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Governor of Poker 3 - Texas

Governor of Poker 3 - Texas for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Youda Games Holding B.V. located at Beechavenue 182 1119 PX Schiphol-Rijk The Netherlands. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game isn't random. I repeat, game ain't random Game is manipulated after you progress in the game. The game can be tweaked at anytime so you keep losing and losing. Doesn't matter if u got low cards or high cards. You can lose 100 times consecutively and then u know the game is phucked. This is not true for real poker.
Very nice game for the most. But I see there are still the blind buyers as well. I really enjoy the game. Less adds would be better with out having to pay to remove them.
Fun but it definitely needs improvement. I'll change my rating once I actually get my chips for watching stupid ads.
This is one of the best poker apps out there. The higher tables are not RNG, they are rigged. Stick to lower stakes and the cards play more realistically.
It was great a game until the most recent update. Now i'm having commection issues. My hand gets folded when i have good hands which sucks! And even thrown out of the game due to the connection issues. Please please have this fixed!! By the way, I have high speed internet.
app keeps on stopping after loading. I sometimes get a little bit further each time but it will close as soon as it decide to go to a different scene. I have a Google Pixel 2 with the most recent android update, please help.
This is bad app takes your money away because of an error but doesn't give it back . Yesterday it ask to win 1.000.000.chips for a good prize I won more than a million and it didn't give it to me plus today it said 2.000.000.chips if join up with Facebook so I did but NO!!!!! 2million. Freezing on big games which cause you to lose. Very very poor game.
If you expect to be treated well by support forget it. Update - still agree with this statement - I have quit the game 3 times complained like hell about lots of issues. Update still chucking you into big hand tables take much care! Update prizes can be Very disappointing - it's not fun to loose team members! Update Reducing team points making it harder to win chests the game is becoming a make money fast for GOP. Beware
hello, there is still display "loading assets" after started game when going to any table. Please decide this problem and fix. My mobile is galaxy note3 system version is sm-nl900l and android 5.0, android security patch level 2016/09/01 gop 3.0 last updated version help me want to play thanks
I suggest you to make a feature that the player could buy a casino and makes others play there. I know that it's a magnificent and huge change for the game but it would be great.Also the rng is great in poker, maybe the best. But i think that isn't true for blackjack I'm not sure when the dealer shuffles the cards and if he does and if the rng even works for 21. Great game continue the good work. :)
After 3 days, support send me finally a response, the developers have fix the issue with verification it should work now, I tried 1 more day and still same problem, so I report again, now I have to wait another 3 days just for email link, or same answer, Other than this , game is nice to learn poker.!
It's really great and amazing with no problems what so ever, just like what Kylie said to me before she left for Alan. God Dan Alan. I'm now by myself slowly dying and wasting away. My account broke by this game and still debt that haunts me. If your reading this remember... Don't trust Alan
If I could give a zero I wud. I've bn playing this game for almost a year & I absolutely loved it. Until this week at the end of the first 7-Day Team Challenge. I almost reached to the Ruby Chest & even tho I lost a lot of coins & cash getting there, I was looking forward to the chest & the rewards from the challenge. I was unable to get on to tables to play on the last day & at the end of the challenge up until now (2 days after) I havent been able to access team info & my rewards. So upset!
The worst poker game ever, money hungry, game is made good, its good quality and all, but it will never ever let u move much forward if you dont pay,even when you pay €€€€€ you still gonna get stuck soon, game by itself is setup like that that u will just lose most of the time even if you are a good player.
I agree with the other reviews. Firstly, Shady Ads. The game is fun until you realize that the game is rigged - both the hands and the spins. This can be RNG certified or CNG certified, but that doesn't change the truth. Manipulation is a single line of code away.
Fun game, but rigged, identical hands 6 times in a row not just coincident, chap goes all in 250000 with a 3 and a 6 and wins with a trip as if he new what was coming 3 times in a row. Haven't recieved a single card higher than a 8 in 78 hands. But like with all games the odds are always stacked against you and in favour of your opponents. And when you complain the developers don't even read it they just post a pre made up piece of junk explaining how they don't cheat, how stupid are we ??
This site was at one time very player friendly...now they have devolved to the point of being greedy bullies by instituting outlandish requirements to meet the activities...every table winner is predetermined...no matter how strong your hand is...you will lose if it's not your turn to win...they use the final 2 cards to make you lose...RIGGED GAME!!!!!
Pretty bad. It is a game of poker... Sometimes it is fun. But you have no chance against VIPs. What you earn in free spin or somehow else, you'll lose with vips. Also, the lag when people are leaving the table is taking like 3 to 4 rounds in which you wait for the player to make a move. Waste of time. Sometimes you "lose" the signal and you end up loosing the hand because you didn't bet. We you get the signal back you end up betting what you tried to bet in the previous round and you loose chips
Was fine for a while. Now just constantly force closes. Don't play the black jack. You'll lose 100% of the time.
