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Golfmasters - Fun Golf Game

Golfmasters - Fun Golf Game for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Playgendary located at Landshuter Allee 8-10, 80637 Munich, Germany. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Crude Humor) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ads after literally each level. I hate this new trend. Oh but you can buy the premium for more than 6Β£ each WEEK for no ads. WOW. It's just a sophisticated thievery, as literally every mobile game these days. Oh and let's mention those "trendy" symbols in the game. It's cringe. Just don't.
I played this type of game in flash. I was excited to have it on my mobile with best graphics. But the developers are too poor πŸ‘Ώ They ruined the game by displacing ad. Its not ad. Its about ads ads ads ads ads ads Uff Please keep your reputation to grow up if you think to make money in short time via ads you will lose players.
Originally gave this app 5 stars and re did the review after playing it for a half hour...the app shuts down way too much, there arent very many golf clubs to choose from also,I dont care for watching a commercial every minute that is if I'm lucky for my round to last a minute. More time is spent watching commercials trying to level faster rather than playing the game, sad that definately needs to be revamped...I just feel also the game is missing something possibly more attributes and maybe unlockable small animals to use for balls....just feel that this game needs a little more work, however the app is still extremely addictive and good for passing time by fast!
It could have been okey. BUT there are game with ads, and then there are game WITH ADS. this is the most disturbing forcefully placed ads in all my mobile gaming carreer . Play for 30sec and watch 30sec ads. You can't even escape them. Game doesn't even start in offline mode. Anything you press will force you to watch ads. Every button there is will force you to watch ads. And you can't even "cancel". Upgrade - advert, daily points - advert, next level - advert, close - advert,
Fake reviews. Do not believe them. The game starts by asking you to buy the full version, is very laggy and WAAYY too many ads. I might have watched about 10 minutes worth of ads by the time I hit level 10. Its an angry birds varient at best.
this game has the potential to be fun, but an overwhelming number of ads when you do anything, and the constant pop up to buy their "vip" membership for $7USD a week makes this game pretty obnoxious. uninstalled it after maybe 5 minutes of "play" (and about 20 ads. jeeze.)
Big fan of the other game featuring the adorable penguins, although it is quite laggy. Unfortunately, even though I was excited to play this, every time I try to play it will start up only to immediately close without me getting a chance to play. I've tried everything I can think of and nothing helps. I'd happily give you 5 stars if I could actually play!! Suggestions?
In theory, this game is supposed to be fun. There are cute animal graphics, the game elements (the kicking giraffe, bouncing off the hippo and snake etc) are interesting. But the overbearing presentation, and the constant pop-ups for the ridiculous and ridiculously weekly VIP package completely ruin all elements of fun.
The game is great. I love the characters and the sounds. And I don't know why the others say that it's too hard and unfair but anyway this game is amazing.πŸ‘ So here are four stars.
How can I enjoy the 30 second adverts if you have to hit a penguin inbetween each one, really frustrating. If your looking for an app with non stop adverts, I'm sorry to say this app is definitely not for you, it will even try get you to pay Β£7 a month to remove the adverts, what kind of sick, twisted individual wants no adverts, bloody perverts thats who. I will give you one star and bid you good day sir.
Cute. Way too many ads and the subscription "service" is ridiculously expensive for a game based on games made with Flash in 1999. Cash grab, stay away. Google, please look into this game. They show ads without alerting the player. It's one thing to say "watch an ad to open this chest" and another to have a button that says "open free chest" which then displays a 30 second ad.
I love this game. I am giving three stars for that. And the fourth star is for the one who hosted the game. I am not giving five stars because there are ads torturing me that is the thing. Please try to do something about it. If the ads weren't working I would give five stars
I've given this game low scores because it tries to trick you into signing up for a Β£6.99 per week 'Platinum' membership. The way it does this is by placing a big START button at the beginning that looks like it starts the game. If you press it, you'll be charged 7 pounds a month. Absolutely disgraceful.
I admit that this game is an awesome, mind blowing, spectaculous and fabulous. I really got addicted and I have not played such a beautiful game so far in my life. Usually I will delete my downloaded games within 1 to 3 days because it's boring. But this game, it's not at all boring and this game is still with me since last 2 or 3 weeks! You deserve such positive comments like this for your work. Great job. I appreciate it.
Great game! I remember playing this on computer a long time ago. Needs a fix on the screens though, found that after a couple levels, the screen freezes and doesn't show the next level. Just a little buggy and you have to close the game and restart it but nothing too crazy to fix.
This game is the worst it has unbearable ads takes forever to download and start THΔ°S Δ°S A DISASTER CRISIS WASTE OF TΔ°ME don't waste your money for this wreck don't ADS ADS ADS Playgendary you made a mistake big mistake Playgendary this might be your worst idea ever for people who like this DΔ°SASTER you don't know how games should beπŸ™„πŸ™„
$7 a week is ludicrous for a diamond membership. with that being said, game is cute and fun. I had a little trouble swinging but got that down after a few minutes. ads are kind of annoying but I can deal.
Seriously 6 dollars πŸ’΅ a week for premium. Whatttttt??? That's 312 dollars a year. And a playstation game costs around 60 dollars. What are you guys developing a playstation game or a game for next gen console. It's android game goddammit. You guys should go into a conference room and have to review history how greed has destroyed companies. Apart from that fun game. And the guys who rated 5 starts might be either babies in diapers or never spent much time with game.
