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Griddlers Plus

Griddlers Plus for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by PuzzleHouseApps located at Ankara, Turkey. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great implementation of this puzzle. Would probably work a lot better on a tablet. On the phone the grid is so small it's hard to touch the squares without making a mistake. It would be nice if there was a mode that prevented you from marking a square that already has something in, since it's so easy to fat-finger, a square you didn't intend to.
One of my favorite nonogram apps. Huge ever-growing catalog of puzzles. Just wish I could pay a fee to get rid of the ads, especially the banner ads that take up precious screen space making it harder to keep larger puzzles full screen without the squares getting too tiny on my phone
A really good app, but I've been trying to backup my puzzles and a few say that there's a conflict. Wondering what I should do?
love this, but every now and then there is an update, and it disables the block selection and cannot fix it in settings. Please fix and update... would be five stars
First of all thank you (Ally?) for this app! I am using it more than five years and I think it's the best application of that kind. Please add one important feature!!! When the square is completely empty, it is already marked with a tick. Such an option should be in all black squares. Especially in pictures, where there are a lot of them.
Large selection of puzzles with several difficulties. Sadly I found that some puzzles are not solvable without hint. I hate using hint, so I couldn't possibly solve some...
Fun offline puzzle game. Sometimes some of the puzzles have multiple ways to solve them (which results in an incorrect image), not a big deal to me though. The puzzles are crowdsourced, which is a neat way to get content, good job on this app!
All around great app! πŸ˜€ Sooo many puzzles to choose from, no in app purchases, there are adds, but they don't pop up full screen which is really nice! Some of the controls could be slightly quicker/easier to use, but overall they work great!
This is, by FAR, the best game of it's kind. From very easy to very difficult, these puzzles vary from black and white to colored, squares to triangles, and single grid to multi-grid. Endless puzzles, searchable by name or artist, at your fingertips. Ten free hints provided are usable to either correct incorrect marks or show a mark needed. You can earn 10 more hints per video after free ones are used. You can even make your own! No silly side story or childish characters to collect, thankfully.
Great puzzle game that gets you thinking logically, but it has a couple of minor inconveniences. While the puzzles are organized into their own folders, inside of the folder you can have a couple different types of puzzles with triangle and color picross mixed in with the others and no way to distinguish from the menu. Also ui is a bit difficult to manage for larger than 15x15 puzzles on most phones.
I think this is one of the best games ever! I'v played it before on my old phone and hadn't played it in a while till I saw a game like this, it made me really want to play this, so I downloaded it and here I am! I play it very often and still will! But the controls and trying to tap on the colors can be a bit annoying. It's great how it gives you ten hints every puzzle, I love this game!!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜‘ Sorry if this post is obnoxious... πŸ˜…
I've had this game off and on many times no matter how many times I delete it I always come back it's a very addictive game!!!
Perfect little time waster to keep the brain active. You can adjust the difficulty to suit your mood for the time. Also, no adverts and regular updates of new puzzles make this the go to app for these sorts of puzzles
So many puzzles! I love it! I played this game years ago and decided to download it again. It's so much more extensive now.
not great and it wants access to your files and contracts. it asks every time you play s new game, there's no need for me to share that. the games are not full grids so it looks off. uninstall
I have always enjoyed this type of puzzle and this particular one has plenty of them to do and regularly adds new ones. The main change I'd like is auto save. Even if I press the save icon it often doesn't save unless I have completed the grid. If the app crashes, as it does quite often, all is lost, and if I exit, after pressing save, grid not complete, & often all is again lost. It would also be worth thinking about the far right column. Many phones don't respond well that close to the edge.
This is a great free game! Ads are annoying only when you mess up. Play smarter and there will be no ads! Some puzzles are messed up but you can deduce the correct answer. Love it
Lost data. I had hundreds of hours in and updated only ONCE and LOST IT ALL. This app is amazing but one buggy update and all my data is lost, even though the images show up that I have completed a puzzle, when I open it, it is empty. If this error somehow gets fixed, I'll adjust my review to the 5 stars this app deserves.
There were too many puzzles with non unique solutions and no way of differentiating between them and the purely logical puzzles. This was why I uninstalled it. Otherwise, I had to use a pointer rather than my fingers for precision but the gameplay was good, there were a lot of puzzles with various levels and not too many or obtrusive ads.