Terrible, nothing about the game is random, doesn't matter what hand you have, the underdog will win 90% of the time, the spin and plays are shocking, goes past loads of big wins and then you get double your prize 3 or 4 times in a row and it will always land on double the original bet, I enjoyed the game for the first 5 minutes and then ever since then I've hated it, blackjack is extremely fixed and you will bust 99% of the time you have 12+ do not recommend to anyone that actually likes poker.
Love the game itself however i wish you would make it easier to get some of the things that you put on our daily task and fix some of the rewords other than that i love the game.
Laughable at best. If you play blackjack, be prepared to lose. They say they have random algorisms to make it fair, but that's a lie. lmao, that response is a joke. i paid for this game. blackjack is a bust for sure.
I wont ever spend a cent further on this game. It tends to build your money up and then take it all. The dealer always deals me pair of aces then another player wins with three 2's but he only had one in his hand. The team points is nerfed sooooo bad i cant even reach ruby anymore. The slotmachines are also so nerfed you barely win an ultra. The bronze silver gold diamond a ruby spin tickets ALWAYS give the lowest value it possobly can. Ive spent around R700 already and regret it. Rigged game
Sale pop ups are annoying. Made purchase and they still show up. How many times do I have to say NO THANKS, and Blackjack is rigid. RNG certified my ass. Better games out there.
Fun but there are some annoying trends. One is players who go all in on every hand. The other is the tendancy - like the other Governor of Poker game - of the other player to somehow magically always have a hand that's just slightly better than what you have. I was winning a bit but suddenly now that I've unlocked the next level i can't win anything.
For starters I love GOP3 in terms of its poker, but I have one major issue with this game and that's its "RNG" Black Jack. Out of simplicity sake me and a few friends (who downloaded the app for themselves) focused on perfect "Black Jacks". Out of 500 hands the dealer laid down 63 perfect hands and my player laid down 19. Most disturbing of this is my friends noticed a very similar number pattern over multiple hands of 500. My advice get it for poker don't play Black Jack or Slots.
Although I really enjoy the game, I must agree that much of it cannot be random. Not once have I won it truly big on any of the spins and the spin and play feature nearly always only doubles in the pay in price. It it were truly random I am sure that I would have at least had the chance to win a larger amount. Other than that I have no issue with the game and enjoy most of its features.
The game is ok, but there's always an issue or problem. The prizes for ticket spins and token spins are too small, you see prizes of up to 1 billion chips and it is impossible to win it. It's usually range from 15 minutes XP to 7.5K chips for bronze ticket spin. The event table 1st prize is the lowest prize. I played on it few times a day and maximum is only 20M. I find most of the cards are fixed, I got dealt with 9 3 six times in a row few times. Too many bingo players and slow players
Don't waste your money on the spins!! I play poker and look at the odds and when I spin hundreds of times and never leave the low end of what the spins offer and have never hit a big one. That's not fun and it's very dishonest. It got worse after I spent $. So I guess learn from me or find out for yourself. I'm looking for something different and I know I check these things out. GoongaG
The game is really good but it seem like designed to keep losing..i purchased chips and and since then i always lost.. even the blackjack everytime i got 12 and then i will hit it always 22.. the gold i can't even trade for chips so the only choice i have to purchase.. its kinda annoying coz i like the game but it looks like a controlled game...it design for everyone just to lose and spend more money..
The algorithm is not that great. The game feeds you chips on a daily basis. They developed it so that you want to keep coming back. The lower ranked players win often so that they keep playing. Higher ranked players lose often. Additionally, ads pop up in every arena you go to and everytime you log in. It's pretty annoying. The developers care more than actual gameplay.
Fun game, most of the time it's ok, small rewards for playing like tickets to spin (bronze, silver, gold..) are good idea, but I only got minimum or close to minimum rewards everytime.
Why don't you change, Spin and Play to Spin and all in? Try a little honesty. How many times out of 30 spin and plays, does a full house get dealt in the first hand? Which you pretty much are forced to go all in every hand. Avg 10. And if you want the xp reward you have to win 3 games, and sense the reward system started everything you need to complete to get a reward takes significantly longer and harder. Remember some of us players have been playing for years. We notice things like that.
Enjoyable game, BUT support is less than responsive to bugs. The team aspect is one of my primary reasons for playing. I notified support more than a week ago of a bug disallowing team play. Still no resolution, just promises that they are "working on it."
updated! Game still crashes often, lost 10M on one crash. Blackjack is still a total joke, absolutely improbable the dealer can get 21 5 times in a row. Game used to be fun with teams and being in a team. Recent changes though make the game horrible. Besides the points changes, the game has changed drastically. Improbable in real life randomness that so many hands are won on a river giving bingo players wins magical triples or flushes. Seeing bingo players go all-in with a 24 and win OFTEN is just ludicrous. Not poker. The balloon event with pot-limit betting was actually a good thing.
