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Grow Zombie VIP- Merge Zombies

Grow Zombie VIP- Merge Zombies for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by PixelStar Games located at 11, Digital-ro 33-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Would be alot better if there was some sort of offline progression. As it is now the progress is way to slow.
The colors on the save/load data feature are backwards and led to me accidentally overwrite years of progress losing all the money items and upgrades I purchased, permanently . :(
This game is very fun and addictive, maybe this game have a little lag after defeating enemies in "hunt" but this game is challenging in merging zombies so i rate it 5 stars because i want to rate it in 5 stars, lol....
after i got the red button i realized that there will be a time when u can no longer produced the egg no matter how much egg u have n i had to restart the app to be able to create eggs again
Fun game. done 3 of the TapJoy tasks that never paid out, which included farming a game to level 3 for a large amount of diamonds that never paid out. review would be higher if it didn't waste my time in those games.
I kinda lowered my rating i dont really like how all my zombies are lined up instead of walking around please fix that or add an option for that :)
I don't know if any body else got the VIP for free but this game was on sale and was free so I downloaded it and it gave me a daily VIP extra and the game play is awesome and I'm already loving it
WHY?!?!? why would you abandon the old system? I am an avid fan of the game and i've put a good probably 200+ hours into this game, with the old system the game had. I loved this game for its individuality of having the zombies wander around and having the option to move them out of the way, as well as the old z virus upgrade for population was extremely useful and added depth that i enjoyed. Please, change it back, or at least have an option for the merge system and give us the abandoned back.
This game feels like no other idle tycoon game. I can't explain why but the developers did a good job and should be proud of themselves.
Once you get over some minor spelling errors ("reserch" or "persent"), the game is an okay clicker. There are things that need to be added like a "collect all" button for achievements. Another gripe I have is that each zombie isn't even necessarily better than the zombie before it it, making you hesistant to upgrade. Additionally, the game tells you very little on how to play so your on your own figuring things out.
Honestly, an addictive game. The game is simple and easy to learn the basics. You can combine zombies to make them better, to levels where there is a final boss. It is truly an addicting game.
Insanely grindy. Very hard to progress, mainly because you have to either actively and boringly collect the resource (for a long time) or leave the game on overnight, to pasively collect it. It's ridicullous. Also the combat auto deployment sucks. Needs an option to choose which units to deploy first and which ones last.
Very entertaining, simple, and fun to play. The graphics and pixel art is well done and I hope I can see more to come to the game!
It asked me to rate after my first hunting sooo here it goes. Bad graphics, VIP still gives you ads if you want a bonus for resources, game play seems boring. That pretty much sums up my first two minutes of game play lol.
The game isn't any better as a vip game, all it does is give you a few hundred gems, other than that it's not worth it, the game gets boring quick as well.
Im not sure what happened but after spending a lot of time and some money on this game. It had a glitch and I lost progress and all my purchased content. I had the big red button and had purchased gems a couple times for upgrades but it's all gone and my progress is set back several weeks. I can't find anyway to retrieve it! Help!
Looks cool and awesome, also please give an explanation in every option / item / upgrade ... So player know what he / she was to do next time.
Downloaded this first and was devastated to know there is grow heroes. Either way this app won't be played long. It's click boring after reaching ice zombies and knife penetrating zombies.
I litterally love the pixels and graphics even if I use the samsung duos I tried download in my main and alt phone so yeah best game that gone sale last day too bad to the people who did not get it free
the problem i have is that the 2x does not last long enough and that when you watch 3 ads to get 2x after mission it any other voluntary ad you are forced to restart the game because it does not play anymore. so just when you get everything going in a rhythm you have to restart the game
I'm not a fan of 1+1 type games. Seems like a nice game with decent gameplay if you like the genre. I'm going to uninstall.
Idle that has to be babysat, basically unplayable unless incredibly bored out you want to throw money at a game to see low-res zombies.
I cant just spawn eggs forever. at one point it prevents me and I have to start a hunt before I can make more eggs
very fun game and time spender. if you have some extra time on your hands on a bus or uber or even at home its very fun
It was pretty mediocre, finaly used my coupon so i got the game for free. Its just a game where you spawn zombies and let them kill npcs that attack back. Might get boring after a while
as a completely mindless clickbait game, this seemed fine...i generally don't like them though, so i didn't like this, but to each his own, eh? even so, i found the graphics annoying, as everything seemed to be super energeticly bouncy, even the zombies
The game is deep down a "simple" clicker, not an idle-clicker, and is competent in that regard, is massive grinding and very repetitive and despite being a paid game (~1€, I get a copy from a promo) the model is 100% F2P, and not a very good one, anyway is cool for a while.
Kind of gets repetitive after a while. It's one of those great in short bursts games as you will lose interest fast if you play for long periods of time.
it's an amazing game. however my only complaint is that it remembers my google account and restores my progress but it doesn't remember my purchases! I'm not paying 3 times to remove advertising! after that episode I've not bought anything in any of their games with fear I may loose it.
SO MANY BUGS... KEEP ON LOSING ALL MY EGGS after I had to reinstall (couldn't merge zombies so game was kinda broken) so I uninstalled and reinstalled but lost eggs and diamonds despite the cloud loading
The game has a great foundation and is fun but it is lame that you can beat all of the hunt challenges of bosses and the 1-200 before you even have lvl 20 zombies. It needs 30 more lvls for the alien bosses and the other and 300 more levels of the main hunt. If not why do we keep merging Zombies when all of the challenges have been completed?
So much fun. One of the best games I have ever played from the Google Play Store free or paid. Plus it's almost ad free except for when you want to double your rewards.
Would put 0 stars horrible adds for a vip app that costs money as well as no creativity dont even change the design for different ones sometimes and just pastes random things on there hand and call it peanut zombie I would be grateful if you deleted this app
the game is ok but keeps crashing. I try to play it but it freezes and I do not know how to unfreeze it. Pls fix this as this is a payed game that I can't even play because it freezes.
it felt like I was in Vr. in felt so innovative and fun and I'll never stop playing (lie) but it's so fun and I hate bad tycoons and sins but this is neither
Once again, the sale comes to the rescue: the only good thing about this black screen emulator was not having to pay for it.
Sooo simple yet strangely addictive it's not just a boring merge game. Meh they are so repetitive. This is an awesome merge game where you then use your creations to fight npcs. Plundering resources to merge faster and upgrade battle units. And strategy no good going in with all lvl 2s as they are only good at tanking yet a lvl 3 has low health and high attack some are ranged etc... Even just lvl 10s won't do the trick but a few lvl 10s and an army of lvl 2 shields is ideal. Pure genius.
If you have auto place on and keep it on till the end of the round it might skip to the next round. Even though the round was not finished.
Kinda fun at first, but got dull fast. Couldn't use most of the ad buffs either, they weren't greyed out but I couldn't click them. Frustrating for the end of hunt x2.
Very very good game... once you get the hang of it. The game only explains a little bit of what to do. But all the rest you have to figure out yourself.
it's a very good game, good thing I got this for free. I wonder why so many games are free today. Nice game!
Would give it 5 stars if timers would work while off line or watching an ad. Besides that it's a pretty good game.