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Green the Planet 2

Green the Planet 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Kikaku Damashii, Inc. located at #1015 Top Room Shinagawa, 1-9-7 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa, Tokyo, 140-0001 Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Have been an on and off player. Managed to collect 1.2 Billion E after doing 100% on planet, force closed after counting, relaunched game, reduced it to 300 Million. I am very annoyed with this. If you guys can figure out what caused this, please restore my Billions, because I am sure as hell, not farming that 1.2 Billion again
Very beautiful game. The littke descriptions of each object you pick up are charming and the pixel art is top notch. The music is very good too. The gameplay gets repititive after awhile though, and some of the shooters feel unresponsive. Overall, a fun relaxing little app.
lovwly designed game and its calming + time consuming. cute little characters and overall game style is just perfect πŸ˜πŸ‘
A beautiful experience. This little gem was made with love and care, something you don't see in many games anymore. Everyone should give it a try.
i think laser is too op, also explosion/destroy sound would be more satisfying. Graphics effects are awesome, but sounds can be better. On my redmi note 4 i have small lags when i destroy comet when i have a lot of items on ground.
As previous review has mentioned, not clearly..you build this game off percentage complete, but completely disregard what a percentage is and make it more difficult the higher the percentage. This is honestly the most pathetic grab at money I've ever witnessed. But what's EVEN worse is there is no ads or potential to spend money. So people play your game ALL THE TIME, without making you money AND leave disappointed.One person can program this game+can monetize off this game. U did neither. +1art
Simple, relaxing, and amusing. Needs more stuff to do in end game, and turret fusing is nice. As a suggestion, how about (gaming/retro) pop culture references (aka: easter eggs) that will rarely appear inside the debris? I would certainly be tickled pink if I saw a Miniature Giant Space Hamster pop out of a comet. Or some of Sonic's gold rings. Or a dirty Mr Saturn from Earthbound. Or some cracked magicite. Or a fairy in a bottle. Or a confused looking Q-Bert. Or a busted Pokeball. Etc, etc.
This game is a great way to kill time if you've got a long trip, or need to kill a few minutes. Does exactly what it needs to as a low-commitment phone app. pro tip: choose the laser blaster and upgrade it as far as you can, and also the "Detection Speed" variable.
It grows on you. The adds aren't intrusive at all, and it's obvious that the devs enjoyed making this one.
Fun, peaceful, and relaxing. Simple sci-fi ecology, so wholesome and satisfying! I love the diverse little alien terraformers, and when you're done greening up a planet, your asteroid blaster is even replaced with a special plant. And unlike most tapping/idle games, you can just hold the screen. A welcome change for my poor fingers! I am very grateful that the devs made this beautiful, heart-warming game. If there were 10 stars, I'd give it 11 :D
Sure the pixel art is pretty but a game requires gameplay. This is like an auto clicker without the auto. the upgrades you unlock are pretty much meaningless because I got every single meteor just by holding my thumb on the center of the screen. progression was terribly slow due the spawn rate of rocks being so slow and upgrading the spawn rate seemed to do nothing.
The best of this game is the pixel art. Very beautiful pixel art. But the rest of the game has nothing special. You will be always shooting meteorites, recolect scrap and green the planet. There is not more. In my opinion this type of gameplay is very boring. When you green an entire planet, you go away and start again (your weapong upgrades reset too). No rise-up level, just shot without any real reward (better weapon to shoot better). Just a game of winning more coins.
This is a really fun game it never ends once your done with one planet it takes you to a brand new one really recommend it if your looking for a game where you can take it nice and slow.
A lovely, relaxing game with a classic 8-bit feel to it. I play this game all the time, it's so soothing and easy. The goal is to collect [E] - entropy/energy, I believe, and to turn the planet green through blasting asteroids, collecting the material, and gathering it all up. Using [E] you can buy upgrades, but your gun is reset with every new planet. You keep whatever [E] is left from the planet you last completed, though, so you're left with plenty to buy a nice canon with the next. ^-^
Beautifully pixelated graphics! Calming yet exciting, addictive, colorful, cute and hilarious! I'm always in anticipation waiting to see how the next new gun combination is going to look and work! I've been playing for a week now and felt I needed to leave a review for this great game! now for some ideas to improve the game! 1. Weapon rebalance... Laser overpowered. 2. More plant types and maybe some critters. 3. More comet types and formations.
