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Granny's House: Pursuit and Survival

Granny's House: Pursuit and Survival for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Update Games located at 7F 1568, Nambusunhwan-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a very good game but it has a somes problem. The problems: Add back Researcher Nametag, Unlimited Avatar Event of Researcher Jerome and the shuriken from Ep 1. I hope that the next update could add these items back. Thanks!!!
Best game ever! It looks like a horror game, but not the type that gives you nightmares. There's lots and lots of things you can customise with, skins,accessories, and ect. But, I really wish for a next story mode. Or mabey a new skin? But other than that its super fun and you should definitely download it.
Very nice game one of my favourite online games there is only one thing that when I go to a Parkour server the game starts my screen becomes black and sometimes it comes to normal someone escape and I have not enough time and I get failed so plsss fix this bug but I will say if you are looking for a multiplayer graany game this is perfect
The game is fun and offers different modes. Negatives I've noted: 1. New update is not stable at all. I and a few friends have experienced more lagging than usual in Story Mode 2. Censoring words...ok I get that you don't want people to curse in chats. But words such as SMH (shaking my head) turns into **H, Butterfly turns into ****erfly, and a few other examples. Besides, people can figure out loopholes by adding spaces in between letters as well as using different font texts.
The game is pretty decent. I really like the fact that it's multiplayer but it also has a granny feel. Altogether, its worth 4 stars.
Developers add option of clan visit and join from ranking so clan can get new active players. as they search in ranking for better clan. also add last seen option of player its required to know that clan member is playing or not.( Also i think last side bar was matching with game theme this new looks Like some new dev make a game so if u want u can go back on that one) ep2 lag...
Please fix this concern of mine idk if other players experience it too, but after I updated the game it started to lag & disconnected even if my wifi is stable with normal ping. Aside playing Among Us, I also started playing this out of boredom & by accident a month ago every weekends & I like it due to many different game modes to choose. Thank you so much :) fighting!๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•
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Most of the game is fine however there are things that should be tweaked, 1) Granny can hit player literally through walls, that seems kinda bs imo 2) if the wifi signal changes in the slightest boom frozen and then you disconnect. Besides that this game is actually quite fun
4 star because i just updated it and i have to update it again and when you win a character, some of it are for only like 3 days and 7 days, we worked hard for it but its not unlimited, if the days are finished we have to work hard for the character again to get it, its just such a waste of time and effort (for everyone who doesn't know how to invite) 1. click create game 2. click chat 3. click the 3 bars on the top left 4. click your friends profile 5. click invite
Love the game, its graphics, artstyle, and gameplay. But I'm always stuck at the loading screen. Only up to 33.3% despite having a good connection. Please fix so I can play with my friends. I already filed a ticket. Thanks!
In all honesty, I and my friends LOVE the game. But there are a few issues. First, at storymode chapter 2, after we pass the lasers, not just me, but also my friend, glitches for no reason. Second, when I left the game hurriedly, and that's BEFORE the game starts, I get penalty. Yes, I left just by leaving the app, but it takes three seconds for the game to start and I don't have enough time to close it the 'normal' way. Fix it please.
Typical updates, saying "Improve stability and performance" but, it doesn't apply to the game. When I enter a level, it keeps on loading and, I think goes on forever. Please, fix this with the true "Improve stability and performance"!๐Ÿ˜
I love this game but i gave it 4 star because : 1.Can u add any new mode like hide and seek.Someone playing hide and seek in escape mode and the granny hit not in time so survivor can't hide. 2.In story mode can u add some new weapon plz. 3.If u the host can u kick some players because someone saying bad words and bullying people.
Hi, can you please fix the game for me? I opened the app earlier and when I join to rooms, it crashes and the game quits... also when I try to run it lags very much. I'm giving this 3/5 since I enjoyed it. Please fix it! Thank you.
Edit : I edit my review from 5 stars to 4 stars. There is a reason why I did this. After more than 6 months playing the game, it kinda gets repetitive without any major updates. I was kinda hoping for new modes. Devs can expand this game from the existing modes. E.g. capture the flag and battle Royale from occupation mode, or tag or zombie mode from infection mode. Instead, the updates are just small things like accessories and stuffs. Looking forward for the next update though.
There's this new bug in Hidden Laboratory(Normal). The monsters don't appear after the first pups. We're just stuck. Idk if this is happening to everyone but I played twice in a row and this happened after killing the first three spiders. Please fix this!! Also the penalty is a bit meaningless. Since they're cases where it crahses and yet there's a penalty. In any case, thanks for this amazing game!! PS Do fix it tho! Aaand a new story Ch pleeaaasee it's exciting
Why i can't connect to my old acc. In facebook? And then it will go back again to my home screen. Please fix it, cuz of it i can't play again
The game used to load almost instantly for me but now it doesn't. What happened?(Edit): The game now loads without a problem but, I've thought of an improvement. In the Escape(Items), one of the items you should be able to get should be like a shield so you can take an extra hit before being sent to cage. Because in all honesty only being able to take 1 hit makes the game dumb, and all the granny does is camp button while the other one catches everyone
This game is amazing i like it so much , it has alot of cosmetics like trails , nametags , skins , backpacks , hats and more. You can create or join clans and chat with clanmates You can add friends so you can play with them at anytime , but the bad features are that you cant own some of items for ever like some of skins trails and other and its so hard to get souls . i wish this game adds new characters and proximity voice chat in private lobbies and new perks . its still one of the best games
Great game! It's really fun and addicting, I'm stuck playing this game!๐Ÿ˜† It would be nicer if there's so many coupons but the coupons seems enough! And also I like all the cute characters it would be really good if you add some more ๐Ÿคฉ
This game are great, no more lags. But its really hard to log in to the game, they said "Failed to download updates. Please check your WIFI and storage" but my wifi is normal and my storage has 2GB storage. Please fix it.
