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Got Got

Got Got for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Go Motion Games located at 107 Golosov St. Togliatti, Samarska Oblast Russia 445021. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Violence) and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Can you add an update with mystical cars and with your coins you can upgrade a cars stats I have every car it's a good game
Took a min to figure out, ain't sure if I got it figured out or not... but I like it. Its good after a couple beers so then its like the cops r trying to pull u over, but ur drunk n u don't wanna get ur 5th DUI and go back to prison.
Great game. So much more detail than Smashy Road, and you can run over people! Vehicles are awesome, and it doesn't use the same old win thing. This time it's a slot machine!
I really like this game but those vehicles are easily to destroy and easily get damaged your own car can some developers make vehicles more health or durability please
The cops are way to difficult to blow up. Even with the big cars. It's mostly because you blow up way to easy
This game is extremely addicting due to it's goofyness witch is great, however some elements such as reversing or powerups feel missed out or unpolished.
Ok one bad thing the car blow so easy,can you make the car to not blow to easy,or make the car gas bar or health bar please make it.🚙🚓🚓
I had bought the last legend car, and I am not able to access it. Whenever I hit buy again, it says "connecting to store" but then returns to the previous screen almost without hesitation. I've went to go to "Restore purchases" and it just says "Unable to Restore Purchases." I even have the Google play reciept e-mail. :/ Can I get ANY help?!
I love this game I've even pre Registered for it but please update it because soon It will not be compatible with Android 11
A few glitches with the game but certainly better than your average mobile game. Got Got is the standard mobile games should be held to.
This game is a blast. Well though out and insanely goofy. Would like to see something like "lifetime stats" that tallies damage. Total cars blown up, food carts, people, light poles, signs, miles driven, # of cops in persuit, and perhaps a reward structure based on milestones to go along with the objectives. Some ramps randomly placed wouldn't be a bad thing either. These cars already catch air. Might just as well let us do it on purpose.
But the only thing is that could you change the tire squealing sound to a lower picked one and could add a game mode where you are the cop and you have to catch a suspected thank you for the game is if you hold down left and right sides you can stop a go backwards☺
If there was a paid version of this game, it would make it so much better and worth one's time. But unfortunately, much like most mobile games. This one is plagued by ads and micro transactions. Personally, I'd look elsewhere.
I sorta think it is a ripoff of Smashy road. It has the same concept: Trying to not get caught by the police. But overall it's ok I guess. Smashy Road Is better just saying.
Unoptimized garbage. Overheats and starts lagging HARD on 810 snapdragon oneplus2 but otherwise fun, how the hell can a low poly game slow down the 4th best phone cpu on the market...
I love the game....... it's funn and addictive...... but Mayne add more missions and take of some of the drift...... thank you...... keep up the good work!
I always gets new cars from the spinny wheel and not same and also all cars fast and fun I and there is no pay to win stuff but something that's wrong with the game is that some quest like destroy police cars I break some but it doesint give me quest point to move on to next quest!!!
It's good, but everyone is right about the drift. I only have 2 vehicles and they seem to drive different from one another so maybe the cars will drive better as you progress?
The game runs very smooth while I still got 2 stars and below but when I get 3 stars and up the game suddenly ducking the frame rates, its unplayable can't survive with the lags, please fix! I love this game but the lag is ruining it
Give me a call from sydney leaving April to come back and I will be there for me know if you want to come back and I will be there for me know if you want to come back and I will be there for me know if
We are inocents in this game, as you can see when you start the , u are driving regulamentary , yet the cops are already after you with all its force . They even killed people and didnt even called an ambulance for those . Why is the governament after us? Im sure that they want to obtain some information that could drive the world into anarchy, which really does not sound that bad.
Definitely a fun game. Great time waster. Only problem is the control. REALLY BAD! This is almost a "ragdoll" game since you can hardly control your vehicle.
All though it is a repeat of smashy roads it is much better, it has good physics, cool graphics, colourful maps, the only bad thing is the ridiculous amounts of ads
It would be cool if you have first person mode and could you please add a reverse button, and It would even more awsome if you have airplane mode! Pursuit in the skies! Sorry but 3 for now I would rate it 5 if you did this oh I almost forgot since I am a gymkhana fan add more gymkhana cars like the smasher.
Brilliant game and its very fun one thing though the driftings pretty annoying but you get used to it if you come across this game download it it's soooooo fun hope this helped
One thing I don't like is it's over rated. It has no bad words or sexual stuff in it . One thing that's kind of bad is you can run over people.No blood comes out though . It should be rated T.