Love this app, i am so obssesed with nano gram apps but most ive downloaded i have to wait for "coins" to load so i can open up a new puzzle but this app, forget that, it has hundreds of pizzles and you dont have to wait ! You can also create your own.
Generally great app, have used it a lot, though interface can be a bit clunky sometimes. My one major criticism is the number of puzzles with ambiguous solutions: you solve almost the whole puzzle but the last few boxes to fill in can go two or three different ways, and it's annoying to try and guess from context, especially for the big multiple piece puzzles.
This game is a lot of fun. I especially like the colored puzzles. Only downside is a few are not able to be solved with logic alone, especially the noncolored ones; but there are so many puzzles available that you can just skip those. Some of the pictures are really detailed and pretty.
I have tried other similar games but this is still my favorite. It has the best controls and has tons of new puzzles all the time.
Please have the puzzles submitted by users be checked by a human. There are some puzzles that are literally unsolvable. Things like 10x10 grids that only have singular 2, 3, and 4 as hints. Those are unsolvable without using hints.
I love it! Sometimes the colors are just barely too close that I accidentally mix them up, and a small handful of puzzles have multiple solutions which minorly alters details of a picture, but its still pretty amazing! Love the large variety of pics and sizes, and the fact that you get 10 free hints each picture, and still have 10 if you restart that griddle puzzle.
I love love love this app so much! I would love to give five stars, however the app is only available on the play store and I cannot get it on any other device. I do not have control on the devices I use and I would love it if this would be available on ios devices or even computers could be cool too! Thanks for the amazing game :)
The interface is so hard to navigate it frustrates me more than I am having fun doing the puzzles. The ad choices were poor at best it covers the game board no matter which rotation you have it
Fun except for at least one puzzle where it seemed I had to do a lot of guessing. I did not think that was the point. Should every puzzle be solvable from just the number clues? if I find more like that one I will uninstall. guessing at puzzles is not fun.
Love all the different levels and the new boards that are added on a regular basis. So grateful that there are no ad interruptions, it's a banner at the top instead.
I have been playing this game on and off for years. I always come back to it. Tons of puzzles. The game isn't interrupted by ads, just across the top of the screen. I love it and I'll be playing it for a long time.
Except ambigously-solvable puzzles and constant ads. this is a great griddles game, probably the best one by puzzle quantity and by interface simplicity.
Love these puzzles, but for some reason (at least on my phone), the display has changed. The bars on the borders no longer light up green when I have the right number of squares filled in. They just stay grey all the time. I like a challenge as much as the next person, but being unable to check at a glance that I'm on the right track is just frustrating
I have been playing griddlers since about 2003. I was very happy when I found the app. Easy to play. Only thing I would change is a way to cross off numbers you are done with.
Really good game if you like a challenge and have patience πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ˜make sure you hold the save at top to save your progress
App froze Tablet when changing ads while i was pressing a square. I had to reboot entire system to get it to work.
Please consider which colours you put together. Some of the coloured grids have conflicting coloured numbers on them, please stick to blacks and whites and less harsh colour contrasts if possible. The way some of the colours interact with each other give me spots in my vision and an intense headache.
Excellent game. Lots of different skill levels and no "losing lives" which I really appreciate. Probably the best game of Its kind that I've come across. Definitely 5 stars!
great app, huge selection of puzzles. would like two things: a paid version to remove ads, and an option to not be able to paint over a square without erasing it first as I've found that sometimes in clicking on a fairly small screen, I fat finger it and use up some of the fixes even though I had it right in the first place. other than that, top notch app.
There are too many times where this game shuts down in the middle of completing a grid. Then the grid starts over...which is annoying. It would be nice if there was a better filter due to there being so many puzzles to choose from.
This is a great nonogram app. After years, I still have puzzles to play; there's still new ones coming in regularly and everything works as you want it to. Only complaint is that some puzzles can not be solved, but the hints and enormous amount of puzzles somewhat solve this.
I haven't played in awhile after I lost all the puzzles I completed when switching devices (my own fault), but I finished a ton. There's a lot of puzzles, not too many ads, and because I have a Galaxy Note, the stylus works really well. I enjoyed this app a lot, and will slowly make my way back through them eventually.