I love this game so much! I've started playing a year ago and I still love this game. I have been patient till it finally updated, thank you for making a game like this, I wasted as much money as I can to show my support, It has helped me cope through my depression because of the amazing people here, some are with me till today and some arent : Kwikii, Sukie/Mitsuri!, KoiKat, Tonahhhh, Kakashi and Camille. From / โœ„--ๅทป-- (LyLy/Alex:^)
This is app is really fun,entertaining and enjoyable but I will have to give this game 3 stars. Why? Because when I'm having fun in a server the game lags alot even when I have GOOD internet and I just don't like games like that...When I am playing a game (Story mode) in this app I somehow get teleported to another server. I get very annoyed when that happens so please fix this but this is my favorite game out of all of my games that I have in my electronic. I suggest you download this app.
This game is a great game. Great concept, not too demanding on the hardware of the phone, and not a pay to win game. More popular games are not necessarily better. But sometimes the lack of active players can be quite frustrating
The game is cool and exciting but there is a lot of connections lags. It keeps on lagging everytime and that would be one major reason your player will die. It gets too annoying and frustrating. Can you developers and do something about it? And also about the granny's/enemies, their range is crazy, it happens always, when you thought you're already far from your enemy and yet you still get hit?!? And one more thing, can you do something abt players leaving in the middle of the game?!?
I absolutely love the game! It's super fun and reminds me of a game we played as kids (minus the rocks, bat's and traps). The only problem I have is the game still has alot of glitches and at times its impossible to play! Please work on these problems to improve the game quality and I will change my rating to 5 stars.
I'm playing this game from 5 months I like the game very much but i want to say to the developers this game is too laggy there are lots of bugs. The game size is only 100mb but still it's lagging and the new craft mode when I go to play its stuck on black screen and open when the game ends it's happening with me every time. I like this game very much and I don't want to leave this game so I want to say that please fix these issues for ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ
Had a great experience and was playing properly. Suddenly, after a day, when I accessed it it says your account is blocked for no particular reason. This is so unfair when I have literally seen others cheating and no option to report them is available while legit players have to suffer.
It's really fun!!! It's even multiplayer so that what makes it really interesting you should try it out even when u got hit by granny, u won't die!
Very nice game one of my favourite online games there is only one thing that when I go to a Parkour server the game starts my screen becomes black and sometimes it comes to normal someone escape and I have not enough time and I get failed so plsss fix this bug but I will say if you are looking for a multiplayer graany game this is perfect gosh this game laggs a lotttt
Pls fix the bug...i hate those bug even my internet is strong it's freezing my screen and i can't move... because whenever i tried to move it just bringing me back...pls fix it because i like these game...and now it's just giving me headache
It's a Good Game. Nice graphics, good gameplay, and controls can be costumized. But this game will be the best if this has a Microphone for better communication with other player's. Please add microphone for better gaming experience.
This game is awesome!!I love playing with freinds and with outher people too!! But I do have skin ideas 1.Six and Mono.they are from anouther game called "Little Nightmares 2" but they fit so well with this game. 2 Maybe u can add the teacher(Anouther caharector from Little Nightmares 2) as a granny skin. These are just ideas. :)
I really like this game and I'll continue to play this game since it is really fun but I just wish they have added more, like more game modes and stuff like that, it's a really great game overall !!!
The game itself is nice. However, i hope thay there will be an update on story mode episode 3 and add some more mode. So far, the game itself is nice and definitely great. Kudos to the game developer.
This app is fun. please fix some Buggs I really want to play it without the play store. It's annoying even AMONG US!! I'm not hating the game is still good poeple still have a lot of bugs to fix and sometimes when I get the keys, it actually doesn't let me get it. make the settings a bit not confusing maybe try adding a setting where you can add friends up to 300 people C: -Kurizono
I can't even play this game. It keeps loading and downloading and repeated! Eventho my network is good but the game keep downloading, and I'm sick of it. Please do fix this! Im so disappointed
Its the best horror game i ever played!! But...the reason i give 4 star is I can't chat at the channel,search player name even my friend's message...please fix this,i feel bad because I didn't reply my friend's message
I still love the game but please, add a sorting system on modes to identify them more easily and organized because it's kinda frustrating when choosing rooms, for many room modes that are mixed. Also when will you guys fix the lag issues occurring in Episode 2? Same with the Episode 3, when will it be added in game? And please update the puzzle events and those character exchange rewards for accumulating limited skins.
