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Green the Planet

Green the Planet for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Kikaku Damashii, Inc. located at #1015 Top Room Shinagawa, 1-9-7 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa, Tokyo, 140-0001 Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a lovely little game. Very simple and a awesome time killer. But it gets extremely repetitive. Nothing changes, the world's are always the same, it just simply gets easier as the game goes on. However it is simple and addictive.
I'm not sure I really understand this game. There's no incentive to progress as you dont end up unlocking anything, getting any accomplishments or checkpoints, or actually progressing through a level system. You work to get your world to 100% and as soon as you do you just start from scratch on a new planet, rinse repeat. Its fun for ten minutes, but eventually youre just sitting there waiting to shoot a rock to do the same thing youve done thousands of times already.
I don't normally write reviews for apps, but I would like to make a note. This game is fun and very well put together, but after a while it can get a tad boring. Maybe consider adding some storyline dialogue? Also please consider adding essential phone notch support. I feel that the screen could be fuller and it would be better on the front of space utilization. I cannot speak for other devices with notches however. Overall this app is a nice time killer, it has very nice visuals and audio.
love the game but there's a couple things that big me 1 when you buy the Lazer and fully upgrade it it doesn't do as much damage as the cheaper weapon upgraded fully so it's a complete waste of in game currency 2 the whole experience goes really quickly I greened the first world in two days and then a new world the exact same with the same stuff comes along which is pretty much repeating the game which for me is just boring I would've gave it 5 stars but for me the minor issues change the game.
Very cute and fun! I love collecting the different materials, and it's especially satisfying to blow up several comets at once.
It's a pretty ok game, It's not really my kind of game though. It does get a bonus point for allowing the player to play without an internet connection and for not shoving microtransactions in the players face every 5 seconds.
With no actual gameplay makes the game hard to recommend. Frankly, blowing up meteorites with lazers and missiles doesn't make for a very entertaining game.
Uh I would give 5 stars because this game is cute and good but here's a thing... Could the Devs idk maybe make so the game would work on Huawei P20Pro? I had Sony Xperia Z3+ before and the app worked just fine but on my new phone (Huawei P20Pro) the game is glitched up, pushed down the screen and the sides seem to be stretched out so I don't see the number of those glowy bits that I collect :/ . Even before I downloaded this same app but it was glitching a lot on Huawei P20Pro :/ . Tbh I am bit bummed out that my one of fav apps is not working alright on my new phone :/
I like the art style and the game mechanics, but wished there was more to do in the game. The game gets pretty boring after a while, because theres really no difference in the planets. All you do is shoot comets and then hold down a button. Please add more aspects to the game to make the game have more gameplay. The replayability is extremely boring. Maybe also add a benefit from reviving yourself after greening a planet by like +1% more asteroids every time you revive. But I reallylikethemusic.
the reason this is is such a good game is because it is time consuming, which is good and very addictive and fun, it is just so good, the laser gun is OP, you should probably nerf it
This game is very fun when you can mow down the meteors (At least, in my opinoin). However, some key details make thus very annoying. Laser cooldown time is at a snails pace. Dropped items don't stay forever. Offline mode doesn't grant much. It is a decent game.
At first I was excited with this game and with the urge to go to the next planet but when that happened (and it didn't took long) I was disappointed with what I saw. Nothing changes. It's more of the same and that was a huge let down for me.
This is a really great casual game! I enjoyed playing it through^^ The only thing I'd say is it needs is more variance. Once you finish making the planet green you simply start over with the same setup. The game should have a bunch of different little planets that we need to bring life to or something And then have a little planet collection that we can go back or scroll through. Otherwise, it's a fun game^^
I played & finished this game awhile ago so i don't know if I've missed new things in updates, but.. I loved it ! I played through it twice & would do so again if I had more room on my phone. very cute, simple, and relaxing.
idk if it's only me or but decomposing comets are really hard even if you have lvl 10 lazer! and it's also a little bit boring but overall it's good!
It was fun, but when you complete a world you so the exact same thing over and over again and I got sick of it quickly.
