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Grand Summoners - Anime Action RPG

Grand Summoners - Anime Action RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by GOOD SMILE COMPANY, Inc located at 東京都千代田区外神田3-16-12 アキバCOビル8F. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the game would be a lot more fun if the drop rate actually increased and gave u new characters to use, i have gone for over 4 months without getting a new 5 star unit even tho the summons say 50% drop rate increased, it just gives me the same crappy 5 stars that i already have all the time
NO game is worth 5 stars. There is always something that can be improved. So far from my experience is that if you dont spend a good amount of money you wont get too far. That being said I have a good amount of money that I can spend on this game. Whether you agree with f2p or p2w it's up to you both methods are different obviously but one is faster and easier than the other. The battle system is pretty fun and entertaining. Pull system is a little wack but it does drop good stuff.
personally in my perspective I love this is one of the best games I played in so long I still dont know much of it because im still new to it but I'm getting there but other than that I rate it 5 because there's no problem, no lag, characters are awesome,pretty addictive tbh, and it's one of my favorite games keep it up 🤘😁😁
I honestly love(d) this game. It has a good story, great artwork, and a good co-op play system. The reason why it's 2 stars for me was that I paid over $100+ for summoning gems and I didn't receive a "better" chance rate than using non-paid gems. The company sucks out money from you and the "rates" to get rarer characters is almost laughable. I didn't want to believe that it was a pay-to-win game... but it is folks. You're better off downloading a game from Namco Bandai than this one.
I enjoy and love the game since day one about two weeks ago when I started. It's very addictive. I have nothing bad to say about this game. But one thing to look into, that we should be able to equip items for our characters without having to assign them in a group to do so. Just like how you would individually enhance units. And dont get me wrong you can keep the same way how you equip items but also allow us to individually do it also.
There are things about this game that make it great. But to be honest there is alot that make it a game to avoid. The raid is by far one of the worst features. It is unplayable, it will dissconect you almost every time. I have sent complaints many times and the developers have just ignored it. If your not spending money on the game the don't care. I will also warn about the drop rates on this game. once again if your not spending then you not gunna get what you want.
So my overall is being put at 1 star unless it's fixed. I love the game, amazingly fun and I'm a new player but the games saying I didnt save my data which I linked to my facebook and it practically deleted itself and I cant recover it. I refuse to delete the game in Hope's I keep my units (they may not be the best but I put a lot of time into upgrading them) if not for that I would say a clear 10 out of 10. and yes j did everything, tried restore, no update available, and emailed them.
very VERY good game. its just i cant play it right now. D: it is downloading but when it gets to 99.9 it wont work. like at all. i dont want reinstall the app because i dont want to lose data! can you please fix it for me??
definitely playable with no purchases imo, comparable to Brave Frontier, the FF knock off of BF, and One Piece - but better. Edit: only complaints i have are that HIME-AJISAL does appeal the proper amount of health in Arena. also, when you Limit Break units you get their alch back, but when you LB equipment, you don't.
Unless you are incredibly lucky or are prepared to spend hundreds of dollars, dont get your hopes up for getting any new or top tier units. The entire marketing strategy is to gut punch you in the hopes that you will pay them money to decrease the chance that they will gut punch you again. Hard pass. I highly recommend just about any other gacha game.
5 to 3 to 1 star. DCing/server problem isnt fix,downloading hundreds to thousand of MB data every update without even predownloading a content/unit/items or anything it just downloaded hundreds of data. Its getting more and more ingame problems, seriously pls fix it already ( ºÄº ). PS:I still love this game.
this game is good,for instance I like the the story so far,I love the character design and artwork,I love the sound quality,and I most of all like how they did a one punch man event this game is the best
This game requires an immense amount of grinding just to get to a point where you don't need to rely on high level players to beat the normal difficulty levels. I'm level 100 which takes a very long time to get to, and I only have about 85-95 different characters. The summons only give the same 15 low level units with a wide variety of high level units, but the chances of actually getting a 5-star character are extremely low. You'll probably see the same 15ish characters for a long time.
Ok, the gameplay, Artwork amd sountracks are excellent. But seriously what is wrong with the games updates. Everytime i reopen tge game there is an update. The first was 1.1gb then around 20mbs everytime. Now i have to download a 600mb update. Best of all, this time it gets stuck at 100% for half an hour and when i restarted i have to redownload the 600mb from the begining. The game already covers 1.5gbs of my storage. Brave Frontier is much better than playing this rip off.
Kept on getting "DISCONNECTED FROM THE LOBBY" even though I have strong internet connection. Tried to ask other players and they have been experiencing the same thing. It happens very quite often on Multi-player. Please fix this, knowing that the party always been disbanded just because of that. Will make it 5 stars once it has been resolved.
do not get this game. it's full of the same toxic elitists from final fantasy dissidia opera omni community. they refuse to help low level players, refuse to let you join when it says anyone welcome, they ridicule you for using units that aren't meta much like the HP side. do no download this game it's also filled with people who will dump loads of money in the game. don't be fooled by there streams or ads on how this game is player friendly the rates are still horindous as well.