The lag is horrible and I'm not the only one who's experienced this cause a few other people in the rooms were complaining about it too. Overall it's still a good game it's just hard to play when it starts lagging and I miss being able to unlock skins more easily:')
Good game everything is good except there was these 2 bugs that really didn't want to get fixed 1)is if u spin grannies don't hit u it's in story mode 1 and 2 2)the slow liquid in ep 1 was appring in one corner at the suwer but now it's fixed and it appears everywhere :( but good game
2 updates in single month but still ep 2 lags arent resolved it is not playable at all due to lags .make it like ep 1 "smooth". Lags basically drops fps in ep2 fps fluctuates in ep 2 not remaon constant.(AND please Allow id owner to delete others messages in his guestbook because many abusive messages and also messages of people which have 18+ profile pic are messaging and owner cant do anything about it. I like the function that we can delete our own message but also allow this kindly ASAP.)
The game is amazing!!!!!๐Ÿค— I really like it, i always played it like every day and even spent most of my batteries on it๐Ÿ˜Œ But i have a problem when i lose the game i cant leave i have to wait until the game ends or all of them lose๐Ÿ˜Š
I LOVE this game sooo much! But the only thing i want to be re-added is to be able to recommend people again and I think it would be better if you recommended others to get rewards not others recomending you. I also want the parkour in the square to be easier because it is a little too hard.I really want nurse dorothy!!Thank you :)
I like this game! The reason why i just gave 4 star because there's too many bugs or glitches some players are stock in a sewer on ep2 or getting banned by doing nothing hope u could fixed this game properly..and HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND MY GRAMMAR...TY!๐Ÿ˜ฌ
it's lacking one star before the perfect star cause there is a glitch in story mode and other mode as well and i reported it but no response but over all it's good it just that there are still unfixed glitch. ill rate it 5 star if its repaired.
I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I reccomend you to download this but for some reason people talk bad about this game but who cares what they think. this game should add a way to get more souls and if you beat episode 1 you get a hat that will make the game better and add tips for when the game is loading add more granny's and stuff and please give me souls I beg you my username is Therandomist also you should make a event for a day that you can get anything for free everyone would like that.
It's really great since there is no ads 24/7 but whenever I make a map and start a test or play a game it mostly says sorry this room is full when it's not I have tried to reopen the game and do it again but it still says the same thing. Other than that it's amazing keep it up
Ohh, I'm sorry if I previously rated it 2 stars coz that's what I thought this game deserves since it doesn't update. But now, it updates regularly so I really think it deserves 5 stars. Although there are still some issues, talking about the game, game only, without anything else, it's amazing. And the developers are keeping in touch with the players thru email and Facebook so it's really easy to get their attention if u need some when u have issues. Please keep up the good work! ๐Ÿค—
Good game.i love playing this i dont know but when im actually in the game its always pop a loading and loading i dont know if its a bug or its just lag . But this game is very enjoyable i hope the update is good on my.phone so.i can play peacefully
This game is super fun..So i gave it 5 star and this is the one game is my favorite game....So i gave it 5 star because: 1.infection mode 2.escape mode 3.occupation mode 4.ignition mode 5.escape(items) mode 6.story mode If you install this app you can pick your game like that and you can chat with your friend and add your friend for together play and there is plaza or town now you can chat in the town and you can create your clan or join in the clan and there is ranking.... so download now.
Its a nice game, but it has plenty of issues. First of all there isn't any leave option after the game started. It is also updated regularly which takes 28mb whoch took almost 3hours to update. Also the skins are just for few days, i want a skin forever after getting it. It also takes a plenty of net to start. I have to wait for almost 10 mins to start it and it also hangs and lags a lot after which it will atomatically restarts. It also gets a bit boring. Solve these issues plss.
I thought it was a kids game so I downloaded it to play with my daughter. One of the best games I've played on mobile. I usually play games like battlefield, cod, fallout, & dead by daylight, but been playing this lately. You have to figure everything out yourself. It needs more item details, instructions to navigate the ui, and the option to disable chat cause some kids hop on and spam the kb which can make it hard to see where you're going and what's in front of you. Overall though it's badass
I love this game so much!. But I really needed Devs team to fix this bug where you want to take you attandence but somehow it say download 44MB and then when I try it so MANY TIME it still say can download check your WiFi or storage but my WiFi is clearly excellent and my storage is not freaking full if you fix it maybe I will give 5 star.pls read this DEV team .pls please fix it if not I will need to delete this game๐Ÿ˜ฅlet me play peacefully๐Ÿ˜”
I'm giving you a five star because the game is great, what I hate about this game is that when I am respawning in story mode episode 2, I don't get revived, the souls that I've spent went to nothing, same as to the loot box, when server gets disconnected while I am buying new skin, the souls was spent but the skin I bought from the loot box were gone, it's not even in the wardrobe. Please fix those bug.
I enjoy this game and the devolpers really put in the effort to constantly update and improve the game, when there are problems they do their best to fix it as soon as possible and even reward us players with souls for the inconvience we have endured, thank you for the new square to play & chat in an all the diffrent escape games to choose from, love exploring craft maps. Great job granny's tech team.
Over the past month I have had hours of fun with minimal lagging. Although story mode is hard at first, it's easy to improve. You don't ever feel like you need to pay for anything as it's very easy to earn in-game credits. I've played with friends hundreds of times and each game is exciting and entertaining. Keep up the good work!