I wish there was more to it. In the game page they state that the genre is strategy but you don't really need to be strategic at all to play, and if you try to be it's too simple. Loved the graphics, the sound design and the explosions, though.
The game was awesome I spent so much time on it to where I greened 38 planets upgraded everything to max 10 and got every item and I was able to find out the total time as of when the meteors are cloned copied then generated onto the screen above all though great game
More of a time-killer, Green the Planet is a fun little mobile game for anyone who wants a satisfying experience. The satisfaction, however, comes a bit later in the game with new weapons to kill off meteors. That's right, pixelated, flaming rocks serve as this game's currency, more or less the debris dropped. I have to say, after a bit of playing this, it's genuinely a good experience. The music is good, it makes me feel like I'm not here, I'm HERE, you know? It's a recommended for patient folk.
A great time killer. Played it until I got all the upgrades. Too bad it ended so soon, because I was hoping for more gameplay. Great graphics, 8 bit is my favorite.
This was one of if not the best phone game I have ever played the grafics were eye catching and it never really got boring. I know there was a way to buy things with real life money, but not needing to was AMAZING. I am looking forward to playing the sequel and a have high expectations.
Probably one of the best games I've ever played on the app store hardly any bugs great textures and you get to do pointless stuff
This game is amazing great graphics and great pixelized. And also great time killer that all. Nice Job Well Done
What a super fantastic game.i sure this is the game of year 2020.fantastic graphics,animation ,music and game play.i strongly recommend this game and also the second part of this game(Green the planet 2) to everyone all over the world.i will give10 stars.5 for green the planet1 and 5 for green the planet2.(**********).congratulations to the game engineer and to all staff.love u so much.
Great game, 8.5/10, gets super easy at some point but that's fine, only problem is that the notifications don't work, I have the "Show notification channel warnings - Display an on-screen warning when an app posts a notification without a valid channel" developer setting on, and I've noticed this app's notifications being reported very often :/
Fun time kill to start but with some odd mechanics. it takes 4 shots to destroy a asteroid...I upgrade my cannon to max laser level...it still takes 4 shots to destroy a asteroid....
Yet another upgrader/clicker/idler game. Your firepower will quickly get outpaced by space rock health, there's little to do but mindlessly click glowing things, and there's intrusive banner ads. I get it, devs gotta pay bills. But there's not really any real game content to be gotten here.
Im pissed. I was having a relaxing time until the game deletes all of my progress after I crashed randomly. I had to uninstall and leave this review because I honestly cant believe this.
Loving it, but i think that the guns need infinite levels, the lazer just doesnt "cut it" even when maxed out, the rockets are seemingly better then the lazer although its the teir 2 weapon, would love to see some new levels! Thanks for reading!
really great and calm game, slow pace yet still interesting. one thing tho is the flower after completely greening a planet, how do we gain the money from them?
A repetitive slog of shoot, collect, upgrade, shoot. The visuals are nice, but it doesn't carry the game beyond the first five minutes.
very relaxing, fun, and simple game it gave me no anger and was just about growing a planet with no life
So incredibly boring after the first 20 mins, i got to 100% hoping a new game mechanic would unlock but it didn't. Would be a 1 star review if i didn't like the art style.
Great,cute and friendly. but there may be a bug where when you upgrade your radar and you go to the next place it says it's upgraded but the speed on how fast it takes the comets to come on screen doesn't seem to change and the Rarity is very sporadic I have my radar leveled up to 11 on both upgradable features but there's just a small bug if you can fix it it will be perfect.
the button rate now didn't work for some reason but I couldn't resist coming here myself and rating it... the design is extremely beautiful, like I need infinity of adjectives to describe it, my eyes want to thank you because your game healed them after playing doki doki li.. OH wait, did I mention how the soundtrack fits the atmosphere?? it's truly amazing!!! also I like how simple the game is and yet it's detailed and interesting, I'm a big fan of pixel art so this masterpiece is like a gift from heaven
I don't really get the point if the game. You need to shoot meteors in order to collect material which a gives you money.Then you can upgrade your weapons and such and help speed up the "greening" of the planet. Once the planet is green, we move o a different planet to do the exact same thing without any progression or challenge.
