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GRID™ Autosport

GRID™ Autosport for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Feral Interactive located at 64 Kimber Road Southfields London SW18 4PP United Kingdom. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 9 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is great. Great graphics, fun gameplay and a wide range of cars. But I have some notes to make the game really great and rivalling console games. Firstly, make the cockpit view better. The inside of the car is pretty blurry and could be improved a lot. Secondly, make the AI more aware of you. In most corners, the AI would just hit your side, as if they need to follow the racing line at all costs, which would mess up your race. These notes would really uplevel the game. Thanks.
Absolutely brilliant, I love racing games and this is hands down the best, its just like a console game, loads of content and cars. Definitely worth the £10 I paid for it. Just can't put it down. If you like racing games then buy this game, you won't regret it,
Disappointed. I really was expecting a much better game. In the end the gameplay was poor and the graphics really isn't as impressive as advertised. Save your money and just download another racing game.
I tried my best to get the hang of the controls, and the best option is to use the "left and right" arrows, which is an inferior experience especially for a game series like grid. The gyro controls are either too sensitive or not sensitive enough, even wheb fiddling with the advance control options. Big fan of codemasters, own their games on pc, but this port is simply not fun.
Great game, would love if more cars and tracks could be added but that's a bit of a pipe dream since this is basically a ported game set in stone. But could there be a bit of control customisation, i.e changing the size/placement of the gear shift, or moving the rev counter to the centre so you don't need to look to the corner so see when you need to change gear. Thanks🙏🙏
Great game definitely worth £10 although it's a good a game things can be improved such as shifting up and down gear, and maybe the mirrors in the car actually reflecting what's behind Over all brilliant game and definitely recommend So update, over a year of me playing this now and still don't see these improvements, the graphics are good but can get a low fast occasionally on my Samsung galaxy s9 on performance mode and it still suffers a little but hey 10 pounds worth it just more updates pls
The game play is perfect. However I have a few complaints. Cars cars cars. Where are the cars. More cars are absolutely needed. Did I mention cars? They're all multiple years old. 2011 mustang? Got it. 2010 SS? Got it. Here in the States we have Hellcats running road America and doing great. Even the European cars are older. I love this game but the cars are holding me back. And only having an option between 2 teams stinks. Thanks
Great game, but it is a shame how the graphics on it looks on my LG velvet 5g compared to how it looks on YouTube ads, which by the way was the reason I was interested in the game and bought it, but now playing it it seems like I was ripped off, love the audio, the whole gameplay is top notch but the graphics on my LG velvet 5g isn't that great, my real racing 3 is way more better in the graphics department, also my asphalt 9 shows great graphics on my phone but not this game, it needs work.
Great game, though during gameplay, it lags more often than not hence, taking away a great experience. Pretty sure all these can be ironed out after an update as it hasn't been updated for quite a while now.
I have played almost every Racing game made for Android and I can finally say that I have found the BEST ONE. I was reluctant to play this game considering it's price tag but oh boy, It didn't dissapoint me. This game is so well made. The graphics, Gameplay, Controls are so fluid. People might be complaining about the controls being too sensitive but that's what you get when you play a real racing game without any kind of assistance. A game where you will progress purely based on your skills
Money well spent! It deserves every bit of appreciation it gets! Though my S10 lite is not listed among the supported phones the game runs flawlessly. People seems to forget this is a direct port of the PC/Console version of this game, engine noise, game physics, controls are really well optimized.
Great game and its quality far exceeds the standard for mobile games. Cars handle very nice and the crashes are satisfying, though some issues prevent me from giving it 5 stars. The game can't help but crash every so often and takes my save data with it. Please fix this.
This is a platinum example of how a port should be done on Android, and Feral Interactive gives me hope for the future of Android gaming. Anyone familiar with the PC and console versions will find that there is little to no difference in gameplay. Graphics take a hit, but even so it remains one of the better looking games on Android, and even lets you customize your graphics via an .ini file. Very cool. That being said, you're going to need a flagship device to get a smooth frame rate.
EDIT: Please support Poco F2 Pro, thank you. Game is currently stuck at a low frame rate and the graphics option is limited to battery saving mode. Really good port, to a fault. We would like to have more camera / FOV customization options. In the original big screen version of the game, it can be challenging to look ahead for the next corner in chase view. On smaller screens it gets harder still.
Very fun and plenty of content for endless gameplay. Grafics are incredible and you can tell it is a console port. This game is better than RR3 in almost every way however I do think the tilt controls need a bit of a makeover. Also can you make it so there is actually some progression (money making) so it feels like your working towards something. Plz import dirt 3 I think it would work really well on mobile. Definitely buy this game it is worth every penny.
#BRAGA , THE GAME IS A BEAST After played,# On mi 9 pro max 128gb 6 gb ram varient, initially crashed but game is workibg fine, graphics are bit crashing, say drifting corners at mountains, i can see the empty ground, trees are not good, environment, hope update will be there, for sure, @Feral
Good graphics / sound, but game AI falls short. Cars often ram (not bump!) you off the track as if they're drunk. Difficulty level gaps are large -- I can choose between qualifying 1st and coming in 1st by :30+ every time, or qualifying last or close to last and coming in near the back of the pack every time, no matter what difficulty settings I tweak (well, except for unlimited do-overs). Quite fun SOLO driving game. Competitive RACING game, less so. Support, for their part, is responsive.