Amazing gameplay, graphics are phenomenal, but I can't help but notice that the story line "ends" at chapter five but then keeps going. Kind of wierd to have a pre-finisher in the middle of the quest line. Otherwise amazing, 11/10, would (and have) recommend to a friend.
As a veteran of this game, I can say that this game is fun. BUT the issue is the summons. Like most gacha games, there are rates to summon something. Problem with this is that the rates for special/collaboration units are low. The issue is that, what is the point in collaborating if almost no one gets the unit. It might just be me venting out my frustration, but please make the special/collaboration units basically guaranteed. It's a nice thing to remember who the game has collaborated with.
This game is nice but gameplay can be somewhat repetitive, but that's not what bothers me. There is a clear disconnect between the playerbase and the developers, and to guarantee a unit you want you will need a years worth of gems or 600$. Even as a light spender you will see some problems, and the pity system is a joke. Unless you have an absurd ammount of disposable income avoid this nightmare.
Can someone tell me why my game won't download any data... I have tried everything. I reset my phone, I checked the permissions, I deleted it and redownloaded. I've done everything and it still won't let me get pass the loading screen.... and it says "failed to updated the app"... straight from the game.
everything but the raid is actually awesome. however the raid at least for me is a bit broken given that i keep getting disconnected for now reason explained. please can someone tell me what i can do to fix this? cause i am really getting tired of the fact that i use all orbs to see that any damage i do to the boss will actually be 0.
Can't get into the app, tells me to install a large update that I have enough room for, and then when it's at 99.8%, it tells me something like "Did not update" and lets me select a retry button, in which does nothing and just pops up over every time I click. 3 stars since it's a good game except the fact I can't get in
I used to absolutely love this game as it was relatively rewarding for spending a lot of time and effort. But I can sadly say that they have removed the 10k alch summon banner, which was really the only viable option when trying to for sure get new units. I really hope they change this back soon and get rid of these trash rate banners, otherwise I may have to give up on this game.
It's a really good game and I really enjoy it. I'm also asking for the next "crossover" if you can add in the anime "The Seven Deadly Sins" please.
I used to think this game was very fun, but now its a smack in my face. Low unit pull rates, expensive in-game currency, bad unit banners, and a pain in my ass story.<- sorry for my language. Its not as fun as when you first start out. As somewhat of a vet i dont enjoy the game as much anymore. Not to much to be happy about and not much fun to have. Still i have been playing dor more than a year so i might as well stick to the game like glue until i cant no more. Hope this game gets better.
"increased drop rate" for characters featured in the summons isn't increased, you will waste a lot of your time and crystals for nothing but 4 star characters. You may get lucky eventually restarting 1,000 times but no one wants to waste their time grinding for disappointment. You have to get extremely lucky restarting or pay to get characters you want. Definitely not a free to play game. P2W/P2P, I leave my review with 3 stars, money grabbers
Really fun game, loved it. Ran into one problem and the customer support said it couldn't help me because I did NOT submit my request for support in JAPANESE! Why are you releasing this game Globally if you do not have Global support. My whole experience with this game has been ruined by terrible customer support. Its like they dont want me to play. If your reading this Dev Team please do something because this is no way to treat a customer.
seems summons are still really low but im not here about that right now. Now the game crashes everytime i try to open up the news and update section which is really annoying not being able to see the updates and enemy info, please update with a fix.
Avoid PvP unless you can cheese it with 4 duck bags (ametarasu's bag that looks like a duck... Quack!) At MLB. Use your crystals for equip summons and if you've been playing for less then the first 10 days think about using the ult warrior ticket for rags. Otherwise great game, epic characters and story with a lot to do, IaPs are good but not needed (cept PvP) making this one of the best F2P games to date with epic crossovers (hoping for a dbz one soon enough XD)
Hello. i have been a player of grand summoners for a couple months now. the new update just keep freezing the game when its almost done or done. please help me because i am excited for the new update but cant exactly play it
i really love this game the art is cool and the game is really fun. i think the pull rates are pretty bad which drew the game back but that was all no big d. Now its getting frustrating because this game lacks a lot of what the jp side has which is content. global has been really dry with no new content coming out and it has reruns of events that are ok. We were told that we will get a new equip with each rerun and i think thats happened once. For the past few months there has been nothing to do
Hello Developer🙂 i just wanna said this game great overalls, enjoyable story, great music, and i love the animation (especially slime rimuru bouncing 😀) But, i just play this game for 1 month and already clear all story and side story, my units already well prepared with max equip and high crest lvl then im getting little bit bored.after that i see video in jpn grand summoner ver that really far updated than global.ver😒 still waiting for to be continue main story 😤 and blood knight story.