I've been playing this game since June 2020. I'm glad to see that you guys(the developers) are back to fixing the bugs & improving stability to the game but when will we get a new update to the game? like new episode in story mode, new maps, new characters or costume๐Ÿค”? Because the last real update you guys made was on Aug. 28, 2020(this was the month the game got popular), after that day you guys didn't made new updates, No ๐ŸŽƒevent, No โ˜ƒ๏ธevent, No ๐ŸŽŠ ๐ŸŽ†event, No๐Ÿ’ event; we've got nothing.๐Ÿ˜”
great game ive been consistently playing grans each and every single day since August of 2020 i think๐Ÿ˜…and the only days that i didnt play was when we have blackouts here in our place. hoping to have more stages/rooms, skins, accessories and new weapons for the coming new updates ๐Ÿ˜
Edited it to 5* since the chapter 2 is now fixed but sometimes when its fixed it just comes back I wonder why it keeps happening. Btw Is it possible to put a report button or mute? Because there is a lot of spammer in public chat
Edit for the 3rd time: Some bugs were fixed, though there were few glitches still needs to be fixed. And about the lag issues its still in there. Like I said before, the devs should fix the laggy issues FIRST, before they update or put something new in the game. Sorry, can't give it a perfectly 5 stars. Because there are still bugs, glitches, things and some problems that must be repair, put and removed in the game. But I TOTALLY recommend this game for everyone (โ—โ€ขแด—โ€ขโ—)โœง*๐Ÿ‘โœจ
Amazing game, very fun and the mechanics are great, few issues with the game though that are quite annoying such as on escape mode when a player is escapes the house it only gives you 15 seconds to escape, it takes about 15 seconds to just open another escape door so it makes it impossible to get out once your team mate does first. Better quick chat phrases would be amazing too, there is two quick phrases that mean the exact same thing, I could go on but I can only use 500 characters.
The game is great there are various modes you can play and make it's fun and progressive but there are some bugs like the one i encountered story mode doors in EP 1(hard) doesn't open even if we killed all the grannies and the asia server is very very laggy i can't play it right now because of the lag issue all ingame is delay because of the lag pls fix it.
Edited it to 5* since the chapter 2 is now fixed but sometimes when its fixed it just comes back I wonder why it keeps happening.
I have poor internet connection and when the game has started it will say "Alert Failed to download map", I pressed OK. It bring me back to the home screen and when I tried to play again it says "You cannot join for 5 minutes because you have abandoned a game more than once." But i didn't abandoned it, it was my internet's fault. Is there any way to avoid this unwanted situation?
It is an awesome game but even though it takes like forever to get different characters and clothing overall the game is amazing only thing that I would say is that I don't know it doesn't have anything wrong with it I really do love this game it doesn't really take up too much space I am really like really Young so I don't really know about space about how this takes up but like ya its awesome!
Its a great game I know that this game always update well..... I got problem is that when it got new update like today 5February2021 I was gonna update but it just keept saying loading forever but this is my FAV game so I won't delete or anything yea but my storge is not full tho so yea hope play store will fix tq๐Ÿ˜Ž
The reason why I didn't give this game a 5 because it's not optimised well, pretty buggy and lack some quality of life changes. The first bug I encountered first is crashing. The game keeps crashing when I start it up. I think some updates you guys should do is removing our personal name (i.e name that you see on top of your character), I don't think we need to be constantly reminded of our names and it blocks our view too. Second is moving the healthbar to top left and collapsing playertab
I would rather go for 5 stars,but its very laggy even tho I have fine network pls fix the bug.I have some mods for story mode,So each survivors are in their own room fighting all mobs,and theres the same amount of time as the real one.The first player to kill all of the mobs will earn 50 souls.and the losers get 8000 coins.Its ok if u dont make the mod.But if u are searching for a multiplayer granny I recommend this game to u!
This game is really good, my only problem is This game is multiplayer wich i can play with my friends but can't communicate like other games. I recommend some Voice chat or Text chat idk but i think voice chat would be better than text chat since we can't read or reply right away when granny is running to catch us...
Finally the developers have comeback๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ™‚, it took them 5 months but finally they come back to fix some bugs. Hopefully this will be a sign that the game will more great updates in the future. This game is really great and has a lot of potential.
I enjoy playing this game, my only problem is when i am playing the story mode ep. 1 and 2 hard, the game become so laggy making it harder to play the game. I hope this could be fix.
I love this game and it's addicting. There is something that I don't really like in this game though- it's difficult to get souls and I think it cost to much to summon x10 maybe 500 or 600. Also with unlocking characters. The limited and unlimited thing is something I don't really like all that much.
This game is fun and very great but bugs in Asia is very awful because in story mode ep2 there's a bug that will make people unhappy or not happy about it. I tried this bug before and it didn't made me unlike the game I was just freaked out and i was like "oh God we're locked how are we supposed to fix it?" But we just left the game we were trapped in a story mode ep2 and i got mad that part and i didn't know it was a bug at first i search it and that time knowed it was a bug.
It's a nice game but there's a bug with the 2nd episode of story mode. The spiders from the sewer hole won't spawn in the Asia server and there's nothing you can do about it but leave and get a penalty. Hoping that this is going to get fixed as soon as possible.
Ive been playing this game ever since March 23 2021 and I love the app! The designs, the story, mode, and how it's functioned! But my only concern is I sometimes I would lag in the square (mostly the square) and sometimes my screen will freeze while playing escape or story mode. Otherwise I think the game has some potential. Keep up the good work Devs!