Its a nice game!!! I reallly love the way you can fuse your weapons to maie stronger ones!! It alos gave me momories of green the planet 1!! Keep up the good work!!!!!
A very enjoyable and relaxing game that is simple but fulfilling at the same time. The style of it is very alluring. Pixel space art at it's best. The fact that it's free and doesn't include overly intrusive ads is a big plus as well. Ads are optional and can give you a little boost of resource opportunity in game but not anything detrimental that HAS to be done. Overall it's a somewhat unique and interesting yet simple experience exectuted well, with nice art and music. Try it out!
Pretty fun little idle game. My only negative is that I'm not really sure what everything in the game does. I always felt like some things hadn't been completely explained to me.
The game is decent. What bothers me the most is that the percentage isnt a percentage. 25% of something should be the same size or duration as any other 25% of that same thing. A quarter is not relative to how much has come before. 0-25% should last just as long as 75-100%.
I honestly did not think that I would enjoy the game as much as I do. The 'scrap' that you collect off of each comet is hilarious and the fusion oven is really fun - it's like a lucky packet! I love the 8 bit graphics too!
Wow. I rarely review a game. But this one is just awesome. You can play it offline, so relaxing but still got some extensions to work on. The graphic is simple, but the content is just diverse. Ah and a trick for newbie, tap/hold the green column containing fluid to push the growing speed. I t took me to the second planet to figure it out.
This the most relaxing game i have ever played, i love the weapon merging feature, and the arcade graphics are fantastic. 5 stars Edit: merge the laser and charge cannon.
As compared to the first game which i found enjoyable this game is far better. Giving more options and upgrades as well as more overall polish in the animations and graphics. The standard gun got a much needed boost amd the addition of an additional gun tower is very useful amd can even be upgraded further. There are a few random capitalization errors but other than those very minor nit picks this game is a joy to play
it's got nice aesthetics, but the core gameplay is pretty bad. it's closest to a clicker game, but 90% of the time at least for the first hour or so is just waiting for the next comet to show up. upgrades don't feel like they do much and don't explain ehat they're supposed to do very well.
At first I loved this game. It's very relaxing and beautifully drawn. But after a few hours playing split up throughout a day, I figured out a system. Now, 48 hours later, the game has no more incentive to keep playing. I saw all the planets in one afternoon -- which, while gorgeous, are not many. The majority of the stats you level reset every new planet. It doesn't even seem to scale in difficulty, in that you need more energy or the asteroids get stronger.
Green the Planet 2 is a quirky little idle game, but with some gameplay in the form of shooting comets down with a bunch of different and interesting guns. you can even combine the different guns.
Great, fun game! Its extremely addicting and perfect for passing time. Good graphics and gameplay, I especially like the fusion feature!
As far as an actual "game" goes its a little light on features, but I adore the art and for all the repetitive gameplay it might have, it's usually the first thing I reach for to calm my nerves or to just be doing something with my hands.
I enjoy it definitely! A great timekiller. But its a bit repetitive eventually, and maybe its just because I havent progressed very far but I dont want to progress due to repetitiveness, y'know? Otherwise, very cute game and good mechanics, though I'd like a bit more text on what each shooter does so I know what I'm making.
Not exactly exciting, but kind of boring. Great for playing when you have nothing to do, you can play this from time to time, takes a lot of time to Green a planet. Also, ads are op.
I don't get it. I have no idea what the point is. is it really just to track meteorites with your finger until they explode? and just keep doing that? Am I missing something?
Satisfying gameplay, there is only optional ads which is great, wish I had enough money to spend some on this game. Its the perfect mobile game, great job devs! (:-D) i want to give 6 out of 5 *'s. So much content for a mobile game as well and variety.
