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Granny Legend

Granny Legend for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Fastone Games located at WAYSONCOMMERCIAL BUILDING 28CONNAUGHT ROAD WEST SHEUNG WANHONG KONG. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game. Beat all 499 levels but still missing so characters. There has to be a way to unlock them and upgrade characters faster.
Zero challenge, tons of ads, although you don't have to watch them, they only boost your rewards Nevertheless, the game provides no challenge at all, you just turn your way through the weak monsters towards another ad at the end of the level Reply to dev: the monsters die almost instantly, the upgrades are too strong, maybe because of the ads, and too may upgrades
I don't like how earned items (like the treasure chest) can't be opened if the ad fails to load. My game isn't displaying ads right now (no reason I know of why) and I'm basically screwed out of things I earned.
DON'T PURCHASE THIS GAME EVER!They'll have you watch ads claiming to give you a free life and will be lying. Now they are not detecting movement causing me to have to start over. Glitching. DON'T PURCHASE THIS GAME EVER!
Originally left this comment on feburary 11, when will you be adding more levels? Been sitting at 499 for several months now!! I guess I should delete the game now seeing as it's been almost a year with no new levels!
This Game was advertised as a Really Great Game but in the long run it made me feel like I had to Dodge More of My enemies then cut them up
Game is good, but free life and special power button is not being enable even internet is on. This issue was solved but again it is showing same issue.
This could have been a very good game if the amount of advertisements was reduced. It looks like the developers are too greedy, advertisements are popping out on every other action.
Standard mode is decent! 5 stars! "Hero mode", however, is highly problematic. Character moves too slow, virtually NO defenses and woefully ineffective. Whether you're on lvl 10 or 15, your character remains on lvl 1. How does that make sense? If the soul purpose of "hero mode" is for players gain the paladin for free, it's cosmic joke! Just make the Paladin a pay- to-earn character and make "hero mode" about something else.
At first, it was all love. I was able to watch a video if I died to continue. And if I completed a level, the video would double my rewards.But now the videos dont pop up AT ALL. It's only the gem (diamond) option. The I'm currently on level 70. If the BOSS has about 65k. How is it that when I died, she has about 10k left, (1) I was not able to watch a video AT ALL. It wanted me to pay for gems. (2) I only got 1 coin! Literally 1 coin! How do I get her from 65k to around 10k and get 1 coin!?
Aside from the constant ads, the design is flawed. Using my finger to control where granny is, my hand is blocking the screen, so I can't see things coming. My biggest challenge is seeing through my own hand. *edit* I see you've responded by suggesting the obvious, that I move my hand. So much for constructive feedback. Your design is the problem, not my competence. Other reviewers are noting the same complaint as mine. Thanks for responding, though
After a few days I'm on level 140, as for the game I am finding it addictive. I dont really play hero mode so cannot comment on that. I think the boss designs are great. I would like more monster types and variation in between boss levels as it can get repetitive, for example, 126k health tree healers to surprise you! ( a nice change to a level by who ever decided that implementation). If you do ever find this game challenging or have hit a road block then I would recommend a touch pen.
Fun game that kills allot of time and I really like how it takes very little to No time at all loading next levels and whatnot 😁 And those are just a couple of the many reasons why I give it 5 starts and recommend this game to everyone!!!
My son subscribed to the VIP 3 day trial. I told them I couldn't afford that and asked them how to unsubscribe. When I found it and unsubscribed they still took my money anyways. This game is a rip off. Don't get it. I uninstalled it right away. They should receive no stars because they don't even deserve one. But I can't post this for all to see unless I rate it.
I dont care what the "game" is, it should never have more ad time then gameplay. The controls are not always responsive making it easy to get touched. And the rewards for watching those ads get errors more offten then not (likely do to my bad network connection) meaning you played those ads for nothing. All in all this is a simple game with what feels like a 2/5 gameplay time to ad time ratio. Im not impressed
It started great, last levels are boring and not challenging. Beat the whole game and never got 4 of the characters 🤦🏽‍♂️
So are we ever going to get a new hero mode after the wizard one? Its been saying coming soon for like over a year now. May delete soon if not updated.