I got this game and really enjoyed it for day 1. Afelter that it all went down hill. I am 100% in favour of spending money in games. It helps support the developer. But I have spent nearly £100 trying to get One Pinch Man characters and have seen nothing but duplicate, sub par characters. If you want to make your game pay to win then go for it, but at least make it worth the while to people who choose to spend money! Absolute RIP off. Not worth the effort.
enjoyed playing this game, I had spent so many hours into this game to get to where I have gotten, until i had to update the game. it was downloading as normal and it got stuck at 100% and never budged. I closed the app and tried again and it was stuck on the downloading screen. so i had no choice to delete and re install the game and I lost everything. I know I linked it but for some reason it isn't working. I tried contacting customer support and no response it's been 2 months and nothing.
I love this game, but, after a month or two you completely run out of things to do. Just waiting on the next crossover to summon is really all that remains. Great game to pick up and kill some time, give it a try!
Very much enjoy this game, but I'm only going to rate 3 stars because I feel, along with the usual stuff about summoning rates, that in-game currency is quite overpriced, there's an awful lot of recycled content (there are plenty of events that don't get rerun, not quite sure why that is). It's enjoyable certainly has the most longevity of any game I've played on mobile, but if the above are addressed I would rate higher.
This is a good game but it could use some improvement for sure. The gacha rates are very bad and worse than all gachas ive experienced for one. Another thing is once an event is over you cant get the characters anymore and unlike most games where the new units go into the pool they just are gone and if you didnt get them thats too bad. The bad gachas wouldnt be that bad if this wasnt the case.
definitely playable with no purchases imo, comparable to Brave Frontier, the FF knock off of BF, and One Piece - but better. Edit: only complaints i have are that HIME-AJISAL does appeal the proper amount of health in Arena. also, when you Limit Break units you get their alch back, but when you LB equipment, you don't. Dropping my review doen to 3 stars since the devs decided to remove the daily free spin lottery wheel, main source of alch
Great game. story is interesting, good collaboration flow, they listen to fans, definitely worth it. here's hoping to see Konosuba collab in the future, same with rising of the shield hero and even Overlord. small problem. lately can't actually see the stories. it shows no dialog only a black bubble. please help.
I have been playing this game since the slime event (which currently hasn't come back.) meaning it's been over a year now. The game play has been fun, but has definitely started to become more tedious than anything. The summoning rates were "ok" at best back then, but have only gotten a whole lot worse since. DO NOT WALE on this game. It's not worth it anymore. If you want to have fun, go play 7DS instead, or almost any other gatcha, where you can ACTUALLY get useful units. The music is nice tho
Well I did like this game, until I tried to buy the crossover physical pack. When I tried to buy it, the money was taken, but I didn't get anything. I was pretty disappointed so I tried to restart the game, maybe that was the problem. It wasn't. I checked my gift box, nothing was there. I tried to see if I can get my money back but it doesn't seem like I can. I'm writing this to see if maybe a mod or someone from the administration can try to help me get a refund or the items I attempted to buy.
wow this f****** game yesterday I as trying to download the data but it didn't work how the f*** didn't it work I had the storage for it and now I have to wait a f****** week for the divine shrine of remembrance to awaken my unit fix the downloading and also when I download I have to redownload the game data again
Games is fun but slowly the game is becoming stale. Hear me out I love this game but there has been no new events in quite a long time instead now most events are just a new banner with a new hero. So in conclusion game is amazing but just needs new events instead of banner events.
It's very good game and i enjoy the gameplay. My concern is why theres no script for the storyline. There's no voice in the scenes or script. Some do have scripts but it cutsoff and it looks like the toons are just staring at each other with their mouth moving. I will leave it at 3 star till that issue is resolved. The storyline is one of the most important part of the game or the game is pointless and aimless.
One of best pixel art game. Lot of collab event. High rate gacha, beautiful voice actor make this game more live. The only con is some unit has more love than the other so make this less strategic because one hero is too OP and force player to get them to beat most of content. I hope developer make more content with more unit combination required.
Dont like the game after a few weeks. At the beginning, it was good. I received a lot of good stuffs. However, after a few weeks, my units suddenly drop attack and arts gauage a lot. It takes long time for arts. I am not playing much. BTW, it is getting boring quickly because the quests are too short. They finally fixed my problem.
I gonna say this right out. I love this game. Long, grinding collection RPG is just my thing. Plus the crossover events are fun. That said, the Global version of this game is pretty BS. The rates for good units are trash, and the game encourages pay to win every couple minutes. That wouldn't be so bad, except even with paid gems the rates are still absolute trash and the prices are ridiculous. I like this game, but idk if I can recommend it to people in good faith.
this game is absurdly easy to get addicted to i feel like it give you a chance to kind of feel what its like to control these awesome characters that you see on your tv and it just does so well with the theme music and with the destruction that you can put out overall i recommend that you should download it
if you like brave frontier or 16 bit looking graphics this game is for you! just make sure you reroll your accounts to get the best start! however pvp is pointless in this game. the banners are full of crappy filler units that you dont want , also loads of paid summons. and the pity system is way to high i think every 3 to 4 summons you should get 1 random ssr. that begin said the game is good give it a try :)
i really do love this game but i have a idea to make it easier. when in a multiplayer lobby , why dont you make there a option to change host to another for the reason of the main host dont have enough energy to continue the quest we can change the host and use there energy
Despite the somewhat shoddy translation job, the story is okay. The summon rates, however, are abysmal even with the limited pool of characters compared to other gacha games. The fighting mechanics and anime crossover events make the game appealing, but you'll need to spend money if you really want to get those standout characters and their "True" equipment that makes the boss content more approachable. Use this gacha game as a casual endeavor and save your money for higher quality options.