Honestly, if i hadn't played this myself, i would have called someone a liar if they said this was a mobile game. Fantastic sound design, stunning graphics and great controls. Note: this game works best with a controller; i used an Xbox One controller. Seriously, a great experience
Says it supports pixel 4 XL with a controller, but there is no option for gamepad controller in the controls setting. Very unhappy. It turns out I was using a controller that was not officially supported. I have since purchased a ps4 controller, as it is supported but it still is not working. The option is now there for a gamepad, but it is greyed out. I have tried reinstalling with no luck..
With every penny. Tons of content from one of the best racing games, on a mobile. It runs very smoothly (I've a Note 20 ultra) and is a joy to play. Auto-brake on different skill levels would be appreciated, it's difficult to brake and steer on a touch-screen.
I really wanted to like this game as I loved the original on the PC. Sadly though, it looks nothing like the screenshots and is a big let down. After a bit of googling it turns out this version is not optimised for current hardware so my £1000 phone runs this at very basic settings meaning it looks awful. For £10 I would have expected far more support from the developer for current hardware. If the developer gave in game settings to tweak the graphics I'd gladly update my review.
The most realistic racing game you can get mobile phone it plays responds like it's a console game Graphics are awesome definitely worth every bit are the money you spend to buy the game hopefully they'll be updates to the game to make it better but then again I don't know if they could make it better it's already so good
Runs well on LG G8X, but not at native 1080p. Seems to be running at 720p (maybe a bit higher). Or maybe that's just the way the visuals are. Since my device is more than capable of running this game I would like for it be officially supported so that it can run at a default of 1080p, or at least the option for customizing the graphics settings to the user's liking. Decided against refunding in the hope this will be fixed in the near future.
The experience is good. The graphics are good. The damage is good. The Controls are ok. You have opinions. It just takes time to get use to it. You can download ultra graphics and free dlcs. Over all I'm happy with game.
This is hands down the best sim racing game on mobile. Only thing to keep in mind that it is not well optimised for touch or tilt control. The controller support is fabulous but without a controller, you need to turn on traction control and abs because you have no way of fine tuning your throttle or brake pressure. It is just on/off. Apart from that the game is absolutely delightful. Would be amazing if they added multiplayer too.
Good racing game with a major, disappointing flaw. More accurately, this is a GREAT SOLO DRIVING game. Terrific physics, tracks, graphics and sound. The game falls short, though, with AI opponents. Gaps between levels are HUGE. So, I can choose between qualifying 1st and easily winning by :30+, or qualifying last and coming in dead last, every time. Great fun racing around time trials by yourself -- actual racing gets boring FAST. For a paid app, would like to be able to better dial in AI.
I would give this game 5 stars when it supported the ROG phone 3. The game itself is extremely good and worth every cent. I can't get past the clicks and ticks in the audio due to my phone not being supported. A real shame the developers choose to ignore a console level phone. I'll still enjoy it as much as I can.
Wow. Hands down best looking car racing game on android. Is almost a 100% port from console apart from the menu changes and different races. But everything else is just exactly how it was More game developers should take note. This dumbed down phone ports are wack. I love that this was made! Keep porting Dirt and Grid games. I'll buy them all!
Give updates regularly. Add interiors to cars. Bring more cars. You dont have ferrari, lamborgini, porshe. Add nascar race mode. When we buy game which costs more, we expect more and regular updates. And also add photo mode.
Runs beautifully on my ASUS ROG Phone 3. Only problem is with simulator mode you only get tilt controls and the AI are overly aggressive during races (demolition derby). Definitely needs a controller to play properly. Would be nice if it supported 60FPS instead of being limited to 30.
Was sceptical about the high price, but this is probably the best game on Android! Do play this with a compatible controller, trust me the experience will blow you away. The only con with this is game is the heavy battery drain and the fact that it heats up my phone a lot! You can change a few config files to get 60fps in this game, just look it up on Google!
The best racing simulator on android in my opinion. Physics are very realistic (especially when car crashes, it looks amazing) and visuals are the best out of all mobile racing games. Campaign is pretty nice, races are enjoyable, there you got classic races, drift, drag, endurance races and more. You get all DLCs you'd have to buy separately on PC or consoles. Also this game runs pretty well on best visuals + HD texture pack on Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, with noticeable but not critical slowdowns.
Ok. Now i had to update my review on this one. The controls have been bad since the release and have not been fixed. Last update was ages back. Just make necessary changes in the controls. Not even possible to play with any controller.
GREAT GAME..Almost all of the features of a proper sim racing game is there. The physics is really good for a mobile game. A real console quality graphics/experience indeed. I just hope that this game will be optimized for a lot of phones. Dropped frames ruins the game sometimes even with high spec phones.
Amongt the BEST! This racing sim is on top among the best racing sims out there...and not many can achieve this rang. Perfect graphics and sounds, good controls and lots of configurations paired with an immense racing world makes this one a must have app. On the positive side to mention, the pay once play forever behavior, seldom to find today. Highly recommended!!! @ Devs.: please support more LG devices like LG G8X.
honestly i was a bit skeptical at first on how good can a phone game be, especially with quite pricey tag for a phone game. But after reading some comments, i decided to give it a try. And honestly again, it is totally worth the price to me. This is a different kind of phone game. This is triple A quality game. Not just the graphics, but every other aspects of the game feels really well done.
