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Goosebumps Horror Town

Goosebumps Horror Town for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by PIXOWL INC. located at PIXOWL INC. 350 Townsend Street #836 CA 94107, SAN FRANCISCO. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've been a fan of goosebumps my whole live and this game has all the characters and its really relaxing to play.
I am a monster critic as shown before, but these monsters top it. Especially since I love Goosebumps. Ive had trouble here and there, but it wasnt that bad. Your team is amazing and always helps when I need it. The updates keep getting better! Thanks for this awesome game!
Too expensive and I you dont always get things to help you finish the monthly competition but its fun overall and beautiful graphics
I really like this game. I've had it before but now.. im only on level 4 and its telling me to do a task that is simply not available. It said it would be available here i reached level 4. It took forever to do so without tasks or anything. I finally reached level 4 and now its gone. How is she supposed to read the school newspaper so that I can move on????
This is a fun game. I had to redoenloadvin my new phone. I have 128 GB of space so thats no problem. But when i open the game, it loads to 80% then it closes down. Its down this 4 times. My connection is stable so i dont knoe if its a game issue or not
I have been playing it for about a week now but I can't progress on the girl who cried monster storyline because I can't read the school newspaper. When I select lucy there is no option to and when I select her story and go to read the school newspaper, there is still no option in Lucy's animations. I would like to keep playing the game and finish her storyline, but at this point I'm worried the only option is to uninstall and reset all my progress. Please fix this if you get the chance.
Awesome game and would gladly give it a 5 star review but the game crashed and I lost all of my progress. I have tried contacting someone but still yet no reply. It sucks I have lost alot of time and money on packs and can't even get a reply to help fix it.
Good Game but losing interest. The time jumps around I come back to it 8 hours later it's still where I left it and has reset scare % so have wasted money. It's starting to be impossible to progress due to content needing notes to purchase buildings / characters
I have been playing this game for many years now and I do truly enjoy it. It looks great and brings back childhood memories. The game runs fine, but I feel like most of the new stories are too expensive and it takes forever to save up Goosebumps dollars for new heroes, neighbors and monsters (it is now limited how many adds you can watch a day). It has been a while since I have been able to finish an event story, cause the items you need almost require you to buy new expensive town buildings.
Good game but slowly things become too expensive to buy with goosebumps cash. Sometimes things automatically disappear from my inventory, especially the expensive ones! Sort out the bugs and fixes please!
I got all my progress back after what happened previously. It took awhile due to me not knowing I needed the ID up in the corner (other games I play have different ways of saving progress I am more used to) and not having it linked with Facebook. But, thank you Customer support for getting everything back!
Love the storyline but havent reached level 3 because it keeps doing update it is freaking annoying and just installed I was hoping it be fun but the constant update every few min like seriously i want to play it just for something something to do so obviously its only worth one star because of this problem
The game blatantly cheats by making rare and hard-to-craft items "disappear" every now and then. This "bug" (which never works the other way round, lol) is especially obvious during special events (e.g. thanksgiving), probably as a way to frustrate and provoke into microtransactions. Three reports to their support got ignored (no, they did not go to my 'spam' folder). Will film a video proof and report them to Google play store.
i love games like hay day and the sims but this. this is something else i really love this game over people should try it Its just the graphics are juicy .i really like playing the books.
I love goosebumps and I love seeing monsters interact with each other. I know this probably won't be seen, but if you can, can you put Dr. Maniac in the game. He's my favorite.
Several bugs. Nigh impossible to finish challenges without paying. Nothing interest appears to unlock after level 40. I just luje having a spooky town. Mediocre
Very good game but my problem is when I entered the game after a week. It said I had to play tutorial even though I am at 30 exp. And now it doesn't let mebnbplay anymore. Can you help me but I still love the game.
Really fun it never lags. It is still a very fun game but I bought the $100 of dollars and it said I couldn't get it. So I was wondering if I could get it for free
I played this game back when it started up then i got bored at the time then i tried to install it again and all my progress is gone! No way to recover it or any sort of log in! I sunk money into the game too :/
Is very expensive for packs for events & getting higher each new event. Will not put needed items in Market to buy yet keeps them in very expensive packs. If only one item is needed in a pack they still make one buy an expensive pack to get it or one just does without it. Charges huge amounts of real money to expand land. Sometimes items disappear including monies getting lower. Gives past events if one does not have them or not completed from before yet charges a lot for the pack/s. Expensive!
where as I love this game, for some reason I am only able to get ot to work and load on my phone. I tried my laptop but nothing loads. Hope this issue gets fixed because I'd love to keep playing.