Best game I've ever played on mobile. Its simple, entertaining, has virtually no ads, no pushing in-app purchases. In fact it has a MAXIMUM of, like, $6 you could even spend. If you are looking for a good, low effort game to keep you occupied, this is an awesome pick. My only complaint is I wish there was a little more variety in the game play, but it doesn't bother me enough to drop the review down to four stars.
It was alright, but with very poor performance. My phone isn't very old, and the framerate on this game was horrid. Not a problem though, becase the damn thing won't even open anymore. 10/10 IGN.
Its a cute little free game. You can watch ads for small quick perks but it isnt invasive at all totally optional. Its a good time killer. getting all the guns and items and all. Item descriptions are funny. The different gun effects are cool to see. People just starting and reading reviews: max your space transports on every planet. Satellite/comet detection upgrades are permanent. Gun upgrades reset when you goto a new planet, but its refunded so u can try a new gun. Didnt have any bugs at all
Great game and super satisfying progressionwise, non-aggressive completely optional ads is nice. I feel like the weapons could use some fine tuning though, particularly the charge based fusion weapons. The charge beam in particular is spectacularly beautiful, but the charge up is WAY WAY WAY too long lol, and thats the same with all the combinations involving the charge weapon so far IMO. Anyways, great overall experience with this game, thank you :)
I honestly believe this is one of the most relaxing and satisfying games on play store! The pixel art is beautiful and nostalgic and the music is charming. I recommend this game to anyone that is looking for laid back gameplay and a nice timeπŸ™‚.
buy an upgrade to.... get no benefit at all. better to spend that money on greening. no strategic options, because upgrades to asteroid detection rate and speed do nothing. the bigger asteroids do not give more money
I didn't have high expectations, i just downloaded this game because i was bored and was trying to find a new game, but this game should be a template of how all mobile games should be. The ads are not intrusive at all anf blend right in, like a banner ad is on a tv screen that pops up at the top, the video ads only pop up when you say so, and when you do, omve again it blends perfectly into the game, its honestly beautiful. It was and still is a lil confusing at first but im slowlyUnderstanding
Ive been playing this game for about 2 weeks now. I love how simple it is, the music and sounds are also really nice. Easy to understand, easy to play. Reading about objects I've found is super cute and very entertaining. It gliched up on me a couple of times, but closing and reopeninf the app worked it out. It my favorite phone game ive played in a long time.
Its more interesting to play when there's a leader boards or something and add events. Hopin' for a new patch
This game sure is a lot of fun but when you have 10 collectors or even 20 once you progress more you start having trouble collecting them all as only 2 will land first then remaining won't arrive until much later. Fastest way to collect them is to close and re-open the game to trigger a landing. But it's very annoying having to close and re-open the game 20 times. Other than that it's lot of fun with my dearh ray clearing the space :D
I don't know why this is so overhyped. It sounded like a pioneered game in the sense of game mechanics and minimal ads. Once you green the planet you're on, which takes quite a while (and is immediately repetitive), they want to you tap a button on the new planet for abt idk 20 mins straight, maybe less maybe more, in order to fuse a machine gun with a homing missile launcher. Completely idiotic stage of the game to even conceive let alone add into/ turn into a game. Seemed mildly enjoyable.
The game is pretty alright. Just alright. However, today, the game began freezing up after every ad that I watch. I just uninstalled and reinstalled, which deleted my progress and didn't fix the issue. Please fix, this ruined my reasoning for putting $6 into the game.
A truly free game. No microtransactions to speak of, the aliens are cute and unique, and each planet is as interesting as the last. I only hope that the planets I have completed eventually evolve frogs or other vertebrates. Very cute and soothing. The only possible downside is that you run out of things to do fast, but it's one of those games you're meant to put down and come back to any time; everything will be there waiting for you.
amazing game, optional ads Ara absolutely amazing, when they work. over half the time when I click to do an optional ad, no video shows up, no. timer, even if I wait the allocated 30 seconds when I click the x and go back to the game, no rewards. If the ads are fixable, that would easily make this game 5 stars instead of 4.
