
1st time on this and I believe its 1 of the better motorsports manager games, however, im hoping that it gets a bit more car technical later on (fiddle with downforce, brake bias, gear ratio etc)
Not a bad little game, there are many others on the Market, but this game actually let's you win without having to spend a load of cash. I like it but it will not be everybody's cup of tea.
Great game so far no real complaints, maybe adding more tracks which I'm sure will come. overall great little game which is well worth the download to any racing fans
at this time i have had to uninstall the game and then reinstall it just to get onto it and by the looks im goin to have to do it again... ( overall the game is great but since this problem is currently stopping me from getting onto the game is making me think twice about it. ) /A 3 star for now may change/ :edited: problem still happening so im having to get rid of this game..!!!!!!
An absolute gem for GT racing fans! I have been playing it for close to a month now and can honestly say that the app is solid, I have however run into some bugs regarding missing credits after being purchased close to entering the next division. However so far the support team has been great with their response time and customer satisfaction. I will definitely be keeping this app on my phone for a very long time. Great fun!
Was great until the recent update, now cannot get passed the splash screen to collect my weekly results the collect button does nothing so can no longer play the game
The game SOOOOOOOOOO many bug.. I was trying to change my driver, the slot only use 2 driver somehow i use 3... Its annoying me and Every 4 time log in the game it didnt show me anything it just freaking empty game like Empty box, you should put it on Beta first before release the game
Love the game but having troubles with updates. It says I need to update to continue playing but when I click on update it send me to play store but there is no update option. Just play or uninstall?
Like it, reminds me of when gt3 or was it gt3 added ai drivers. Anyhow did first live sprint race took 1,2 looks like I won some stuff but got phone call game went to back ground. Do see my goodies cause everytime u bring app back to foreground it restarts.. So what my stuff gone that pack I won? Umm gonna try a other race. If I get pack and receive iam gonna have to lower to 3stars. Can't prevent calls ( unless I want to miss important things irl)
Good game. Much better from the F1 manager game. Although, currency is an issue as it's hard to get money. Also, there should be a career mode where you can climb up divisions, rather just having multiplayer.
Its good. The game was a little hard but manageable, until this new update and now my drivers (against way newer players) seem to drop back to 13 & 14th place and overheat almost instantly. The racers don't even try to race. F
Game is pretty cool at first. Once you get to the middle elite levels it takes forever to fill the sponsor limit. The game grinds to a halt with your cars coming in 10th to 14th place almost every race. You will beat your player opponent maybe 50% of the time, but the AI cars will destroy you. Elite D7
please make more rewards for the bucks, the upgrade is more than the rewards you will get in race, how can we spend on the upgrade while short of bucks.. its take a weeks to upgrade just 1 department or card.. please add more rewards if we win the race.. and 1 more please do some adjustments on matching with the same tier or cars power, so that we can race fairly enough.. and race with our strategy.. if all done i will change the star to 5... thank you
it's a ok game but the amount of cards that repat is silly it would be good to be able to sell them or trade them
Made by idiots without a clue about motor racing.. Example.. A race dry at start and wet at end.. You only get a choice of 2 tyres 1 dry always soft and 1 wet always intermediate so there is no strategy involved everyone is on soft followed by intermediate! Also most players are AI / not online Will be deleting and playing MOTORSPORT MANAGER importantly always a 4 tyre choice 2 dry 2 wet!
Game isn't bad, but it takes anywhere from 5 to 20 attempts to log-in, and it's been that way since I started a month or more ago. Kind of kills it knowing you'll have to spend 10 minutes just getting into the game.
Edit : Yup it still stuck at loading screen , some people (few people facing the same issue here) saying just allow the permission and everything will be fine again... Nah~🥱 fake news, nothing happens!! Waiting for update and with this update came out just now i think time to say bye²👋 Why it's fail to log in, force stop every time?! 3rd update already for this month...
Was a good game till I seen the fast forward button in the top right, and realised that it's not a real-time multiplayer game, but u play against bots so the game is just useless!
This game has gotten worse. now locked up after weekly challenge and when hitting collect button, nothing happens. pay to win and now locking up. what a waste of time that I accumulated.
