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Grow Spaceship - Galaxy Battle

Grow Spaceship - Galaxy Battle for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by PixelStar Games located at 11, Digital-ro 33-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've done the boss battles at least 10 times by now and haven't gotten a boss ship fragments. Need to increase probability of drop
Warning this game is Highly Addictive. Also the idea of growing a space ship is cool upgrade your bfg to keep going plenty of ways to get gems as well. A big thx to the Devs.
It is an alright game. Easy to play, haven't seen any ads yet. Reason for 4 stars is because when you run out of planet tickets, you have to be on the game otherwise the timer won't go by. If the developer could reply to this and explain why this happens, this would be 5 stars and if you made it so that when you are offline, timer goes by, 5 stars will be placed. Overall, one of the best grow games and really fun.
It is such a great game. Its addictive but not too addictive. Its fun to upgrade your ship and turrets. I like the attention to detail with the turret projectiles as they change shape when you upgrade them enough. One problem i have is that getting TP aka turret points is kinda hard and annoying. But overall its a great game to play with your free time.
would give 5 stars if you would make it so that I can actually get ship parts not being able to get past the second 2 star ship thus needing to buy tp upgrades is very annoying
Not the best but still decent. Not happy that it's clearly meant to be a money sink but it's not as bad as some other games out there. One of my main issues is the main ship skill button is off and won't active unless you click below it which flings your shop off to the far right making the limited area the skill can be used in basically useless.
Pretty good game when I was going camping in Colorado I didn't have bars on the way there so this game gave me something to do. My phone did break and I Lost my progress but that was I couldn't remember my play store password so it was my fault. I really recommend this game to anyone who needs something to do in their spare time
Good work so far. Reminds me of the early days of Survivors if I recall. Let's see what time will show me.
Games rubbish, keeps freezing every few seconds for at least 10seconds. Practicly unplayable. Also why does everything cost gems, all upgrades are gems, all ship parts are gems. And the planet mode is far to hard. Really bad game. No thought has gone into making it fair and fun.
The only thing I have a problem with is the boss battles. It leaves 10 to 15 seconds early before I have the chance to kill it, especially when the little guys are trying to block me from killing the boss. I don't know if its on purpose but when the boss is really low it just runs away.
I like the game, it's really not that bad. Pretty satisfying progression, especially at the beginning. My one main, and huge issue: ads suddenly stopped loading after a few hours of play. Even after waiting overnight, ads still will not load. The issue isn't my phone or internet connection, because ads work just fine in a few other games I play. Main issue being that it takes two runs of each raid to unlock each next new ship without the ability to load ads, thus doubling progression time.
It's not bad. Can you please correct the pathing in the follower ships. I have 6 of them and they have a random path which most of the time leads them to the side edges and do absolutely nothing there.
I wanted to like it. I could have liked it. But it's a cancer on mobile gaming. Cash-only currencies, paid options to remove ads that leave ads, slow progress with multiple limited currencies that can only be speeded up with money. Don't spend the first dollar.
Look this game needs some reprograming cus that when ever u are in a boss fight the minions should stop spawn and make the boss fight the player u dicks u program this game so bad that your mama was so backward of how to play it
It's different. But incredibly fun! However I am disliking the fact that this is s mobile game without offline progression.
Seems like fun but honestly I don't enjoy games with the building and foraging ECT this looks like a promising addictive game great job
When I was 4 years old I used to play this game a lot and it's good to come back you know good memories and this time I'll try and get farther into the game than last time I like the weapons with the graphics at the monsters bosses the book game and all the other games you've made so keep up the good work😍
A possibly good game ruined by awful ad placement. I'm not against banner ads in a game. I'm against banner ads in the middle of the screen blocking menus and the game itself.
Whatever drugs these guys are on to have prices that high. They need to share it with me. Game is good for a day then it's boring
Enjoy the game, it would be a lot better if tickets and other things recharged while you were off line. I would be inclined to play it more through the day
This game is the same as your grow turret game and as far as I am concerned you should really be considering and trying to avoid future dislikes because buddy, you see your games aren't prosperous and if they are not providing good game service, then I will assure you that your game could die by idiotic choices, but it's up to you developer, it is up to you.
Don't place banner ads in the middle of the screen. You block the view of critical game elements. I found this to be a problem with both Grow games from this developer.
Pretty good game when I was going camping in Colorado I didn't have bars on the way there so this game gave me something to do. My phone did break and I Lost my progress because I couldn't remember my play store password so that was my fault. I really recommend this game to anyone who needs something to do in their spare time
I would suggest this game, over a few I`ve played. You can play and ignore it completely, say if someone starts talking to you, and it won't mess it up. This a good game.
Love the game looking forward to new updates. can you add a way to save progress (as in login to an account and receve data that you lost maybe). Thanks.
A pretty good game but please fix a bug where the interceptor ships go off the map and doesnt even help you.
Was having a good time with this game until Google covered the top of my screen with a banner ad..... With all the ads built into this game already this is too much
While the game does create some nostalgia from older games, it lacks a lot of things. 1.Tickets do not accumulate after closing the game. 2. Boss raid should give at the very least 1 ship part per successful completion. 3. Implement a system that increases your stage while the app is closed. It can be based by the maximum stage and be capped at the player's maximum stage.
It is good, but can you make the English better? And also, I lost my save progress when you updated. I don't like how I lost my progress that I spent months on. So please, please restore people's progress because I'm sure others got this result too.
I like this game because it's easy add can u malet the ticket timer like 1 muiniute because it tooks a long time playing it until its full. Overall this game is good
This game is preety epic its just a game i can play without stress untill the ships its so bad with how the ships work its so hard to get a 2 star ship i delted its quite good but fix the chance of geting ship parts
There needs to be a way to get quicker money by killing ships and u get more money and the money for Ded enemy ships and I'm thinking it should be 2x more than it already is other than that I think it's good
Takes so long to play and expand make the timer for a ticket lower(HALF IT) that will make it better.