Another quite fun game for an offline collector some sort of game. This game lets you fire loud beams and destroy harmless asteroids too, apparently. Recommended.
Fun game, but there are some parts where comets literally NEVER spawn. But asides from that, BRILLIANT game.
This game, after one minate, you get bored of it. but there is a reason, also , why I gave this a 2 star rating. It is because I see potential in this game. I can see this, with some updates being a really adicting game. So do your best.
okay. so how can a lvl1 laser destroy a meteorite in 2 hits. but then a level 8 laser needs to hit them 4 times... and even then not destroy it. is there something I'm not understanding? other than that it's a time waster. not a bad one. just really no substance.
The game idea is good but I have a few issues: the meteorites are too rare on high level, also I can't buy auto launcher for some reason and lastly it restarted my game and I lost a lot of progress! fix it and you'll get 5 stars
Seems like it could be a good game (or as good as a game centered around being afk can be) but just isnt due to the fact that the guns are so underpowered that 90% of the time you can't destroy the good meteors. It really seems that even upgrading the guns to max level makes minimal difference.
I like this game its so relaxing. I wish theres even more. Like travelling from differnt planet, see another cute alien. Different shape of asteroids. Another more things in spaceship. Gallery for aliens, maybe civilizations? I uninstall the game because theres nothing more, but i will be back to this game when we can see more stuff in the future.
Cool pastime! A bit repetitive but still fun! It could offer a deeper user experience if one would need specific minerals, not just money, in order to build or upgrade various tools....
Good to pick up randomly. Very slow progress. Finished 100% everything and nothing special happened. Kinda disappointed, but overall pretty good game.
I never write reviews for apps but I just had to for this game. This is an awesome time killer and if you're bored this game is perfect! I 100% recommend this app to everyone. I've heard you have a sequel too, I'll be sure to leave a review once I play it!
After starting over you should get bonuses and extra perks. There alo needs to be more weapon levles and at max the lazer should cut through astroids and the rockets should instantly blow stuff up. Good over all.
Love this game! Never played a game where I've had the first and second one running in parallel, it's simple, the ads are uninvasive and the game has a clear achievable goal. Super simple, very fun! Good job developers.
Aesthetically very pleasing, fun from a gameplay experience, however a very short-lived game, I finished one loop of gameplay the game i got it but it is very replayable and i will certainly keep and replay this game.
I think that this is an amazing game and that it should be more widespread and famous. I'm really surprised that this game is free, because it should be selling for a good amount of money. I really love this game, and I hope it gets more attention! Keep it up developers!!^_^
The music was calming,so I let it slide.I like games where you need to earn.But putting an ending is...Put simply I worked so hard and then all I got was....A flower
Fun game I love the concept but I upgraded my laser to level 9 hoping for it to get stronger but it stayed the exact same and if there was a difference I it was so little and also the meteors you need to destroy maybe make different ones different colours and each colour as a different health so they give you more loot or something like that but overall fun game
It gets tedious after some 40 minutes of gameplay. It is even hard to greenize the first planet, and the game becomes repetitive, the rocks also come by very slow. But the graphics are beautiful, and I like the background music. Just the repetitive gameplay is the problem.
Short and dull. You have 4 things you can upgrade. The aim is to Green the planet, as it says. One you do, you get... Another chance to green an identical planet. No new features. Same weapons and upgrades. Most of these aren't interesting - only the weapons. Even then, the laser is the only one that works particularly well. There's only one thing you can really do to make money ("energy") with which to green the planet, and that's blast meteorites. This is entertaining for about five minutes.
A strage game that at some point plays by itself. I like more an older version which had more comets and you were practically all the time shooting. I like the new weapons, though. I think a mix of both versions will make the game more interesting. And add threats, so you need to defend the world as you gather for materials. Also if we could set bases in all planets and return to the when they are under attack... just throwing ideas!