I've been sick and unemployed for the last few months and have felt my depression coming on. I play short app games to pass the time. Defending the planet and collecting the materials to sprrad green across a barren planet elates me like nothing else. Thank you for this game. When I lay down in bed playing this game it reminds me that the world gets better.
a fun side game that gives a feel of bettering something. definitely one of the most healthy apps I have played
Can you change the noise for spending your materials to green the planet? It's just really loud and annoying considering it repeats itself the entire time. It kind of ruins a bit of the charm of the game for me personally. Otherwise it's a great game. It's just a constant sound that irritates me when I have to hold it to get any progression for any level.
Just as good as the original but BETTER! More weapons to pick and new things quite honestly i am pretty much enjoying the game right now its a pretty good game i hope you game devs get more love and money :3
This is amazing! The first game was fun - but admittedly I was sad when it ended because it seemed pretty short. Now, we can green a whole bunch of planets! It's cute and incredibly fun... I can't tell you how much I love this game! It's Greening, New and Improved! I love the new options and the little aliens are so cute.... I wonder if they have names?
I like this game. This (probably) 8-Bit game is the best! But the only problem that i dont know how long can my offline earnings can go. Like if you upgrade it how many hours would it extend?
This is a very calming game. Its very repetitive but it somehow still keeps me playing. Great for when you are waiting to do something. Great game!
It's really relaxing and enjoyable. The item data descriptions are really interesting and is one of my favorite features in the game. The graphics are amazing. The pixel art really gives it a sort of retro feel which fits well with the weird-looking creatures that pilot a saucer-shaped spaceship. The cannon customizations is also really great and the fact that you can mix cannon types is really cool. I wish that there'd be more things to do in it rather than shoot rocks but it's still great.
Loved the first one and love this one just as much. Wish i got more ads tho. I feel bad for not being able to give back to such a great game. Might buy the no ads gamepass even though theres barely no ads
Most relaxing 8 bit game to relax and play at your own pace, offline and online. Props to the devs, its a beautiful game!
A fun calming experience. Really enjoy the simple idea and the pixel art style works well with the game. I do wish there was more advancement in building the planet. It is called Green the Planet but maybe we could blue and populate it? It would be fun to have more influence on the planet.
It took me a long time to figure out how to play even though the controls are simple. Please tell me what stuff is/does as I go. Beautiful art style and simple chill game
Great way to relieve stress School getting you down-> laser Parents getting mad at you-> laser Sleep paralysis demon not leaving you alone-> laser The realization that this review is probably just filled with memes-> laser The sadness stemming from spiderman being kicked out of the MCU-> laser Realizing we're all completely screwed because the current generation in charge of big companies is messing up the planet because they know they won't have to deal with it -> laser Student debt-> laser
This is a very fun game, perfect for idling. Simple yet pretty and enjoyable graphics, the soundtrack is pleasent, the mechanics are simple yet dont get boring and the ad placement is tasteful and not at all annoying. Its easy to recommend this game to anyone.
This game is beautiful and rather enjoyable to play if you need to de-stress, however after the introduction planet, progress is super slow, and the game quickly becomes a time and battery tap. It also does not perform as well on slightly older devices, with no options to disable post processing effects. Ads can be viewed to boost progress but this is time gated, and the boost you get can often also be underwhelming. other than that though, it is a nice game.
This game is so peaceful and fun to play unlike most other upgrade and grind games. It's so enjoyable to just sit back and destroy asteroids ti slowly watch each planet become more green. You guys did a great job and I absolutely love every minute I play
Super confusing. I played this game for about 5 minutes and I'm still not sure what the goal of the game is. Additionally, there is no title screen, options, or pause menu by the looks of it. I wanted to change the volume of the game so I could listen to my own content but this is not possible.
its fun for a while, but once you get done the first two planets I don't know what happened but there's hardly any more asteroids or meteors for you to shoot down like none. so you're waiting forever to shoot things down and upgrading gets over pretty quick and then you just really start blowing through planets and realize why am I even playing this game. Big question, how come on every planet after a couple minutes there no more asteroids or meteors to shoot down?
i love the music and sound and graphics and gameplay. Biggest criticism is it just lacks depth. With more stuff to do with your guns this game would be even better. Also even when investing a lot into the radar the comets still don't show fast enough, can get boring fast.
