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Grand War: Napoleon, Warpath & Strategy Games

Grand War: Napoleon, Warpath & Strategy Games for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by JOYNOWSTUDIO located at 2 Kornhill Road, Quarry Bay Kornhill Apartments. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This Is actually a great game. Just that the tutorial is too long needs to be fixed. There are things that could be added like, controlling how much men you take to battle, what units you want to take, choose tour country rule and plus manging military would definitely be a five star game. So more control for the user over his or her troops. Do what I said to get 5 stars.
The video is suposed to give 5 free medals. However, after watching a few, it gives out 500 coins instead. I watch them for the medals, and not for coins. This is basically fraudulent. Please fix it ASAP. Otherwise, Good game. Strategy focused.
Really good, proper strategy game and great fun........ the only thing missing really is a skirmish style level ......so you can play with out the turn restrictions and away from story mode
The better version of European war series from easytech with samilar problem: impossible to win later levels without money. The easy diffcuity is ok, but then normal is literally impossible. With all common tech upgraded and 3 troops 4 generals, barely passed lv1 on normal lol
I have posted on the FB site about a problem after the last 4 updates. Each update is a month apart. I beat Eu#14, normal with 3 stars every time I play it. It does not give me 3 stars. I do get all the troop loses. I cannot advance to play the next eu#15 normal. Please take care of this.
Well I found it by accident but good and bad news so good news It's like what all the other hex strategy games were trying to accomplish but missed the mark. The bad news. I spent a lot of money that was never expendable. Then a second scenero where all brand new $5-$10 generals to buy. None from the first scenero carried over to the second one. None of my truck payments did either. That's because I missed the part where the charchters was only a lease. I'll settle for an even million.write bac
Great game. I passed every level without even spending any real money except my data pack. To all who find level 8 and 12 impossible to pass you need to be a good strategist to pass them. Waiting for the more levels.
I would have given this a full 5 star as I enjoyed the overall experience of the game. Unfortunately, I had to reinstall the game due to glitches that I can't even pass French campaign level 11 despite having finished the scenario twice. Much worse level 12 is locked or blocked?!?.... Now I can only view from afar thanksgiving update level 13 without having a taste of a game experience on that scenario..Start all over and see if the glitch still persist, Then I have to totally delete the game.
I love the game, for the fact that such strategic war game to be offline and free, I say "kudos" to the developers. But y I gave it 3 star is bcos, as I waited to observe before rating, I discovered that when the "Lancer" needs to recover; say maybe u hv 2300 coins and 2119 coins is needed to "expedite" him, like to hasten the recovery, the game will say "you don't have enough coin". Sadly, after saying that 2119 coins will be deducted from your safe, leaving you with 779 coins. So so painful!
Pretty much the same as eastern front. One big difference don't have to worry about keeping units supplied while advancing..witch is nice 👌
Game is fun, unfortunately I've came to a spot where I can not continue, without spending money; very sad.
already play for a long time... then update the game... the game cant be start... when start the game, after the logo show up... then black screen... nothing happen.... today new update show up... update the game... start the game... and black screen again.... oh come on.... i want to play again...
I installed it. I launched it. It asked immediately the permission to access my personal files on my smartphone. And from what I see in the description, it requests a lot of other permissions irrelevant to the game. So I decided to just refuse and... the game crashed. Impossible to start it without giving it the permission to snoop. So I uninstalled it. My privacy is not your playground.
The game is ok but decided to uninstall. I saved enough medal to but another personal troops, didnt realize I need to select an empty slot. Overrided my lvl13 lancer troop. The game should be more mistake-proof.
Entertaining to a point where you really can't win without spending money. Increasingly difficult units you go up against and you can't compete, they wipe you out with 1 shot. Rewarding until you get to this point, which is soon after starting
Typical money draining game... over priced and over rated why on earth do you developer's charge so much, after all you gain money from advertisement and fleece people for medals or gems depending what game you play these days, yet you charge so much for this and that 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ anyone would think you make games for consoles 🙄 stop over charging especially when you have advertisements in games 🤦‍♂️
It is a good game. Would be nice if you could undo your troops last move. And make it easier to heal the troops or group raids optional on NPCs only. or keep it the way it is. Awesome concept though. Worthy of the stars for sure keep up the good work. Thanks.