You haven't updated this Game app since 2019 almost a year ago...have description says that it works on Android 9 or higher I'm on Android 11 and this app does nothing but crash after trying to load for around 3 seconds.. Can I get a refund? this app didn't advertise as a temporary game for $10..
Game runs perfect on my Motorola, but the graphic settings are just set to the minimum (Not optimized for the phone). You can up the graphics in the preferences file, but it would be way better if the game would allow you to choose your graphics settings just as its possible on PC (Given that you can do those changes already outside of the game). The game itself is great fun and one of the best racing games for both Android and PC.
Game breaking bug on my Galaxy A90: after game is started controls become unresponsive (no matter what control scheme I choose) and although everything else works I am presented with the option to wait/close app/send feedback. I have sent feedback. If I choose to wait then the game and the controls work again. Fixed by resetting the initial configs.
Fantastic with a pad. Just want to update because after updating the operating system on my phone the game crashes before it gets to the menu screen. The phone is a oneplus 8 which worked fine on Android 10.5. Hopefully their will be a fix soon.
This is so far, the best mobile sim racing game.The only flaw is that fact they it cannot be played on certain phone. I just got a new phone, Motorola Z4.On this phone this game says it is not compatible and doesn't even show up in the play store. But, my old phone, Motorola Z3, the game downloads just fine. How is it that this game is compatible with the older version phone, but not the new version. I have been looking around, but have not found the reason why it only works on certain phone?
Great gaming experience. Not having to pay for upgrades, and finding blueprints. Very nice graphics and physics. There's a learning curve, but I got used to controls easily
Very wonderful game and super fun the play with the controller and I have no troubles on my phone which is a Black Shark 3 except for the message that pops up at the start saying that my device in not compatible and may experience glitches etc but I haven't experienced anything like that yet. I am a big fan of playing Forza horizon and Forza Motorsport and after starting the game up, everything felt familiar from the HQ sounding voiceover to controls and overall the experience andIcanplayonthego
Worth the money in my opinion. The graphics are beautiful, the physics and handling of the cars are phenomenal and the limitless options within the game is what sets this apart from any other mobile racing game. A true simulation for those who seek such a thing. 5 stars all the way through!!!
Best racing game on the store by far, when multiplayer is implemented in the full version then it will tick everybox, yes there are some graphical glitches when I crash or hit another car, but small price to pay for a console quality game. Great job!!
Edit: have to edit this review to reflect the fact that I am no longer able to run the game. Every time I try to load the game I get license check failed. I Uninstalled, rebooted and installed again with the same issue. Tried on a different device and still same issue. Amazing game. We need more REAL games like this to make android gaming for serious gamers. Many of us would rather pay up front for a good game than so called "freemium" content that us destroying gaming. Dirt 2 and 3 please?
Love it. One time payment for a full game that actually has enough content to make it worth it and no additional in-app purchases, as it should be. Runs great on S9+. It's very nice to have access to the preferences file, even though graphics should be fully configurable through an in-game settings menu instead of just presets. And I really prefer higher shadow res over less relevant details like crowds etc. Cant really think of a drawback to knock off a star so 5 stars for the devs, deserved!
Amazing game, only 3 issues I can see - 1. performance mode crashes the game when entering the paddock area. 2. in expert difficulty the cars in 1st and 2nd position have way faster cars than you (they pull away on the first straight and then you can't catch them). 3. The preferences file keeps resetting back to default.
Please add the option to disable auto acceleration while using arrow touch controls. Rest , this game gives you the fun you're paying for. At first it's mechanism would seem kinda different from other mobile racing games but once you get used to them , there is no going back . It's more realistic, has best graphics and one time payment. Keep discovering the more and more options in custom events . At conclusion, best racing game and worth the money.
I think Grid Auto Sport Is A Fantastic Racing Game, What Made It More Fun And Enjoyable Is The Controller Compatibility. I Have Not Found One Fault With The Game. Also The Cool A.i Voice Can Say Your Name lol. I Think That Was A Neat Touch To Personalise It. I would Like To Do Some Video's And Put It On Youtube I Know People Would Love It. I Won't Put Game Play On Youtube As I Don't Have Permission To, But Still Best Racing Mobile Game I Have Played. Well Done Developer's.👍👍
Absolutely stunning graphics. Very realistic handling, challenging but so rewarding to master. My only ask would be more in depth career development or build your own team which existed in the console version, superb mobile game
For those with new phones Galaxy Note 20 etc. and issues just go into the PREFERENCES file in its folder and search for "30" and change the value to "60" (this is the frames per second or FPS), save the file, restart the game and the game will run perfect whether your phone is supported or not .. 4 stars cause this adjustment should be straight-forward and nobody should have to waste time editing the preference file because most people dont know how, but this is the best racing game hands down
Great game, exciting career mode, AI is really good. It's a complete game, so you have access to everything without ads or in game purchases which is refreshing to see on mobile. Main problem is that the cars are based on a central axis, so the physics when hitting other cars doesn't work properly, and high speed turning looks funky and the back wheels slide around.