The whole entire game is completely based upon ads. Yeah I know a game developer needs some sort of cash flow, but come on. To someone who is an absolute novice at 'bullet-hell' type games can still make it past lv 40 without dying. (Even though every single ad about this game said that lv 40 is impossible). The ONLY thing good about the game are the availability of different characters. The only reason why it's getting a two star.
The game is not even ashamed about how much of a money grab it is. You have to wait 5 seconds before the option to not watch an ad to finish a level appears. On every level. Ads pop up for no reason. And it looks like you're getting gems but it stores them in a bag that they then try to force on you for $5 by constant pop ups. Game play is... boring.
Not BAD. But really not good either. Biggest thing is, you'll likely spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. This wouldn't be so bad, except it's always the same advert for the 'lucky days' app, which gets really annoying after a while. if I'm gonna be spammed with ads, at least give me variety! Devs, I'd recommend adding a health system and toning down the advertising. I appreciate devs need funding, but it's just too much, and detracts from what could be a good game.
I couldn't help but feel that this was a game that was a clone of other games I've played. There is other games that are similar and this game has two game modes one that's got spinning swords the other that feels more like a clone. I wanted something more unique and didn't find it Despite your reply. The fact remains hero mode is still a copycat clone of other games. Normal mode would of been fine by itself I think its okay for a mode.
Not same game as discribed on ads, not only that but all the preview levels on the Google play store don't exist either. The ads also do things you're unable to do in game (like combining weapons to make a giant version, or picking up fire elements to make fire weapons, those don't exist) and the ads, omg the ads, the game is ad simulator 2019. Pass this game up and ignore the 5 star reviews, they are fake people
Purchased the no ads option because I figured it would make the game ad free, but it doesn't work because the options to see ads still exist. When collecting a special bonus chest every level, you have to play an ad just to open it. Game lacks sensitivity control and using your finger on top of the spinner is most accurate but you can't see things that are blocked by finger. Game play is boring after a while. Would not recommend this game due to the amount of ads after paying.
I've been playing the hero mode for a while and I have to say its probably one of the most infuriating modes I've ever played. I always get the power ups i don't need early on in the game but never when I actually need them. Health always pops up within the first few levels but after 10 you'll never see it, and now with this roulette wheel its the same way and you'll get useless things more than anything, like what's the point in getting the water ring 3x? There's no benefit to it.
Love the game but it has stopped letting me open chest use free help get my free energy. I have uninstalled the game twice and disconnected from the internet and it's still not working properly. My nephew is playing the same game in the same house and isn't having any issues. Going to try one more time if it still doesn't work will uninstall permanently.
After defeating the boss get a free spin , you get a second free spin if you watch a video. You didn't get the free spin before it got fixed and you did now is back to not getting the free spin. In the shop when you get a chance to watch a video to get free gems, you can only watch three videos and get 15 gems. Every time you click on the video it says you got two, then one, then zero and you have to wait 9 minutes.
Waaaaaay too many ads. Its rediculous. It takes up 70 percent of the games content. Now yes, you can decide not to watch them, but they are setup in such a predatory manner, and they have it setup so if you do want to skip them, you have to wait 10 seconds for the option to skip to be available. Every time. Would have been a good game, but its marred too much by this bs. Uninstalled.
Exciting game. Though for hero mode i suggest that instead of playing the game all over again when the player dies that you return to the level after the last boss you beat. Also, there is only one chance at resurrection. Please add a gem option after the free video. Sucks to reach all the way to level 19 only to begin from level one. I deleted the game because it is truly impossible and too difficult to get to level 30 in hero mode.
EDIT: Great game, challenging, addictive, very fun. The developer (s) are also very responsive. My game had stopped working (the icing on the cake of a bad day) and I left a review yesterday after trying everything I could on my end to fix the game, they have just responded that it should be fixed by tomorrow with a new update and I am very grateful. Thank you, great game
Remember in Ghostbusters where Bill Murray would shock that kid whether or not he gave the right answer? That's how this game made me feel every 2 minutes when I was faced with opening an ad (or else forfeiting a "reward") and hoping it wouldn't be the Merge Dragons ad again. Spoiler: 9/10 times, it was. Any interest I may have had in that game - or this one - has passed. Uninstalled same day.