I love it! The only thing I'm upset about, is about the story mode chapter 2. When we reached the room after the lasers, everything glitches and lags and we will all die. It's just impossible to beat story mode chapter 2 if it keeps lagging.
I love this game a lot because I have played many multiplayer horror games but they were glitchy and the controls were very bad And I got disconnected several times. But this game has good controls and neither ist's glitchy. And the game is very nice Especially the infection mode.
This is awesome this is all i wanted granny multiplayer playing with friends but somethings wrong why is there day time and my new character has a time and when time ends my character is now gone, I'm shock *where is my fav character* its gone and my colored name has a time can u remove that days and times i think there's only have 7 days
I love this game because this game is different from other games.,,, but ๐Ÿ˜…,, the only problem is glitches๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ please solve this problem ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
I'm so addicted in this game. This game is so funny, and really really good but the problem is, even my internet strength was strong, I could still encounter any bugs, issues, and lags. If possible, please fix those bugs, devs. Thank you so much, I appreciate this game much.
I was seriously thinking about play this with my friends. But the only this that bugs me is that, there is no voice chat. How can we run away from grannys if we cannot coordinate... Plus it would be nice if each room had a different name, like kitchen, bathroom etc... Chat option takes too long, which is advantageous to granny. I will install this again once there is a voice chat option available. All other aspects of the game is awesome.
The game is good, but the game sometimes crashes once I reach the Maid's boss battle. I didn't get any credits or at least something to upgrade my class with, but over all the game is really great! you just have to add more events.
This is a great game it's fun but Im only giving 4 star bc there are problems. plus a few complaints, it's hard to get things like souls and skins, like your 7 days skins and some of my skins which were suppose you be permanent I lost. I wish y'all could change this and some other stuff too but otherwise I really like this game!
Realy good but i wish there was a story mode 3 and we should be able to give stuff too each other for free and more updates please. anyways love this game but i still want those updates! Thank you โ™กLOVE THIS APP DEFINETLY RECOMMENDโ™ก
Its a very good game. Traits however do not work. It says i have the always have the option to pick crow in escape items but i don't have the option really ever. Please fix that
It won't let me even play the game it always crashes on loading screen craft boxes are rigged they usually gave me lots of pup cards but when I was 16 cards away from lvl 10 they only gave 1 -_- Don't download this game it's a waste of space
This game was fine at the first, but now, everything here was always bugging. I've been kicked from the game while i was chatting with my friend, and, i can't go in. I need to download it again. Fix all of this bug please. My storage and signal was fine, but, the bug wouldn't stop
The game is enjoyable, tho I do have a few complaints. 1) Everytime Granny hits a wall, her bat swung right through the wall and sometimes hits the targets which is very unfair. 2) You can add friends but why can't you invite them into a server/room? The only way to play with friends are either to create a room and wait for ppl to enter or press the room together repeatedly to find each other in the same room. 3) It's hard to get 'souls' and skins, please add a better way to get souls (easily)
It's my favourite game. We can play with friends and its horror. There are so many modes. I love this game. I played story ep 1 and ep 2 and other modes. Pls make story ep 3 also it will be great.
i like this game so much,but why i put four stars its because of this problem.i have a good internet connection but whats the problem is that im stuck at the loading screen while im waiting for a room starts.it took my like 3 hours to wait it.not just that,i also cant click the button like,friend request?search some name to friend?thats what i meant for.
This game is good i like it but the only thing is, this game doesn't have voice chat option. We can chat but we can't talk , That's the minus point of this game and that is why I didn't give you 5 ๐ŸŒŸ. It would be great if you put some voicemail/voice chat option in every mode. You know it's not easy to play while texting someone.
The lag is surreal! we crash in-game :( my friends and I couldn't enjoy playing :( There's a bug in story mode ep 2 in hidden laboratory. 2nd stage w the hands we could not move and the monsters dont come out after we killed the spiders :( the doors dont open to the next stage. Please do look this out!
Loved this game because we can play with our friends but the only thing is that it doesn't have voice chat and that mades typical no problem of ads but more big problem is that it takes a lot of time for loading and always asking 44 mb for loading. Apart from that it is very nice game because it has many modes to play. Loved it. Please supercat team work on this please๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
It is fun! The problem is. When i run. The character sometimes stop and i go to the cell. And i keep getting granny when i want to be a survivor. And sometimes i run and my screen goes to the loading section thats why i give it a 4 star. Im super sorry. But the game is very good!
The game is great, but it could be better. Don't understand me wrong, but there are a lot of thing that could be repaired. The granny movers faster than the kids, which makes the game more difficult for the ones that's arent granny. It could be useful if there was some hiding spots where the kids can crouch and the granny can't reach. Also, most of the granny players camps near the cage, which is, again, unfair. Same for the shield for granny. There can be repaired things, a lot. ๐Ÿ‘ŒโœŒ
Okay let's get real for a second here, this is the best! But still it is super laggy even if I have good connection but still though I highly raccomend this game if notfor the lag I would give this 5 stars. And last please please can we have a kick button some people are too rude and some are too annoying and gets too cocky
This game is fun,but u need to improve the social feature. Such as: Friend info, if the player onlibe or offline. That all from what me. Hope you make improve it.
Really fun game, alot of people to play with too, although I would love it if there could be more worlds.