Hands down the best game I have experienced on mobile devices. It even surpasses the PS vita's graphics. Incredible attention to detail and gameplay, this is the game that will mark the beginning of a new gaming generation. Great work developers!
Kinda disappointed me. There are not many cars plus game has a really poor customisation option. But the most annoying part is cars are like drifting on the ice no matter which type. Except for that game has stunning graphics. So simply I'd choose Real Racing 3 rather than this game, it's also free.
The game is easily one of the best racing games for mobile, but I would like to see more graphics options because my phone (Samsung Galaxy a50) runs the game at 20 fps when it's cold but heats up within one race and goes down to 5 fps. The drift mode is also very hard because of the lack of steering assist. But what I have played and watched on YouTube this game definitely has potential.
Worth it. Trust me. I've never paid $14 for a game before but the gameplay and graphics on this are incredible for a mobile game plus no stupid ads, no freemium nonsense and in add purchase junk. Just incredible racing.
Great graphics and game play. Fairly cheap game and once paid there's no adds or extras you have to pay for. Takes a bit to get used to the controls but once you do it's fantastic.
Not one to normally spend money on games at all let alone on android games but this game is ABSOLUTELY worth every penny. Console comparable play. I play the same game on stadia, and hardly ever play the stadia game since this purchase. It's THAT much better, the physics, the playability, etc. You won't regret spending the money if you enjoy realistic racing games and or your a "grid" fan
The game is really good. Once you turn on ABS and TC the car becomes controllable and you can enjoy driving. I only want to ask, what's wrong with the cockpit view? Why it's so blurry? I feel like I need to put on the glasses 🤓 there is no way to switch it in settings. Can you fix it?
The only enjoyable way to drive is with a gamepad, using the 2 directional sticks (as if you're driving an R/C car) in simulation mode, but then it's as good as racing gets on Android. Tilt and touch wheel controls are horrible! Hope it will be improved in the future. Graphics are not top quality, but passable. All in all still worth the price.
Update--5! Codemasters and Feral have killed it!!! Amazing, this game is now stunning, particle effects, absolutely the best mobile racing game available! 4 stars on a foldable. Capable of being a graphics and gameplay beast, but lacking at the moment. Codemasters own the crown for graphical superiority when it comes to console racing games, from Dirt to Grid, amazing! Please optimize Grid for the Z Fold 2, please bring Grid to the top of the mobile racing game experience on a foldable phone!
In career mode, I have raced the same track what feels like 12 times in different "qualifying" events making the whole thing so boring I put the game down for two weeks. What's more, AI drivers are unaware of your car, meaning they will crash into you like teenage girls every single turn, so good luck completing a race. I want to like it, the game has merits, but it's not amazing.
My phone isn't supported and I would like a refund. I'll need to upgrade my phone to something that runs higher processing speeds or something. Then the devoloper adds the ability to help the issue..... If the phone isn't supported, whatelse can be done? Magically make it available and ready for the phone?
Don't bother wasting your time or money if you haven't got the latest phone as it doesn't run smoothly on my s9, constantly freezes and lags so makes the game pointless, if I could get my money back then I would, big disappointment considering all the hype about the game.
Was a superb game...until I installed Ul 3.1 on Samsung S7 Tablet...Now game loads and let's you do everything up until the point of actually loading into a race..then just Crashes out to homescreen of tablet...tried everything, even to the point of reinstalling game and losing all my progress only for it to do exactly the Same thing...i'm gutted that it won't work now...Can anybody PLEASE help...will give it back 5 stars If l can get playing again
Best Mobile racing game ever The graphics and physics are incredible One thing that disappointed me was on First person perspective driving Mode that It does not show detail interior and Dash Although its all good wish Developers could focus more on the interior too and There ain't much cars as I expected it to be ... There ain't no Lamborghini on the game which sucks
Please update and allow users to modulate throttle and brake input. This is especially frustrating when driving in lightweight open wheelers and going arround hairpins and chicanes. If i'm in 2nd and press throttle i'll end up in a spin. Also, when you lift throttle, change gears and then throttle back again there is some delay which is a bit frustrating. Also.. online anybody ? Other than that, great game, would just keep on playing if I didn't have other chores to take care of during the day !
Truly a crown jewel of the TOCA series, it is no wonder this game continues its reign six years after it was initially released. Perfectly adapted for each platform it conquered, GRID Autosport Android continues the Codemasters’ legacy and marks another successful port. The controls, visuals, gameplay, and the atmosphere are all left intact and excellently adapted for mobile gameplay. This game is simply gorgeous, it truly is the best racing game on mobile, money well spent!
This is money well spent, has to be the most extensive and realistic racing simulator on the the store. Graphics are top notch, I have a snapdragon 855 phone and the high graphics settings makes it look console like, so many modes, so many things to do, I'm already in the middle of another racing game so will finish that before I give this my full attention
I'm playing on the note 9 so not exactly a low end device but the gaming experience is borderline unplayable! I have flickering graphical glitches constantly and the frame rate is far from desirable even on 'performance' graphics options. I'll have to seek out a refund if this isn't something that's planned to be fixed as I'm definitely not getting value here. The game itself looks great, I just wish I could play it
2 years not a single update, there are a few bugs and performance/in game settings that require your attention. NICK B is right the cars are wably, physics are not the best, graphics and Control settings in game are poor. You have to refresh the look and Content of the game after so long time the game is out. Its a shame that you do not show some kind of support to us. Not coz isn't free but because for me is the best car racing game out there but with no support from the creators hence the 3 *s
Works awesome on my new Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro with all graphics details at maximum. Great racing feeling becouse of: cars, tracks, sounds, career mode, leader board system and many more things. It will take you a few hours till you set the right settings for driving.Maybe there are too many settings for a mobile game. Also I used PS4 controller and works great. I would say this game is a masterpiece in racing game category. Congrats to developers!