Idea is there just execution is lacking. The lag is one of the 2 things that bothered me most about this game, the other was the fact that you had to hold to play and releasing "pauses" the game. Like a pause button wouldve been so much easier and better to be honest. Aside from those issues everything was fine
NOT LIKE THE ADS! If the gameplay was like the ads I saw, it would be great. The ad shows that you can choose, when picking up a sword, whether to add next to your current swords (increasing hits per second) or attach to the end of another sword (increasing range). That is not an option in the actual game. Deceptive.
Felt like a melee rip off version of archero... Very limited customisation other than characters. 1 hit death also makes it quite boring when it takes ages to before you reach enemies. First boss was also a good intro to it but the second one is clearly just upgrading till you can actually hit it... Makes peons way too fast to get a hit in unless you do have a high level weapon. Overall wouldn't recommend it, only played because of the obviously exaggerated ads.
Ridiculous money grab tactics. Showing the amount you have to collect from clearing a room but the only options available are with gems or watch a video to multiply. If you way, after a bit a normal collect option does eventually show up, hidden against the background. Absolutely pathetic excuse for a money grab, that's really all this is.
- Pro's: Amazing game and runs well. Game's seems beatable without spending money on in app purchases. (Played normal mode till around level 32 ish) - Con's: Game's not original. Both regular and hero mode. Seen thousands of other games like this one. Ads are everywhere. Most ads are only by watching a video for a chest, revive or extra spin on the prize wheel. Which is fine but if you avoid these your sometimes forced to watch ads after a level. Game Suggestion: Try out Archero instead.
While the game itself is very good, the energy currency and ads ruin the experience and infuriate me. While the ease of failing is fine on its own, coupled with the wait time to not watch ads as well as the energy mechanic, I don't think the game works as a whole. There are plenty of currencies and monetisations that are fair and unintrusive that I fail to see the point. I was talking about the energy currency that allows me to play, not my phone's battery.
Good game. But there are a lot of ads. The only game which shows adds also when offline. It's make me angry really how you show ads when even offline.
So the main issue is that my finger is needed to control the character, which then covers part of the screen and prevents me from seeing all the enemies. Another issue is the delay after death, wasting time so you can have five seconds to push revive. Then there's the fact that the levels are too hard and with fore mentioned issue, makes the levels too hard.
As far as 'games I see in social media ads' go, this was one that delivered: you play a granny with knives (or a friend of hers) and you fight things. Its actually pretty fun, and I havent had any real complaint about the ads. My only real complaint is that the levels feel too short. It's okay on boss levels, but I'd like to see a bit more length and baddies on the normal ones.
The gameplay is very polished and compared to many games of this type it doesn't seem to have a lot of adverts forced on the users (they are still present for boosts.) However it does have a very suspicious £24 a month subscription model which, admittedly, is entirely optional but feels dirty. Also as some have said this game doesn't match some of the adverts you might have seen for it. It's more of a dungeon crawl/bullet hell game than a car destroyer.
Game is full of advertisements. You literally watch advertisements longer than you actually play each level. It's disgusting. I know the dev's make money from advertisements but this is just ridiculous and greedy to the max. Avoid this game at all costs unless you are willing to become a robot who watches advertisement non-stop. There's better games out there.
Really good ! But are you adding any more levels after 499? Would really like some more levels please🙂
Game is fun... Hero mode comple garbage!!! Lots of problems enemy fires at you before board starts,take damage from monsters on different grids that don't even touch you, power up given when not needed, and not given when needed.. screw this game
I do love this game and love the challenge of it and the graphics. Already completed level 499 and look forward to more being added on. Msg to the developers: pls fix the issue where at the start of a new level, the option to either pay gems or watch video to get an add-on fighter does not come up. Happens only sometimes. Closing and restarting game doesnt't fix either. Also, why haven't the last 3 fighter/heros been offered? As stated, I've finished the game and they were still not offered.
I started out Really enjoying this game, but after a while the ads, which you need in order to get any form of bonus or to resurrect if you die mid level, started to not work most of the time. It also gets to a point around the 120 Mark where you need to grind in order to be able to pass levels. The VIP is also extremely expensive at $7 a week.
It sucks so bad. Even if you want to play ad and want to revive caracter, it will not load ad. I guess they don't want to earn. I am not running VPN either.
