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Grandpa Alien Escape Game

Grandpa Alien Escape Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Scary Dudes located at 23 Cooper Lane Aberdeen AB244rxA united kingdom. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Absolutely incredible, The story writing is phenomenal, the graphics are next-gen, and the controls are absolutely perfect. Truly a masterpiece, and a competitor for the best game of all time.
this game is so bad. the graphics are so terrible. and also sometimes I am in the view of grandpa or the dogs and I just die. and the post level dances are so cringy. 1 star
Kinda like piggy I've seen yt play it they did pretty good but 1 thing they need to add more chapters and more stuff for a good game like realy but I suggest it and don't think I'm a bot I hate it when ppl do that tho I do really suggest it for u!
All of the reviews on here are f****** useless it's either five star or one star. This is a 3-star game because it is filled with ads, here is a useful review learn how to actually review a game people.
it is easy plus it tells you at the start of the game how to move and how to move the screen.hide safe and you survive plus you can save your alien friends
Actually the best game on the app store should be #1 only gripe with it is that you cant save all your alien buddies some die like the flat ones or the one in the background of the bull fighting area i hate grandpa top 10 evil guys ever aliens are funny and do dame to cositu dance and do dance why grandpa so mean i love the aliens i hope they real and come to my house to party πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I think it is very fun, and i like how you can customise your alien. I also like the dance move the aliens do after each level
This game is broken for sure and it needs to add multi-player 1 why it's broken it said to get this but I had to listen to a ad but I got nothing 2 the reason why they should add multi-player so other players can help each other out
This looks like the old version. but it's different the aliens are terrifying. but I know the things are better plus, can you make more levels in scary boss?
I gave this a 5 star rate because it is easy and i like aliens alot if this game was never made i would be in stress because all the other aliens games are hard to play and theres no tutorials so thanks for this game and i played this game since 2018 and to 2020 so love the game if you make anymore games i will play them forever and ever bye i got to get back to playing this amazing game of yours bye
Im just going to down right say it this is the best game I ever played. Lets start with the graphics these graphics are evelutionary its better than the graphics from uncharted 5. The gameplay is fantastic when the grandpa finds me with the shovel I have a real thrill. The story is original and unique I have to admit some tears came when the grandpa captured the aliens. Next the costumes is such a nice touch to the game it makes me feel like I can express who I am through the aliens. 10/10 GGπŸ˜πŸ˜‚
Bought infinite energy. Energy meter full, but still says not enough energy and can't continue playing.
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I like this game because you to go around not getting called and like that and that's why I like it on YouTube player to that's how I double like it
This game was inresting but then you can not use the gun. It tells you to kill grandpa , how do you do it if the gun does not work? Im no longer impressed.
i just downloaded this game for storm area 51 memes and at first i thought it was decent but the levels are so easy but the thing that is making me give this 1 star is because there are ads after every level,each level for me takes about 20 to 25 seconds to beat sometimes even shorter so getting an ad every 15 seconds isn't fun if you want to download this game go ahead but you will be disappointed!
Like every poor quality game on the Google play store this one was of course made for money. The game constantly throws ads at you. the game itself? Not good, The graphics are horrible, the moving is terrible it feels like the move pad is made of ice. Above all stay away from this cash grab at a game
Just waiting to download it don't worry I will edit this after I install the game and let's see if it works and hopefully................. Ok
10/10 game. Best graphics and controls. Great for challenging your mind and completing fun puzzles without being too difficult to solve. I reccomend playing with a friend nearby to share the joy. Should not be free, I'd pay good money for this excellent masterpiece of a game. Console/PC level gameplay.
Great game. Fun. They lied about the terms. You either accept their terms which means allowing açcess into your phone or delete the app.
it was relly fun but it was easy to take the gards it was fun to save the geern aillns frinds and it was funny when they dance affter saveing them this game dersvs a 5 star rateing.
This is simply the best game I have ever played. Amazing graphics, unique story, and cured my drug addiction. Super fun and I have spent many hours on it. Thinking about it brings a tear to my eye. SACRIFICE ME GRANDPA 😭😭😭😭😭 I bow down to you kneel on my knee and pray grandpa bless ✝️ I would give infinity stars if I could!!!1!11!11!1
I liked this game but the controls are not good. Even I hate the energy system.you have to see video or coins. Even real money!!. Basically we have to pay 1000 coins but the game itself does not give that coins. If you are with me for energy system press yes below. Even when I went outside, even if I don't want to purchase the skin, it makes me to. I can't even go back.πŸ˜”πŸ‘Ž
I love this game so much it doenst have problems for me except ads pls update it so i can enjoy it also add multiplayer
I downloaded this game hoping for a good game but it turnes out to be a SCAM OF MONEY i bought infinite energy 2 times STILL no energy. bought the refill energy 2 times STILL NO ENERGY. I rate Star and i want a REFUND!!!!!
I liked this game but the controls are not good. Even I hate the energy system.you have to see video or coins. Even real money!!. Basically we have to pay 1000 coins but the game itself does not give that coins. If you are with me for energy system press yes below. I will tell you guys better game of scary dudes hello virtual mom 3d. Far better. You can find my review there in 5 stars with same name. First read my review then install press no if installed. I already told when to press yes.