I use a Snapdragon 855 processor with a dynamic AMOLED screen on a Note 10 Plus and listen via a Sennheizer 4.50btnc. And I'm not much a gamer apart from my experience with RR3. This game has such an engaging experience! Both audio and graphical exposure are excellent! Money worth spent. Looking forward to learning about hopefully what is to be cool features in the game! Peace out ✌🏻
As a seasoned gamer in the mobile community. I am extremely impressed with this mobile game. Easily rivals console versions. Graphics, frame rate and overall smoothness of the game with all those settings really gives you room to optimize for your style. I thought the auido name option was super cool! Hearing my name in a british accent made me feel like 007 😉 -Galaxy S9 with a razor kishi controller
Stay away of you have a newer device the app has not been updated in a year with no proper support for phones like the s20 series or note 20 series. Don't waste ur money unless you wanna look at a pile of 💩 while your racing as there is NO graphics options due to it not supporting these phones. Don't waste your money like I did.
Very good game w. great graphic and sound effects and sound tracks. Worth every penny, far better than free to play on the market. Pay once, Pay less and Get more. Run smoothly on my Xperia XZP (snapdragon 835) Just one thing, If you quit during the race It'll be saved as DNF and can not play that race again. Fixing this will be the best.
Is nice but missing many major staff, more settings for controls, more modifications for the cars and more cars. Long time they haven't done any major update to the game, u get bored easy after playing the same all over again. I'll put 5 * once they add something nice
Graphics are lovely, but slightly coarse on the Oneplus Nord. No grinding or upgrades is utterly refreshing and worth the asking price alone. Controls are catestrophically awful with touch screen, but brilliantly subtle with the xbox controller analogue buttons. Definitely worth purchase IF you have a decent controller only.
Good game but online in my own personal opinion should have been added to the original the people who paid for it and to add a little more action will make it that much better its a good game but police chase in street mode would be amazing but overall love the game
This game is not worth the money. Its an advanced racing game yes, the graphics are good. But the controls are horrendous. There should be an option to turn off auto accelerate when using arrow touch controls. The car options are very limited and not a lot of great options. Also I would have expected some car customisation in performance, suspension, and tires. But there isn't anything. In end, do your research make sure this is the kind of racing game you want. It's a racing sim game not arcade
First thing to say: this is the best racing game on mobile and it is considerably better than RR3. However it is not perfect, mainly due to how aggressive the AI are, it would be far better if the AI didn't spin you round every other lap and then get rid of the redo element which is a bit immersion breaking.
Absolutely hands down the best mobile racing game by a long shot. There's a reason it's a premium title and costs more than the average paid game in the Play Store. For 1, it looks and plays just like a AAA title does. Graphics are a 5. Gameplay is a 5. The amount of content making up the game is a 5. Just no comparison when putting this next to any other mobile racing title and I don't care which one of them is named. Gamepad support is the icing on this sweet, sweet chocolate ice cream cake!!
The Game runs well , and is a very good racing game , but i have an issue where after a race is completed the game crash on a black screen after the race, this happened a few times already, is there any fix to this? (I play on S10e.) .otherwise would've given it a 5 🌟
It has been over a year since the last update. The cars all still feel like the suspension is made of jelly - terrible handling feel. It's like driving a car with a massive dead zone in the steering. Real Racing isn't a great game, but at least the cars are drivable. Even with a controller there's no sense of the cars actually being on the road, rather it's like they're hovercrafts on top of it. Please fix the handling.
So ok.Changing review. I have downloaded there is for the game )the DLCs) but still the "best graphics" isn't looking "console quality" at all. I've seen other players on android who tweaked some things on a file and they were greeted with the real "ultra" graphcs. Seriously there's a lot of hidden stuff in the preference file you disabled. So here's my suggestion: Those hidden features lke enabling high textures for trees, reflections, etc, they are mostly set to low and ultra low in my preference filewhen i opened it. so maybe you can add toggle switches in the graphics menu or something. so that We can trulyappreciate console quality graphics. after all, this game is only mostly for high end/flagship devices.so we should get the best for our devices.
So far so good. Only issue is the drift missions aren't easy to figure out how. Also, there isn't any tutorial explaining how to perform a drift in the drift missions. Even YouTube did no help
Hands down one of the most realistic driving games on mobile. Has everything you need Open Wheel, Drift, Drag, Demolition and crash physics you will not be disappointed. And the multi player beta is being tested now by yours truly. Thanks devs keep taking pride in your art.
Fantastic with a pad. Just want to update because after updating the operating system on my phone the game crashes before it gets to the menu screen. The phone is a oneplus 8 which worked fine on Android 10.5. Hopefully their will be a fix soon. The above problem has now been fixed after contacting Feral. Superb customer service, Thank you.