Nice playing as France, till you get to Jena and have no way to win it and you have to stop playing the game. Bad design flaw, everytime you put a unit out 5 enemy show up. Game had potential until that dont waste your time, l have tried every way and no way works to take the level. Sadly will have to uninstall as its unplayable now.
So far, highly recommended. More complex than risk but not overly complicated. Easy and fun to play. 4/5 stars because they gave me 2/3 stars on my 3rd battle where I delivered overwhelming victory against superior forces. XP
Please give artillery company in the exchange of medals whatever the no. of medals may be. Bring more commanders like Nicolas Oudinot and Marshal Saint-Cyr, add more camps , bring the carabiners of the napoleonic army and pray give them for medals at may be 600 medals , what about the mercenaries. I rate the game 2 stars not because of its graphics or its gameplay . It's my earnest request please add these things I have mentioned above and your game will get more players.
Amazing game, lots of unit development- would love to see other epochs covered at some point, like 100 years war etc. This game could also apply for EU funding as a product that helps people learn some history. Fantastic work and I'm often critical towards games
This game is fabulous in all aspects. Easy to master both gameplay and controls. There is however a bug in the game which doesn't allow you to obtain all 3 stars in France level 1difficulty normal. I experienced this about a month ago and was hoping it would have been resolved now during the latest update. It is a recurring issue even after multiple attempts.
Love it, outstanding game, but has some problems. I get it's historical, but the NPCs are so aggressive, and it's impossible for me onnleve six as Europe, and eight as France. Other than that, spelling, the terrible economy set up, and the fact that it takes three turns to surround a fort on a river and take it out is annoying. Still a great game.
Loved this game, but I'm sure they've changed the recharge time for your troops so it's hardly worth playing it you get to attempt one mission a day with a chance to complete the level. It's a shame.
This is the first game I find worth it writing a review on, as I see a lot of potential in this game. For the Battle of Austerlitz, here are some suggestions: Let the human player possess more troops, or simply let us control the whole battlfield. Don't leave the job of taking the Pratzen Height to the stupid A.I, who won't even capture an unguarded objective building, won't push their arty to the front, won't guard their arty with infantry, while the enemy A.I were good and OP.
Its a virus. Began corrupting my phone as soon as I downloaded it. Wants full access to your entire phone but doesn't state that. Will not give any app full control of my phone. Thats something only fraudulent apps would even ask for or want. Uninstall this now if you have it already and make sure to take away the apps permission in playstore as well.
This game is very exciting love it l get it historical very much you to add ww2 and some information on the battle but problem to identify the best wars information
This is in my opinion one of the best tactical games,the graphics is outstanding .this is really an entertaining game. However the storyline should be more historically accurate and the are minor dialogue errors and I really hope in future updates rewards are at a larger amount because an individual will need alot gold and medals throughout the game.
Very fast moving and easy to play ! One of the top 5 game apps in the store! Fun and full of action .! Play for you're self if you can't play this game then you're a preschooler !!
Are there any more stages?? I'ved finisihed all stages and collect every kinds of troops. Even Napoleon Hero.. I've stop playing for more than a wewk now.. need more stages.. progresses are too slow
Excelent addition to the brand, after WW series Great War made me re-discover it, better grafics, better gameplay, smoother experience....well done
For me, this is one of the greatest games of all time!! It is turn-based with a multitude of parametres to consider and that makes it challenging. I enjoy thinking before deploying troops rather than releasing all of them randomly. I also love the fact that I don't have to log-in every few hours. There is plenty of history behind it, so I also learn about important battles. The in-game rewards are good & I will definitelly spend some money. Graphics & music are great! Plz fix spelling errors!!