Rigged to make you upload. People that have badges to show they are a member, always win. Call on useless hands and beat everything. Over 100 million lost to junk cards back to back. Uninstalled. Money pit useless poker.
completely rigged in all aspects and areas. Not even fun anymore if anything its frustrating. I have never seen a game cheat so much on the token/ticket spins how do you have 12 tickets and only come away with little over 100k.... seriously how do you be in the final 2 of 17 straight tournaments and have a 4 to 1 chip lead and loose every time to 3 straight 4 of a kind or royal straight flush...... too many times the miracle hands work against as well as the prizes you earn complete waste .
Blackjack - when a dealer draws A, K, Q, J which is 10, the 2nd card ends up being 10 as well and see the % how many times that happens. Above 80%. THIS AIN'T RANDOM. And now the gold tickets and the free spin just vanish when you click to spin. This happens when you are out of chips, so you eventually end up buying. You may use RNG methods and the fisher-Yates algorithm as a base but it looks tweaked to your comfort so that people keep spending their money. Wish it was only fair.
This game could be a lot of fun, unfortunately there's way too many people that would rather go "All In" then actually play the game. Problem is, it eventually milks your credits bouncing from table to table trying to find real players.
I have a Pixel 4XL and the game has always ran fine prior to the recent update. I'm honestly getting so annoyed with the constant crashes all of a sudden.
The ingame blackjack is an absolute scam no matter what they say. i challenge the devs to put up a video playing 10+hands with 250k-500k chips!! Ridiculous. I have played over 100+ hands and have like 10-20% win rate. Not realistic at all! Plus the dealer always seems to get one point higher and ery high chance to hit 21 when you have 19+. Please upload a video yourselves and prove it! Only people winning are the teams camping a table and folding, legit players cannot win and have to buy coins.
despite all the fun hats and chests and things like that, this game is so far from true live card odds that I rarely enjoy playing it any more. it doesn't take a genius to know when a game is crooked. all you have to do is track the flops and track the one-on-one showdowns on the river. the percentage of flush draws and gut shot straights that hit on the river is 2.5x true odds. likewise, pairs will flop 2.5x more than they should. this is easy stuff to track. it's shameful.
I've been playing GOP since August 2020. To start with things where kind of strange, but any new place you go is. Once I found my way around I was asked to join a club I jumped at the chance. Time would show this move to be bad. 25 people were sign in but only 3 showed up to play. I passed on a # of clubs until the club I'm on today went out of their way to invite me to play. That was great! Nice people! I play all the time this team hot!
No RNG, its more scripted than the moon landings. Don't bother. Played it for a month approx and the river always... and I mean ALWAYS, decides who wins. Bad design in programming. Don't be shy, prove your RNG then! Use an emulator if must. We are all keen to see the "results".
I had an issue yesterday I was mad I lost two silver tickets do to technical issues. thanks to GOP management team, they got on it right away. I received a gift for the lose. amazing keep it up.
Super long free ad, from time to time have no way return to the game at the end of the ad. So annoying....Asking support to resolve the bug, and the respone was making a purchase and the ads would go away. So GOP creates the bug intentionally and make the users to make a purchase???
This is such a fun game but it's rigged and it costs so much money to buy chips. I don't think fake money should cost that much. I loved it but I can't afford to play it anymore. It also feels rigged. Not so much when you play with others but when you play blackjack... It feels like it is rigged for you to lose and then you have to buy more chips. Fun game but lower your prices! There is no reason it should be that expensive to play a game.
This game is a lot of fun. it's getting 4 stars for the pushing of in app purchases, but they aren't really needed. it sint treated as a real poker game since it's fake money so you get some tables where everyone just constantly all ins, but still a great time waster with good progression that gives hours of fun.
Sum it up i have had little chips and lots. The higher your ranking more hands in your favor. If your rank doesnt match your chip holdings kiss it good bye. Stick to betting within your rank or your card hands become less favorible pretty consistently. Also beware of glitches, freezing and game restarting. Lost lots of chips/games due to this. Otherwise extremely fun. Roflmao.
Nice game..BUT when buying chips for actual cash and it says "potential value of 2 BILLION chips" for $200, expect more in the range of 200M chips. This game consistently gives the lowest of the low. And yet..im not the 1st to raise this issue..as seen in all the reviews so far. It's time for someone to come up with something better. I don't mind being cheated out of my money...but not so f..ing blatantly
Awesome game! Linked mobile App and Steam account, love it! Excellent graphics, fun gameplay, interesting extras! My favorite poker game so far!
This game used to be soooooo fun! I had to change it from five stars to one star though. With the new update on points and team challenge all it is now is an all in gamble fest at the low tables! Not fun any more.
This app is horrible it always kicks me out of the app and usually when I'm in the middle of a game and get a winning hand. Sometimes it won't let me bet and folds for me and the players with the higher level always win majority of the time. ***every since i wrote this review now it won't even let me join a table it just kicks me out of the app completely. This game sucks
Every time u launch the game it greets u with 4(!) popups inviting 2 spend real $. It feeds u 30+ second ads. They go as far as auto-opening the appstore 4 u.. Often it just disconnects from the game server and hangs (doesn't affect ads btw - those will work just fine even if the game doesn't) Early-mid game you are swarmed by top P2W noobs that bet millions going all-in before seeing the cards. So far the devs answer is "just spend some real $ so u can play later stages - less noobs there".