I have been playing this game for some time now and I'd like to think my self as a veteran player. I love this game and have supported it and put some money into it. i dont mind that because i like supporting games i like. the only thing I have noticed after playing it for some time is that the drop rates on the summons are extremely bad. you have to almost spend $50-$100 dollars per event to hopfully get the unit you want or get a decent unit. same thing goes for the gear rate are just as bad.
Dev you guys need to do something for the drop rate in this game,for f2p player like me is hard to get a decent heroes without spending real$$ and even if i want to spend some cash the price you guys put in the game is insanely expensive. Still the game play is great i spend a lot of my time playing this game
I really enjoy this game. Such great pixel details and design, the story, the environment, the action! Is all INCREDIBLE. This is what games need to be more. I love it :D ..but I need some help getting my old account back, please help me. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for making this Game :)
Sorry 2 stars the rate, the game is full gacha game, if your unit is not strong you cannot clear the higher stages.. And i observe of the boss battle im stuck of evolve my units because i cant farm any materials for upgrades the other units, i suggest to boss battle reset every weekly for farming materials.. The game is awesome for anime collab.. Greatjob for the hard work..
The game does rely on how lucky or how much the player wants to spend on a banner, as some levels require specific team comps which makes a wide variety of players not able to complete and enjoy content. If you could make a way to balance that, then this game would be significantly better. The summoning rates are bad. To fix that, maybe you should either increase the rates or make there be more ways to summon, like maybe a proper way to farm alch and have an alchemy summon on each banner.
Really disappointed with the long term playability of the game. For a game that is reward focused, this game offers very little reward compared to the hours, or even money you put in should you chose to go P2Play. This game has shown increasing disregard for committed players, and it is clear that even behind the crossovers, meant to attract new players, the focus of the company is solely monetary gain rather than providing a good experience.
The gameplay is fun and engaging but starts to hit walls you can't overcome without some serious luck or investing money in the game on a significant level. The events are all creative and usually pretty rewarding so that's a pretty high note seeing as my reviews on events tend to be strict. Gameplay - 4/5 Gacha - 2/5 Plot - 3/5 Staff - 2/5 Events - 4/5
I love this game!!!! Only wish yiu had a easier way on getting gems. I tryed to log in the game but it dosent let me in it keeps saying connection lost or something like that but yet im using wifi? It all started when i wanted to upgrade one of my heros did i break the game or something? Need help if your thier plz help out with this sistuation
Love the game but after the last update it just keeps saying transmission errors or disconnected from the lobby....its unplayable at this point for me....I know it's not my internet cause it's the only game I'm having problems with...my fav game too....just wanna play
This game is amazing, I really enjoy playing for the amount of crossplays they have on here from so many popular animes, one problem I have is the drop rate for the event right now, Goblin slayer, I have opened the 11 summon more then 10 times and the Alch summon multiple times but still not a single one of the charecters were pulled but when the Reincarnated As A Slime was out I got them right away, I really hope for this to be looked into if something was changed or of a different reason.
After spending around 3,000 USD on this game over the course of 2 years Ive gotten about 3 collab units that I want and about 9 other units that were important for the time. Ive been logging in consistently since then and throughout every event I have never gotten a 5 star unit from a ticket that didnt guaranteed it. Ive gotten 2 5 star units from free crystals, and about 3 from the free daily summon. complete waste of time and money. The amount of grinding expected is like 50 hours+ per banner
Used to be a great game. The direction has taken a turn recently to just try to milk money out of the player base. Rates have always been low but they seemed to have dropped them even lower lately. They also used to have a second source of trying to get a banner unit through their alch summons, but they have lately either not even offered them, or diluted the pool so much that your chances of getting a banner unit are basically nothing. It's a shame, it can be a fun game.
The game is fun and a great time waster. The only problem is that this game doesnt support f2p players. And it doesnt support people who will spind a couple dollers on the game. Everything is super expensive. Sometimes the deals aren't even reasonable. They need to tpne down on the price and make it easier for f2p players. If they did this game wpuld be much more popular.