The AI just ruins the experience. No matter what difficulty level you set it at, they'll act like it's all bump cars. Plus you always start at the back, so you'll have to deal with all this AI bumping, and sustain some damage, before you get to the front. Then you are left to compete with the leaders, with a damaged car that pulls to one side. I could turn off the damage, but I'd still have my car unsettled often by the AI's brutal "nudges." Customer support was quick and stellar, so 4 stars.
Difficult handling. This is not the first try with racing car simulators. I try all of the steering methods. The sports car can't go over a bend properly even with 30 km/h. I paid for it to enjoy it no t for annoys me. Play with top hardware but Red Magic 5G (Snapdragon 865 12GB LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB UFS 3.0) not supported.
This game is exceptional. The scope of the game is incredible. The game sports plenty of modes, challenges, circuits, cars, and settings. It works perfectly with a PS4 controller but does NOT work with a Xbox 360 controller (very odd, considering that the game launched on the 360, an update addressing this issue would be great!). At times the frame rate takes a dip on my device (Galaxy S8) and it's a bit of a shame that the career doesn't let you build up a garage with all your cars.
AMAZING!!! This is really high quality for a mobile game well done!!! All I ask for is to fully be able to look at the cars and rotate them.
Great game. The best racing simulator available on Android without a doubt. But the game is crashing at startup constantly. And that sours the deal when it's a paid game and I can't even play it.
This is the best racing game hands down. It's a 1:1 port of the pc game, with all the features as is. Tweak the graphics settings a bit manually. There are a lot of YouTube tutorials available. Once that's done, the game looks absolutely gorgeous, runs at 60fps on OnePlus 8. Playing this with a controller is again an amazing experience. No in-app purchases or any bs. Edit: everyone's talking about controlls, know that it's supposed to be difficult and that's what makes it real fun.
I want to give you minus 5 star if i want and i can, even i want to get a refund and buy something else if i can, All i want is just as simple as optimization, THATS ALL, just a simple optimization, you dont have to add any other stupid skin or anything, JUST, OPTIMIZATION, its already 2021, and you've done nothing? No more updates? God.. Thats just awfully sad, i hope a hacker able to crack your game open and let them enjoy your so-called-hardwork for FREE, i can't wait for that to happen!!
Had to do this because some people are addressing the concerns of no updates for a long time. First, this is a port from the PC/console version, in which the game is already not receiving updates years ago. So whatever you get right now, is the final one (aside from multiplayer support which will be added soon). If you find it too hard to drive cars, turn on traction control. The mobile controls in this game isn't designed to handle like PC/console versions. Or if you can, get a gamepad.
could have been 5star if you take off the auto brake and accelerate and steering assist it just makes the game boring and less challenging.. the drift is horrible it's almost impossible to do it as we don't have full access to drive the car it just spins like crazy I can't drive it. graphics are amazing but AGAIN. PLEASE LET US DRIVE THE CAR AND CONTROL THE GAME. REMOVE THE AUTO BRAKE, ACCELERATE ASSIST AND STEERING ASSIST. again without those on our control the game is overal BORING!
Very fun and plenty of content for endless gameplay. Grafics are incredible and you can tell it is a console port. This game is better than RR3 in almost every way however I do think the tilt controls need a bit of a makeover. Also I noticed there is no Le mans track which seems a bit odd because it is one of the most famous tracks in the world. Plz import dirt 3 or 4 I think it would work really well on mobile. Definitely buy this game it is worth every penny.
Better graphics and more realistic racing than CSR2 & RR3. I've seen other reviews where people complain about the controls, but what they're really complaining about is, unlike RR3, the game doesn't steer for you. Best part about it is it's not a pay-to-win scam.
This game has improved in terms of lagging! A really crazy, amazing experience (feels like a console). However, it would become better if you focus more on fixing lags. Then it will be the best racing game on mobile!!
There was a way back in 2020 where you could edit the preference file and upscale the graphics to pc level. Now it's impossible since it reverts back to the original ultra low graphics every time you try to edit the file. What a shame. Uninstalled and won't purchase any of your products in future.
Needs an update to fix the random crashes and bug issues. it been two years now since anything is done to improve the game come on guys for a paid game the support is very poor 😐 look how multilayer is still in beta.
Keeps asking g for a review, so 1 star for spam. The tilt steering is unplayable until you adjust the settings. The difficulty jumps to much. Rookie is way to easy, 1 step up to pro and the AI knocks you all over the place. Anything over that is unwinnable without an analog controller so you can feather the gas and brakes.
4 stars on a foldable. Capable of being a graphics and gameplay beast, but lacking at the moment. Codemasters own the crown for graphical superiority when it comes to console racing games, from Dirt to Grid, amazing! Please optimize Grid on Android for the Z Fold 2, this phone was built for an immersive, amazing, graphically stunning gaming experience, please bring Grid to the top of the mobile racing game experience on a foldable phone!
I really enjoy this game. It's awesome with a gamepad but very rough using touch or tilt controls. With a gamepad you can truly delve into this game, enjoy all the features, and push the difficulty. Codemasters strikes again with yet another awesome game. Please don't sell out to EA. Please god no...