Great game, not your average idle click game. No annoying pop up ads, but has ads if you want a bonus, but you can still get by on your own without them. The only issue I've found, which is not a big deal, but would help a lot, is possibly adding a timer to when your resource ships return. It would help a lot to know when they were coming back. Other than that, it is truly a great game to play and relax. very calming
cute little pixelart game, collecting the different kind of items giving you the money doesnt really work throughout the game though, so besides destroying comets, there isnt much to do, but its nice to look at, and your heart is heated by the sight of the newly greened planet
Fake time eater. After a rush of comets at beginning of each playthrough, 1 comet comes every 5 to 7 seconds. that's the entire game. nothing changes even 7 planets later. detection rate and speed do absolutely nothing when upgraded, even to max. they're fake upgrades meant to waste your time and currency in game. comet surveillance does nothing as well. dev worked hard on the outer shell (graphics) and completely ignored inner gameplay itself, resulting in a broken game. Shame.
Hi. I've been playing this game for a while now and I absolutely love it. Its so relaxing and nice. I was on the settings the other day just seeing what I can do, and I scrolled down to see the languages. Now I'm wondering how would you like to expand that list even more and add arabic to it? As a native Arabic speaker I'd be glad to do that if you would like.
this game is super cute and simple! good for killing time or just need something to do; my only complaint is the asteroids coming in really slowly after the first initial bunch when you open the game, and the upgrades don't really seem to do anything.
i guess monotonous grinding games are more popular now (or at least popular to make because of microtransactions). anyway its not bad, but the progression is poor. even after upgrading detection rate/speed you then need to grind to upgrad weapons (and restart weapons each planet). watching the ads is a necessity to speed things up. Yet all it does is give a tiny reduction to your grind. implementation of another feature like a farm you can manage/grow might work. and maybe more music.
A charming game which gives you something nice to look at. AND DOESN'T FLOOD YOU WITH ADS. It gives you a range of choice and a simple goals to achieve that. Would be nicer if it was a little more obvious how much E it would take to cover the planet
It's cute, relaxing, and fun. But it holds nothing super detailed. If you are looking for a game with simple play and visuals, this is the game for you.
this is beautiful and better than the first one it only does it have better graphics it also has some nods to the original and it has a better setup which i love i really loved the first one so this is awesome for me hope so see green the planet 3! edit:I found that some of the wepons are more powerful than others can you make more ballance in this game? and also can you make it a bit faster?That would make the game alot better i hope you read this.By the way when you have events it lags bad.
This game lets players shoot asteroids. The asteroids don't appear often enough to keep a player engaged. It felt like being stopped at every single traffic light while driving through a city. The grind for an upgraded gun or a green planet takes hours of clicking thousands, and eventually tens of thousands of asteroids. This was possibly the most boring thing I have ever played in 30 years. On a positive note, the art work is pretty. 0/5 for gaming 3/5 for art A great game for a masochist.
Stimulating yet relaxing. New weapons unlock with time and/or play, ads prompt rewards and are not intrusive. Not made for long sessions, targets slow to a trickle after a point and replenish with real time. Impossible to lose. Pleasant visuals, nice sound effects, but only one song. Instant start up after the initial tutorial, putting you into play immediately. Best in 1-10 minute bursts.
most games on smartphones don't have as much character as this one does . this game was obviously made from someone who enjoys games and doesnt care for pop up ads everywhere as they are just optional .the gameplay is very arcade style and is executed so well . I hope other app developers take note of this app's decisions on a fun game as well as marketing.
Great game, fun time spender and fairly enjoyable progression. Highlight to this game for me, is the minimal amount of ads despite being a very aesthetically pleasing game.
In one word: satisfying. Collecting the stardust when you come back and the sound when you destroy asteroids is what I live for. The 8-bit graphics are really nice, too. The only thing is that the descriptions of things is in a tiny text that scrolls by on the bottom of the menus, and you have to close and reopn the menu to see the text for the other thing in that menu. The scroll bars each have the capitals on the end of the sentences, though, which I can appreciate hahaha
Really nice graphics, animations and sound. Destroying comets and picking up the materials is really fun. Full of particle effects that make the player feel satisfied every time they interact with the game. The ad placements are also very well done and not intrusive. The explanations for the upgrades could be placed better as a full text as waiting for them to scroll is a little annoying. The additional unit upgrade is also essential to make the game go faster and should be emphasized more.