It was a great game until the point system was changed but all the vip players are still going all-in reducing everyone else's potential for points cuz they have plenty of chips and don't need or care about getting max points. Thinking about uninstalling. Just not any fun anymore.
I love everything in this game, except the Blackjack, because the RNG in the Blackjack is... Not real RNG. There is no RNG in the Blackjack if the dealer win with 21 8 times in 10 rounds.
game is decent, but every second time when i leave table it glitched into dim screen with loading circle in the midle that spins endlesly til i shut it manually. Second glitch was when i got kicked out of game table in the midle of hand. Oh, and the same taype ads (same 15 or 30 sec ad can be shown for 30 times in a row!). I got replay regarding adds, and nothing about dim screen loading circle. Removing aditional star.
A few bugs, but very enjoyable it has a problem of clearing the cards before you tell either what the other player had . Also the screen gets touchy , doing something else not intented.
Love this game,I just wish they would eradicate the bingo players and take the silly thanks button off the chat..
Boring when great cards get busted! All-in every hand. Ace high wins more often then should. If you like bingo poker (must try) trash
The game is full of all in cockroaches...its impossible to find a decent table. The game is a scam. Should change the name of the game to... All In. VIP players shouldn't be allowed at lower level tables...they just bully weaker players. Make them play at tables of their level. And you get a pop up 30 second ad about every 2 minutes.
Lots of fun and very realistic, I love the hats! I've read some of the complaints; I've never had those types of situations come up. The game has always run and performed very nicely for me. Maybe it's their wifi or their phones. Many thanks to Youda Games Holding B. V. for this game. Especially during this covid crisis.
The game is fun, yes, but it's annoying also. I'm trying to do missions and advance in the game, but EVERY TABLE has some VIP player throwing all in on every hand. I've only got limited funds. I'm not trying to lose everything because some players have millions and millions of chips. They need to have it so your playing with people around your same rank. It's highly unfair.
A good time killer. One of the better poker games I've played. Though, typical of poker games you get the occasional player who has no clue how to play poker who goes "all in" before the flop.
Thank you very much to everyone who created this truly amazing game. The game is so good, so when I started to play more than one month ago, I couldn't stop and I'm playing every single day. I would say, if I never knew how to play poker, I would learn poker just to play this game, it's so much fun. Support service is amazing, and I would like to say personal thanks to Alex, who helped me with one issue. So I absolutely recommend this game to everyone. And may the flop be with you. )
Bad & getting worse. After playing for 4 years it could NOT be more obvious how rigged it is. constant bad beats, complete shifts in how the cards are distributed over long periods of time, preferential treatment to new players and the underdog. Sorry but as a seasoned player, you're delusional if you think these are legitimate random cards or legitimate poker. Money hungry company. Allowed huge swaths of players to cheat and reap rewards for better part of a year and honest players are punished
Total scam. Designed to rob you and promote bingo players. $3,000,000 tokens wins 3 chests in their challenge; you win $25,000 tokens. If you buy chips it's $1 USD for 30,000 tokens; then, if you buy any chips you lose every hand until you're broke. The game is filled with kids and bingo players; a total waste of time. I'm an expert player in real life but in this game it's been 1 year and I have a balance of 0. The developers are thieves. Checkout their facebook page you'll see; it's a fraud.
So far, so good. I'll update my review as I get more accustomed to this site. I like the poker platform but you are over the top with the barrage of in game purchase offers. It takes away from your game in my opinion. But overall, I'm enjoying the game play.
This may not apply to the whole game, but the black jack is rigged. That alone turns me off to the entire game. Just don't like playing a casino game that is controlled.
being on level 87, everything I say is from experience! ZERO stars cause every thing about this game is RIGGED, even he free spins, lucky to get 5,000!!! prizes after events are even worse, stupid gifts but NO chips! COMPLETE JOKE AND WASTE OF TIME!!! DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING support says, they have no clue of poker!!!!!!
It is a pay to win game. The ads in the game will pop up in the middle of your match and one of them will freeze your game entirely. And they just confirmed my review. Ty.
Excellent introduction to poker & blackjack daily tasks keep you interested and as sociable as you want it to be... Very good... Great game...
I can't even log in to play! When I do log in I get to see how botched the games are! It's a pathetic game
Fun but not fun. This game keeps on loading like hell. While I'm playing, it starts loading and says I have no internet connection when I clearly have internet. It's a waste of data. I want my data back if you guys who created this dont fix this stupid problem.............. hi elev kn dhahwjtbwosurvdi
When spinning you not winning the mil and billions. The putches of stuff is expensive. Will delete game at the en of this month.will not recrement this game .
Rigged. Garbage, in that you win hands an you opponent is down to the last dollar and will magically come back to win. I see this over a dozen times. It is so bad, I could bet real money on who will win the game just by seeing the first deal. The game is good until about level 35~ish and then it's rubbish. I have personal experience of having aces or other face cards in the whole and losing to ridiculous hands, even had a 15 straight losing streak - and was in a 1-on-1 game! Don't bother.