An absolutely wonderful game; as a 90s/"Goosebumps" kid, this game is a real nostalgia trip, and you can really see the love and effort that is put into this game, Pixowl and Scholastic really came together to bring R.L. Stine's books to life, and they really knocked it out of the park. The characters are great, the stories are so fun, the writing is fantastic, I really can't recommend the game enough, especially if you're a "Goosebumps" fan like I am.
Still has bugs. Still glitchy. Having a hard time pushing the buttons. Having difficulty with the game running properly. But it's still really fun. Still takes me back to my childhood reading goosebump books and remembering all the good stories. Do you love the updates and the seasonal quests. Thanksgiving was a really fun one. Had to start over though cuz it kept freezing on me.
I love this game, my only issue is sometimes when I return to my game it seems no time has past, no news coins etc
- Toggle" feature for those thought bubbles so they don't block other elements. Maybe some transparency? - That "i" with Suppliers / Monsters, you want players to be able to access it more easily. Clicking anywhere on that shop tile seems to ignore that button. - "Claim All" options, like for Coins, finished builds, etc? - Around lv 25, EXP becomes a bit too much of a grind. Deters players. You want players to want to come back for more play.
So fun I forgot every time when I enter the game I can't even play because there's this weird thing when I'm spawning in maths that I don't even have because I'm not on the level and I can't play until I do something which is really hard to play as well it's still fun can you fix the Glitch
I acciddentaly deleted my review also i dindt give a proper review so here is my proper review. The game makes you wait a lot i like that so i have time to do other stuff like reading a goosebumbs book the grind and collecting the monsters is really fun . But sometimes when i played it the road was all mest up and jumbled other than that i recommend download the game and to the team that made this game you are awesome and hope you never stop updating this game thank you for this game.
I recently reinstalled the game and decided to start from scratch. When Lucy has to 'Read the school newspaper's, the animation to complete the task disappears from her list. Since I can't complete that mission I can't play the game. Please help. I have found this glitch on two separate devices. It disappears as soon as I build the library. Thanks in advance. 😐
I'm not sure what happened, but it was fine yesterday and today it acts like I just started playing and I can't click on anything or get a character to do anything. I got a message that said it was updating, so I let it sit for a while hoping that it would fix it, but it hasn't. Maybe it's still being updated? I hope it gets sorted out soon.
I love this game so very much. The quality of the characters & graphics has continued to get better. The events can be so much fun like chicken chicken. Is so much fun without the usual now a day violence that is so part of usual games. Support has improved a lot as well.
I gave this games 5 star when I started but now I am kinda rethinking I know the game has magic and things like that but my stuff just keep disappearing from my inventory and it's the stuff I need when I am trying to complete a book the monsters already take forever to give you what you need especially when it's time to complete the book and when I am very close to getting the book finish the things I need just keep disappearing I need this to be fixed its getting frustrating
Hello! I was wondering when the next event is going to be. I was thinking Egg Monsters From Mars being the Easter Event because the book was published in April 1996. If you agree with me, let me know! Thank You!
I remember loving this game when I was 10. So when I got a new phone, I immediately downloaded the game and... It froze. Please fix this PIXOWL
Love the game I just don't understand how I have the Promenade unlocked but it will not let me clear anything out and use that area?? Thats a big space I could use. Other than that its a good game!! It would also be nice if expansions was bigger for the price you pay.
Love this game and the graphics are absolutely amazing!!! Only con is my inventory items vanish, quite often. Other then that no complaints.
Good game but I am rating the game one star because whenever I get into the game it always glitches and I can't play the game for this reason fix
Love the game- experienced "glitches" and it costs me the dollars I save to buy characters on nonsense items that is being made. Should be a way to undo it or a confirmation to use the dollars so you can accidentally use the dollars.*Update* things are not available. Game still glitches &takes goosebumps dollars w/o consent.said they would make it right then say they won't refund because the money can be used?!? Numerous issues with customer service UNINSTALLING! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!
I have enjoyed this game but recently I am not. I would set everything up (task for the town's folk), come back later ( few hours later) and see that nothing was done, almost like it just started the timers. I have just left the game open sceen on and set things up again, come back and it was all done. I don't understand it when other town games can have the game closed, come back and be done. Also the events make you spend money just to finish them. Half the stuff I see are SOO expensive.
I open the app and nothing works accept the music and the ambience. Is it because I have a galaxy s5? I touch the screen but nothing happens. The buttons don't work and the screen won't move, zoom or scroll. I had this problem when I started the game but I was eventually able to play some of the story. But when I reopened the app it wouldn't do anything. I uninstalled then reinstalled but the problem still remained. I've opened and closed the app multiple times but it still doesn't work.