I really enjoyed this game, and was playing it regularly. I tend to get bored with app games easily but this wasn't one of them. Unfortunately I can not longer play, once I open the app I get the normal loading screen and it'll hit 100% and then I just receive a black screen. I've tried closing and reopening the app but nothing changes. I don't want to uninstall and reinstall and end up losing my progress. Hopefully this will get fixed soon & I can get back to kick baddie butt with wizard grandpa
This is honestly the best game I've played in a while! No pushy ads, no "Rate us 5*", no mindless tapping, it's just straight up a fun, skill based game! Fun upgrades & surprises, intelligent enemies. I think the only downside is how the game pauses if you take your finger off the screen, so you cant assess the level, and limited play due to energy. Ive just read some reviews, looks like the devs really listen to feedback, theyve added a feature so you can turn vibration off. Great work guys!
game not as advertised, the game in the ads were actually more appealing then the game itself. im sure this would be a really fun game, but only if i actually got what i expected what was in the game. Totally different than advertised. i recommend updating your ads, i was really disapointed and turned me off of playing it because i was looking forward to what i saw in the ad.
Garbage. More like an old school arcade game constantly killing you to force you to watch ads much like the old machines begging for quarters. The control scheme seems almost purpose built to make it hard to see the screen. Finally the energy system is yet another way to drag out the ad system as I'm sure they want you to watch a bunch of them in order to gain more just to be able to play a little longer. Total begging trash.
Its fun and relaxing... I like the graphics.. Easy contros as well. I will say though if you have a pen for your phone or tablet i recommend that you use it so you can get a better visual and sight around you. Using your finger makes it more difficult to see the cute critters coming to attack you.. Other then that i really like the game... I do wish the free trials were longer.. Or it would be nice to have the option of watching a number of ads to extend the fee trial so as not to be charged....
The game has odd controls and wasn't as responsive as I would have liked it to be. When they say no one can beat level 10, they mean you cant best out without paying a lot of money to upgrade. It would be a fun game to play if it was more realistic in the way the monster spawn. Also the app I thought I was downloading from an ad was not the say app, maybe they did updates to the app?
This was a fun game until the update. When control relies on you having your hand in front of the screen, maybe the monsters shouldn't be coming in completely random. Way too easy to die when you can't see where everything is. And to reiterate, you can't see the entire screen at the same time because of the control scheme that's used. Yall took a fun game and ruined it.
The gameplay is good but too many ads. Also hero mode seems like a copy of archero Edit: Well I like the elememt of keeping blades in it for example and the dmg numbers add a unique playstyle. Hero mode on the other hand could be improved imo. I think you can keep the playstyle of normal mode also in hero mode. And the rewards would be more rewarding. Cause hero mode right now feels a little too clunky for me (like still in the alpha, beta).
Well at first I really liked it. And I still do but what I don't like is when you spend your coins to "up grade" your granny. It never seems upgraded. No nothing is different. So what is the point. You only upgrade by changing grannys so it really starts to get boring. When we spend our coins on granny we need to be able to see and tell a upgrade. Don't ya think
Game fast becomes a grind fest. Hero mode is actually borderline unfair. Drops to bolster are very rare. When drops do happen they are usually duplicated ones that dont stack such as the projectile slow or the river walking one. You only have one respawn instead of the two in the normal game for the whole 30 levels. Levels are changed up to make sure you dont succeed. The spin wheel will often only grant one of two things whenever you use it and watch a video to use again. And its worthless stuf
Watching ads is not the worst as players should consider whether the time spent on ads is worth for the game experience. But the worst thing is the ads can't be properly loaded. Recently most of the time I just see the loading sign. This game can't continue (unless you pay gems) and you can't get rewards if you don't watch the ads. So can't load the ads means your efforts spent will simply evaporate. So what's the point playing? Sent email to developer and didn't get any response.
The gameplay is not bad but I have given a one star because. 1. The ads do not show actual gameplay. There is no puzzle solving. 2. The wheel to spin is fraudulent. I got the 10 gem result every time. 3. The ads are rediculous. Offer to play an ad before the level starts to make it easier. A single hit kills you but you get two continues for watching ads. You find a chest every level but need to watch an ad to open it. Then an ad autoplays after the level. 4. Can't replay levels.