Game keeps are crashing and I have a 2020 smart phone that is pretty good to handle it I don't know whether it's android 11 or something else cuz my phone starts with android 11 please fix it. I also updated my android version and other games I would crash as well or some major bugs to other games so it could be from android
Game is good and all, but the assistant should be only making suggestions instead of locking up the game. I was absolutely sure I could finish the race with the fuel I had and the assistant blocked my controls when I refused to stop for fuel. Thanks, but no thanks.
Just like the other manager style games, after 3 races you're drivers forget how to drive and you go from 165 trophies to 110 in 15 minutes
Fun n looks nice. But if u don't spend money be prepared to lose a lot n cuz of that constantly losing cups that puts u back in ur progress... matching is bad, once u get to 300+ cups u get matched vs Porsche classes that are to fast to beat with ur beginners car. And yes u get blue prints for it, but by the time u collected enough ur beaten so often its not fun anymore. Also the limited amount of cash u can get due to the max amount ur sponsors give puts a hold on any fast progress u wanna make
It's good fun, but I played it once and it isn't loading in anymore. It's just coming up with the error of "servers not available"
Needs more options, if there's a changing weather conditions, then we should be able to choose any available tire set, and not just limited to just 2 each race, also probably refueling will also be a great addition to the game strategy.
Fun game but hard to earn money especially when I'm level 10 and the engine department has not been unlocked yet which is supposed to be unlocked at level 7 please fix this
Downloaded this yesterday and all I get are GT manager servers not available. Have tried reinstalling a couple of times
I would rate this game higher,but first off I bought a starter package,it took my money but didn't give me the package emailed support a few days ago no response!!!! And there needs to be better ways to upgrade your car.
Update fixed the loading issue, back to being a nice racing management game. Great graphics, and the matchmaking so far has been really fair.
The game is awesome, but there are some things to repair. First of all, the discord server says that I need to react to rules, but there is no channel visible, not even rules. Second, when I press to race, most of times it doesn't load, idk how to explain but seems like an old TV screen with problem. Third, the amount we get money compared to price of upgrades is kinda non sense, too much expensive. Fourth, email, Twitter, Instagram, site, no answers... How do people contact you?
This game is fun to play and you can interact in the game and make different decisions. I just wish that if you have the same kind of cards in the game you can sell them or combine them together and make a better when you do that. And also when the cars are racing and your car hits the other when you are trying to pass it your car doesn't slow down. I hope someone can think about these things and hopefully make the game better
The game is great.. The game can't even start up and play after update!!Hope the developer restore it soon!!!
Pretty great management game so far. I've only been on it for about 3 weeks and I have multiple cars without paying any real money. It helps to watch ads for money, staff, and parts but even that is optional.
Fun game but always struggles to load gotta close the app and try again to load it takes about 10 times then the game finally loads
Game ran fine before the latest update,then races suffered from lag,just jerks along at times.a.i cars difficulty now x100,still has flag glitch,cash rewards still too low for expensive upgrades.now crashes on loading screen 5,6,7+ times in a row,on that one time it does load to login reward screen,it crashes when you click on collect.from 4/4.5* to 0* in one update.
Game sucks. No way should a car with M tires pass a car with S tires on the last corner like I'm sitting still while having the car on 3 speed and a healthy engine. Gtfoh. Im out. 5 loses in a row after winning the first 2... gimmicky hook em type of game.
Just started this game and the car engine keeps breaking down to easily on this game, please fix the engine physics what doesn't make the engine break to easily.
It's a good game but you need to consider about the price of upgrade and prizes with the level cause I think its too expensive. Also the matchmaking algorithm, at first it's easy but when you got a higher level it's always a higher level rival
Game needs so much work to make it feel like a proper simulation tires strategy is a joke wet, weather tires are a waste of time.
I enjoy this game, the mechanics are very interesting and the collection of Cars makes you want to get involved. Keep it up!
i made a purchase because i liked the game. But after that all my sponsor cards disappeared. Even the ones i had before purchase. I contacted support. Its been two days but still no solution or feedback. Now i am stuck here with wasted money and time playing this game earning those cards for nothing. Do not download this game. Even if you do, never purchase anything. Update: they resolved the issue and compensated me. i am happy about it.