A nice game. Very simplistic, very fun. Good effects. I kinda wish that things paused in the menu, and I don't know what the difference between the two ship upgrades are (nor what either of them do really) but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
Game erased saved data when phone died. If the developers fix this, I'll revise my review. Otherwise, the game is fine. It takes a while to build up resources, but nothing unbearable.
it so nice.! but pls add some weapon and background because when i finished greening the planet and i go to other planet the background is the same... im so sorry to judge your game..
Spoiler: At the end there is a flower... That's it. No story, no epic animation. Just an 8 bit flower and the option to rate the game. After you press thrue, you just start over.
I didn't like it that much because all ya do is shoot meteors and pick up star bits just to buy more cannons to shoot more meteors. It seemed kinda repetitive and boring to me. I don't even know the goal.
Nice game, but for me it always lags for the first minute or two. Nothing happens when I try to tap anything, or it just hangs as if I'm holding on that spot. Really frustrating, especially from the start when the barrage of comets is at its greatest and I miss a lot of them. Please fix.
Why am I addicted to such a simple repetitive game? Would be nice if there were more weapon types and facilities... It's too boring to see the same weapon types ;-;
I love this game it simple and fun. I also love the graphics and feel of it overall. The progression make you feel like a master in the end. Every once in a while I'll redownload it and play it again.
really good and relaxing. It helps me deal with my anxiety. its like the planet is your brain, all grey, lonely, and depressed, then the commets are like your problems. you blow them up and make them go away. And the more you blow up your problems, the more you are happier. so the points you get make you happier. you can use the points to be stronger and upgrade the laser, and it also puts that to your planet so it makes your brain greener and happier, therefore, you cure your depression. I β™₯️it
It's a good game if you want a time killer for a bit of time (hours), but it increases the green with some comets, if you want to finish you'll need a lot of e's to upgrade the final amount of "green"... Then I finished the first, leave me with like 700,000 e at the start of the second world, so I started with almost the max upgrade of the laser, and even paying attention to a video at my pc, it reached lvl 35/100 of green. Other thing it's that it notify me for phantom recolector at world 2
Great game, however after you buy an auto-cannon there is nothing to do, I just left it shooting for an hour with my phone on charge and the levels are very repetitive, there is no fuun in constantly shooting asteroids and no fun in leaving your phone on to shoot them, just to get you to the next repetitive level. Other than that, great game
I love it but it does get repetitave (dont know if i spelled that right haha) after beating it i suggest getting the number 2. Loved the game!
It's a nice relaxing game. Destroying the meteors and picking up the resources where very satisfying, but the reason is 4 stars is because the meteors where hard to destroy even when the weapon was at max upgrades. This was annoying because the meteors just flew by and it was very tedious and the meteors are the main way to finish Greening the planet. With that aside I do recommend playing this game!
This is great and all, but it starts to get repetitive at some point.. Also, for GTP2 I can't play because it's not compatible with my device.. I remember playing it but now it's unplayable. I can't even review it.
wonderful relaxing game it is sorta like an idle game except you wont ever have something do anything for you without input (for the most part) you can easily waste an entire afternoon on this game. good job Kikaku Damashii inc. πŸ˜€
Good, except the lazer needs to get fixed, the more you upgrade it the worse it gets. It works like 1/10 of a time. Even with auto launcher it Still doesn't work. PLEASE FIX IT!!!
Great game, if it would stop making my tablet suddenly shut down, and resetting all my progress randomly
AMAZING! great lighting and shaking effects, but also extremely addictive! but just wondering something, do u guys think you could add essential phone display support? it'll really add to my experience and I'd also buy "remove adds and support the dev". Even if you cant, it's still an amazing game!!! keep up the good work.
The game play for the first 10min is the same at 10 hours. Very little content for progression and upgrades are so few, you max them out quickly. There is very little incentive to actually play and decompose the comets.
I absolutely love this game I'm one of the biggest pixel art fans you'll know that's rated this fabulous game it would take me hours and hours to rate it all but the game is extremely good and the music matches the background of the game!!!!