Can be fun as long as you understand that the cards and spins are definitely not randomly generated. After playing a while, I tracked a bunch of all in hands and percentages. The underdog won nearly 60 percent of the hands, where it should have been maybe 10 percent. The wheels show several very large chip wins, and after several hundred spins, I have yet to "randomly" hit one. This includes the spin and play poker games.
would give it a better rating but it constantly ask me to buy buy buy i have 60k and am doing fine but after a small game buy buy buy before a tournament buy buy buy after game win lose buy buy buy log on game buy buy buy its sucking the fun out the game on how much the game pushes buying on the player other then that the game looks good plays good and is fun to play but the buy this that & the other is a turn off with the game to me will delete it now and find a different poker game
i like the graphics of this game. the different poker saloons, different games etc. What i don't like is the way everyone just goes all in pre flop. and the game rewards them! If you go all in with 6-10 , the chance of you catching a straight are astronomical. but it happens again and again. and this was almost my go to game
They are literally no words to describe how much joy and happiness the game actually brings although I know it's run by generated computer giving yougiving you a many many many options to lose and win but I love it
App become really annoying with so many ads popping up before and after the game. There is in game purchase options, and I see many players are spending money on it, so I see no need for ads as well for developer to earn more money. 1 star rating because of ads.
Unreasonable, unrewarding, unfair. SAVE YOUR MONEY The pvp is somewhat fun. But I've spent what I consider alot of money in a short time. To recieve nothing but lowest tier jackpots on every spin. Even the in game jackpots are questionable.
So far, so good......a few weeks later I have invested money in the game and it seems like I always hit the same low number on the spin wheel and anything else. Was a 5 star but it really cheats. It's amazing. I've spent money on this game only for it to cheat. Many thanks
Its always the bare minimum which is pretty disappointing. Bare minimum for ticket spins and spin and plays which takes the fun out of it. Also. You should have better options to spend gold on... the gold you earn on here is pretty much pointless. They should have special items you could spend gold on or be able to exchange for chips... something. And also super rigged. I dont care what they say. Won 4 free plays on the balloon event and didn't catch a pair out of 100 hands. This game is trash!
Like the layout, like the game, although it definitely seems like their are paid actors at many tables one armed bandit is also great, second blatent issue is you can tell the wheel spins are controlled by someone behind the curtain it needs to be able to show mucked cards and clock too short and shouldn't fold upon not acting when in Option again too short graphics and addicting factor are up their with the other top tier free roll the one with all the "R"s the shove monkeys assume"free"hwvr
The starts out decent. But the more you play the more you realize it is the more money you spend the better you will do. Staff swears it is a random number generator when it comes to dealing and decks, however losing 40 plus hands in a row to a full house or an opponent that has a higher full house is a statistical impossibility. But staff will assure you that it is random and the programming isn't set for you to lose and spend more money. You will also notice that you will win after a purchase
Says its RNG verified, not too sure about that, or it could just be BOTS that ur playing against that know what cards are coming, just playing a sit and go and watched the same player go all in 3 times on the trot with 8 and 4, 9 and 3, then 7 and 2 and got a straight everytime to win the hand, thats some high odds....
The good: Fun, Good graphics, Teams, Nice daily challenges for extra chips, Nice weekly team challenge to get lootboxes with chips and useless presents. The bad: Recently the game hangs alot, too much going on in game that's only made to make players buy chips. Spamming players who already bought chips, were they stated "If you buy chips you won't get any ads" well they spam you with their own ads. Sorry you already have my money! So stop pop-up promo me. Then 5* And fix freezes!
Have to agree with a lot of the others saying that the rng is biased. Not because i lost alot myself but because I have seen situations between other players where the underdog would almost always win.
Was great fun until you started forcing external ads to force the player to make a purchase. It was one thing that you have a ton of your own ads to buy your packs, but now the additional advertising is just plain ridiculous. You have obviously become way too greedy!!
Update - support is getting up to speed - I have been getting rapid fair responses - Bonus I have quit the game 3 times complained like hell about lots of issues. still chucking you into big hand tables take much care! Update prizes can be Very disappointing - it's not fun to loose team members! Reducing team points making it harder to win chests the game is becoming a make money fast for GOP. Update added a black chest play night and day for the same contents in the lower chest. Beware
It's a fun game and I enjoy playing it. Their customer service is awesome. My only issue is the game freezes A LOT, which of course sometimes causes me to miss out on betting and sometimes causes me to lose. I have no other issues with any other games freezing. I do hate when people go all in ALL the time.... But that's not really an issue with the game itself.
Before update i will give 5 star but after update everytime im not using wifi, i always out of the game and i lost 2 million because of that
The game has become that bogged down with a dire amount of pop ups at startup to encourage you to spend obscene amounts of money in game that it rarely starts up without a hitch or crashing.... Don't believe the scripted response they post about their RNG, it's rigged plain and simple weighted towards those that spend or to get you to spend, far from random as the majority will lay testament to if you read the honest reviews on here...