Changing my review because an update has cause very annoying grey flickering during gameplay and nothing seems to fix it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times, restarted my device several times, and still get annoying flickering. It also says "Cannot install Grid" after it dowoads the game, but I can still boot it up and play. Have a Huawei P30.
While the great package does not disappoint, it's ultimately the controls that sabotage the experience. Codemasters seemed to understand the difficulty of playing a simulation racing game on a phone and includes a number of control methods, but they all fail to work with heavy reliance on motion controls to steer or change gears. For some unexplained reason tweaking the ui or controls are locked to certain control methods so if you're expecting a racing simulator you will be disappointed.
It works perfectly fine with my phone before. I downloaded this game the first day of its release. I have Asus ROG phone 2. Although it's not officially supported, It was running perfectly fine. But now, I can't even enter the game. It keeps saying connecting to Google Play Games. I'm pretty sure I bought this game because I support this beautiful game. Edit: It's working now. Thank you!!
This is the best simulator for enthusiast, the graphics are crisp in graphic mode and the sound of every single car is like the real one. The controls are perfect and intuitives. Wish more cars were added but overall very very good game.
Please make the cars less "floaty." Otherwise this is the definitive example of a console quality Android game. It's beautiful (I play on a 34" 1440p ultra wide monitor via Samsung DeX), plays perfectly with an Xbox controller (full analog), and has an incredible variety of tracks and cars. Worth every penny. 5 stars once the floaty cars are fixed. Some additional graphics options for high quality mirrors and interiors would be icing on the cake (my S10 can run this at max settings already).
My experience is great apart from the lag but they doesn't usually happen unless you are on a different turn and 5 cars are on the other side you get a bit of lag but really this game is great l really recommend this game if you have samsung 10 or better🤙👍
Truly a AAA game which brings console level racing on mobile platform.Im absolutely addicted to this game as it has plenty of modes to play and the graphics are absolutely stunning and also the controls are easy as well, which makes driving much easier. I've got the Snapdragon 855 chipset on my Red magic 3 and it runs flawlessly on my device.All thanks to the developers who optimized the game beautifully for mobile platform. Great job!!! FERAL INTERACTIVE 👍👍
Just installed this game after paying Indian Rs. 900 and after opening the game it says the device is not supported. And if I tap on continue anyways and go to loading screen it just crashes. I restarted the device and then restarted the game but still it crashes. Please either refund my money now or add support for OnePlus 8 Pro ASAP.
This game is a wonderful port of the pc experience that I've played before. Stands up in every way. So why did I give it 3 stars then? Well, unfortunately my Bluetooth Xbox series X controller has about a second of delay, which isn't the fault of the app, and whenever I try to plug the controller directly into my phone, my device uses a default key map for the controller that doesn't work, again, not the fault of this app. I just wish I could remap controls so I could play this without delay.
I dont see graphical issues but lacking some details to the graphics are unsatisfying especially its turned off 3d crowds that i cant able to turn it on. Then about the compatibility issue like for my redmi note 9s with a snapdragon 720g processor. I hope you release an update with complete graphic settings too.
I love the game, but can you please add a toggle for night mode? And maybe add in different weather conditions like rain, which can mess up the cars handling when turning. I'd also like more customizable graphics options as there's a lot of graphics settings hidden to the player when using an app like anWriter. Keep up the great work btw
I am pleasantly surprised from this download, too early to say, but so far no bugs. Handling is great, gameplay superb, just what I expect from a racing game, no painful grind like RR3, just jump in an away you go in the car you like and event of your choice. Set length and difficulty. I am liking the career mode. My device is not one of supported but I don't regret the purchase. Spend your time with settings before you race properly!
SIX Stars. This game may cost $10, but it's a full fledged console ported AAA game. If you've ever played Grid before... Than expect no less here! Zero advertisements, easy and simple customizable controls, and great graphics. This is however a simulation game, so take it seriously as it could be hard if you don't choose the right difficulty for you (ain't no arcade rally racer lol). But it's a ton of fun.
This is one of the few good mobile racing games out there but you guys left it behind, there wasn't even one update since the release date...i suggest improve steering because that steering is not realistic at all,improve graphics and details and definitely IMPROVE physics because i dont think fast cars do 360's if you accelerate while steering, EVEN open wheels CARS?? Those cars are supposed to be grippy and fast truh corners,in this game they're slippery and unstable.....2 stars for now
Wish the controls were better. The wheel controls only allow you to shift by tilting. If you steer using tilt controls, you get shift buttons on screen. I dont understand why they didnt add that to both control schemes.
A masterpiece of a game from Codemasters (and Feral interactive), I truly appreciate the work that has gone into this game, it is polished and resembles a console racing game, the quality is that good. Drift is a bit too much on the simulation style than arcade style, but it's fine when you get used to it, it's a bit of a challenge, that's my only gripe. Great 😊👌 work guys, I enjoy a race a day on the bus to work 10/10.
No updates since Dec 5 2019! Need to add support for new devices. I'm using a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and I can't even enable max graphics. I cand recommend a game that the developer just abandons like this. Please tell me you're working on an update... Please give us access to the graphics options! I want to turn the crowds and cloth off and enable shadow and mirrors instead. I want to run higher resolution without MSAA. Give us access to these settings through the menus please!