Best. Game. Ever. Better graphics than any game, you name it. Funny and original. It really gets me going when grandpa eyes me down with his shovel, 18s at least. Very addictive. In four words, it is a WhOpPer..
awesome game the quality is clean I really recommend it this is really the only perfect game on the galaxy Edit:I finished the game honestly I'm sad πŸ˜” but I keep replaying levels. Thanks for this.πŸ‘
I was excited to play. It looked really good, but when I played it my phone became so slow and laggy. I was on a black screen for a minute, this bug probably won't happen to you but I'm leaving a 2 star for the laggy and glitchy bugs I occured while loading the gameπŸ˜”
Honestly this game cured my cancer. It save me from multiple suicide attempts and type 5 diabetes. This game is the reason I donate to the local charity. Get this game. Now. You need it in your life. The gameplay is so unbelievably beyond what any triple A game could ever produce. 15/10
I play this everyday and probably have over 1000 hours on it so far. I love to replay all of the levels because they are really well made and highly replayable. I would recommend this game to ANYONE who wants a life changing experience. You WILL be thrilled to your bones when Grandpa is coming after you at full speed. If you want a unique game with constant action and never ending fun DOWNLOAD THIS. I promise you that you will NOT regret it.
This game is a masterpiece, and will always be a masterpiece, I literally love playing this epic fortnite alien game. This game has introduced so much, above others that I couldn't even fathom could happen in a video game. The alien gangdam style, the grandpa with his shovel, the torture and anguish that your fellow friends must go through, all for the sake of entertainment. They went through so much, and I am glad they did. This was a life changing experience, and many others should see it fo
This game is nice but the game graphics is very very very nice download th e nice game to play and to come to Timepass and I like this game that's why you're giving 5 star
I like this so much I'm honest this is very great please to add more items but I want to play without bar please destroy bar
Everything from movement to storyline is horrible. Before you even play the game, it wants you to purchase outfits for your Character at $4.99. There is a Tik-Tok ad EVERY TIME you Finish a level. This game feels like It's in an Early Beta Phase. Uninstalling, not playable, Character does not walk freely around the screen. Character gets stuck very often. Levels are super short. Save your storage space!
Amazing best horror game better than granny slender and all the others every second playing it I felt like I was in heaven it may be a little buggy but still great it cured my deppresion and autism and aids I felt orgasmic while playing and I could not stop even when the swat team came
I rated five stars because,I like the idea of it but it as bad i mean baaaaaaadddddd grafics if you guy will fix this and just keep the idea i would realy appreciate that but and its very entertaining. so bro keep up the good work and try and make some more games. and have a nice one bro and i am talking to the dev of this game
Game is broken, I cant even play it before if force stops! Uninstalled and reinstalled a few times before giving up. Its obviously broken....
This game is absolutely flawless, i have been taken hostage in my basement and this game passes the time very well, thank you so much
I was really excited to play this game but when I went in I was stuck in the begining and didn't load I unstalled it and then I installed it agian but still did the same thing πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜
Great easy game play kids love it hes 4 however a few bugs it keeps crashing and we have to restart it other than that its awesome we watched fgteev play it
This game cured 23 of my 25 types of cancer. The only problem is that after about 10 missions you have to wait for an hour for the energy to regen. This almost got a 4 star review. but good game. highly recommended
This classic survival horror sandbox was released on PC, xbox 1, ps3, ps vita, mobile, NES, wii, virtual boy and it is rumored that versions were installed on select elevators in Kennewick, Washington.
I like the the game because it has a alien πŸ‘½ and a teaser of dancing and colors and a suit with new weapons and greater game I never played before
I give 3 stars because 1:its too weird to see aliens dancing. 2: it's interesting because you dont see this type of app oftenly. 3:I just started this game and "save your friends" lmao smh..most importantly.. dont let your kids to play it lol.. just saying
Great game, the controls are a bit quirky at times, but overall it's OK, great it was exciting for me at season 2 kinda seems like Better for a 4year old
This game is unplayable on pc. I was very excited to play it on BlueStacks becauseI didn't have a phone. I was so eager to play it when it finished downloading. And it worked! The only problem though is that it got stuck on the part that the aliens go in the UFO. Please fix this.
When I download this app it is very good but in the middle it was very bad because it was very very very bad you not download this very very very very very very very very very very very bad game this is
its a very enjoyable game to play, really like that you don't shove ads down my throat every two seconds like some games do..
i just wanted to play but it would not let me it kept my screen at a picture of 1 alian dancing 1 alian going in 2 spaship 2 dogs who r chasing me and 1 old @$!# head of a grandpa do not download its a waste of your pressiois time on twitch and youtube and if your a adult dont let your kids get it because it takes your time off pornhub
Wow i love it so much tysm for this nice game but the controls are not good enough but i l love it soo much wow and this looks fun to play it and a little bit scary tho
This is a funny,friendly and yet enjoyable game but the only problem is that the game has glitches and that makes it weird in some way
wow what a stupid ass game.i might have been able too play a few minutes longer if it wasnt so slow and stupid and laggy after each level.then forced adds every 2 minutes i think i will pass.delete.if your going to put a stupid ass game on here i wouldnt force adds.the game still isnt worth playing even if there were no adds.
I love this game cuz I've been playing this since I was 5I love this was on my old phone and I found it again on my I still remember how to play so I'll see how it goes ok😁😁😁