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Grow for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Epic Pixel, LLC located at 1721 Dennis Ave, Milpitas, CA 95035. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Life as a fish isn't easy, eat a lot of smaller fish to grow or blink and be eaten by a bigger fish. This is the only game where I find myself talking aloud,telling my little friend to swim faster.
Simplistic in its execution, yet completely engaging! Completed the game twice and will continue to play it.
,,I love this game. Only you have to buy it at first. I already finished every level and got all the power ups.. Looking forward for updates, with fish looks or colors or maybe bigger and more power ups and levels other than that I love it this is my 3rd time installing and buying it bcoz I lost my fone three times. Hope it will be saved and can open to other devices, or maybe earn money from it that would be cool. Thanks for a great game.
This is an AWESOMELY ADDICTIVE GAME. I got it on my phone A LONG time ago for free. I told my sister about it like a week later an you had to pay for it. So I got it free on my phone, but then my fiancé bought me a tablet, 'Said I was gonna go blind looking at that little screen. So yep I did it. I bought it for my tablet. I would have given it 5 stars but like I said I've had it A LONG time an you haven't added anything to it. I got a new phone long before I got the tablet. It must be over a year since I played an you have not added anything. It needs more thing's to work for. Maybe a fish you can pick when you get to a certain level & have enough coin's to buy the one you want. An more options for swimming board's. There's just got to be more to do, More challenges or something. But ur gonna lose a lot of players that like the game because it's boring after you get all the grades done an buy all. Thin
I hate how they beg for 5 stars, Gets boring in abyss, and also is too short. Make it longer or will be uninstalling
Great game. Very addictive. Only complaint is that some levels are really hard to get three stars while the ones following it are easy. Oh, and my thumbs hurt. :)
I need to hit the screen 10 times to respond. I didn't see it addictive . Uninstalled after 5 minutes. But I see a lot of people like it. So maybe it's just me.
This game is beyond addicting! I'm in love with it! I gave four stars because it froze once, but I haven't had any other problems. ABSOLUTELY WORTH THE 99 CENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just buy it, I promise you won't regret it :)
Innovative game that will keep u busy for Hrs love the tilt control option. IV played game repeatedly still has me hooked.
Game works as advertised. Three control choices, pick the one that works for you (I prefer virtual joystick). The only annoyances are occasional reminders to rate the game and some spelling errors, so deduct half a star for that, but l will round up to 5 stars.
Fun time killer with a fair difficulty progression. Unlocks are reasonably challenging and realustic. A must have!
The well-designed interface and controls that can accommodate any game location. Power-ups and new challenges on each level keep the game very entertaining!
More levels. Please go back and add more to this game. It's one of the best ever. Worth every penny. I'd pay more for extra levels!
This game is so addicting! There should be more upgrades though for after you beat everything so that when you're playing survival there's still more to look forward too than just a higher score. *update* still love it!! Still wish there was more for after you beat it, but has stayed one of my favorite phone games.
Great addictive game. I do wish it would remember what I bought in the store. It keeps telling me to buy things that I already bought and it gets a little annoying. But the game is great. Plus it's worth the price. Everything else that can be bought at the shop uses the coins collected in the game. No additional fees or in app purchases. :)
It's not just a fish game, it's a fish game's with more. I could play this for hours. Collecting the coins is a little annoying at first, but getting the magnet upgrade makes things easier. Definitely worth it!
I got stuck playing this game for like 2 hours when I first installed it. Beat it all in like 3 days... I really liked it! One of the games that I'm glad I purchased
Not a big gamer.. because most games tend to bore me after a few days. However this game is absolutely amazing :-) keeps me going .. wanting to be at each level!! ENJOY!
Addictive and a good way to pass the time :) Would be better if you could save your game just in case. Edit; 7yrs later revisiting the game and I still love it. Refreshing to find no ads or in app purchases.
Loved the adventure version! The survival was OK, but I can't play it for a long time without getting bored.
Once i got it for free and i loved it then i got a new phone and.i was will to buy it i just love it so much fun:)
I'd really love to see more levels added. The possibilities are endless and with a little creativity I'm sure that the developers could make it awesome. Different levels of the sea, maybe achivements to get bigger fins teeth etc, jellyfish seahorses things like that. It could be sweet.
This is a cute and simple game. Easy to pick up and play while providing a hint of challenge in adventure mode. But Challenge mode is impossible to complete even in the first world! The only thing i would suggest is more levels, a little easier challenge mode, and more power up items in the store. Overall i like and enjoy this game. Thanks much!
I remember playing a game like this on mini clip when I was younger. I love the survival aspect of this game where it can essentially go on endlessly. The concept of getting coins is great as they are pretty easy to come by especially in the survival mode as you get farther in. The adventure mode is good at introducing you to the game, but I'm not quite sure what it wants to get 3 stars on each level. It seems that since the items spawn in random locations your chance of getting seems to be random.
One star missing because I can't center the ball since adding agility. I really enjoy his game and highly recommend it.
Four stars because It's fun but the anglerfish make it very hard to do it on a chromebook I still play it on my tablet though! Yay more Fun thanks Epic Pixel LLC! Oh and did I not mention I love servival! I want to fill all this up so I will type that I am always am escaping the coins when I am in the tank, and did I not mention I hate that I have to start the game in tilt control why can't it be joystick or drag your fish/egg to move! I love rating you thanks I'll check out more of your apps!
I love this game..... You get sucked into it. But, I don't think it was worth paying for it. Good thing it was only a dollar.
umm why can't size be permanent and work your way up the chain from a egg to say a killer whale perhaps but that said very solid I love it
Its a simple game and very entertaining. i beat it already but still want to keep playing and improving the score and powerup
First game I've ever bought and it's well worth the buck I paid for it. It's actually difficult sometimes, which is nice to see. I have a lot of fun with jt.
If the joystick had better feedback and you could set the sensetivity, this would be a 5 star game. But as of now my thumb slips off the joystick because im trying to get the fish to respond to my input but it just sorta....bloops that way. Yeah man.
This is the first time I've ever rated an app... Because it's incredible! Cute and smart, everyone would love this. :)
Very easy game to just pick up and go. Its addicting in the few minutes you put into it, allows you to earn coins used to buy power ups. Pay $1.00 and get the game. No investing required other than that single dollar. Way better than Angry Birds. If you think the adventure is easy, hit up the survival mode and see if you got what it takes to make the leaderboards. The single con is the game can't rotate the opposite way. I find myself touching my menu keys half the time during a really intense game.