I just accidentally deleted my picture. After weeks of working on it I accidentally deleted it and there's no way to get it back. An accidental swipe shouldn't delete your progress. I loved this game. Now I'm done with it.
Tons of puzzles to choose from! Absolutely love this game. Had it ever since it was released and no complaints!
It's a pretty good game implementation. The fact that the ads reset the zoom is ultra annoying and the source of many mistaken entries. If that doesn't get fixed soon, I'll definitely look for a different app. It would also be nice if a grid could be subdivided... that would make the cells larger and reduce errors. And I second the motion to add a feature to grey out completed hints during play. MORE: Upgrade did not change behavior. Reinstall did not and wiped all history. Done with this game.
Just started it, and so far loving it. Update: I tried a few monogram apps. This is the only one I kept and still enjoy.
This game has kept me entertained for at least 6 years now and still manages to occupy a good chunk of my time almost every day. What better endorsement than that?
This app is full of fun puzzles and games that can entertain for hours at a time, help unwind, and strengthen my focus and concentration skills.
it's okay. I've gotten used to an app that has the option to automatically cross out border cells and put X's in completed lines. that option lets me focus on solving puzzle, rather than mindlessly filling obvious cells
Best I have ever played. Thank you for giving me some joy. Fantastic pictures, different levels and easy to use
This is the best Griddlers app I've tested. The ads are extremely annoying though, whole screen flashes and jumps around when they load, and there's no option to pay to get rid of them.
I adore this game. It has a wide variety of puzzles - large, small, color, advanced and triangle. Never had any issues with loading, saving or retrieving. Plus, its completely free, no in-app purchases or ads unless you want more hints than the 10 free your provided on every puzzle.
I love the app! but it will randomly kick me off and undo everything I was just working on. sinse the update it also will not let me see adds so that I can have extra hints, but also won't let me get anymore hints after I try once without giving me the 30 hints (which is now the only option). I have found that it works well for designing and has a lot of other griddlers if you don't want to make one yourself.
When you move the picture around the stupid multi fill sometimes adds or takes away the fields that have already been done. And it messes up the puzle as i dont know anymore which one was wrong.i just wish it wouldnt auto fill and could click one by one. Otberwise the fields are too small and its hard to click withput zooming in as i have fat fingerrs.
I love this game! There are tons of puzzles & I don't think it's possible to run out of puzzles to do. There are ads, but they're infrequent, and you can usually click out of them quickly. The reasons for 4 stars: puzzles are categorized by size, not difficulty; some colors are too close to tell the difference, which is extremely frustrating; if you leave the go to another app without saving your progress, the puzzle resets after a couple minutes; and the ads have sound which is often startling.
It's a very good app, the puzzles are fun, and it never crashed on me. However, what I will say is since updating to Android 10, the app's theme became the system's theme, so now it's all blackish grey, which I do not like. Is there a way to change this? I've tried the "theme" option and it changes nothing.
I have had this game on my phone(s) for years now, still love it. When I changed my phone, this was one of the first apps I downloaded. Great to wind down before going to sleep.
Lots of quick games and harder, thinking games. Nice veriety. I have had this game for a little while now. Must have updated or something. Now, every now and then the game just stops in the middle of working a puzzle, and goes back to the menu with out saving the progress I have done.
great game! a huge selection of nonograms. I recommend it for people who like puzzles and people who like beautiful art!
This is a great game. Some of them are easy enough that you are encouraged to go on playing. Some are really challenging though. The best part is no ads to irritate you. Enjoying myself.
Shed loads of puzzles. Most are nicely created and fun to solve. No annoying pop-ups. Only one top bar with ads. So, overall a very pleasant experience
Engaging and fun. As hard or easy as you feel like. Wish there were more clear instructions on how to play the triangle gridders. Also really enjoy getting to create and publish my own puzzles. Thanks!
I love the creativity of this app. It has the look and feel of someone's software pet project. Some changes that would make this app more appealing: graphical polish ease-of-use updates (only filling one line at a time, undo accidental stroke with a re-stroke, directions/tutorial) smaller groups of puzzles so it feels like you're accomplishing something I hope the developers see this and find the advice useful!
I really enjoy the puzzles you need to work at, but not those where you need hints. I would like to be able to rate each puzzle on 0 to 5 basis. This would give setters more direct feedback on each grid.