Imagine you are playing Streetfighter, with 4 allies all on the same team, with clickable weapons and armor you can unleash on enemies! This game has the awesome gameplay like a streetfighter capcom game but with way more customization of your characters. Truly GREAT BATTLES. I love charging up a special and doing amazing damage, or heal other units, or debuff and buff. Trust me give it a try if you like hack and slash rpg thats so cute and real feeling. BEST CONTROLS AND ART!
i want to ask why i didn't get the 5000 alchs for 2 streak logins? i'm new, just joined 3 days ago and realized i haven't gotten the 2 streak logins from beginner help (to be master?) you guys said. how can i get that alchs? thanks
I've once rated this game before...but now I'm back and revised, my opinion has changed a lot since then and now I'm here sharing it it...This is an amazing game for who plays it I would recommend this to any of my friends and get they will have fun.10/10
This game is fun and addictive. Its pretty easy to get to mid or end game team. ONE THING THOUGH, the updates are a big troll. First I see the update file was about 30MB. Downloaded and in-gamd patch was 73MB. After the patch is done, it says it need another update of 500+MB. Please do compile the updates properly.
Love it lol. Dloaded this as a back up game and now I'm hooked. Alot of things to do. Really have to play around with stuff to learn. But straight up loving it now. Thanks to the devs 👍
It's a good game, played it before, but the thing is when I try to download the 574Mb of data, it stops at 99.9%. I dont know why it's happening but please solve it, I tried the redownload data, checked my wifi connection (which is fine), and checked for an update, but there isn't an update, please fix this, it's a good game. I rate 5 stars when it's fixed
I've been grinding simple missions for a couple weeks now and with the freebies they give too I have bank. 3 event characters I wanted and 830 gems for further pulls. It takes some time but they are a f2p but cant give 5 due to arena bs on higher tiers, Still amazing on everything else. If you log in every day you will get gems easily. I have over 300 bucks worth by just playing over time. Arena still bs but I have my fun.
Mostly enjoyable, my big issue is the character draw system. I saved up my gems for over a month waiting for the newest event. The event drops so I spend 700 gems trying to get event characters. I got 1.... and only the garunteed one on first draw. After that, that's 650 gems blown on event draws with no event characters. So that 13 draws, 11 characters each. That's 141 opportunities that failed. I like the game but the drawing system needs some serious work. I feel robbed
GREAT Game and graphics, the story is impeccable and it's non stop fun, the crossover are amazing espeically if you like anime, the PvP is also amazing!! Once you're a high enough lvl you can do anything, the concept is fun and the co-op has a variety unlike other games, the game is continuing to update!! Though it's 8-bit it's really just great!!
only played it for the slime event because I liked that anime, the problem is the summoning rate I spent 30 hero gems "1500 normal gems" to get the character that I want from the anime it cost about 30 dollars to get 30 gems meaning it costs 1500 dollars to get one character, I was lucky I started playing when they had their anniversary event and was able to get all the gems in about 3 months" about 9 hours of playing each day" and there is no safe way of saving my data I could lose it any time.
can not rate an app that I have not played yet , because I can't get past the t.o.s. what's up with that?! company seems to be pretty insecure and plenty paranoid. And your stupid game takes longer to load than reading your t.o.s. So uninstal and delete, goodbye!
I'll try to be positive as possible, but seems i can't do much about it. The gameplay : pretty simple, you just need to know what to use and when. The rates/pulls : you know, it's kinda the same with other games... Sometimes it's a luck but most of the time it gave you disappointment with a twist. The community : now this is where i ran out of positive comments. Yes, YOU, the players. I can't handle this anymore but STOP ASKING FOR BANNERS ON A PLACE WHERE IT SHOULDN'T BE. Also, LEARN THE GAME
New Update wont download. Let me start by saying I absolutely love this game and play daily. That being said I update it everytime a new one comes out, but with this one it wont complete. It gets to 92% and says to retry, I have done so numerous times to no avail. Now I am going to lose my daily streak of logging in due to this error. Please fix this as I would love to continue to play. Thank you.
Absolutely love this game, seeing what other people reviewed prompted me to write this because of the bad reviews. I didn't have any issue with this game, no bugs, no problems... all the bugs and glitches the reviews are talking about personally seem fake and wanted to get something from the devs. I love the art, the combat, and the fact that they do events with animes that I love.
I absolutely loved this game and I have no problems with it except for one I use to play this on my iPhone but my iPhone broke so I downloaded it on my galaxy A20 and tried to transfer my account it didn't work please help me fix this problem I put a lot of time and effort into this game and I don't wanna have to start from scratch
This game is Outstanding! It is also f2p. This type of gameplay is the type which i wanna donate to keep this game sustain. But will you add PvP feature for the next? Keep the good work! edited: it's not f2p, the gatcha rates are unbelievable low!
