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Golf Star™

Golf Star™ for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Com2uS located at 서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 131 BYC 하이시티 A동 12층 (12F, A-dong, BYC Highcity B/D, 131, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Nudity/Eroticism) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game started out good, the tutorial was there at the beginning then disappeared. I couldn't change my profile. Then I joined a match and somehow they controlled my game so I didn't get a turn and I lost, I would have won because they went at least a double bougie but they took my turn. This is not fun or good. I will not play this game again.
Good pretty realistic game but players shouldn't be able to reach green in 1 shot on a part 5! Real pro golfers can't do that...Not realistic!"
Good game but gameplay quality is poor. It seems to be a common theme with all com2us endeavors. I recommend avoiding all apps by this company, as it will bring you only disappointment. They obviously take very little pride in the quality of their work. Yes... I know. You're sorry to hear my disappointment. So fix it... I dare you. But I won't hold my breath.
Used to love this game, there was a line that would show you where the ball would go, and it was up to you to line up the shot and execute. But after not playing for a while, it updated and now the line is just gone. This would've been fine if that's how it was designed in the first place, but now it's totally impossible for me to get anywhere near the same scores. It's a totally different game, and they only changed it to force us to pay money. The game I enjoyed doesn't exist anymore.
I use to really like this game. I got a new phone and redownloaded it. Now when I get on the green I run out of time without even getting to hit
Wind is unrealistic and not consistent. Six mph wind blows the ball completely off the course, even after compensating for it. Otherwise, I would rate the game higher. Apparently, your programmers don't play golf.
Downloaded game, thought it would be nice. Got through the tutorial and started playing first round and got on to the green. After that I was constantly getting a penalty for not even getting the opportunity to shoot. Happened 3 times. Not a great start for what seemed to be a good app. Not recommended by myself. Uninstalling.
Was having a lot of fun playing then I noticed the past 3 days my gold coins keep disappearing and I DID NOT USE THEM! I would play and have over 100 each day and bam, less then 20 the next day! If this is your guys way of making me buy some, screw that! I just quit playing! APP DELETED!
The game setup is good but the game itself has too many glitches. Now can't even collect rewards. 220 download speed 12up. Never had an issue until their update. No new device, same internet, same everything. This is the only app i have problems with. Someone needs lessons on app making.
This game has the potential to be truly excellent. Graphics and gameplay are state of the art. But although South Koreans and Japanese people make up less than 3% of the population of the world, you will end up playing against one of them (and losing) between 95% and 98% of the time. This is because they spend thousands of dollars and play up to 18 hours a day in order to win. A game for South Koreans and Japanese only, and if you're not one of them I wish you good luck. You're going to need it.
This used to be a fun game but since they made the changes it has become useless. Now there are connection issues where I cannot play in march mode as I will be dropped and with the new start up I have already lost, this is becoming ridiculous without being able to complete because of dropped connections.
Most realistic game ive seen . Fair and pretty precise . Great graphics . many options for game play . I recommend highly . 5 star rating . Best golf game I've played . Takes sometime to level up but fair ! One thing you could improve on is the wind. 4 , 5 , 6 to 7 mph winds are strong . They seem to be more like 15 , 20 to 30 mph winds . Not as realistic as it could be ! Overall a very good game ..... I needed to add this , what happened to the consumables lucky box ? REALLY MISS THAT , FUN !
Lol so many cheating players.. in duel when is your turn for some reasons it said you skip out for taking too long before you could do anything
Golf Star: all around good! needs improvement on physics, plus a heart beat should be implemented. I am not a game developer but I have madd ideals when it comes to gaming if interested please ask. it starts @ communication, so if the commentor has the ears to hear then time will tell. thank you hope I helped!?
The game is unrealistic. 16-18 under for 9 holes? No chance in real golf. The world tournaments are a joke. The outcome is predictable and always the same.
Just downloaded and tried to play one round and it won't let me take a second turn and gives me penalties... also I Use to play a few years ago but some how my account got deleted..