One of the best Pic-a-Pix games i have ever played! it's simple, convenient, addicting and really great.
Really great app, best one of its type that I have played. Completed it a couple of times then I just erase them and start again, absolutely love it.
Really good, but most of the puzzle are pretty hard. Thankfully, there's 10 hints that's basically unlimited as long as you remember the image before resetting it
Love the app but currently the toolbar is oversized and doesnt fit to the screen when in portrait mode anymore. Haven't been able to fix this, possibly a bug?
Have played for a long time normally perfectly functional with only a few minor hitches. Some puzzles are not solvable without using 30 hints, but it is very few. The main criticism I have is selecting multiple cells randomly changes from hold then drag to don't hold then drag and there is no settings menu option to set a preference. I did find out through luck that you can change the setting which seemed to change randomly by holding the fit to screen button, but there is no display message.
Can't play myself but would recommend. Personally one I zoom I cannot scroll to the rest of the puzzle so I'm limited to a small corner on a large piece. Have had this game before on another phone and loved to pass the time with it. And I will need trying again in the future
updated to v1.13.3 (264) yesterday. ALL completed puzzles and those I was working on have been wiped. The bug isn't fixed. Not happy at all.
Some levels are great, theyre challenging and fun, but some aren't logic puzzles and have more than one answer relying on the picture itself.. Will be deleting
Great game with tons of puzzles, ads exist but only on top of the screen and very tiny, so no hindrance to the experience
Minimalistic, lots of puzzles, possibility to turn off auto-complete/highlighting of completed rows. Wonderful.
love the game, the grid is very small and hard to get the right square, especially on my phone. They do allow for enlarging, but then I can't tell where I am on the grid. I would have given it a five except for the enlarging/small box issue.
I love this game! Figure out the small pictures that make up a larger one. love these kind of puzzles!
I really enjoy the game. There have been instances where a puzzle doesn't have a unique solution, which feels wrong. Sometimes I'm pretty confident there isn't enough information to progress without using hints, but maybe I'm just not good enough at the game :-)
The only thing it doesn't do that i wish it would is gray out the numbers that have been completed on the grid. Or at least let me do it manually. Otherwise, I like it!
This is one of my favorite games. The only thing I don't like is there doesn't seem to be any way to pay to eliminate ads I HATE ADS!!!!!!!!!!!! Also the backup is flawed and you can't really save progress from one phone to the next. Some puzzles save, some don't. Luckily there are so many puzzles you can skip past 100s if you think you already solved them on another device. You never run out. The main thing is the annoying ads which take away valuable screen real estate.
Overall, a fun game! I like the puzzles, involving numbers to keep the brain active. The variety is great and the difficulty settings let me change it up when I want. Relaxing gameplay, simple graphics, make it easy to be creative without really coming up with anything original. :-)
Best picross app in the Play Store. Simple UI, no weird gimmicks, constantly updated with new puzzles. I absolutely love this app
Thousands of puzzles. From super easy to super challenging. Less than 1 ad per puzzle which you can skip immediately. Great game
Great app after fixing backup feature. Still navigating in and out of a puzzle and between menus is slow.
Reduced from 5 stars to 2 due to recent ad changes. Ads sometimes take up most of the screen making gameplay impossible, with no means to purchase ad-free experience.
This is a winderful multi~generational game. From small 5x5 squares to unimaginable sizes. Colored or black & white. This will keep you busy for hours!
Great number of puzzles to solve, and some are quite challenging, but they don't always have unique solutions or logical deductive steps to reach the end. Also, the smallest size category has way too many puzzles; most of the images are just horrible at that size.
Please have an option to pay to remove the ads at the top of the screen, so that we have more available game space, exspecially for the bigger puzzles. Otherwise, great fun!!
Have been using it for years and mostly love it. One issue though: The app used to be paid and with no ads. Gone are those days and ads simply intrude ... A fix for this will be much appreciated.
I bought the paid version years ago to remove ads and would gladly do so again but it doesn't seem to be an option anymore. Unplayable with ads.
Has a feature that saves automatically while your solving that you can't disable - so no experimenting with lines and falling back to a known good state when it doesn't pan out. If you spend more than a few minutes on a solution, it overwrites any previous progress.