I like the granny game a lot, there are some lagging in the game. But I think that could be internet problems too, but anyways this game is awesome because you can have friends in it and have nice clans and make maps, PARKOUR, ect. That's why I give it 5 stars
I love this game it's great. It's really fun. When you start playing your prob gonna be confused on stuff but you get the hang of it. I would recommend this.
I love this game so much its amazing but the only reason i have given 1 start is i can't able to play any game in granny's house since yesterday it showing that system is now intializing. Please wait a moment . I have waited since yesterday but it still not working . Fix the issue fast do that i can play.
It's really fun although it'd be the best if you add more content and more ways to earn souls. I spent cash for outfit I like, however the gotcha is difficult and depending on luck a lot. That said, you can still be really strong without spending money but you just won't be able to have any outfits
The game is Okay but it Will kick you out If you have Fine wifi or not. overalls it's fun. But it's pretty easy to Get warnings of getting banned. they should Fix it. the game might kick you for Your wifi and Give you warnings. But the game is fun! The players are freindly and Nice and the game is nice but they should Update The maps! It's getting a bit Boring. but it updates Often. But doesn't update maps.
this game is amazing! I love playing it when I'm bored and I love how you can play with other people! Totally recommend! Hello whoever is reading this! Like I said, I recommend granny's house. But I tried opening the game and I'm not sure whats going on. Edit: I know how o get into Granny's house again for those who can't open the game, just uninstall the game an reinstall the game, it works for me!
This game is the one of game is my favorite.Because i gave its 4 star my internet connection is good but sometime i was trapped the room and i need to restart the app and sometime im in town and my friend invite me to play i was falling in the world.Please fix that. If you fix that i gonna gave it 5 star
Is a fun game and horror game! I like it! You can play with friend and create room! Is hard to find keys but is still fun!!!!
I like this game it's fun and addictive but at the same time I wish there were ways of keeping a skin you can keep the skins you can work for them you can buy them but you don't even get to keep them you can only have them for a few days and then their gone which sucks not only that but also there's not that many things you can do and the more you do them you just do it over and over again and it gets boring but now I can't even open the game it just closes when I try to play please fix it.
Nice game!It has many glitches and that is very bad u have to fix all bugs and glitches and u have to add more characters and every character will have a special ability and u have to add character cards to upgrade in chests and u will get characters from chests it will be the very nice thing and many people willdownload and it can be on trending some time.it's so hard to get a unlimited character we have to use souls and souls are hard to get pls make this in chests too why we cantStopDownload
Seeing This game update notice in game makes me happy. But as a clan owner and a 10+ hour daily player for staying in ranking of clan.still devs does not do anything for clan betterment.(I said add clan visit and join from ranking) so the active player looking for clan can join clans. which are working hard so we don't need to beg in games for players to join plz plz plz.Aim this for next update.
As much as i like it. It still has some things wrong here and there. Like the game would crash all of a sudden and when you're in story mode, you suddenly die. It would lag and load all the time even if my internet is strong. I always clear up my storage space but it still crashes. Hope u can help me w this
I like horror, and I like this game. 1 problem is that whenever I get in a game mode, there's no leave option except in the lobby of the game mode and you have to wait for the round to finish so that you can leave the round, if you can fix that I's really appreciate it. That's just my opinion, anyway it's a really well made game.
I have a lot of fun with this game making friends and escaping granny. I just sometimes have a lot of lag and crashes but still it's a good game there's just one thing. I was wondering if you could block cussing or maybe send a warning if anyone cusses cuz in chat I have been cussed at and people been cussing at other people it's not something I like to see Thanks.
I've been playing this game since June 2020. I just recently started playing this game again(to be more specific it was on March 22, 2021) and my complaint right now is the server chat in Asia; there are spammers(I won't mention the names because it will only fuel them๐Ÿ˜’); please do something about this like add block system or hire a game moderator or create a system to prevent spamming.
It was really awesome but there are some bugs it was a little glitchy coming loading loading the game Will stop suddenly but now I'm not getting the bug ๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿฅณ . Please download this game is amazing, extraordinary, Ultimate, hilarious much more enjoyment so download ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜.
i love playing this app when ypur playing no adds are kept popping out i love the story modes and the escape but when i wanted to play this game doesnt work its said downloading i waited but nothing happens so i uninstaled the game and downloaded it again but its still downloading i kept waiting but still nothing happens i was so sad it doesnt have any problems either maybe its my phone or wifi connection... But i love the game so i rate this app 5 stars
I really like the game, but i'd love to see more maps being added, especially a forest. I'd also love a trading system, because me and my friend want to trade our accesories and/or skins. But overral it's a great game, and i recommend people to play it!
This game is great! I had an amazing experience while playing this. This game is probably the best granny game ever bc I could join my friends, create a room for my friends to play, and join other servers! I give this a 5-star rate.
Well i really like the game but i have 1 problem, when im going to enter in the grup i still need to wait to load then when its done i can't believe the grup is already started,i was waiting to long to load, and also why i can't play everything that im going to any grup well i can't i dont know what is happening please fix it then ill rate it five stars
I'd like there to be an in-game notice when a there's a new update. It's irritating when i found it out the hard way by getting an awful amount of lag in the middle of a match
A really amazing game! It's addicting and telling me to play more and more. Souls are so hard to get and expensive I think, I hope the developer will make the gacha system cheaper or giving the players more souls because we often struggling with it. But overall it's a really really good game!! Love it so much!
