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Gran Turismo® Sport Companion

Gran Turismo® Sport Companion for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by PlayStation Mobile Inc. located at PlayStation Mobile Inc. 2207 Bridgepointe Parkway San Mateo, CA 94404 United States. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Wont even let me sign in, I sign in then it just opens up a white screen and does nothing, when I back out of it it tell me there was a problem signing in, try again later.
I'm getting the same login error as everyone else. This has been going on for at least 2 months and you haven't fixed the issue. That is the definition of a terrible service. Polyphony get your act together.
Before the update. 5 stars. When working. This app is amazing. Cna always see and comment in what new liveries and scapes friends are putting out. But as of now. Id give half a star. Cannot even open the app with error messages. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. Because this app is really useful for me.
Back to the white screen of death after trying to log in... this isn't the first time it happened either...
Can't sign in. There's a bug or something that's been causing off-site for a few months and they've still not fixed it. Don't bother with the app, just use the gt website instead.
Used this app for a few days, then all of a sudden it's stopped working. Doesn't recognise my psn account, yet all other playstation apps do. All you get is a white screen. This app is just a waste of time downloading
Awful, you can't login and because of that there's nothing to do on it! You didn't update the app or add any new features Sony and now this app is dead but you didn't do anything for the app and not many people remained invested so who's to blame, us or you?!
I used to use this app all the time in order to check my notifications and look at posts but as of late I can't even get past the login screen. it's been like this for several weeks ffs. polyphony needs to fix bugs in both gran turismo and it's app that haven't been fixed in months (eg the pit spazzing out)
Anyone else having trouble signing in? I put in everything, then I'm prompted to verify... I pick the right image then my password drops out and this app tells me it can't verify me..... So stupid
It won't let you sign in even after a new patch has just gone live on the game. ROFL! don't make companion apps if you ain't gonna support it! Just because the community isn't that big now doesn't mean people don't play/use these apps! Thanks for nothing!
This app just goes straight to a white screen after you log in. I've tried deleting and re installing but no change. Please fix this bug
Doesn't work. Errors when you try to sign in. "An error has occured. C-80110001" Update 15 Nov 19. After the most painfully drawn out comms with Sony they're now working on a fix.
Was cool while it worked. Keep getting"there was a problem signing in, try again later" message for the last few day. Cleared the cach deleted and reinstalled. Still same problem.
Having trouble just these past few days unable to sign in on this app, a few others have experience this too. This needs fixing ASAP. Just to clarify I can sign in on the PSN network with no problem at all.
Used to work fine, but all of a sudden stsrted saying "Error" when I opened it up. Signed out and tried to sign back in but it wont sign me in, uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared cache, all the typical "fixes", still nothing! Not the only one experiencing problens either. (Huawei P20)
There are third party apps that give you much more information than this. This app doesn't give you the figures for your driver ratings, it doesn't tell you what the weekly races are, it doesn't tell you your weekly times on any track and show the leaderboards of any times. This app does, however, tell you unimportant information like how many 'drift points' you have and what livery some loser has made on a toyota hatchback that you are never going to drive. Woeful app.
Stopped working today. It no longer stays logged in. When I open it and log in, I just get a blank white screen now.
Used to work well (minus a few important features missing that are on the website). Now I'm completely unable to sign in and haven't been able to for about a week. This length of time really isnt acceptable
Everything works as normal it's also great to use even if you don't have the time check your notifications on your PS4/PS5
While this app is handy in some ways, unfortunately it doesn't do everything from the website, for instance you can't look at galleries with specific areas like race photos, car liveries etc. Also in comments, the text window has almost cost me my sanity & my phone on numerous occasions, it's downright retarded!💩 First it's way too small, which makes it hard to see what you're writing, second when you try to review your comment before posting, & you want to fix something, it's almost impossible to get it to go where you want it to go! SO FRUSTRATING!!! 😡 & That's putting it mildly, believe me. Please fix these issues for a better rating, review, & to keep me from throwing my phone!
Worked fine for a week. Now it won't let me sign it at all, even after uninstalling and reinstalling. "There was a problem signing in, please try again later".
I downloaded this app as an alternative to look for liveries because the in game search is god awfully slow and nonsensical. Little did I expect this app to be so limited to interacting with feeds of people I followed only. Might as well I login to the GT website using a browser since this app is practically useless to double up as the online side of GT.