Decent games, the only approvement would be if you could mark off the numbers once you have done them to help keep track
I love this app. The grids turn into really nice pictures. The only complaint I have is when you have two or more very similar colors, the codes are very similar also and are hard to follow. For example, Colors A & B are similar. Color A should have a RED #1, and Color B should have should have a BLACK #1.
Was 4½stats but had to reduce!Since the last update i am no longer able to place a cross in squares that I want to leave blank. Very frustrating! ; Griddlers is great for exercising the brain! Some are a little difficult though. Good fun, challenging, but be careful... you my enjoy it so much, you may not want to stop🀯
I cant figure out how to do this and the "help" didn't help at all. maybe put in a tutorial that explains better and shows exactly how to do it. I've tried for hours trying to figure this out and maybe I'm just missing something simple but I was hoping this would be something I could enjoy and it's done nothing but frustrate me.
Can't play when phone is on dark mode. Background (unfilled cells) are too similar in colour to the black. Terrible on the eyes.
Enjoying this game. Every chance I get, I even look for ways to get time to play. Love that there is LOTS of different levels & challenges. I recommend this game. I have not been ask for any money & not to many ads & those are musts for me to keep a game.
Always enjoyed playing this game but the latest version seems to be auto saving at intervals. If I exit a puzzle psrt way throuhh not wanting to save, it sometimes no longer prompts me to save or not and when I go back in the puzzle hss been saved.
I've been playing for over 2 years! Great game, challenging but fun...Love it!!! Thank you! The game improvements keep getting better and better! Thank you!!!
Simple UI and a great app altogether. The recently added trash feature made it even better for perfectionists who want to skip puzzles for good.
This is a lot of fun for me. I wish I had a larger screen rather than just a phone screen, but I can still do the small and medium puzzles.
Easy to use controls and a large set of puzzles. Would like to be able to eliminate the ads, especially the animated ones, as they get distracting, but didn't see an option for a paid ad free version.
It feels more like a project than a relaxing game because of monotonous interface. Don't make libraries look like they're folders as if a file browser. It's causing a malapropos feel. During the game the bottom buttons don't even fit in screen and need to be scrolled to be revealed. Make smaller buttons but NEVER drag and scroll to see the rest of the buttons. Make the interface colorful.. eg. Some AMOLED wallpapers on the Google store look cool. exploit such colors to make eye-candy interface
Cool. Just cool. It's a picross app that works so well and offline too! It's perfect for me. Just some puzzles are impossible without hints, but that's the only downside!
Excellent selection of puzzles! I love that there are so many customizable settings so you can play how you want to. Whenever I find out a friend enjoys these types of puzzles, I recommend this app! It's also great to be able to save progress with an account.
Not all of the puzzles can be solved logically and hints have to be used. Defeats the fun of the game.
I love this game, Ive played it alot for years now. I had it on my tablet and I had 1000+ done, until that tablet broke. I just recently bought a new tablet and this game was the second one I dowloaded. I have to start all over....πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ‘‹πŸ’– I just wish there were more small colorful ones and the search button is tricky, like I typed in something I was looking for and the search couldnt find it, so I searched and searched and found it but the name was different. Maybe you could fix that????😎
I have been playing and loving this app for YEARS. It had 5 stars. Today I tried to play and THREE buttons are now combined into one. Three. Into one. It doesn't work like that. The amount of fumbling and redoing is astronomical and driving me crazy! Two into one might have worked with erase separate, but only might. At the very least make the new button configuration an option not a mandatory.
Been playing this for years. I love it - except for the lack of contrast occasionally. Purple number on green square is almost impossible to see!
Pretty straight forward. TONS of puzzles. I've been playing for months and haven't gotten bored yet. Great way to waste a couple minutes or hours. The biggest draw back is that it's a battery hog, probably because of all the ads. You can play the puzzle you're on when disconnected from the internet, but can't get to any you haven't started yet, so you need internet to play, so it's always going to be a battery killer.
I love this, and have been using it for years. I have seen that the number of extra hints had dropped from 30 to 20 and then to 10. This morning I wanted extra hints, and it said that there were none. I am half way through a puzzle that's about 200x240 and I have no more extra hints?!? I don't understand why they are gone. Update I checked and I had internet problem. Works great.