No stars would be preferable to post, but must at least hit one star to review. For shame. Terrible since the lastest changes. used to be fun and progressive, now it's stingy and greedy and a total loss of fun. For shame... for shame.
Lot of fun this game, join a team for more fun. Agreed with others in the blackjack, seems odd that. Latest updates though have it crashing very frequently at startup. I see the loading screen....bammm! Crash. As the developers can see, I use pixel and use Android 11 beta, but looks like that is not the reason. I'll keep trying. Might have to resort to using an eye phone, risky that!!
signed up and started playing. play is outrageous with anywhere from 3-6 players all in on some hands. no directions. you have to feel your way through. about half the things you click on want you to buy something. And the ads. not just 3 seconds but like 30 seconds for junk. Would I have kept playing? I don't know and with all the ads, it is obvious they want my money before I had I chance to decide. Real online poker in PA starts in 14 Days!
This game is so rigged. I'm uninstalling it and I'm warning anyone eho eants to install it. You might enjoy it at first but it gradually suck you in and you'll grow more frustrated day by day. Then it'll ask you spend real money on it. HEED MY WARNING!! Do not download. I repeat! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!
Fun poker game lots of players and new content all the time you dont have to spend a penny for cool stuff either
If you like ramming your head against a wall due to Calling Stations with rags, that suckout on rivers then this is for you if you like spinning "wheels" that stop in mid spin on 5 Thousand dollars and 5 gold each and every time you get a spin then this is for YOU if you like playing with shove monkeys at every table then this is for YOU this is NO WAY good practice for Actually learning skill and patience. Totally rigged spin wheels (but NOTHING ELSE is "rigged" wink)
Not bad. Only problem is I agree with most people here. It can give you good hands but it's rigged. 2 hands in a row I had a full house and lost to a straight flush. Same game I have a flush and lost to a full house. Always gives you 2 pairs and 3 of a kind but someone has it better. Real poker you fold most the hands. This is just some weird rigged bs
High level players playing on beginner tables going all-in on every hand before the flop! It's not very enjoyable. Edit: response to developers response; the problem is the high level player's that are joining the beginner levels (where I am) that make it impossible for beginners to enjoy themselves because the sharks are constantly going all in, so the beginners can't even learn the game or build up their bank. A level 160 shouldn't be at the same table as a level 12 (unless they are friends).
game is fun, if u don't take it too seriously. some accounts have so much luck, that it can't be just luck (maybe they're paying, but I cannot be sure of that). I have a lot of connection problems (and I can see by other comments that I'm not the only one). it's random, takes just a few seconds, but it's enough to kick out of a game, very frustrating. also has a lot of ads. and by a lot I mean, a LOT
No RNG, its more scripted than the moon landings. Don't bother. Played it for a month approx and the river always... and I mean ALWAYS, decides who wins. Bad design in programming.
Pretty good. Plenty of players.....too many "all inners" at times. Was great until last update. Crashes all the damn time.....tired of restart and back to ads. Try something else til they fix their issues..... Update. Bugs fixed, back to a fun game.1010.20 Another update ruins all the fun. The only thing that works are the ads.... get it together man....u guys are ruining a good game...nothing loads now
It's expensive for an unrealistic poker match if you use real money. They claim to use the best algorithms but it's set up to benefit the bots that are used on some of the tables. The spinning wheels and slot machine will always land on lower numbers. They have bots that'll play on the tables and they're an automatic win between them and the dealer, but if you just want to pass the time away, just play for fun. There's nothing realistic about this game!
The game is rigged. Cards wouldn't lay out like they do in this game as they would in real life. Unless you spend money the algorithms eventually will take most of your free earned chips away. You'll experience bad beats back to back to back, over and over. Unrealistic results.
The game itself is pretty nice, but is ruined by people who constantly go all in, and win with worthless cards. Should be a max number of times you can do that per game... I'm bummed I put money in this game.
Highly unrecommended. If you want to play, play on desktop. Ads on mobile are so intrusive and unashamed that it's becoming utterly disgusting.
The amount of times I've had aces and cowboys cracked is just insane... Opponents hit outs like there's no tomorrow... Having played poker in online casinos as well I can tell you that there's actually a very big difference.. Otherwise decent game
A great app to start playing. But gets really bad when you get to higher saloons and tables. All the players buy in for the minimum and go all in with one hand, win and they leave and bank their chips and repeat. I would think the would have done something about this years ago, considering I have been playing since 2015. They should make it where if you leave the table with chips , you have to come back with that amount, or they wait an hour. But they keep it so you have to buy chips.
Worst click bait ever, good luck winning against the computer, only thing here is the shiny graphics terrible game mechanics
Like the game, but bad play is unrealistically rewarded. Hard to find good poker, even at the higher chip level tables. The new 7 day team challenge requires a ridiculous amount of effort to achieve Ruby level. Did it once and the reward is definitely not worth the effort.