A good game, but becomes very repetative and the gameplay slowly gets uninteresting. The story is dragged out and I find it terribly boring. The gacha rates are unbelievably bad so don't expect fair game, and the prices are ridiculous. I had fun for a while on it, but the app became too large and too many updates for me to handle, and some levels are too hard for free players and with the bad gacha rating, its hard to get passed a 6-7 stared course. The app is about 2.2 gbs by now
Grand Summoners is an immersive well written original story experience that will keep players playing for hours on end. Furthermore, with the game's malleability, crossovers with well known and beloved anime such as OPM, keep the game enjoyable and fun. On the other hand, though the drop rates seem "unfair" at first, if you play the game long enough or if you reset (do if you're brand new) you'll notice that you get just as much of what you want then what you had wanted before. In clarification, though you may miss an event with the character you had wanted, there will always be events that you get the characters you want and opportunities to get the ones you missed, especially with all the free crystals they give you on a daily basis X D. Lastly, if you have ever played Final Fantasy 1 or even Brave Exvius, this game will peek your interest with its high quality pixelated characters and elaborate combat system, that require on the moment decision making and strategy. As a result Grand Summoners is a surefire way to hit your nostalgia bone while also tweaking and improving your preexisting thoughts on what mobile JRPG's should be like.
This game was fun, I really enjoyed playing it, but as I played the game the more I realized how p2w it was, and I found out that the hard way. This game's gacha rates are ridiculously harsh, this is just unacceptable now. I will still be playing, but this game has gotten too stingey on getting banner units. I dont recommend this to new players.
Very addicting and Fun I give it four stars cause in a way you can get gems but very slowly makes it a little difficult to decide what you want to use your gems for summoning units or summoning items. I wouldn't say it pay to play at all and they have gotten better at give more gems to players sense they first began this game. It's a good time waste, plus you will love the art work and animation, as well as game play!!! Just try it out
the game is great and addicting, but i have a small issue, the game won't let me connect to facebook or other social media, my phone just broke and without a cloud save i just lost my 30+ hours of progress in the game, pls fix this... Update: the new update fixes the problem thank you! and after years playing this game I've realized that the summon rate of the main featured event hero are too low, I've summoned more than 40 times and I don't get any of the featured units, that's all thank you
Overall , best mobile game i've ever played . However , i did not get my Ultimate Hero Ticket and ×100 hero summons after logging in for 10 days . Please give them to me as promised.
So far the game is very fun very cool units and love the cross over event that happens. It is quite hard to level your guys and it cost so much to upgrade so i think if there was like a beggineers gift that can award you with tons of materials then it would make for a much better experience. The game is still good whatsoever and highly recommend people to play it
The game is fun and the gotcha features are fair enough that within a few days I've gotten a handful of decent units. My issue is that without a decent wiki page open on the side I don't have a clue what most of the items or units I'm getting are. There are endless amounts of things to farm, units to save for raising other units stats, food items to gove boosts, and I really don't know what to keep, sell, use without a pretty non-existant 3rd party source, and to me that is bad game design.
New players beware. The game will be very generous at first, but after a month or two of playing you will experience frustration and anger, constantly. With the terrible rates its not noob friendly at all. If you dont have top tier units which is very hard to obtain, you will be kicked from multiplayer lobbies. Your only option for clearing hard stages is to beg on discord and seek help which is not a fun way to play. Overall bad for f2p.
For a gatcha game, rates are pretty trash. Its very frustrating when the developers put garbage units in the alch pool just to dilute it so getting a character you want is somewhat difficult without spending IRL $$. The global version is also pretty far behind the JP version. Sometimes you sit for days inbetween banners with 0 new content to complete. That being said, you can obtain all units in the game being F2P. The artwork/character sprites are awesome. Very retro/nostalgia feeling! 7/10
I do not say this lightly by any stretch of the word (especially since I've spent more time playing mobile games than a normal person probably should), but this is hands down the ABSOLUTE BEST mobile game I've ever played, by a long shot. This game will redefine of the potential of video games to be a unique and immersive art form which can transcend many traditional forms. Masterfully crafted visuals combine with soulfully vibrant story lines and rich, diverse characters that capture the heart, tickle the imagination, and ease open the mind are all blended together with unparalleled beauty and talent. The game play itself is something akin to decadence and elegance combined, with a homey balance between control, detail, and simplicity/ease. I cannot recommend this game highly enough. I am a lifelong player and absolutely adore this game up and down, left and right, back and forwards, in and out. Even if you dont wind up having my kind of experience with it, you gotta at least peep this masterpiece of a mobile game! I promise, it's so worth your time. Enjoy everyone, see ya'll in game. Let's join forces and heal Gaia, both in game and IRL! <3 -ParadymShift
I have seldom to no complaints. Everything is challenging, there's no onslaught of advertisements, and you don't have to pay to win, in fact I'm about 70% of the way to having all top tier characters, and haven't paid a cent! The only thing I don't like is how the levels are set up. I have characters who can take down a megaboss, but in the campaign, it's all too easy to the point I'm just basically watching the auto function do it's thing for about a minute, then watching the next cutscene. That's it. Nothing I can't handle, it's all nice.