Great game! Super-quick to learn, fun to play, and for such a simple set of mechanisms really does well to lend itself to a variety of play styles, whether upgrading, collecting, smashing meteors, or growing things is your jam. The game does involve all of these but gives room to invest in what you enjoy. Love the fact that many languages are on offer. Fantastic app. Thanks!
I love the aesthtic of the game and it's satisfying to make the comets explode but it really feels like the game peaks out fairly early. The upgrades feel rather ineffectual and after combining the laser and missile, I'm able to take most of the comets out before they're even on screen. So it's fun, but best played in small, 2 to 3 minute bursts to get the most out of your time.
Pretty little idle game. Easy to get into and fun bits of backstory. The part that I must appreciate is how ads are handled. For optionally watching a 30-second ad every few minutes to hours, presented in-res as videos the aliens are watching, you get a meteor shower that gives a lot of items. This isn't required, and it is so unobtrusive I can't help but appreciate the creators.
Its a very relaxing game. Its a game where you just use it as a past time or maybe something that can relieve stress or something that can distract you from the real world. it may be repetitive but at the same time you discover something new in each planet. the looks, the way you decide what gun/turret your gonna use. its simple and thats the way i like it
The game has really good pixel art graphics. It's mesmerizing to see how the planets you have visited become more and more alive (nice touch). I don't know if it's just me but the graphics just become crazy from time to time. Doesn't affect progress but it is a bit annoying. Also it would be really nice if the background rotated. You know. As if the planet was moving...
Amazing indie game to play. If you like positive, space and chilly related things, you'll find the best here
not gonna lie, this is the most beautiful and unexpected addictive game i've ever played! interface awesome and simple, gameplay is interesting, except one thing - sometimes it's too hard to earn E-points to purchase something, but, to be honest, that isn't that bad, and, damn, those little fellas so cute! deserved five stars!
I really enjoy this app, but unfortunately it's starting to get a bit boring. I didn't know the library and collectable items existed until I had already found all of them, and after discovering every species of flower and combining every type of comet decomposer, there's not much left to do except grow flowers of different colors.
I really enjoy this game. It's a nice game to use up time on, but could you please add a save option? I'd really hate if I would put in a year's worth of progress and then change phones and lose all my progress. Thank you.
This wonderful game blurs the boundaries between idle games and arcade games, sending you planet hopping through a singularly beautiful 8-bit universe on a quest to terraform a series of adorable little worlds. I could go on and on about this game, talking about how pleasant it is to play, how beautiful the retro graphics are, how it fills you with a sense of peace that grows the longer you play it. But just download it, and see for yourself. You won't be sorry.
I've been playing this for years! I believe I first played this game 3 or 4 years ago and I've had it on every device I've owned since then. It's just something you could enjoy when you want to wind down or when you got nothing to do. The art style just never gets old and the gameplay is very addictive. And the best part is that it has a reasonable amount of ads and some are even optional! Furthermore, it's not pay to win either! This game will truly be one I will remember.
It's one of those games that are really fun and addicting because you get overpowered weapons the more you play! every time i reach a new planet i 1 shot massive asteroids.
Beautiful, soothing, but just an idle game. No end point. No goals. Only explosions and numbers going up. Gets old, even if it's pretty. Do not expect anything.
Great time killer in a good way. Huge fan of the pixel graphics. Although the menu is sometimes a bit messy still awesome, enjoyed the first one and loving this one even more
the graphics are cute, good idle game when you are killing time or just anxious. pretty much relaxing. if you are looking for a challenging game this one is not for you. although the upgrade is not really doing anything i guess (?) especially the capacity one.
This game is incredibly beautiful, but it seems like all the effort went into the visuals. The game itself is terribly tedious and slow, with very little in the way of actual gameplay. It is essentially an idle game with almost no automation and barely anything to upgrade. It is as if they tried to make an idle game without the idling. Progression is painfully slow, and doesn't seem to lead anywhere interesting. This game is cool to look at, but depressing to play.