I don't even like racing games but I bought this one because of the insane graphics. A nice quick race experience helps me to relax when I get bored with pubg :D Never really expected this game to be so good, complete and optimised. Money well spent. P.s. if the devs are reading this, please consider adding vibration effects. Can't find the option for it.
It's a good game with very good physics, cars, and replayability. It lacks in the graphical department and hud customization. For some of us, our devices could handle the graphics optimization and probably be able to run it at 60 fps. It just looks wrong at 30. Another thing is being able to customize the hud. For me I use tilt controls and my finger always gets in the way of the mini map and the spedo. If we could change the positioning of these elements it would be better.
I gave 4 stars because it's hard to drift. No matter what control type you use. Unless you're using wireless controller in which you shouldn't need in a mobile game. Anyway, overall gameplay is great except for drifting. Good job!
I was looking forward to this game. Everything is great esp the physics BUT the cockpit cam sucks like some low quality internals i'd say Real Racing 3 did it better. But still worth every penny. Just please improve the graphics and enable the mirrors if you can.
I was very happy with this game while I had a Note 10 plus, however I switched to a Note 20 Ultra and I can't run with the same graphics quality, even that it is a more powerful device. This is sad. No updates since December/19. I'm very disappointed. When new devices will be supported?
Best mobile game I have ever played by a wide margin. Unbelievable how good it looks and plays, even on some of the lower settings. It feels more like a console experience than a mobile game. The price is steep for mobile, but still a good value. I don't usually buy mobile apps, but I don't regret splurging here. I don't know if I would enjoy it much with the mobile controls though. I played with a controller (razor kishi) and it controls better than many console racers.
Really fun game with the motion steering and there being no IAP was the selling point. One thing I hope to see is for phone compatibility to be removed in the future, since I've had older games I've purchased not be downloadable on phones I got down the line despite being capable of running it.
1. Can you fix/change flick gear changing or add floating buttons for acceleration, brake and gears, because when I use Tilt steering and I'm breaking I can't change gears on the right side off the screen until I stop using Break which of course extremely needed. Flick sometimes didn't recognize that screen was touched - and my screen works fine. 2. Will you be adding DRS for Formula and TCR type cars? I find racing in your F1 Mobile Racing game much more enjoyable. 3. Add current GT3/TCR cars?
It's one of the best racing games I've ever played on android. The only flaw is that the AI sucks. AI needs improvement. Every single race the AI cars always bump you or always has the grip to withstand hits from other cars. It is always you who will spin and always lost on track not to mention talking most of the damage. It's far more difficult in higher difficulty because of this AI bumping you from behind . They are ruthless and drive so unprofessionally. So please fix the AI.
It's great but I have some problems with this game(maybe it's just me): 1. The DLCs cannot be downloaded no matter how many times I've restarted the game, it always fails 2. The graphics I believe are not cranked to the max, especially the anti-aliasing, but I can't see any graphics settings aside from the "energy saver" which I turned off for the "best graphics" 3. Tilt controls is sort of wack 4. The UI itself is not good, navigation through different options is a pain, the scrolling is nuts.
Note 20 Ultra The game has no difference between power saver and full graphics on the note 20 ultra. It runs smooth but is far from the looks of my iPhone copy. Please give us the ability to set our own graphic options! If you don't want to configure for newer phones then those of us who want to tweak...can !
1) Please add a new 3rd person camera view a little higher than current so that we can have a better view ahead. 2) Graphics are good. But it's dark all the time. I want to adjust the contrast and tweak brightness but there is no option to tweak them. Plz add it. 3) Add dynamic weather 4) Add car customization plsssss 5) All tracks should be selectable for all cars in custom cup and quick race. 6) Please add more tracks. 7) My frame drops most time We need UPDATE please...
Easy 5 Stars. So worth to buy, in fact, my first one. Keep making games, and I will keep buying them. Improve the steering mode tho and its settings, it would be more perfect game. (changed it to 1 star because it failed readung thw licensed. if thia keeps happening, I want my money back. Good game, bad support)
Game is great but need to optimise the graphic settings. Also in Chicago map the voice of the announcer has some kind of bugs the voice is crack or broken something. The rest of the maps is good no problem only that map. I hope its fixed on the next update. Also when I recorded the gameplay it seems like it has noisy sound static type. Last but not least, please optimise and adjust the graphic mode settings during night time because it looks low resolution.
Best mobile sim out there. Quite a learning curve, but really satisfying when you get the hang of it. Downside - manual shifting is out of the question, effective control would require two extra fingers.
Biggest challenge of this game is to find steering settings which are usable. The only enjoyable way to drive is with a gamepad, using the 2 directional sticks (as if you're driving an R/C car) in simulation mode, but then it's as good as racing gets on Android. Tilt and touch wheel controls are horrible! Hope it will be improved in the future. All in all still worth the price.
Although I'm still configuring the options, this is one of the best games on mobile. Literally THE best racing game. It has all DLCs plus an optional XP booster, like this is just heaven. Best of all it doesnt have any In app purchases like RR3, CSR2, and A9. This game is so unique compared to those. Keep up the great work!
This should be the gold standard for android gaming!! This is the full PC experience for android, though it comes with a feature to make it more arcade-feeling if that's the experience you're looking for. I'm a fan of that. You can still play with the same Sim style from the PC offering. I gave this game 4 stars because I'd like more control over graphical options.