Update: Game was lagging badly. Now, doesnt open. Just crashes. Pls fix. This game is spooky fun. Good storyline and graphics. I like it, but, becomes way too expensive to level up. I'd rather pay a one time fee of $5 to $10, than a continual 24/7 fleecing in order to advance in a game. Majority of the items and fun characters here are premium (real money). The remaining can be bought with virtual bits of slowly earned coins in exchange for completion of quests and crafted items.
I love this game but I have to open the game then close it out and open it agian for it to works but everything else is amazing!!
It's good not great the graphics are fine but the gameplay is kind of boring but the gameplay is like The Sims but I really like The Sims and Goosebumps so
I like this game, but I'm confused. The update says that there's an event going on, but that's not happening for me. Is there any way I could fix this? Also, there's an item in my inventory called "curly", with no texture, and there's 0 amount of it apparently. It also won't let me delete the item.
This game is not bad but it is not downloading there is just written pending why not downloading and now it is not loading Hey! Is there any other game like goosebumps
This game is awesome, the artwork is beautiful, the stories bring back find childhood memories.. That said it is impossible to play the first couple days of a new major update. Would be 5 stars with perfect play.
I paid 5 dollars for 130 bucks I bought slappy's house and then a notification popped up saying it needs to restart for calibration and when I pressed ok the game rebooted and I'm back to what I originally had before I bought the bucks.
This game brings back so many memories of when I was little, reading the Goosebumps books. I love this game! I love how you can do a story-line, and you could make your own monster city. Some things in this game, such as monsters, heroes and more can be a little too expensive for players and would be hard to earn that many Goosebump coins. So please make those stuff a little cheaper. But anyways, I still love the game.
I give it 3 stars because I play on my phone and every time I load the game it freezes but play music in background. I also try to force close it and everything but it didn't help please fix this
A game designed for younger players and it loses the interest of the participant in that it takes forever to gain rewards and to build. Just another lousy game attempting to have individuals spend real money, rather than enjoy the playing experience.
I totally liked this game until recently. Every time I try and play, it won't let me click anything for someone to do tasks or anything. All my goals disappeared. I don't understand. Please fix this.
I hate this game! It glitches a lot 😠😑😑and when I try to play it loads this game is outrageous. And not scary
A city building game where you unleash goosebumps monsters to scare everyone. Good idea keeps things interesting.
Was really addicted and was having a good time playing this. That is once I spent a certain amount of real cash to help my experience but it didn't bother me any spending money on a game I enjoy playing. However once I got to around lvl 22 or so the game became boring, it takes a long long time for anything to be finished as well as having an rng element with certain items to complete quests. It's a good time for a while, unfortunately I just got bored and didn't want to spend more money.
The storylines are fun and interesting but the events are impossible and unrealistic. The gamemakers ate very money hungry. Update: I gave it one less star again because of the latest update messing up the game and not addressing it nor extending the already impossible event.
It is fun. Though it takes a long time to collect tokens needed to get certain items. It kept freezing and wouldn't load. I really like the stories, but I have to stop playing since it kept freezing when I open to play. I'm Uninstalling it and changing my rating.
I really like the game but I am hesitant to put any effort into it because apparently you can only save the game through Facebook. I don't have one and definitely don't want to create an account for a game. I wish the game would save to Google Play Cloud.
Hey make like the part story to get withe gold coin and build you got from useing money you could get them back
This game is cool for an old school game. I think it would be better if you didn't have to pay so much for in game items and houses. For example 100 goosebumps bucks for slappys house is a little extreme. Just a suggestion.
Iv recently downloaded the game agen(New phone) and I logged into my Facebook. And my last game was not uploaded .when It say login to Facebook... I thout my last leavl would be on there. I had to start all the way over. I do not like that. and I Luv the game. but starting all way over ... Thats Fu.. I put alot of money into the game it's not fair
Brilliant game and absolutely love it. Only downfall is the packs cost too much for what you get and it actually takes forever to level up. It needs to be a little easier to level up and packs needs to be reduced. Until its sorted then im sticking to 2 stars.
Daughter and I share this application. We noticed over the months not alot of rewards are showing up in inventory. Ex: we will activate Slappy to collect a reward but the reward won't show up in inventory. Same with watching daily videos to collect money. Sucks when you need the reward to complete stories or even need item for treasure dealer. We recently delete the application and re-download it no changes. Addictive game please fix. We both love it!