It crashed when I was near to green the third planet. I couldn't open it anymore, but I'm stalling it again because I love the game. I hope the bug get fixed. I'm installing it again because is the best cellphone game I've ever seen
Very enjoyable little game. Not very hands-on, which is rather nice - it lends a sense of exploration as you puzzle through the mechanics and gameplay. The alien aesthetic adds to this sense of mystery in a delightful fashion. Progression is not too slow, although it is somewhat reliant on watching video ads if you want to progress quickly. This is a small price to pay for a free game this enjoyable, and I highly recommend giving it a go.
Nice chill game for passing time. Cool pixel graphics. Best of all you can play without being connected to the internet.
It's a fun game, repetitive in a relaxing is what i should say. It's really easy to get lost Into. The microtransactuons aren't forced down your throat at all. They are purely optional. Overall this game is a good experience and a top tier time passer
ok so, game is great. really pretty, nice idle. but uh theres this weird bug with the popcorn after you watch an ad where its just a white block. but hey great game, keep it up! I would recommend this game to anyone who just needs to pass time.
Simple,Yet fun The gameplay is simple,but perfect. A good game to pass time,however it has a few flaws that, mostly, dont bother me, but can be annoying sometimes. Aside from that, Amazing game!
very passive game. besides the nice art, it is boring. The tutorial was was to quick and didn't explain itself.
Great game. It is one of these apps you open once per day and then play for 15 minutes. The only reason I only give 4 out of 5 stars is because once you launch a bunch of collector into space it takes way too long for all of them to land. Most of the time I only collect about 5- 10 of them. I really hope it can be made so multiple collectors can land at the same time to speed up the landing. As it currently is there is no point in getting more than 10.
Very aesthetically pleasing if you're into pixel art. It's an endless idle game, but playing it actively is nice to watch more than anything. Ads are unintrusively implemented, and progression feels good. Well worth a look in if you're intrigued already.
in my opinon the time you have to hold your finger is too much. and the units are like so rare and it shoud be more easy to collect. but generally it's a good game and a good time killer at the same time.
A verry cute and charming game, i love the art and all the small things in it. You can tell it has heart, and its a calming passtime. Controlls are simple and easy to follow. I've actually been playing it for a few years now, and it's one of the few games I've re-download when I end up replacing my phone.
Pros - Ad friendly - Nice concept - Original - Lore kinda interesting - Nice pixelated graphics and animations - Easy to learn Cons - Laggy when approaching many meteors after watching ads (you will know) - Drain your battery fast - The gameplay is repetitive and too much grind all i can say is, i can bear with the cons (for now) because its not a complicated problem. so my final rating is (7/10)
Love it! This can be called a somewhat casaul game but it still saves a lot of progress so you never feel that it's repetitive. The graphic are amazing, and sometimes the effects dabbles of a lil 3d. My only problem with it is the lag every once in a while. Also, one of the greatest thing about this is that there are hardly any ads. I don't even know how they get money from this game. It's definitely worth your time.
100% means each percent is equal, when you could get 20% out of the last percent in 100 that makes the chart worthless
Non-stressful game. Good for a coffee break or an hour just goofing off. Unlike other games you don't have to finish a stage before you can sit it down, you can pick up where you left off. No pesky ads.
This game is every thing I've wanted it's so beautiful and how you have to get through the game it's so beautiful. The background, the astroids and the art style in general is AMAZING. Thank you people who made this game.
Would be 5 stars, but it needs to improve how it teaches players about the game in the beginning. Simply highlighting what I should press doesnt tell me WHY I should press it, or what pressing it actually does.
A relaxing and beautiful experience. My mind is usually exhausted at the end of the day and this game is just perfect to have some easy fun
I love it! It's simple, fun and totally addicting. I just wished that the three little critters talked or we had a side quest of some sort. It'll be more fun. Oh! And the pixel art-style and music really matches and calms me down, It's a great stress reliever! I just hope that it doesn't start out small in size and suddenly explodes because of uhhh whatchamacallit (I'm not THAT techy). Mmm, I also hope that we could have like a wallpaper area where we can see the planets we've saved.
this game has so much great things in it like it's relaxing, a tycoon, and creative.if you play this you should read the item discriptions because it funny sometimes.
