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Grow Survivor - Idle Clicker

Grow Survivor - Idle Clicker for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by PixelStar Games located at 11, Digital-ro 33-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
good time killer but dont buy anything, bought one of the gem packages earlier still havent received it so as far as I'm concerned they are thieves. it doesn't even show in game that it was purchased yet it was taken out of my bank account. good game just dont buy anything to support I'd say.
I'm level 76. So I'm kinda hooked in the game. The upgrades are fair once you know what your doing. But the only thing I have a issue with is the merge skins mechanic. It's kinda unfair. You have a tier list of skins ranging through 1 to 5. 1 being the lowest, and 5 being the highest. The higher tier skin you try to merge less chance of you actually getting the next tier skin. It took me almost a month to get '44' 4 stars skins. I press the merge button hoping to get one 5 star skin andddd NOPE
nice game but this is too slow cash wise. i hate when you use 4 sheets of paper to get a blueprint you can get one of that same paper instead(it really kills the fun). my ads for doubling in after action report broke and doesnt function, same with skins. needs bug fixes an rebalancing and ill rerate
Tried to purchase the "Ads Package" , was told I didn't have internet connection, was charged for the purchase but nothing changed, clicked it again and was told I already own it, was the charged a SECOND time but s nothing has changed and all the ads are still there.
while it starts off quite engaging with lots of potential upgrades, fast leveling, and a good set of side queat like activities, this game hits a bell curve of astronomical proportions due to limitations set by the random number generator. the odds of getting anything remotely rare are insanely high. when forging an item upgrade with a 50% chance to succeed for instance, it shouldn't consistently take 5 10 or 15 attempts. the same downside holds true for all rare items and skins. good luck
Very little to do, no idle. The only thing you can do is to the left side of the screen. Gets boring very fast. Masses and masses of ads popping up aaaaallllll the time. Every button press takes ages to load.
was a decent game just lies to you about getting free gems from completing actions in free gem store. got Lord's mobile like it said got my character lv to 14 and no reward kinda lame as a gaming company to lie to your consumers. so until i get the 14,000+ gems review will stay the same.
i think its a good game. doesnt force ads down your throat like everyone else and doesnt try to trick you into clicking a wrong button. good layout and everything. 4/5
Its alright but somethings can be changed like how like when you turn your phone/tablet the game stops collecting data like if went on forever it would collect as much as I can so put like a limit of like an hour or something like that
I like this game. It's fun. I like that it's playable without a bunch of in game purchases. I also like that it takes some work to attain higher levels. But I think that could use some tuning around 40+. Mobs just last forever at that point and leveling up any upgrade at that point pushes past hard work into tedium. With some fine tuning I think this game could be 5 stars. Thank you for the game pixelstar!
Heres a 5 star i suggest making new updates like making it easier to get items so we can get guns faster then make the game have different kinds of bullets and that you can upgrade
Had fun with it while it lasted, loved the different things you could do, some of the map quests are questionable but over all a win How ever I had to delete as I soon realized there is no offline earnings of any kind so you must be on the game to progress or gain coin in any manner. For this reason I have moved on just makes it super annoying to progress without an offline earning system as most people have lives children and work. If they change this I'll definitely be back and downloading!
I would rate higher, but synthesis of skins is broken. put in 4 one-star skins and got another one star skin. also, I have watched about 20 different skin and enhance stone ads and haven't received above a 1star anything. needs to either have more mercenary or have upgrades be slower to cost more, 3 or 4 upgrades and additional shell upgrades cost 100k gold.
I love this game and recently tried to buy some gems to support the devs (and further my own goals) but after the purchase screen it never gave me my gems. It still says I bought them, but I dont have any... edit: problem was resolved quick and efficiently! back to 5 stars!
games got a nice retro vibe and lots of upgrades but cant seem to stay interested. would be cool to come back to sum idle loot, if skins didnt overlap, if there was more diff and incentive to upgrading zombies, maybe sum story line, daily rewards, bosses, etc.
Few things. 1. Do like the game, yes. I've been playing it religiously for a while. 2. improve the synth chances. repeatedly getting the same thing after millions of coins pumped in is getting old. 3. balance the damage cal. my stats show a different number set than the damage I'm doing and it's not related to anything extra. all in, it's not bad but could use some serious improvement.
No offline progress? So I have to either have the app open and let it run for 15 minute or tap for 15 minutes. Also no tutorial on the Variety of shops? So you build up a bunch of currency until you finally find the shop.
the game's alright; that's pretty much all I can say that's good. the game is somewhat unbalanced, to a point where it can be annoying. Also, the spelling and grammar need some TLC -- get someone to translate for you rather than doing it yourself. The chance for not upgrading an item should be removed, it's annoying, you could save up for it for a really long time, only to have it fail. But good job on the good parts.
I really like this game, I'm just before the endgame, where you need about 1billion gold for the soul stones. my only issue with the game is the gold cap for raids being at half a bill/1bill if you 2x it. really slows progress when you need 200 of each soul stone :(.
This game is slow at first and there's a bit of a learning curve but it's really fun once you're into it. It works in offline mode too so if you disable 4g and wifi, you won't get any ads.
I love these games! But as I play I notice a few things that can be added or fixed, things like the drop rate of some certain crafting materials and more zombie combinations for farming to get those items I want. Other than that I hope you see this and take these things into consideration it would improve gameplay and keep me pulled into the game. 🙄
Decently fun, ads aren't constantly shoved in your face for the most part, you don't have to pay to progress, runs pretty smooth. Only real downside is like any other idle game, it can take a little while to progress sometimes. That said, I'm giving this a low score as even though I clicked no to giving a review, it took me here anyways.