I loveD this game. However, since the last couple of updates ...everyone on my team is losing. The odd of winning are worse than in real life poker. I know there are bad days and ups and downs but come on now...for an entire team to lose 95% and others on fb are complaining about how it is not true random and they are losing too.
The support team is useless. Don't bother contacting them. Faulted system with "approval" so if you misclick something you cannot undo it (should be an authorization for any tables for 1kk+ for example). Really disappointed in this game. Poker stars has been significantly better and the support is better too. The creators should be ashamed of whom they hired.
My child signed into my account and accidentally spent 50.00. They would not refund the money because players "are responsible." If only they didn't have a million promos come up on the screen everytime you open the app then this stuff could be avoided. I played for almost 4 years and that's how they treated me. A good game but beware of the deceit!
I have payed over $50 in game for this app! I love the game as it adds a beautiful dynamic 1st time I was cheated I thought the engine some how made a mistake. I played 9.99 today for 1.8 million coin I had a full house and a VIP+ MEMBER Joined and won with a 2 spade card. No pair no anything everyone in the party began to chime in as he left with a 15 million pot and my 9.99 went out the window
Edit: [good thing i said the chests and tickets are a joke( gold, diamond, ruby) and not cards 🙄] Original: The game is fun, but its extremely annoying when you buy a chest to get some chips and all your tickets land on the smallest amounts. Literally every time. Dont spend money, its a complete waste
Everybody all in. These kids don't understand how to play. I'd rather play other poker games with age confirmation.
Very addictive and fun however do not spend any money and let these thieves have your money as i just got robbed i bought the billion chip package for $35 dollars supposedly and received 50 million smh when it clearly shows spins in the billions totally fixed with every thing in this game shame on gop3.
Ugh, I love Governor Of Poker, but this is a hard pill to swallow, as 'RNG Verified' I find really hard to believe. If you go all in against a flush draw, more than 80% of the time it will come runner runner, there seems to be a higher than normal proportion of flushes and full houses in cash games. Feels more like roulette than poker
This app just keeps getting worse. I play a lot of royal poker they have taken away split hands 40 points. Now you get 2 points!! If you win an all in with one person in the pot you now only get 20 this is with double points. Even tho they take your team points away they still take their share when the rake their chips put of the pot. Are they trying to make team players impossible to get to ruby or emeral? Seems it to me. Shame on these thiefs i wont buy another package ever again.
Great game but if you like to actually play poker don't bover to many people all in all time without seeing first 3 cards, very frustrating.
As soon as I make a purchase for chips, I'm forced to call bingo players, even when I have hole cards like AK or even AA, always get beat by bingo players with stupid cards like 6 2. Don't understand this amazing algorithm they use for the cards but it certainly ain't working for me
People will always complain when they are losing...I lose and say to my self, "this is rigged" ha ha but its not, you just lose sometimes...when your on a winning streak you don't complain...its just a fun game and love the teams.
First few days you win all the rounds. Then you start losing to ridiculous plays that you have 99.9% chance of winning...repetitively. Then at the same time your losing streak is consistent, you'll get pop ups to buy more money via debit.
It may seem like a childish and harmless game at first, but be aware that this is actually a real gambling game. It's obviously rigged, and in a real unfair way. The rewards are useless and just illusions, but there's real money involved too. And the developer really likes yours. Unfortunately I was stupid enough to fall for it.
Lately it's been freezing mid-game, right when I'm about to win with an awesome hand, like an Ace high flush or an A-K full house. It begins the "freeze" on the guy right before me & stays frozen for exactly until my turn times out, and I lose everything. It doesn't matter whether I use wifi or 5G, or several different devices. So this is clearly a recent GOP3 tech issue, as I've been playing for 2 years with no "freezing" issues until the end of August. Not cool, GOP3. Not cool at all, man.
The game purchases are very expensive and the manipulation of the cards are duplicated every two hands. When it comes to the jackpot, you have to make purchases in order to get a fair chance at the greater amount. This game is very fun but not fair to all players. New players win Maybe 7500-15k. I had 7 bronze tickets, 4 gold tickets, 2 diamond tickets and barely got a million. This games is rigged and is overly expensive.
This game was good, now it is completely RIGGED, made for kids, not poker players. It is full of all in players and they always get the pot. It seems that if you don't invest real money, you won't win. If you write to the support, they get pissed and put you in a blacklist so you lose everytime. I had the card 8 in 10 or 15 hands in a row...WHAT IS THE ODDS? People, find another poker app. Waiting for the stupid response: "Hi, we love a fair game, so we use the best RNG methods...bla bla bla"
Was thinking of only giving 2 stars, but because i've been playing Governor of Poker for about 10yrs, I decided not to. However I do have what would be considered a negative review. I just lost to a so called royal flush. In order for it to be a Royal the cards has to be the same suit. In this case it was A K of diamonds and Q-10 of hearts. Please explain! And dont suggest me contacting support and/or sending screenshots. Im sure theres someone smart enough to answer me right here.