They are a thief they say you are buying a package with certain things in it then when you buy the promo package it only has half of what was shown and their response is oh there was a computer glitch during an update those things really weren't in the package, I get no refund I dont get the things that they showed I would get hell I didnt even get an apology I wont buy another thing from them they don't care
It's fun but there's a problem I saved up for slapey and I had 95 dollars and then the next day it was gone then 3 days later I had 50 bucks left and then it was gone theres eather a glitch or someone's hacking and steeling.
Hello pixowl I don't know if this is a new feature or something I missed but I have, it came from the internet and beast from the east I hope you can fix the bug.
There needs to be a confirm button on things. My game lagged two times and both times I accidentally clicked the dollar button on a house or something. I was finally able to save the dollars and just like that. GONE! I had like $47 in those goosebumps bucks. Now I have to start all over again. I'm close to just deleting this game. I'm very unhappy.... I recently saw a review stating the same thing happened to them but their goosebumps bucks were refunded. Smh I never got mine back.
I enjoy the game but recently my game restarted and I was trying to create a ring. When I logged on to see if it had finish it was like I never actually clicked to create it yet the materials used to make it where still gone like I got it. Maps, compasses, and globes take me forever to get in the game. So that's kind of annoying when I use my materials are taken to make something I didn't get.
Do not waste your money. I paid 19.99 to do the latest quests, and can not complete them unless i use 1650 in game bucks, which is the equivalent of 49.99. I started playing this game day 1, its completely became a pay to play.
I love the game but it will not let me connect to Facebook at all and it will not let me purchase any extra money as it just says error
Update: I'm leaving a one rating until I get the 150 in-game cash that I had lost cause of this game misreading my taps. It thinks I'm tapping on an area where I can use cash to speed things up which I am not doing! It took me over a month saving up my cash for sader and I was cheated out of half of it which I would be able to get now. Give me my cash or forever have a 1* rating from me!!!
I been playing this game for 3 years now and iam a fan , but its frustrating how some of the elements from inventory are gone whenever i restart the game especially the rare ones , please fix this
Unplayable. Will no longer load. After the last update it just glitches and closes. Has increasingly become about spending to be able to play stories. If you don't spend you can't finish stories. Will be uninstalling.
It is the 14th of July and it says I am still on the Phantom of the Opera challenge...it ended days ago...why is this still here and why cant I move on to the next monthly challenge? Update: Jan. 16th 2021 and I cant do anything with the It came from the internet challenge. I cant find the vhs store or dr. Bronstein. I click on Go and it just goes ti the store...I love this game but it glitches a lot.
I love this game so much! The graphics are great, the designs are great and scary and best of all its really scary!
I gave this game a three out of five due to fact it does have a lot of love for fans of the Goosebumps series. You can tell they put a lot of care into this game. I am not sure why however the timers in this game take forever. Unlocking some of the new locations/building/actions take hours. This is too long, also the Trick or Trap event is literally impossible with forking out $15 or more with almost no chance for f2p players to get anything as getting meager amounts takes over 2+ hours.
Game is very fun simple good time and a customer service is really good. I rate this game a 100 out of 5 this game is awesome!!!!!!!!! You have to install this game right now you will love it!!! And I just want to say the customer service like not even exaggerating so awesome!!!!!
I love it! It's addicting. If you love goosebumps it's a must. Still playing! Almost 3 years later! 😊
Love the game but it takes forever to get where you want to be and I don't want to spend money on a game I may be over in a few weeks... edit* my game will not load keeps closing
- Toggle" feature for those thought bubbles so they don't block other elements. - More Confirmations > (Yes / No) options. Would avoid players from accidentally expending rare resources when scrolling. - Item descriptions like Photo Roll: "Have perform an animation to get." Rather than just Brooke. - Maybe more "Claim All" options, like for Coins, finished builds, etc.. - Less crowded UI, if possible. Toggles and pop up windows are your friend.
Well I have a problem the characters Vanessa Crystal and drool don't have any thing to a sign and the promotion place does not show any thing
Loading failed! I loved playing this game but it will not load anymore on my phone. Now I have tried Uninstalling and reinstalling but now it won't let me do absolutely anything!! Please fix this so I can play again
Really good easy at the start its not the fact that it costs to much its that it times the quests but it is extraordinary πŸ‘Œ ✨ 😊 ❀ but fix the time thing like instead of two hours why want you do like five minutes its fun I like this tv show the character are good but some are hard to get because it costs bucks that are kinda hard to get i like it and if you do what I say ill play it more!!!!!!
Its a great game. And I love playing it but I had paid for a strip of cash and I didn't get it but got charged for it. Would love if that could get fixed.