I rolled an 11 Summon that was supposed to guarantee a 5 star but didn't get even a single one, only 4 stars. Had the 5 star symbol on the roll button so it should have given me one, but apparently that was a lie. The game can be fun at times, but it's the worst gacha I've seen. I can tolerate bad rates, but don't lie to me.
I used to play this game 5 hours a day 7 days a week. But because I started my job, now there isnt alot of time to play. But it is very addicting, sadly I lost my best account because it said that I have illegal purchases (which is stupid considering I'm f2p and never did anything.) But anyways, the game is playable and fun, the only bad part about it is that the summons are rigged. if you try your hardest, you wont get the character you're looking for. It's a very slim chance.
This games drop rates for this game is trash, ive waisted so much time and crystals that every time i summon people all i get is 3 and 4 stars. Its a waist of time and everyone that waisted time saving crystals should be given at least 150 crystals for free im just gonna uninstall this. Its a good game but its har getting good people. I waisted 150 crystals that i saved up to use for the one punch man summon, but didn't get anyone close to good. Thats like 30 summons and i got no one good.
very addictive, fun, and brimming with content. plus it's PvP friendly, though the only negative is you need stacked units to join other parties without being booted, wait times drag too
I love the game. Its has great smooth gameplay and great amazing graphics. Very nice mechanics and amazing units and large roster. The only downside is the summon rates and if you pay to play any of it then your still not gareented anything. With that being said I would recommend but only if someone is interested in rerolling till the perfect start for desired unit for them.
You know what I'm just going to start rating all these summoner games one star. My reasoning is the drop rates for units in all of them are atrocious. Banners advertise certain units but you pull nothing but off banners. This is unacceptable period.
I find the game interesting to play. However, the in-game currency is too expensive for what its worth. You can buy $100 worth of diamonds but still get nothing. The alch banner (supposedly where you can have a chance to reedem good units in exchange for selling your dupes) now has become very diluted and increasing your chance to get the same dupe units. I hope the game listens to its players. Otherwise, I see this game going downhill very soon.
Above average, for a rpg. The fact that there's cooldowns on stuff means this game isn't meant to be grindy 24/7. Still you can make it grindy if you're trying to get something specific. The game radiates good vibes. The charming character designs and layout of the game really save this game from being another forgettable anime collecting game. Not to mention the pretty neat crossovers that happen every once in a while. Overall I'd give it a 3.5 but since that's not a real rating, 4 stars it is.
The combat and story are really cool, along with the extra evemt stories. However, my biggest gripe with this game is that the summon rates suck. In the Slime crossover especially, I did at least 20 (Edit: More than 30 now) of the 11x summons and only got one of the crossover characters and 1 decent 5 star. The gems for summoning feel very difficult to get sometimes as well. Overall, though, it's a pretty good game.
Played extensively. Great concept. You start because of a "crossover" with one of your favorite anime, super cool! Easy battle concepts with hidden mechanics that you learn quickly and entice gameplay. Then you can't earn currency to earn future crossovers so you have to pay to play. Plays like the developers don't play the game so you get every player making multiple accounts fluffing active user numbers and creating a plateau for players. In my opinion.
Was gonna do a 4 or 5 star but the only reason i got this game was bc of a crossover event that i only got to try to pull the anime character I wanted. I did at least 7 pulls out of the 3-5 days that i had it downloaded but not any of the three characters for the anime.. the gems are outragous to buy when you have to pay $30 just for a multi-pull which is the only way I even got a 5star character. i have done a good few singles too but nothing. i only have today to try again. if nothing deleting
Don't understand why when you get the Roy animation on a pull it doesn't guarantee the unit you are pulling for. And there are no guarantees on the step up banners. Final Fantasy Brave has a better system to the point you almost feel like you don't have to spend anything to get a great unit. I love this game but there should be some rewards for playing this game. It's like you only play to summon, that's it. You even have to spend gems and money on true weapons.
games fun, but unfortunately, quite literally some of the worst rates I've ever seen. Also there is literally no content to play after a short while
The game changed: more money based summons, lower drop rates, harder missions that require almost impossible to get units, baity crossovers. They removed the best drop rate summon and replaced it with a ultra dilluted one. They still refuse to return a good mechanic because plain greed and won't aknowledge the community incomformity with the game. No worth to play it and it's a very bad moment to start playing it.
This game is pretty good! I like it because it's a mobile game that does it's job. It doesn't try to be a console game like some are doing these days and is just something that you can hop on for a quick while and have some fun. The character's, graphics, and gameplay are very impressive too. Thing's that could change are making the menu easier to treverse and change thing's like character's equipment even if you don't have them equipped. I am really hoping they do more colabs.
After update this patch i cant login to the game, after i press "start game" it sent me back to the home screen. Tell me why?
The game itself is not bad, but the summoning rates are horrible. The prices for paid summons are ridiculous and when you do drop cash for it, you dont even get a decent character. Very frustrated, I feel like someone stole from me.
