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Graveyard Shift Nightmare!

Graveyard Shift Nightmare! for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Ammonite Design Studios Ltd located at Ammonite Design Studios Ltd PO Box 1329 NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE NE99 2GG. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its scary the first 2 times but then you get used to it and u can't run and u can just look at the camaras and open and close doors uninstalled
You run out of power so fast and it didn't even tell you what to do! I didn't even make one hour the what ever thing it was moves so quickly and it doesn't go away even if u shut the doors!!!!
This game is much like 5 nights at freddys.... Hey that would be awesome if u made some thing like that!
Gates needs a lot of power When I play this game it's has a lot of ads and the gates loses power fast if you are the creator of this game pls update this game so it doesn't have a lot of ads and gates doesn't loses power fast pls so everyone will play this game and they will not get bored of this game anymore Chantrylle __________ By
Its stupid. it doesn't even have a jump scare it just shows a picture of a stone angle and its not even scary don't waste your time on this game
This game is flooded with ads and overall is laggy and lacks any sort of flow or fear. I would say that the ads took away from the game, but there was nothing to take away from.
when I played it this statue came to the door I tried to shut the door I wasn't fast enough then it killed me also how CAN STATUES MOVE????????????????
I had to use the restroom It was night and I needed to go so bad so I waited alk night I cried because I had to go and ny dog died so we had a tomer for her
Boring. The controls confused me and I already died. If you want it to be a nightmare, just add a little jumpscare. Also, add a tutorial on how to play, it would be better if I actually knew how to play.
Can't get past the first night. Maybe lower the difficulty '^~^. To many ads popping up. Also the power goes down to quickly. Love the game plot though so I'll give ya 3 stars.
There NEEDS to be a tutorial. EVERYONE'S been asking for one, so why aren't you listening?? And it's stupid that all you can do is sit there and watch the cameras. Watching the cameras doesn't even do anything. It's hard to scroll from one side of the room to the other, checking the doors. I had BOTH doors closed, and then one opened, i couldn't close it again, and an angel appeared. I died. Uninstalling until there are proper instructions with the game.
its a preety good game, the graphics are preety smooth , but the power meter is tiny and barely noticed and when i did i was already on 39 percent power, please fix this also fix the jumpscare, most of time when i get jumpscared i get confused with what happened
One thing is that there are about 5 or 6 tombstones. It's not fair that there are so many of them. Usually there are three of them. Another thing is that we should be given instructions. We should also know if the doors are closed or not. For example, I thought my right door was open but it wasn't so I pressed on it and it was opened. I thought I was safe but a tombstone got me. Finally, there should be more spook. Maybe the tombstones could have a happy face at one time but then a sad face. Also at the end, maybe the tombstones' face should have some evil spirit with a terrifying face. Also make evil spirits come out of the tombstones. That would be awesome! These are just suggestions. Oh yeah, we should get phone calls from the graveyard owner about the problem. I want this game to be just like Five Nights at Freddy's since this game was in the similar category.
You run out of power way too fast! And the angels get to you in minutes sometimes, i reccomend you change that a bit
the only problem of this game is the power runs out too fast other than that u die too quick make it slower plus the angels doesnt even pop out the cam and giv jumpscares and the angel doesnt even scary if u improved wat i say i will giv u 5 stars
This is a horrible game! Your battery it power tuns out less than a sec and I'm just saying wears the defense and there should be doors were we start at!
One star because it needs improvements. I mean improvements RIGHT NOW!!! THIS GAME IS RIDICULOUSLY HARD BECAUSE THE STATUES TELPORT AND POWER DRAINS SUPER DUPER FAST!!! BY 2 OR 3% THE POWER DRAINS BY!!! Some updates would be to make the graveyard a whole lot bigger, Stone scraping sounds so you could hear the statues moving, a phone guy or the graveyard owner telling you what to do. I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS PLEASE UPDATE THE GAME ON WHAT I SAID BEFORE!!! Thank you
INSANLY HARD .. so I love it!!!! Its so hard to not pass a fn game nowadays, they r so easy! I love it . 10 out of 5
HOW DO YOU EVEN PLAY THIS GAME?!?! I am so confused... All I know how to do is close the doors, and then one of them will somehow open and then I can't close it and I don't like the game.
The game is a little bit scary but not that scary. The jumpscare is not that scary, theirs no music and power drains fast. Here are some recommended updates. Power could drain at a slow speed, jumpscare could be scarier, graveyard could be bigger, the statues could move slower. The full version should be $3.99 not $8.99. Thank you
Because if you do, you may accidently fall asleep through boredom. Seriously, if you like watching paint dry - you will love this game. I almost purchased the 'full' version just for the weeping angels however, im glad i tried this advert laden demo first and will spend the saved money at B&Q this weekend on a tin of tester paint to watch dry instead as i seriously believe it will be more fun than this. Uninstalled.
A tutorial of what I am teying to keep out woild be nice because I got in the game and I saw an angel statue amd i didn't know that was a thing... and then I died..
worst game I have ever played it is way to hard the characters move way too fast also the controlls are a nightmare
This game is like fnaf and this has soooo many ads that I can't even click new game!!!!!!!! Every time I click an ad when I try!!!!!! PLEASE REMOVE ALL ADS LIKE IN FNAF THIS SHOULD BE FRUSTRATING FOR PEOPLE!!!
Whoever made this game is stupid,if you close a door it take so much power, you stupid people better fix this game, and until you do, I hate it!😠
I love the game and all but I would like a couple of things included/phone calls/power doesn't run out fast/jumpscares/ventilation