This game has to be one of my favorite horror games the glitch isn't happening anymore and there is no glitches but there is something that happens when I m not close to granny I get hit some how and sometimes it show loading and then I lost all of my stones/traps it happens pretty often my wifi connection is good so I don't understand why this is happening it also has been getting very boring over all if you could add more things and events etc that would be great thank you!
Very bad game. I was very excited to play this game but when I opened it after the notice screen came, it just turn into blank screen. I waited for 20 minutes but nothing worked Please don't download this app๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
Great game and all... But only one problem. The region/general chat. Honestly, that chat is so toxic that even people target others in the game. I understand if you can't fix it (because it is a large game with many servers). Otherwise, this is a great game that I advise others to play with friends.
Like the game I would love to add 5 stars but there's a problem.. 1. Where's The Event from I'm new here downloading the app and 2. Someone said a badword and 3. This game is made by kids? But still love it :)
This game is fun! I reccomend you play this game. The only problem is, there needs to be a way to change your control settings for computers. You can't even look around, I think this is because it's for phones only. But if you put control settings on there I will change it to 5 star. Thanks, hope I get a reply soon!
It is good but can you fix it because after playing a game then i will be starting it it goes black screen but i can hear footsteps that is moving and my phone has no problem because i have 8 ram please fix it i really love this game
The game is surely fun and addicting.. But a lot of players said the game is laggy.. ME too!!! Toooooooo muchhhhhh laggyyyyyy... The emotions button is missing.. how can i complete the daily task without it?.. Please please please fix this... The stars is only for graphic and storyline...
It's very good game I really enjoy this game. This is one of my favorite game. But this game have lagging problems which very irritat me.
Its a nice game, me and my friends love it! Its a good game and really good quality. I'd recommend it! But theres one thing, the story's bots are really overpowered and there's not much to pick from. Please add more and reduce the damage for the bot.
i don't know why but this game is insane, it's simple but very addictive. there's a lot of potential in this game, like add some pass system(royale pass, etc) new mode, add some permanent outfit in the lootbox, more event. but good job developer, you guys done great๐Ÿ‘‘
It's a great game..its pretty fun to play when you are bored but whenever I'm in the middle of playing story mode Ep 2 hard, ep 1 hard and ep 2 normal it gets super laggy! My screen starts to freeze and whenever someone invites me and I accept it I don't get in the room I fall out of the world. And it took me a long time to figure out how to craft using materials. I've been playing this game for almost a year now and please fix these lagging probs and please add updates to it.
I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!!!!!It has great graphics and its just like a moddo of the real granny game only with other players!I really like the skills they have in this game like the puputeer or the explosives their super good! DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.....NOWWWW :D
Im gonna rate this again but only with 3 stars. Why? Because or those who spam on the world chat. I can't report them because there is no report button on the players profile. Pls fix this issues rn. Many players like me are annoyed and we can't use the world chat rn because of the spammers saying "sksksks". Pls im begging u fix this issue ty
This game is pretty fun if you just want to play with friends, but the story mode is some of the most grindy and annoying thing ever, its something my friends and I do because sometimes PVE is relaxing. But its so mindless and boring, if one person dies they have to do nothing but spectate the entire match with no real way to revive them. At the very least I expected story mode to be something like escape except granny is an AI, but I mean the story we did get in terms of game play is bad
I wrote my review before and I got it that the game has improved a lot I gave 3 stars before but now I will give 5 because in ep1(hard)before the update I fond a trick to roll and kill the granny's I liked that way but idk why it ended and now I can do it again! I was soo happy๐Ÿ˜ and the liquid problem of ep1 hard is again and ep2 normal the Asia server doesn't allows us to play the whole game it starts and gets bugged and only the Asia server is most used but still the upgrade helped me a lot๐Ÿ˜Š
Good game but a little advice from me as much as possible to add skins like pet mask pants and also items from the skin are given a little cool effect so that the game looks more epic
When I'm playing my game crashes and closes my internet is bad but come on man it's just a mobile game! I shouldn't be so laggy you should have an offline mode you would have a lot more people playing this game I hate it because it's too laggy like it wouldn't hurt you at all to put an offline mode on this game
i love this game but I gave it 4 because whenever I lag on Escape it always take away my stones, then I would just end in prison, but on Story Mode whenever I lag it would freeze my screen and when it stops freezing it shows that i'm already dead! I hope you can fix this.
It lags and kicks me out few hours ago it was fine now it keeps kicking me pls fix it and I'll rate it 5 stars thank you:) edit: so I powered off to see if it stops and it did! Guess I'll just do that thank u so much for creating this game๐Ÿ˜!! Edit: Makes me repeat download and when it finally goes to 100% it says to check my WIFI or storage but everything was ok it just does this sometimes, pls fix this??
