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Grow Turret - Clicker Defense

Grow Turret - Clicker Defense for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by PixelStar Games located at 11, Digital-ro 33-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is by far the best idle game I have played since 2019. There are no glitches whatsoever. Keep up with the great updates! Plus the graphics are great.
Very good game wayy better than the other tower defense games and also there is this other really good tower defense games its called Grow Castle and it's made by RAON GAMES both of these in my opinion are the only good tower defense games
Basically a tutorial all the way through if you don't do what the game wants you to do you lose even if your trying to go by another strategy oh well
Turret needs to be able to be moved 360 degrees when screen is tapped in any area around turrets position. Turrets auto lock is too slow, making raid and hunting too slow or impossible to do. Fix thos problem and it will be a great time waster game. Until then i cant spend time or money on this anymore. A fixed position turret that doesnt have 360 degree rotation when the screen isnt worth the time.
Best game ever its so good the event is cool the new update is RELLY COOL so yeah 5 starz 107 words for boi
I give it a five star because this game is amazing i like when they add combat you can fight another guy and modes the modes insane hard medium easy and nightmare that would be cool and add chest pets and stuff add the item name the heart of the zombie used to craft legendary items but the heart of the zombie is a rare drop by a zombie
This is a game i have been looking for ,its simple yet has some strategy to it,im definitely looking forward to more being added and tweaked!
Don't place banner ads in the middle of the screen. You block the view of critical game elements. This is a issue in both Grow games from this developer.
The fact that these smooth brain devs think people will actually enjoy this game with no offline features is hilarious. This is in no way shape or form an idle game.
Its Entertaining and it works offline which is amazing! The design of the turrets look kinda kewl! And its not laggy (For me atleast so you best have a decent phone!!)
This game is quite fun, and I'm enjoying it a lot so far. However, there are SO MANY spelling errors! It's even unclear what the in-app purchases are for, since there are myriad typos and spelling/grammar errors throughout the game. Devs: I HIGHLY recommend hiring a proofreader or something. I really like this game, but it doesn't help you (the developer) if your players don't know exactly what they're buying. Other than that one gripe, this game is great, and worth your time!
This is a promising game. It's a nice idea that is enjoyable enough to play. But it suffers heavily from the lack of any kind of offline progress. The gameplay requires a fair amount of grinding for gold that is made extremely frustrating because it can only be done while actively in the game.
The turret targeting in the game is a bit glitchy and doesn't allow you to target as freely as you need.
I LOVE this game, it has almost no ads. the games just the best, there are so many turrets. I have nothing bad I can say about this game.
game has to stay open, it isnt an idle clicker like usual in that when you do something else, it keeps slowly growing. if you are not actively watching this dumb game, it doesnt so anything... even when I've tried leaving it playing overnight, it doesnt keep going once screen times out.
Best idle game ever! Playable offline. Super generous with the loot! No paywall! Adds only when i want them! Lots of graphics settings so no freezing! Would definitely recommend to friends ,and have! Would love to see the common idle feature that allows the normal levels to be progressed while I don't have the game open ,but no complaints whatsoever. Favorite feature is the Rapid AutoFire upgrade for 1000 Diamonds! Thanks for a Beautiful , retro-looking , Action-RPG! Please keep adding to it ❀️
i would rate it 5 stars because at first it was fun, it was not to hard but not to easy to i get past stage 30 i am on stage 37 and now it just sucks because theres only 1 way to get turrents and it takes a while to colect the stones and most of the time u get bad turrent or not even get a turrent because u nedd 5 or more parts
This game is AMAZING bc i like when you log in U Get a Free turret or diamoand or ruby Im glad there are powers if power are not in the game i give 1 star
The game is very fun. However, the range part is just bad. Like if you have a strong main cannon but has range under like 2.4 then you are screwed in a boss battle as your gun can't even reach the spaceship. Not to mention the fact that turrets with 2.4+ range are very uncommon. Also, if you are going to call this an Idle game you need offline progression, such as offline ticket recharge, offline progression through stages etc. Great game otherwise.
I payed for the ads free package and it didn't work initially. After emailing the developer I was given a fix within hours. Great customer service.
Very good game intresting and lots of kinds of enemys but ONE problem a bit of bosses hope they add more bosses
It's a good game and I have been playing this game for more than a month and almost everyday.I still have not got bored and I am not very close to even to lv. 50.
Very entertaining but would be better if it had the same feature that most idle apps have the ability to calculate how long the app has been closed and give the gold for the time spent away from the app.
I've tried to enjoy this game but the autolock really kills the game because every time I do the battle feature my turret never kills an enemy it keeps switching who it hits and doesn't stay locked on an enemy until its dead so I keep losing a simple battle because of bad design choice.