Game play itself is a lot of fun. Got me to make purchases even. Problem I have had is preowned generals that then get in daily rewards... vanished. (Two generals) one the new version never showed up. Sec daily rewards general... old and new version vanished. Not happy with that. There are a few other glitches in the medals area. Besides the NEGATIVE effects. I'd still recommend to others to play. Just don't spend cash on game at the moment. Hope it gets fixed soon. Fun game. Thanks
Very great game but please include the carabiners in the game and give them for medals . This game is really interesting. But you haven't added the mortars What is this guys . Please add the marines of the imperial guard . Napoleon himself stated "They were good sailors, then they were the best soldiers. And they did everything - they were soldiers, gunners, sappers, everything!" The uniform consisted of a blue tunic and Hungarian-style trousers.
Very enjoyable if you in to strategy and not quick fix by paying to win this is a game for you. Yes there is a pay option but it is not about making you all powerful.
This game is getting worse. I'm have been playing it for almost a year now but I'm disappointed with this game's development. Too many glitches and the game want us to spend money without it you will get nothing. If the glitches are not fixed within a week I'm leaving this game.
It's a great game... Well it has great mechanics and everything. Absolutely love the graphics and mechanics but there should be something like a Grand Campaign like in Total War Games. If the campaign was there so we can choose our faction and actually fight without objectives, the whole game would be great. If you do add it in with the Napoleonic Wars I think France should have like a resource boost so it gains a large percentage of resources more since its at war with like a million people.
Problem with gameplay is: there is only missions(nothing else is detected), gameplay must be fast because there is low number of turns,.. The speed of the game cannot be changed in the options, game don't have auto play, not so much buildings are available(just fortresses). Recommended big batte with 350 turns. Soon more informations about game
Very good but I guess it's a French translation . Probably need a translator to look at the English. Love the text on Nelson 🤩 it's as bias as our history. " He did well in the Mediterranean" best we forget about Trafalgar. Were the French there ? or was it just the Spanish he beat.😁 Very funny these things still matter. Very good art work and music. Think about the 1812 overture, just the music not the battle I think that was 2 nil to Russure, but Well done . Et Vive la France.
I enjoyed it alot ,but there is a problem with lvl8 war . Even I killed all the enemy troops and occupied the entire stage , it showed that I was defeated . How it is possible !! That made me some frustration . What I need to do to win . There is some problem with conquest guidelines and instructions .
Very good game. Challenging, balanced and fun gameplay. Improvement ideas would be a multiplayer - that would be fantastic! Also the shop is a bit expensive. I think around 15usd for a general is too much. 5 or 7,5 for the legendary sounds okay,as their benefits are good, not gameplay changing yet but 15usd is too much. The cheaper ones are basically so so in my opinion. Thank you developers.
I just did the update but now it's saying there is a resource file download needed. When I click on the prompt to download the screen goes blank. (Update) re gave five stars due to great customer service and new update the following day.
Seemed like a Cool game, but then major bug encountered. After first mission, Game forces you to click "troops" but then when you do, it says "no troops available" but will not let you continue. Sad day because it seemed like it could have been an awesome game.
Great game. A military strategy game that is actually a STRATEGY game. Problem is, time flies when you're plotting and scheming and I get lost here for hours lol
Really good fun to play with lots of help at the beginning - in-game purchases don't get in the way and certainly play a background role. Good work!
I was reluctant to try this game bc most games like this nowadays are pretty lame. Fortunately Grand War has great game play and decent graphics. You can keep troops and upgrade troops unlike other turn based games. You get generals that help your play experience. There is in game purchases that i might try to swing but its totally optional. Its not a pay to win game. Im a big strategy and wartime history buff which this game holds accurate bits of both.
This game is amazing and good in strategy group.but there is some proplem,this game need pay money for victory at next battle.It was good that had mention.
This game is great. Most of my expectations are satisfied. There are some issues. The level 8 of France even in Easy mode is impossible. Number of turns is not sufficient. Enemies are too much. Please change the objectives or give some more troops and reinforcements. And I am not a person who spend money on games, so please allow some stuff for players like me. Other than that, great game. Edit 1:Thank you, the game is improving I am looking forward for more content.
Decent game. Managed to get victories in all stages and levels of difficulty apart from one. Not spent a penny. Use artillery as core units. Enemy usually passive so you can draw your units close and then punch thru defences. Daily tasks is enough to get the medals you need to process. Look forward to more stages.