Ita good but slow. It takes forever to get other cars and upgrade parts. Also they released a update so you can trade in blue prints for cars that you have but when you go to trade in blue prints it does nothing. But overall the game is entertaining as long as you don't mind winning 1 race to ever 4 you lose since match making is broken Edit: I don't understand why when you place I'm the top 3 in prelims you can still place 13th and 14th. Even with the last update this game remains broken.
Seems like a great game but whenever I try play it says "connection lost" type glitch even though my internet is not faulty nor bad. I'll try again but please fix if it is a glitch
Good racing sim little frustrating losing due to random engine breakages etc... But other wise very good sim my only issue is with how low the sponsor limits are if they were higher than 3 races(ish) then I would certainly play the game for longer than I do
great alternative to hutch's game. Only issue I had is a glitch that double charged me for the season. awaiting a refund.
Good but..... Well yes it is a great game its just that i signed in to save my online progress and never got my rewards as the game kicked me.
Its a fun game but i will never like/agree with pay to play games. U need in game currency to upgrade anything which is fine if u wasn't limited in the amount of it u could get before u have to pay to reset the limit or wait for 2-3h. Also wish there was more info in the races like lap times and having proper qualifying sessions and options for set ups. Tbh think im just going to go play motorsport manager
This game looks impressive. But for some reason, we need to have more vehicles that you can race with. Also the graphics needs to look more realistic. Even the bugs and glitches need to be fixed. Hopefully I look forward to the game's upcoming updates.
I can't get out of weekly rewards screen even after not winning anything . I click collect and it is not taking me back to main menu.please fix this bug !!!! Update : This is fixed by its own . Add a third tyre choice !
The games is honestly pretty fun. It could be easier to obtain new cars and maybe make it more challenging in the early stages but it is deffintly one of the better games on the store.
Only thing I would change is add more diversity in cars and tracks. Everything else in game is pretty steady. Also love that you don't have to pay to play, just makes it more grindy but thats why we come to play. Can't wait for the updates to come and see what else is going to come.
Played this one for a bit to give it a try. Turned out I actually really enjoyed it. Comparable to premium racing managers. Ran into a bug, customer support was on top of it and resolved my issue without delay. Easily a 4 star game, but solid customer support and active Devs keeping the game fresh and interesting with new events and challenges gives this 5 stars in my opinion.
Really impressed by this quick recovery from the issue... Good game... I Find it very interesting... But if there was other modes like tournament mode like having 7 player compete with each other at a time or for series of time would have been better... Also clan system is very useful I guess... Plz consider my view... 3 ⭐ for overall game (interface, graphic,gameplay) and 1 ⭐ for interaction for post of mine and others... Keep it up...
Very good game but more tires should be added like hards and wets and also weather other than that excelent
Good game but once I reached the recycling department I cannot open the other buildings, it just freezes in the recycling department building. Please do something about it...
There are a lot of bugs. I have test drive of the day challenges, but it doesnt allow me to collect reward even if I play. Counter doesn't increase in challenges page. In daily races, blue and grey trails are wrong in qualifying. Tyre management skill has no impact on the game. Boost has stuck when you click after pit exit. I am expecting to fix these in new update, otherwise I am gonna delete it.
Really enjoying this game, don't have to pay to win, all in the strategy. Daily rewards and challenges are good fun. a bit buggy but much better since most recent update.
good game mechanics and simple, some more ways to earn credits or competitions would be nice like a tournament ladder
at this time i have had to uninstall the game and then reinstall it just to get onto it and by the looks im goin to have to do it again... ( overall the game is great but since this problem is currently stopping me from getting onto the game is making me think twice about it. ) /A 3 star for now may change/ :edited: problem now resolved and have the game back and 4 stars awarded
The game is great. It's fine and the time goes by while playing the game. However, I am having an issue with the game loading up getting passed the loading screen. The game doesn't load up at all pass the loading screen anymore and I would like this issue to get fixed asap please. I still give it 5 stars, but I need this issue to get fixed asap so I can start playing the game again asap. Thanks
Never believed i would say this : This game needs more ads I cant get my daily rewards because it needs to show an ad to get it and there are no ads . I understand that ads are a big source of income from games so i dont mind that , but this is ridiculous . Get rid of the ad sistem or show more ads .