It's a nice game but I have to say that the drones that come every 3-5 minutes dropping gems kinda takes the fun out of it plus the the item drop rates are kinda low and it makes it way harder than it needs to be to get better weapons so I think the Drone should be on a 10-15 minute timer and the drop rates should be upped
Love the game but what bothers me is that I have to be on the game to make the timers on your tickets refresh. There is zero offline gain. No gold, items or timers for exploration tickets. Please add a multi-craft option for enhancing stones. Try converting 3,000 basic stones by the 10's per tap.. I cant press and hold either.
Need Crystals to get anything decent. You can watch an ad every few minutes for 20, but need 100 for a skin (gives stats. Can watch an ad too), and 2,000 for a better auto fire. Basically everything you need to advance requires you to watch an ad, wait 5 minutes to get ONE for free, or get lucky enough to find it. No offline progress and no EXP scaling on zombies when you level them makes progress slow down hard.
good game lot of content, a little too much at some points so takes a bit to wrap your head around what you want to upgrade, ui is a bit bland at parts. 4 stars because there seems to be a fair amount of spelling mistakes in the game.
Not a bad game. But for an idle game it lacks the basic function of accumulating resource offline. For how grindy the curve becomes I'm not okay with leaving my phone on to drain its battery life the whole time.
Enjoying the game its fun but there are a lot of spelling issues throughout the game. Also upgrading your robot with increased damage or fire rate shows no difference in stats. A lot of the stats to gauge your damage per shot/second are either bugged or non existent. Could use a little bit more tlc
the game is unfairly weighted against you. the amount of time it takes to get enchanted stones than having to spend hundreds of stones to upgrade the weapons to lvl12 (max), the algorithm needs to be updated or something. other then that pleasent game.
game play is good, no multi-touch support. I'm sure there are a ton of ads. I block them though. this review would have been 5 stars with the multi-touch support. at 100Mb they aught to be able to work that in..
At first I wasn't sure about it, but once I was able to build up a bit I think it's fun! If nothing else it's a good time killer. If I have a few minutes to spare I can pop in amd kill a few zombies or see how far into an event I can get. I will definitely be checking out the other "grow" games at some point.
Very grindy game but dev do help and are active. I feel buying the ads package is a must once you send the money game becomes very fun. If you dont you will be hammered with ads for everything. But with the $5 you skip all videos. Gameplay is so good its worth spending the money.
I would honestly like to give 5 stars but the percentages you have on things like weapon upgrades and odds of getting a higher tier skin when it says from 1-3 stars are not accurate, for example I have a 80% for success in upgrading my weapon yet the last 10 times I've tried its failed, not very accurate.
I love these types of games. It's highly addictive, only thing I do wish you guys would add. Is some type of offline progression, even if we need to spend gems to add on to make it go longer. Like for an example. Say base is 4 hours max, spend like 50 or so gems adds X amount of extra hours. And increase the amount of gems for each purchase. Of course you guys can balance it and what not. I'm just giving an example. For all we know you guys can be working on it, or it wasn't intended at all
Good little game if you drop the 4.99 to remove ads, otherwise you'll make little progress as I believe the progression is based on maximum ad usage. Gets incredibly grindy late game and no offline progress. If resources could be gained offline then my rating would be higher but as it stands you need to run a lot of operations to get 1 item drop(very rare) and these are also gated behind time.
had high hopes for this one but its just a boring tap game. tap a couple times wait for reload tap some more wait for reload, level up spend a point and whats the money for making the zombies tougher. boring play something else.
I like this game but when I press the load button to get my data back it saved the one that was bad instead so yeah makes sense why I suddenly uninstalled it after this noob data saved instead of loading my actual one fix your game man seriously 😑
Since farming gold is easy in this game. Please put a feature where we can get other resources even out of the game, the app is closed or the phone is off. So, we can leave it and do our things instead of grinding for hours in a game, leaving things behind. Great game, but that idle/grinding feature is what it needs and a convenience.
It getting boring pretty quick. Mostly because grinding materials is so slow. Too bored. Too grinding. 2 stars
I liked the game at first, don't get me wrong it's a neat game but I find it annoying that whenever I claim the free skin I always get a Hunter K but when I spend 100 Gems/Diamonds/Whatever, I lose 100 Gems but get an AMAZING 1 star Hunter K.. the only amazing thing about it is that I've done it quite a few times and have only gotten dupes. Other than that, the game is fine. Fun little time waster game, good graphics for a pixel game and some nice gameplay even if it is just tapping your screen.
I seen a lot of mixed reviews so I almost skipped over this game. I'm glad I went ahead and downloaded it though. This game is awesome. Tons of guns! You grind to collect materials and blueprints to make new weapons. There's different game modes as well so for me this is the opposite of boring! Anyways I dont usually leave reviews but this game is a legit grinder so boom!
This game has always had 3 problems:being lame, being lame and being lame. You can't explore or anything. All you do is stand there and shoot. Too boring.also,the only ones giving it high ratings are the game developers trying to get it above 4 stars.
Game was good at challenging. the downside would be is there's no inactive gameplay gain. it was pretty much hard to collect materials and stuff not to mention to obtain some gold. it would be great if you can still get some gold and materials during offline. just set it to a certain maximum amount to collect. cheers
Ad-fest. Ads redirect to playstore whether you want them to or not. After viewing an ad and closing the play store, a pop up ad is your reward for doing so. I've never uninstalled an app over ads before, so congrats to the devs for showing me what my limits were. I'd comment on gameplay but I'm not sure what this game is supposed to be aside from a predatory ad revenue generator.
i am loving the game overall. i would like to see an offline generating of some sort. even if it is 50% reduction in items and gold and exp. i have only been playing a couple of days but i have it running all day because of the no offline generating.