I love the game. Just downloaded it, and I'm addicted. My only two problems yet is that you have to make a unit enter the city to capture it right after you destroyed it, and you have a limit to how many turns you can make. Makes the game really difficult. Other than that, this game is perfect. Thank you!
Game is awesome! The best version of this game in genre, of wich there are many. Fun and worth it to do some in game purchases, but not necessary to win. Love this time period. Solid game through and through!!!
It's an overall very good game. If you're the patient sort, I would suggest it. However my only gripe is the push for in-game purchases and the meager amount of medals you get. If that was increased to 10 medals an ad and 5 more medals it each time you get 3 Stars in a game, it's be sitting pretty. Besides that, it is very fun. It's a game worth investing a few bucks in but only if you're hard into strategy games.
Seems like a pleasant enough game as long as you don't make any purchases Rating so low because I did make a purchase, but nothing happened. The email on here looks fake and there doesn't appear to be a mechanism in the app to contact the developer, so I'm voicing discontent here
1st off, I do like this game, but I can only give it a 2. Had to restart this game 3 times as it locks up on getting the daily rewards. And of course you lose everything when starting over. Not worth trying to make a purchase
The game is a good game, but I purchased the Napoleon pack and never received it. Until this gets fixed you have 1* from me. I received a refund so I will upgrade my review. Overall it's a very good game, but it still has some bugs and misspellings eg. "energatic attillery commander." One request is to be able to replace general skills by retraining. If you make this change, I will give 5*.
I've had to restart my game cause non of my game play was saved even though it said it was saved. Also I've been waiting for 3 weeks.now to be given back $500 in gold coin which just up an disappeared an have written tech support x 3 now an still haven't received an apply or my coins. Very, Very, Very disappointed 😞 😕, Also Tech increase, as well.as.in readers for generals specialties are far to expensive. An the daily Log in doesn't work properly half the time an what u get is cheap amount
Getting strong "Battle Isle" feels here, which is a good thing - surround mechanics, terrain, unit types. Challenging game, even in easy mode. Some grind / replay required to get resources necessary to beat harder difficulties. Gorgeous graphics. Only four stars due to the often hilariously bad English translation. Sorry, I know not everyone is a native speaker, but that should be relatively easy to fix.
The gameplay is not overly complicated. I can play without having to watch endless ads in order to make progress. This is one of the better games of it's type.
The main problem I have is saving game data. I'm not on Facebook, so it's not easy to save my gameplay. Why not? Are you part of Facebook? And campaigns need to reflect more historical little known battles, Egypt, Haiti, etc... Overall enjoyable, but, put some military veterans/historical experts on the payroll. All theatres of war inter connect. Still basically thumbs up!
I love this game it gives you the details of the French Revolution we need more like this game also it would be great if we could have a construction game
its an awesome turn based strategy game it is all about skill and strengh the levels are really hard but with enough examining an strategic planning you will eventually get it done may only the best general win
Reminds me of chess. By the way why are the french line infantry uniforms austrian uniforms? Please fix.
Great game potential. You must protect your units for several rounds and those units are controlled by the AI who are always suicidal. They get killed so you don't get stars. Nothing you can do. Some of the missions are misleading due to inaccurate translations. It's not clear what you must do. Take a resource within 5 rounds or hold it for 5 rounds. Fun game. Fix the issues and get 5*.
I just started playing so I give it a four for now. You got it guys. 5 stars i give to this app. One thing i wouldnt mind seeing is the ability to better costomize our commanders traits. Or expand his skills to command other branches ex. Artillery, infantry, Navy, or Cavalry. And make it a little easier to earn medals.
(After Only One Senario) Fine. Works. Ad; misleading concept art, as usual.. Looks/plays same as European War 6: Except adds FOW, and consequenses for rushing in. Nice!... Why no new concept or twist? A unit with 1% Health; fights the same and even looks graphicaly, just like any other unit!?! Oh well. I hope they do SOMETHING different when we get to the Naval untits?