When you first start this game its entertaining... but i believe the game learns how you play and cheats! Especially at the Blackjack tables.... what are the odds that the dealer can pull 21 2 out of 3 times!!! And, you will bust on 12 every time!!! This game is the most expensive one I have ran across yet! Unless you purchase the pig... the smallest coin package is 24.99, and you definitely do not get your value! I've played this game for several months waiting for it to turn around. It hasn't
The game is full of all in cockroaches...its impossible to find a decent table. The game is a scam. Should change the name of the game to... All In. If you really want to know how fixed the game is, play black jack.
Still not fair system. If your opponent has less money than you they will win even with the worst cards possible. I have seen it more than hundred times. After spending hours and hours you will end up being poor. The system will never let you win unless you purchase some chips. Who paid in game wins.
For a game with a great RNG, it sure throws out double, triple allot. I'm sure you will assure me of RNG. Doesn't mean it works up to gamers expectation. Other words, your RNG isn't a random. It's a flak or a cheat. STOP SPAMMING BUY TOKENS WHEN I HAVE 200K Tokens you money suckups!!!!!!
There was a glitch in collecting my daily bonus. Was heading for my 600 chess. I talked to support and was told they know about the issue and would fix it. Well they gave me another 300 chess and took away 12 points from my weekly points. I lacked 9 points from the 600 chess when i was well over that. Shame one you scam artist and should be assamed of your app. Poker is rigged and prizes are a joke. Goodbye you thiefs. Karma will get you
Addictive game. Good play, easy to learn, recommend making a single purchase to remove ads. Read a log of negative reviews about losing. In real poker you go through cycles, same here. I've lost tens of hands in a row, then hit big earning it all back. Usually stay around an average base line level with decent progression.
I lost my rank, I was suppose to be a high roller, but lost chips, and I had to start all over again. I did not know that could happen???? Plus I notice, that some of the high rollers, and VIP'S ( always) wins as soon as they sit down to play. And they always have the best hands???? You need different up to date hats to buy,With different colors not just cowboys hats for the ladies. Good game. Some flaws
Its a pretty fun poker game. Only complaint is they should have other forms of poker like 5 hand.. its fun game.
Real people playing. Also helps you by displaying if you have a straight or flush spot good for beginners. Overall a fun game but there is a down side . Buying more chips if needed can work out quite expensive. So take heed.
Freezing up AND crashing a lot now since updates. Not my new device's fault nor my connection. Really ruins a game. Some changes makes opening inventory slooooow. I don't like now you have to tap to collect your spin prize etcetera. A few new bugs needs fixing. Don't join until this is all fixed. Response to developers response. I did contact GOP. And just as above they did not read my concern fully. And nothing was resolved. They're fixing a few of the bugs and they promised another update.
This site often has problems whereby when you've completed daily activities you can't claim the points and so can't claim the chests for the rewards, when you contact a service member they deny everthing, when you provide proof they say lie and either say you had the problem or that they resolved it when they didn't, Ulrich from service will even lie and try to tell you he provided proof without providing a thing,THIS HAPPENS REGULARLY, THIS SITE WILL RIP YOU OFF AND SAY ITS YOUR FAULT
Awesome Poker game. Especially if you are looking for a Free to play. Buying chips is also great at a rrasonal conversion rate (I think)
Was doing really well-- but, about a week & 1/2 into it.. Was up to almost $2M in Chips... All of a Sudden, in One Night-- LOST $1 Million Dollars!!!!!!!!!!! Are You Kidding Me?????!!!!!!!!!! Besides that- It is Actually Pretty Fun.
Annoying ads. First one WITHOUT an X to leave the ad. (Rog phone). Gameplay: no real money so no real poker...
I'v spoken with support on this game, they say deals are certifiably tested, they say high rollers & vip's aren't favored, yet they go all in on crazy cards like a 7-2, K-3, 5-2, 10-4 and you can have ace-ace, king-king and, never win, maybe one out of 50. Going to delete, this game it's so far from real it's sad. No longer fun, there is absolutely no way they can win that much, that often with hands like that. I've played poker for years and, never ever seen wins like this, 99% of the time!!
I can not play any poker games and this has been going on for over 11days. I click on blackjack, go to the screen it shows loading assets, go to a poker game it shows the same thing, and I can only play the slot machine. I will have to uninstall the game.
As you can see by their response they don't even read the complaint. Since the update of July 10th I have been unable to open the app from my home. GOP has been unable to resolve the problem and has gone so far as to say it is my problem not theirs. They had no problem taking my money and are refusing to give it back. This is a fraudulent site run by a very corrupt company. Buyer beware!!!!
** update*** if your game is fair and honest please provide documentation to prove that all games within the game are honest and not rigged. Its fun but not honest. There's an option where you spin to play. You can put in like $100,000 with the chance of winning $1 billion but that never happens. I played 20 rounds last night on this option and the only thing I got was double what I put in. And if that was the only option that would be ok but the way they advertise it is just a joke.