The app is a bit meh, it's okay if you wanted to check things out, but not much. It's okay for it's time, but it's still needs updating.
I've been using this app quite a while now and it works fine at first, but today when I log in, the app keeps saying that there was a problem signing in, try again later, hope you guys will fix the problem!
Have problems with sign in constantly. Have uninstalled and reinstalled this without any progress. Fix it and we'll go from there.
The app doesn't sign in at all keeps saying servers time out. Its been 4 hours now. What a waste of time downloading it. I didnt even get to the rest what a waste of my precious time. Nxaaa
This app makes my gran turismo sport experience just that tiny bit more easy and fun. I only have one problem with it. I often use the scapes option to create phone wallpapers, and I screenshot them from the app. However, there are dark lines that fade into the photo from the top and bottom. If you could make it an option to remove this feature it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Doesn't even deserve a quarter star, I had to press one star to post this, I tried it on iPhone iPad and Samsung s10 and it just doesn't work AT ALL.
Worked fine until i changed my psn id, and now it won't let me log in. I unistalled & reinstalled, but no luck. I had no problem logging into PSN through the app, but can't log into the actual app.
Has not worked since I fired it up the first time. Will not let me log in and gives me a general unknown error. Have uninstalled and reinstalled but still same problem.
Worked absolutely fine for months. Now just keeps popping up with an error every time I try to sign in. This is disappointing. Great up until this started happening. Will give more stars once fixed.
Can't able to login for long time. What happened! No bug fix, no response, no update , no action! Many post on login problems, what happen on your apps team, can your technical team can fit it up within this week, and please action to reply.
It's pretty... meh. You can't access your garage, scapes or saved replays. All it really shows you is achievements. I can't really find any use for it at all.
This is a Joke got this 2 weeks ago. When i tap sign in i keep getting greeted with "can nit conect please try again later" 2 weeks worh of coming back and emails have still gotten this app to open the mear fact that they seam clueless is the worst part of this. When will they fix it ive seen other with the same problem going months before my reveiw so something tells me they dont care and wont fix it... Sad cause it is a great driving game.
I gave it an incredibly generous 2 stars simply because it's quick. On the downside though what it's quick at is showing you next to nothing, nowt, zero, zilcho worth seeing at all.
The app won't start at all. I'm using the same logon info I've used to create an online account, and it won't even give me a chance to sign in. Instead it says should use the same info, which i am using. Totally annoying
Not working. Can't login just tell you to try again later. But I got an email saying that someone will contact me within 24 hours but is long pass 24 hours still waiting. Can someone just fix this
The app is pretty shallow on content. U can view feeds, notifications, n ur profile. It would be really nice to have the option where u could view tracks n their specifications, records of personal lap times completed at the track. Apart from that, it would be really cool if it has live-tracking telemetry feeds of the car during a race, say, accessing it from an iPad. I think would really help simracers just starting out at home.
Useless app. You can't find players to follow. You can't download your livery or photo (except screenshot). You can't modify profile. Cannot do absolutely nothing. Yes, the only thing you can do is you can see your profile and a little thing abt your friends. That's all.
I can't even log in. After logging in the app just shows a white screen -_- Update: it works now. Apparently I have to also log on the ps app for it to work....🤔
No longer able to login after months of working fine. Of course, this would have been fixed within a day if it were a private developer. But, it's Sony, so .... EDIT: 2 Weeks later, still can't sign in.
It's been broken for as long as I can remember. I can't log in at all. Nothing I did worked. Uninstalled until this massive issue is resolved.
Useless. Absolutely useless app. Yes, you can open it to see your statistics and thumbnsils ... thats about it. You cannot even download your own liveries ot pictures. So you need to go back to your PS and use an USB memory stick. What a clusterflip this app is !!!
It's been over three months and still haven't been able to log in or do anything so annoying and also haven't been updated since 2018 like really yall behind on updates no wonder it doesn't work
As I have read from others, the app use to work great, now you can't even log in. You're greeted with a error message stating to try again later. It's been a week that I have been trying again. I've called and emailed support and they are clueless. Disappointing that if they know there is an issue an don't send out a info message about it or how long it will be down for.
app won't even get past the sign in page. permanently saying there is a problem. ..try again later... been trying every day for a week already.
Useless, completely fu*ked, first off it won't let me log in, try sign in as guest and it still won't work, it's unreal that a massive game like this as such a poor customer service support