A good game and fun to play. Cost can be kept to a minimum, as there are plenty of rewards to use to upgrade troops etc. There are bugs of course, but they are usually taken care of quickly. Historically correct to a great degree. I enjoy it.
I love hex games, and the period its set in so its gonna get a solid 3 stars. I may adjust the rating after a bit more time playing when i get a better feel for the gameplay itself
Please the new patch has some issues that make me concern, light infantery has infinite counter attack, and some quests are harder than ever, do not ruin this great game. By the way, screen gets frozen without a reason shame.
Great game but I paid for the daily deluxe rewards yesterday and they show as unlocked but I can't tap them. Workaround -go through store. Yesterday and today I learned that spending medals to change troop skills won't let you change the skills they started with but the game takes your medals anyway. Also, trying to retrain a skill on a general from the same trainer keeps giving same skill and taking you money. Fixing these bugs and reimbursing medals/money will get you more stars. Thanks.
A true strategy game. Minimal grinding required. Very enjoyable and easy to play for a few minutes or an hour. No huge disadvantages if you don't play for a couple days.
Lovely game. Simply amazing. Just found out, that google.pay.slave can actually exceed my overdraft limit without any struggle. Bank REFUSES to increase overdraft. -350 now with a limit of 💯. Yes. We've arrived.
Editing my last review. Level 12 of France is impossible. I am fully upgrade with almost everything. I have spent just under $100.00. I have played that level 30 times on easy and thats the only one I cannot beat. Please revise level and make it a reach able goal. Easy should be easy and that is not easy.
Generals who skills change upon unlocking & make no sense to their attributes. Mission objectives that are very irritating. Like, protect ally ai who is extremely suicidal. Mission grinds are a bit boring. Did add levels! 11 is the new 8. Make a sandbox conquer of all of 🇫🇷 counties or europe, Please! So we get a break from missions. +1 star for updated levels & listening to your gamers! Keep up the hard work! Great potential! Ty for adding dailies in this game aswell.
Another "pay to win" game. More pay than play. Could be fun if there wasn't so many screens to give them money constantly popping up.
Servers do not update regularly, you get stuck on a daily reward for several days and the daily tasks get stuck as well so your progression is very slow. Many bugs. Have fought the same battle now 5 times and it will not record the victory, so you can not progress any further. Its too bad because the game is fun, but too broken to recommend. PS, don't bother sending an email to their customer care, they never respond
Its not a bad game, the art work is good, and its similar to other strategy games such as European war 4, and 6, I enjoy some of the features present in the game.
Very great concept of stratigic gameplay. Like chess,one must try hard to think before time and always look for a weakness in the enemies defence. Overall,it's excellent.👍
Deserves a 0 star. It has a forced tutorial an i am stuck on lv 02 of that tutorial. Cannot play ahead. No support or guides.no in app means to msg dev they want you to come on social media for support
I like it very much and it can help me at writing my professional comic.Thanks to the fans and developers of this great game.
Excellent game. Napoleonics like they're supposed to be. Stunning graphics. Don't really care for the buy stuff so could be pay to win, but the game is fun. If going online then be prepared to spend real money or you're gonna get beat. Not really sure what era game is supposed to cover. All in all a fun game. Use real money to advise. Pure pay-to-play.
Just played the intro! Pretty good so far? It's like a more focused version of those world strategy games. It has some potential!
It has an over all great experience,the background music,strategic aspect and levels are really fun.I also like how it gives u information about key people from that era in the loading screens.
Good game. No need to keep rushing things to keep up with other players. The clock has stopped (no daily reward and no free recovery every 8 hours). Waiting for the spring update. :) 14-feb: Daily rewards and free troop recovery is working again.
A good game with great potential. I enjoy playing it, but sometimes is really frustrating. First I feel like I am fighting the Hydra! For every unit I destroy, two pop out. Second my troops are more vulnerable.Third I should know at the start how many units the enemy initially posess. Fourth, sometimes victory conditions are too tight. Willing to give five stars, but not yet. Thank you.