Game or Sales/Marketing?? Could rate the game with 4-5 Stars. But, how do you feel when you are enjoying playing it then DISTURBED BY ADS EVERY 1-2MINUTES?? We understand that ads is necessary, but this is ridiculous. Take note developers.πŸ˜‘
The game is TOTALLY TOTALLY STUPID. it takes the app. Forever to download after it finally does download it takes at LEAST five minutes if not more before you can play. Then when you can finally play you got to at least swipe three or four times before gorrila hits the penguin. DELETING
great fun game love how it has multiple changes. would've gave a 5 star but all the ads brought it to only 2 stars. ads i understand, but every single time you finish a level - seriously over pushing ads. i never comment on ads for apps, this is actually my 1st time, so its pretty extreme on the ads.
Every other second was a new ad. Then for me to get rid of the ads...i have to buy some VIP? Nah, hard pass. Interesting concept. Played for 5 minutes. By 5 minutes I mean 23 seconds of playtime and 4 minutes and 37 seconds of ads
this is hands down the funniest, coolest and most addicting game I have EVER played in my life and I am 41 years old so that should tell u that this game is obviously AMAZE BALLS cuz I have played A LOT of games in my time lol! My husband and I can't get enough of it! Thank u so much for making a game that is 100% hands down, the best game on Google play!!
This game could really be great . Except these ads are unbearable, I mean these things show up every 45 seconds. To get rid of them you have to pay $9 a WEEK. It's honestly not worth it. If they could get rid of that, then it would be a solid game.
It sucks it crashed everytime and everytime i won a level it would freeze so bad that my phone crashed then when i try to start the app it take 10 minutes and it then crashis five seconds later and the app crashs after every level i play and freezes so much i hate this app.😑😑😑😑😑
I had a very bad experience. Whenever i start the game it takes too much time for loading and secondly when i start the game is started, after every second either it is stuck or only the music can be heard and the screen is blank. And when i quit it at least 10 to15 minutes my phone is hanged or you can say it is stuck coz i cant use a single app in this duration so that is why i uninstalled the game. I want to rate it a half star but unfortunately i cant. That is why only 1 star. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜ΎπŸ˜ΎπŸ˜€
It's the worst game ever I have played . It took 3 hours to download & The game started in 43 minutes . Very bad graphics . weak & poor bats . less animals . Some times how many time i swipe the bat is not worling . I'm deleting it !!!
Ads, ads, and more ads. Beat a level? Here's a 20 second ad! Couldn't beat the level? Here's a 20 second ad! Claim a gift? Here's an ad! The game is ok. It's certainly not worth a minute with of ads for every minute or less of gameplay. I just played a level. It took me 15 seconds to beat. I had a 30 second ad afterwards. I'm uninstalling and never looking back.
This game sucks, they try to hard to be trendy and use fortnite dances and things kids will pee thier pants over..Its another lazy attempt to trick kids into paying 6 bucks for nothing, the graphics are cute but when you get down to how hard they are trying to appeal to kids it's just ridiculous..I don't recommend. Just play some real golf, don't waste your time on this trash
A completely shameless cash grab. Far too many ads, pushy "membership" pop-ups, ransoming power-ups, Fortnite references only to draw in the most gullible, when they are completely unnecessary or even related to this game in any way. The game even punishes you for aiming in the optimal manner. Buyer beware.
Awesome animation and cute gameplay, but for the love of god change your purchasing options. I will gladly pay you to remove ads, but I will not pay you $9 A WEEK to remove ads. Quit being so greedy and giving mobile app developers a bad reputation.
Best game ever made and I have played. Good characters and graphics with the music. Loved it and hats off to the game.
I love this game so much but I'm stuck on the final level and the tree and bird are my worst nightmare πŸ˜‘πŸ˜£ but I will never giveup πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
1 star because the WORST Playgendary when it comes to ads. This game takes every single opportunity to run 30-second ads - even if you opted NOT to accept multiplier earnings. You aren't given any option not to view ads. You can't pay for all stat upgrades and skip the free ones with ads. I am not going to pay to remove ads because the last 2 Playgendary games I did, the developers couldn't keep their promises of removing all ads that I still got to watch to proceed. In short I don't think you can get rid of ads in any of their games. I'll just leave it on for as long as my kids will play with it but must admit it is getting boring with the over supply of ads.
I think this is a very fun game. Great original concept. However I think that there should be on of two things changed. Either you can level up the other animals as well, or take the bird away. The bird isn't fast and takes tons of yardage away.
this game is really fun BUT there are so many ads that can get really annoying, which also means that you can't play the game as much. Also I don't understand why they promote that hitting and animal is ok. but I mean hitting HITTING an animal is NOT "OK."😱😒😡😫😭 although the concept of getting the eggs back is really kinda sorta maybe cute😊 you should play the game but only if you have the patience for ads
Too many barriers. Im on the 18th hole and can't even get a quarter of the way to hole. You cant even hit at a 45 degree angle. Go off screen and a vulture grabs you and drops you 20 ft away. Try getting over a tree it put you at the base of Then i dont think there are too many ads but i click to close one and a different ad for the same game pops up.
Super fun but there are just SO MANY ADS. You get coins rewarded for off-line time, but you have to watch an ad to collect them, you have to watch an ad to open any chests you get, basically everything is ad associated. Super annoying.
It's not cool for a game to give you The Choice of doubling your score by watching a video and when I choose to not double my score because I don't feel like watching an advertisement video it forces me to anyways. I will be deleting this game!!!!