Hopefully someone reads this before giving this game another 1 star review: the game is an idler. You're supposed to stop playing when 1 meteor pops per ten seconds; they have to build up and fly around the planet. Take a 15 minute break and come back.
game play isn't bad it's a nice time killer just wish their was a lil more to it. it's a good start but theirs so much potential for this game just gets bland to fast. you can up grade and craft weapons witch is dope and their very unique between each one but that's fine if you just want to collect them all but the stock lazer beam weapon all the other weapons become obsolete. the levels dont get harder or more complicated witch is sad I'm at the 25th level and still the same thing needs more
Absolutely stunning. I'm a sucker for pixel art games and this one is amazing. I also like the fact that you've made watching ads such a fun and rewarding experience. Definitely worth downloading.
such a beautiful and fun game. the weapon fusions offer a lot of play time and new things to discover
The graphics are nice and the gameplay started off really good but then all of the sudden it became repeatative and boring in my opinion. I hope if we ever get a sequel, please add more interesting stuffs that will keep our fingers extremely busy.
The game is great, I play these type of grind games to see progress and growth and the pixel art and style is very easy going and great to look at. After a while the game gets very tedious to collect enough for upgrades, but I like the idea of combining different cannons to get better ones and the codex of stuff dropped from the comets. The way ads are given is very creative and it's one of the many ways that doesn't blast you with them after each level and upgrade. Keep up the good work.
It's a really relaxing game to play when you're bored/have nothing to do. I love the pixel art style of it and I like the concept of the game. 2 things I have to criticize though. One is the interface. It's quite confusing to navigate because it barely has any labels, and the colors white and cyan mixed together is hard to see for some people. And the second thing is, you can get more bored because sometimes, less comets are coming in. Other than those, this is a great game! πŸ’•
Honestly this is one of the best mobile games I have ever played. It's really simple but it's a great time killer.
I love this game because of how simple it is, but it's still very calming. The timelapses of greening the planet after are satisfying as well!
fun game, calming. a bit repetitive, but still loads of fun. Lots of items to collect. The levels go on forever however,, which bothers me - I wish there were an END.Which brings me to my next point. I want the devs to add an endgame utilizing the items in the library. At one point i noticed a couple lightbulbs in the space ship, and that if you click on them, THEY LIGHT UP!! Two of them are hidden off-screen only vi... I'm emailing the devs with some suggestions - ran out of characters here lol
Best idle game I've played. Very unique in that it doesnt blast you with eight different types of currency, two of which you would only be able to gain by using real money. it's simple and fun, just like every game should be. The ads are an optional experience, the reward being a massive comet storm or meteor shower but you don't have to run those game-interrupting ads at all if you don't feel like it. Great game overall, very few bugs and a calming experience!
Pretty good game to spend free time with, but not quite addictive enough to keep me playing. It took me only three planets to get me bored. It lacks variety, is too repetitive, and honestly not the kind of game for me. So, 4 stars it is.
A really pleasant, calming, beautiful idle game. It doesn't get in its own way with too many ads, and I had a really nice time with it. Definitely worth playing for a while. My only critique is that there doesn't seem to be any sort of meaningful progression in the game. The silly joy of many idle games is often from either getting more resources faster, or the game surprising you in different ways. While there may be some progression, it never feels as satisfying as other idlers out there.
Takes entirely too long to progress, you can earn points faster and get asteroids more frequently and increase the average value but it's still the slowest moving game I've ever played. Pretty color schemes, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
Really beautiful game although there isn't much of a gameplay, asteroids sometimes don't even come for a really long time, I cleared 3 planets I can't upgrade much of anything, and all you can do is just destroy asteroids, if they appear. The game is beautiful, original idea and I really aprecciate there are no ads, but I can't give more than 2 stars for the gameplay since there isn't much of one. I hope the review is anyhow useful and I would really appreciate some changes to try it again.
Really good incremental game, is there an account export or cloud save since I'm changing phones soon?