Ok I kept installing and uninstalling because I could not make my mind I would clear the game too fast but it is good I would like better graphics thought
Game is alright for the most part. I want to give it a two star review, but who pays attention to those. The graphics and controls are fine, but this is supposed to be an IDLE game. Meaning there is a function to leaving it alone. This game, when ignored, does absolutely nothing, and progresses in exactly 0 ways. Would easily be 4/5 stars if they would have done what they say it does or even named it correctly, but hey, you gotta get the clickbait I guess.
I'm giving this game a three star instead of 4 or 5 is because of a weird thing-the turret sometimes won't target correctly, I don't know if this is intended, because it is very annoying and I have died in a boss fight because of this.
Ive played this game for 2 months. Cost too much money for the crumbs you get. 20 dollars for 3000 gems 1 upgrade at level 9 cost 1900 gems. Also they just stole 200 plus of my red and purple enchant stones. Several hours of play instantly gone. Avoid this game if u can.
Not an offline idle game. Loads of spelling errors nor any incentive to "restart". Also a ton of ads. Entering a fight? Ad. Coming out of a fight? Ad. Wanna upgrade? Ad. Sure ads for boosts is acceptable, but those boosts are minute. Good idea of a game though :)
Game was alright. i knew there was no autofarming when the game is closed but i didn't mind. what ruined the game for me was after boss lvl 12 i stopped getting drop items so i cant even build up my arsenal. I thought maybe if i played a little longer maybe i'll get some drop items. im on boss lvl 20 an still no drop items. As of today im uninstalling this game, for such a high rating this game is a big letdown.
To me the game is fun in general but the turret it can't shoot well and during a boss raid the first one I saw the 4 arrow eye thing and it's moves the turret I think but not well AT ALL I am sorry to say I'm deleting the app but if u fix I will reanstall
This game is really good. All you have to do is tap and it's really simple really easy. You can get really overpowered really fast if you keep leveling and claiming the turret rewards
This game is amazing for when I don't have Internet access I play this game and its just a very good game and I recommend that you download this game
Yes its a good game but thats the only reason i give two out of five starsπŸ˜‘. The games good has lots of potental but missions are way to hard to do but the games crafting part is even harder because the pieces of the turret you use to craft it with are alittel bit to rare so can you please make them more common so it will at least help me or other people who think crafting is complex. I could have given you 5 stars if crafting was easier to do, but the rest the gameplay is good, but complex.
Accept the privacy policy, or don't play... Fine! Then I won't play. You don't need my bloody shoe size for a clicker game!
I love the game but you need to ban and remove the hackers. The top 2 players (under stage completed) cropped up out of nowhere. The have stage 1.4 billion and 1 billion respectively. Putting this in scope the player that held spot #1 was and is only at stage 80k. If they completed 1 stage every 1 second (not counting 10 levels per stage) it would take 44.39 years. I gave 1 star so you would see the review and take action, like I said I love the game and it's worthy of 5 stars.
fun game. the only problem i had was figuring out how to place the new turrets.... it i a little unclear but once that is figured out the game is really enjoyable.
just started and there is a banner ad across the top and it wants me to click somthing labeled ad with a play button. we are not a mid step between you and ad revenue, make a product for us to use and not a product to serve ads.
Game is great. Ads are broken. Just say through a Hustler Castle ad for over a minute waiting for the "x" to pop up so I could close it. It never came and I had to close the game. The amount of ads seems reasonable, but let's get them fixed please.
OMGOD DIS IS GODLY SPAGETY INSANE btw if you update this whith some prises ima update it..pls read it.
with no-ads microtransaction half the videos no longer add to the videos watched counter. also ad coooldowns dont save
If you like turrets and you like zombie and aliens well no fear you get to grow your turret well not exactly but it's still fun the graphics the bones and no blood it's just a good game☺
I got a start with love the game and I was wondering if you could make a competitive side of the game like clans/clan wars. And for winning a clan war get gold diamonds whatever you want and the more you win for a clan it levels the clan up you get perks to get bonuses like extra gold or turret damage boosts for the clan members. Id be cool for a competitive side and if you could leave a review to let me know about it would be nice to hear your opinion about my feedback. And for a new game it's doing great and hope this game goes viral on the internet
I'll be straight with you. This game is not good, it is a good start but I wouldn't call it a game as it is now. It doesn't really encourage the player to want to progress after just a few minutes of playing, because it just loops through the same things over and over again. It needs more variety, it needs more depth and diversity in its mechanics and gameplay. It's not even really an idle game, as it does nothing while it is closed. If the dev's want to reach out for better advice I don't mind.
Saving progress button is working, but I've seen something kinda fishy about the Battle Car. The Battle Car has their own passive but their passive aren't working at all
Its a decent game... the two biggest issues this game has is; 1) there is no offline income, and it takes absolutely WAYYYY WAYY too long to level up.
Constant rewards and plenty of turrets. A lot of videos to watch if your into that. Kinda wish the videos where only 20 seconds. Maybe there is a way to make the videos shorter?