The drop rates are the worst out of any gacha game ever. They would rather give you a bad unit 8 times on a 11 summon rather than giving you a good unit. Even when you do get a 5 star its usually a bad one. The only way to get strong is to empty your wallet. Scummy and stupid. Would give 0 stars if could. If the rates were as good as some other gacha games this would be an superb game. The only way i wouod come back is if there were an akame ga kill crossover. Or an overlord one.
i cant even get the game to download the data that you have to get in the title screen, it keeps saying "failed to updated the app". What does that even mean?!
Was fun at first, even with spending a little cash you could get banner units pretty easily, and there were alchemy stone summons that would help. It seems that for a while the company took a step in the wrong direction. By diluting the summons and removing important ways to attempt getting the banner units, it seems like you can spend money only to get nothing entirely when before it was actually possible. At this time I would not recommend for newcomers that may need units to be better off.
I love this game but after a few months, I have nothing to do so I am just waiting for the crossovers to get more units.Btw, when are there gonna be more heroes from the one punch man seasons for example Garo, SilverFang, King Orochi and others. Please add more of the heroes from one punch man. Thank you for adhering to my response. Bye👋 😃
Cash grab with poor rates. All you need to know is that this is a gacha that differentiates between paid and free gems. Fun f2p if you don't mind never being competitive or completing content. As a note to the multi-player. You WILL get kicked from groups for not having the most premium units.
The game is ok but if your game crash then you cant continue from where you left off. Also i was about to pull from a banner and then the game crashed. When i start the game back up i notice that my crystals are gone....i got a gem but i never got a unit.
It start of with a good sense of progress, but slowly and surely it desends Into gatcha game hell, as your chances of getting better/rarer characters and items decline, as the paywall hits you straight in the face. battles with 7 seven stars or above are virtually impossible to complete, unless you spend alot of money gambling for the better characters. they give you a lot of bonuses in the beginning and the story and characters are good, but as the progress died, so did my interest.
edit: dled again, at 100% game crashed and want me to redl again despite the game size beinf 1.36gb already. trash game before, trash game still old:Stuck at 88.9 when downloading the latest update from a couple of days ago when I press retry the error popup again instantly. Already tried to redownload a couple of times and still stuck at 88.9%. You guys can't even push out a proper update you guys might as well pull out this game from the store.
I have some real fun with this game, I especially like the crossover events when they happen, My biggest complaint is that the drop rate for free crystal summons is terrible, by the time you save up enough crystals to spend on what you want you're not guaranteed a *5 unit unless specified, only way you are guaranteed a *5 unit pull is if you pay to buy crystals and they ask for to much, in my opinion they need to be more like dbz dookan battle with a guarantee one or more *5 on a multiple summon
I want to enjoy this game. I really do. Heck, the gameplay and style would honestly make this game great. However, the rates are atrocious. The 10K alch stone banners used to be perfect for nabbing the banner units as it only contained the featured units and and a handful of throwaway units. Now, it's a 5k banner filled with around 115-125 units. And I haven't even mentioned the separation of paid crystals and free crystals let alone their pity ststem.
DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME DO NOT BUY ANYTHING EITHER BECUASE YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ACCOUNT SO FAST ITS INSANE! I JUST LOST MY ACCOUNT AND THE RATES ARE HORRIBLE! honestly this was an good game its just that the fact that you can lose your account even though you have it on Facebook its so dumb i lost all of my progress and the customer support dosent care at all
The story and characters are fantastic, but there are a lot of menus, making it quite difficult to navigate and understand, especially at first. Really cool crossover events and simple mechanics! The auto-play feature does take away a lot from the game, however, as it strips the core gameplay from the player's control, though if you just want to sit back and watch, pretty much everything can be done automatically if you so choose.
Love it! I can play it with friends even better! Character are great. I wish you guys expand more and look into do some full on anime story's. It would be amazing to see this get an adaptation and you even do the crossovers in the anime. I'd go apeshit and love this even more. Wishful thinking!
great game, however for some reason while its updating it now says to retry a few times but only gets to 88.9% whilst I'm connected on Wifi. it then says to check connection which i have but still doesn't work. it also says to contact you if the problem doesn't sort itself out. help please!!!
Cool game, unfortunately the drop rates for good heroes are ridiculously bad unless you whale out and spend a lot of money, and they also introduced new heroes that are like 10x more powerful than the others so if you don't have em you're useless.
I have played the game for almost 2 years on and off. The game is pretty darn good and I love playing with my friends to get through the harder stuff. But the RNG in the game is wack. The fact that the amount of money you have to spend to get the units you want is ridiculous. I haven't spent a single dollar but I will say that I wish I did cause I missed so many chances for the S teirs units that you need to be good at the game. Like why would you make 5 characters the strongest and needed??????
good game but I am unable to download some of the newer update files I know I have good internet connection and I've tried closing the app and reopening it to reinstall them but it always tells me that I have to retry right at 99.8% completion of the download. please help