Really fun and addictive. I love how satisfying it is to make the whole planet green. My only complaint would be how slow the laser upgrade is (but that is only my opinion.)
Why is there occasionally huge waves of comets but most of the time it's 1comet every 30 seconds or longer? very slow progress and nothing to this game. basic and doesn't explain the upgrades and what they do
Had a lot of fun playing the game at first, but it gets kinda boring after a while. I mean, for instance there are no objectives, besides the usual which is to cover the planet with plants. Also, they should try adding more weapons, I'm tired of seeing only the same three(misile lquncher, laser, and cannon) on every single level. But besides all that, its still a good game nonetheless.
it was good, but there is no real storyline me to the app, and when you finish one planet, you move on to an identical new planet. I think this game would be better if there was more of a storyline and a variety of planets.
This game is really fun and addicting. It can get a bit tedious but you get use to it. Its also a great time consumer. Its just a really cute and fun game.
So, starts off fun and all. But as soon as you're done greening the planet you'll just lose certain upgrades and move on to the next like nothing happened. It really doesn't feel rewarding after all that hard work.
There's a version 2 of this game out, so I won't complain about the short upgrade tree and lack of goals after finishing the first planet. However the gameplay is very simplistic and grindy, meaning I don't plan to try version 2.
i love this game its very fun and addicting, i played this game a while ago and i loved it but i forgot to rate it. (sorry creator or creators) But anyways, i think it's a fun game to play anywhere, and thats not even the best part its a FREE game, that i would love to just spend time playing for hours right now, because i have all the free time and its never bad to try this again and restart, because it never gets old or boring, keep up on making games like these because, i think im a fan!
Fun at first but becomes extremely boring. There's no point in spending any money on greening the planet because the weapons barely do any damage after the very beginning. I spent all of the money gained on upgrading the laser which is the strongest weapon but even then it barely does anything to comets.... And the amount it takes to progress greening the planet is enormous so the game just becomes tedious. Try the game for yourself but I imagine you'll get bored too.
This is realy fun! i love the concept and the idea and its always so satifying to destroy thos big cracked comets that split into other ones ^w^ i would also like if you would put a boss fight, a deep good storie behind it, and somthing to do with those new materials you find while destroying asteriods(eg.craft,build,upgrade alittle more,make more space...etc.)! butitsaltheway good!5stars!(geddit?)
I finishished the game in 2 days ez but it took 2 days because of the meteor health it has so much health left i sometimes dont get to destroy it even when max lvl pls fix this
i have no idea how it's so addicting, but it is. the art style is beautiful, and it's adorable and satisfying to play. the music can become a little annoying, though, since it's the same short tune over and over, and the touch responsiveness is a bit iffy in the library section when you're trying to tap but it thinks you want to scroll. other than that, it's a great little game.
Long grind. Unbalanced progression of points needed to gain green %. Frequency of comets decreases, granted you get more points per comet, but it is not well balanced. I enjoyed the first 30 minutes or so, until I reached about 80% green and realized I would have to spend hours to gain just the slightest bit of progress. Especially with level 10 laser still unable to destroy some comets despite shooting at them the entire time they are on screen. Unbalanced game. Does not deserve $$$.
It was very very slow at the beginning until I bought more upgrades, after that it was weirdly fun. THEN after that it got boring again. it was pretty good looking πŸ‘Œ
at first i thought that this game would have something unique to offer compared to other idle clicker games but it really didnt :// I just ended up spending an hour or two waiting for money to accumulate and even then the amount it'll take to get to 100% of the planet is too big even when going idle
Pretty sure this game got an update. Different levels used to have different types of worlds, the stuff you upgraded would be packed into the ship and transported to the next planet with you, and was generally just a well-balanced cute time-killer... but now it's just the same world again and again, only you get to start entirely over and make slower progresd on each level. Why? 😩
horribl game been on the greening at thebeggining for about 3 hours and clicking a button for 3 hours a day doesnt seem like a very good way to spend your time