Great game/Control... Need more ways to earn medals for more troops and to better explain upgrades once you get to level 8 it is damn near impossible to beat
An above average game with alot of potential. Not entirely unique, however, is going more of a direction I feel the European War series should have stayed on. Big issue I am having with the game is the game cuts short on the turns per level. For example, I am given 25 turns to complete the level, on turn 24, I the button to end my turn, level ends up in failure. To me that is a very big issue because you are losing a turn to do anything, which may have been all I need for that final push. 3.5/5
This is an exceptional game with lots of opportunities to improve. I loved how you could go far if you devoted time into the game Unfortunately, now that they removed the elite private troops, it's next to impossible to finish advanced levels, I really hope they bring them back because the game was perfect with them. It was on of the few games where it wasn't pay to win, though doubtless you'd gain an edge of you payed. In short, this is a fabulous game with few drawbacks that is worth playing.
This game is great! The way the terrain influences the battle makes you think your moves carefully. A world or europe conquest mode would be nice. Also, how many levels are there? Also, please add a feature where we get to make our own battlefield, you know, to put our strategies to the test :)
Grand game! Glad you were able to fix the daily rewards. However, I have lost my 'unlocked' troops; infantry, cavalry and navy. Or do you only have the troops for a week or so before you have to unlock them again?
Its a grate game its all about strategy heres the good stuff1.theres a lot of different Maeshals like Marshal Ney.But the bad stuff are 1.you cant tell the difference of the line infantry. please fix it so that they can be different colors.So i give it 4 Stars
I have played many similar Napoleonic War games. So far, this is the latest I came into. I loved the many features this game has that others didn't, especially the part where units a tile away can cooperate with other units that attack and the challenging fog of war and ambush. It makes a player want to reflect upon the situation and invent new tactics and strategies accordingly. I had encountered a bug, though. I can't collect my daily rewards from day two. Perhaps you can take a look at it.Tnx
Good game but I can't get past level 8 as france because I will do what it tells me to do but I don't have units and for level 6 as the EU I will will take the two places where I get reinforcements but It will only give 1 Of the reinforcements
2nd review. Had the game long time. Spent aprrox 100 dollars on generals and troops. Fun game Finished 90% on 3*. Some levels are broken eg Europe 15 needs at least 5 more rounds. Impossible even in easy as rounds end before taking city. Developer support is amazing, though. Lost my account and they were in constant contact. Amazing support!
OK game. I like it. There is strategy. I was able to progress to top level in easy using gold and medals from daily long in rewards. The thing is now there are no daily log in rewards anymore so no coins or medals. So to heal injured troops you need coins. You can heal one troop for free a day. To get generals and upgrade troops you need coins and medals. Daily tasks include buying, linking to Facebook etc. 20 dollars to buy a general. 20 dollars to buy that. A few bugs too.Will be deleting.
I purchase Generals and they are not available across different sections of the game. They set you in impossible odds and you must spend money even in easy mode. This is a wallet warrior game.
I really had a great time playing this game. Although there are a few minor glitches, it has been fun to improve my troops and challenging to win some of the battles; sometimes very challenging. I lost some, and had to improve my troops and get more generals to win. But I never had to spend a cent, just got the daily rewards (lots of ads watched) and played all the battles at all levels, sometimes several times. I'm looking forward for the new battles to come.
Good gameplay but later levels only become possible if you spend money on upgrades rather than skill. I like it, but it has a few irritations. Worst is when trying to train a general at a cost of 4000 coins. It always fails and then asks you to try again! I hope this isn't just a ploy to get you to pay for more coins, but I suspect it is!
I never really got to the game because it's keeps on exiting and this has never happened before, and I think you should fix the bug In your game
Love this game 🤩... To those having hard time figuring out how to win lvl 12(normal/hard) of France, use general movement skill at the starting 2 turns, make ur 3 special soldiers attack up and not to ur right. After that u'll figure it out 👍
I liked the short messages that pops up in the beginning of fight. The game is pretty interesting for players who are historic nerd like me.. 😂😂 Game has awesome reaction too.. I would like you to change or modify some of the gameplay like there should be a real fight where we can use units for forming lines and charge options.. And please don't give handful of coins or medals, please give it in bundles.. Thanks to You..