Been playing this game for over a month now and been subscribe to Eliot's Detective Club. My only issue is after the patch, earlier I couldn't get past the login screen cuz it only displays downloading even though I already downloaded all the needed files from it. I'm guessing it's from my connection but I have a stable fast connection and all the games I play are working fine except this. My phone is Oppo A92 and my version is latest1.233
Wow amazing one of my favourite game I love it you should definitely try this we can also invite our friends and there are so many modes I found one problem when we lose the game we can't exit please try to solve this problem otherwise this is amazing๐Ÿ˜‰
Can you fixed the starting loading? I always stock at the Intro,It says Downloading...33.3% And its not running anymore.The game was totally great but the intro loading make me mad thats why I give 4 stars.And also my internet connection is strong.I recommended this game DOWNLOAD IT NOW
This game is good but i m not able to play with my friends... It needs lots of net to play with my friends.. Even if i play online with others players it is only showing downloading or connected and then it come home page... And this happen even if my net is strong.... I cant able to play... Otherwish its graphics , sound r good....
I like this....but sometimes I'm boring in this game I join the plaza I try to climb the tree it's too hard for me,but it's ok! It's still fun,like story mode, escape mode and more,also I like it.. (โ—ก ฯ‰ โ—ก)
Such a great game! The animation, the control, and the etc. ๐Ÿ˜† The controller isn't hard to use at all. And the screen is just animation is ok๐Ÿ‘Œโœจ. Thank u to who make this game..i like it and I love it!!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ I spend my quarantine with this game! Thank u!๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜„๐ŸŒธโœจ
Every thing is running smoothly but I'm gonna have to give it 4 stars why because the game said in abandoned the game I will be penalized but I did not leave the game and I have good internet so could you fix that and the game is really fun but some people say inappropriate stuff could yoou ban them but some people are in relationships so pls dont ban the people that are in relationships and could you make the game lobby's a little bit scarier pls
I would surely recommend this to everyone, this game is so fun to play, there are many modes you can play on, new outfits for your character and much more, I love this game soooo much! Totally enjoyed!
I used to love this game. But alot of things changed.. I miss the old update. You're taking this game seriously. It's so hard to level up. And especially when you get the character it only takes a few days. Like i want it forever. It's so hard to get souls. That's all
I absolutely love this game, one of the best I've ever played. My only problem, however, is that with my new phone, I am no longer able to play, which is weird. I signed in with Facebook, and it gave me all my account information, like the account ID. But when I went to the game, it would always say "failed to log in." And there is no way that I could find to fix that.. :(
The game overall is fun but there are a few problems, When the wifi is bad most games would just get blurry but this one just completly freezes and lags, its close to impossible to play when its like that. Another thing, when playing on computer there is no setting to use the keyboard controlls therefor you cannot run and jump at the same time, you also can not use the powers and run away you have to stop then use it. I gave the game a 3 out of 5 because of this. Be better
Such a great game! I like how there is different skins, modes, accessories, etc. โš ๏ธBUG ALERT!โš ๏ธ Craft Mode testing option won't work! As soon as it loads, the screen freezes and makes you go to the homescreen. Also, here's a few new update ideas! When someone sends a request you automatically accept it. 2. New weapons and skins. 3. New Story Mode! 4. New Plaza! My favourite out of these is New Story Mode, new skins, new plaza and new weapons. This is one of my favourite online games.
Excellent game . Not the usual horror games that are so scary and give nightmares . Simple game , fun to play , easy to learn . Recommending this . Thanks for this game ๐ŸŽฎ full stars !
It is very best game,all please download it. But when we throw stones on granny the target is not right,you should make a target for throwing stones,then it will be ok like a circle etc. And where is the 6 class how to choose it ๐Ÿค”?
It fun to play with friends and other player...and also good if player can use voice communication to better playing experience.....on custom mode we can choose map and other setting add on..the last one is..soul are way to expensive to buy. Mand not worthy to buy bcoz item have trials....
Just updated the app and everything is working well for me. I just hope maybe there's an option that we could hide the chat when in square cause it sometimes block the screen when climbing the tree. Or a host kicking or banning a player from the lobby when they're rude or bullies someone. Thank you for all your hard work in making the game better! ๐Ÿ’•
last review: July 11, 2020 Edited: Okay, it seems that the game is taking it seriously. Many changes so far but what I personally disliked is something to do with the "new" way of Crafting accessories. Don't merge EP 1 and EP 2 accessories. Getting the 2 required buttons in EP 2 Hard is difficult enough to even win it, and it's too hard for the new players. Please bring it back. I cannot accept this.
This is a very good game but it has a small problem. The problem: when we got some of accessories, it'll also repeat when we buy it with souls or crafting the accessories boxes. Please fix this problem.
Good App. But pelase update graphics and Sensitivity More. If u add more graphics and details Your Game will be best. And please add some weapons etc.
Honestly the game is amazing, I've been playing since 2020 and I haven't had a problem with it. My notifications have been messed up on here lately, it's not a big deal because it doesn't mess me up but I don't know when my friends text me. This game is great to make new friends and start drama haha, would totally recommend it :)
I love this game! It's fun to play and make new online friends, but the only regret for me is that I wasn't playing for a little bit and I didn't get logged out but I lost my raincoat Dorthoy I'm sad now because I really like that one :{... But it's all OK now I have a friend who plays with me and I have a great time with everything that she does with me. Thank you for making this game! Also can you edit the grannies sometimes when I'm granny I turn into a survivor. THANKS FOR THE GAME!! BYEEEE!
The game was really fun ihave been playing it for 4 months but the only problem is lag and some hackers and i hate it because its not fair as a player that they use hack to trow stone fast or run fast ๐Ÿ˜’