Slow paced with cheap sprites and plays terribly. Additionally you have purchases in excess of $40 available. These have no merit and whoever made this game needs to rethink their career path.
Decent game. Major issues: Can't extend range of towers, and every time I watch a video to double my.hunting reward, it plays ANOTHER one right after that. Both of these are reasonably big issues. The first renders most towers useless, the second feels like a slap in the face after I have already agreed to watch a video. And half the time it's the same one back to back. Positives: VERY grind heavy after the first day or two. This gives lots of playability. Overall: I recommend this game!
A very fun and incredible game! It would be nice to add some way to reduce the waves per stage, and more explanation for what the stats do. For example, I don't know what "Item discovery%" does, I can only suppose that it increases the droprate from bosses, but there is no information in the game about this. Please continue updating and keeping the game alive by adding more turrets and late game upgrades!
Why do it say data abnormal found pls help me ;-; me sad everytime i upgrade or claim it would say data abnormal found pls help
legit not bad idk whats all the hate about with the ads they dont put that much ads and even whrn ads DO pop up you can just skip them. the only negative is controling the turret but I understand why we cant control it cuz the devs gotta figure out new controls that wont mess up the game. overall pretty good game ;D
I think the game is fun and i like the cool pictures they have in there but the only thing is that there is alot of ads but overall good
Really happy to get my game back when switching phones! Game plays smooth, good graphics. Does take awhile to get going, but that's just part of the grind. πŸ‘πŸ‘ Update from 5star: This update is junk, makes no sense to change to what it's like now from what the game was. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
i guess nothing is new since last june i downloaded it, updates seems like just removal of bugs, well i hope you add more turrets or bosses to fight ;-)
game is decent but some turrets struggle to auto lock on enemies, can't fight hunts like this and when you come back it doesn't remember the stage you left off it starts you back at the beginning level. definitely not idle in this case. nothing earned while away from game, just a turret clicker with the same monsters walking around in a circle around you
Paid for no ads requires a coupon code from the developer. Otherwise, the game has good potential.. Not really an idle game as it requires the game to be open in order to play and gain gold.
Fun for a while but gets boring. Making your main turret a very very slow firing high powered round makes it so you can tap for the fire rate and each bullet hits for a ton which feels more than a little overpowered.
Why can't you lose on normal mode like the minions have weapons but they can't even attack same with bosses i would rate 5 star if they fix this since of how easy it is on normal mode so please fix it.
pretty bad. very little explanation. turrets cant always hit enemies in some locations making boss raids completely dumb. the ads werent overly atrocious so it has that going for it but thats about it
Really happy to get my game back when switching phones! Game plays smooth, good graphics. Does take awhile to get going, but that's just part of the grind. πŸ‘πŸ‘
The worse thing I noticed so far is that you don't get resources when you're out of the game or get resources even this app is closed or the phone rather, this game doesn't have that feature like any idle game. Also, you have to grind harder until you reach Stage 50 in order to repeat the game. Pay-to-win like any other idle games out there. Great game, but I'm uninstalling.
the first 2 red turret boss raids didnt give me anything, and on the newest update it said "bug fixes". Sometimes the loading screen is lagged when coming back from eradication battle and boss raids
Theres diffent types of towers and monstors and new skills pls put a update of hacing a mega boss fight with 60,000 heath and 6 attax damage
it's fun to play but the main turret that u use keeps getting stuck shooting at random angles and wont move. its supposed to auto aim at enemies when u tap so basically I cant attack only my AI turrets can... so stupid and is ruining the game pls fix!
Nice change up if you like things like grow castle and realm defense or bloons. Tower defense with a twist but wish it explained a bit more in the beginning bc there are quite a lot of options to spend your resources on, but not a lot of hints on what he best way to use them is
Why can I get 2 achievements when I achieved level 30 ita about level 20 to 30 and i still got achievements level 1 to 5 what's going on with this game just wasting our time to leveling up without getting achievements back and now I'm still level 31 fix this problem.
Fine game, but an overwhelming number of ads!! Much better games that don't demand I spend 20% of my time watching ads.
Too many bugs. Upgrade instructions aren't clear. Controls are unresponsive. No auto farming. Mobs are too repetitive. Should have more than one turret. The idea is good. This could be a great app if problems are fixed and game is optimized.
This is GOOD! I love fighting games like these and this is COOL! VERY COOL!! I love it but try to make it more harder and challenging ok because i love it harder. So can you make it cooler? The graphics, the gameplay and the difficulty. Thats all i wanna say. Goodbye. WHY DOES IT FELL LIKE WE ARE TALKING IN PERSON!? Ok never mind byeeeee! ? Ok fine i have more to say that this is just the perfect game for me sooooooooooo again can you make this more challenging? I LOVE IT! And byeeeeeee!