I've just downloaded this game twice. Unable to play the game when I am going to tee off right from the beginning it tells me I made a penalty stroke and I didn't even do anything. Screen keeps popping up even though I just started tee off. I was wondering if you could please fix this glitch so I can at least golf one hole lol terrible it keeps doing the same thing over and over again and no time has it elapsed and I am not taking too long.
Please fix something, in 1vs 1 match at beginners lvl, after 1st shot it instantly skips my other shots saying played late & there is penalty to play late. I cannot take my 2nd shot ever in 1vs 1. Fix it quick plz. I am new to this game and.....
Fun, colorful, and sometimes exciting. I like the outfits, match challenges, and campaign mode. I've been playing about 4 years.
Low marks after the last update, destroyed the ability to build up stars and stinging you at the same time. New players have no chance to progress unless you're prepared to spend hard cash, been playing since season 1 and now I'm not impressed.(added edit). Now unscheduled maintenance screws you during prep for guild battle!! Even worse than before and TOTALLY ruins any point in playing this game at all. Com2Us sort this game out, All the attention you give to Summoners War can also be given.
Very good game, with excellent graphics. Don't give it 5 stars because not clear how to improve statistics.
Awful, people pay money to hit 500+ yard shots so cannot beat anyone. Can only beat the computer for a few days until you have to spend a hundred bucks to buy stuff to win. Pay to play is an understatement! Just completely unrealistic and not fun just frustrating watch other people hit par 5 greens in one shot impossible to win anything, unless you spend a lot of money!
Watches that allow for zero wind in guild battle have absolutely ruined the game. -27 rounds are becoming more common place and there is no longer any reward for being a really strong player. More and more long-time players are quitting the game as it is no longer fun to play without the wind variable. Please consider instituting a minimimum 1.0 m/s wind in all guild battles or start a Champions league style league above Dream League that would be the only place to play with a zero wind watch.
I used to play this game a few years ago and installed it on my new phone. Now it just crashes when you start it.
Horrible. Game has no support. Support always turns a blind eye if issues help koreans, but when issues dont give koreans an advantage theres an immediate maintence. Game is made by koreans for koreans. Good luck getting any good gear and good combos, they are only reserved for koreans! Game mechanics suck!! Putting guides are useless!! Power bar suck, never stops where u stop it, always goes past stop point!!
Takes a ton of free memory and I play and get a penalty stroke for taking too much time while I am watching opponent hit. Plus the main menu has WAY TOO MANY button options. Finally found challenge button in bottom right then got the penalty strokes.... UNINSTALL!
Redoing my review. This game is ridiculous. Match play is trash. I put it to a foot and make birdie and they barely get it on the green and make birdie and I lose. The point system us flawed. Also gets very repetitive and takes forever to get better equipment. Uninstall for me.
Fun in solo.garbage online. I sent 2 PM in technical support about bugs (disconnected while putting in matchmaking )but no answer.i usually play online then the issue comes from the game. EDIT: i did like you asked but my online game is ruined because you are incompetent.the game will stay uninstalled for good.
Used to play this game some time back. I am struggling to reset my hive password. Every time I enter the one time password, the timer resets and the system sends one more password. While playing one on one, my turns get skipped automatically and a stupid message comes up that I didn't play in time. Looks like this game is currenyly not being managed by capable folks
Constant shot penalties for timeout when i have a perfect connection. No chance to play. Bad game. Don't waste your time
Match up is a joke. It gives a penalty right away. You don't get a second shot. 1 second to take a shot isn't right. This game is broken.
Used to love playing this game but lately, all it does is tick me off with the putting. With the guide, you match it up and it still misses! Update 11-10-20. Game's no better. Tried to stay with it, however at this point, I think I'm just fed up.
Can't play for saying I timed out once I tee off. This seems to be happening alot with others also. My connection isn't the issue. I'll be uninstalling once I leave this comment.
Had game for a number of years now But lately it is for ever closing down on me Keep having to keep logging in again Will give it another go Also apears to have a lot of cheating
Been playing this game for years with no login issues until I started it the other day and got a message my account is now apparently permanently locked due to "invalid sign up" whatever that means. Contacted customer "support" but of course never received a response. These people are garbage scammers, avoid this company's games at all costs and certainly don't give them one cent of your money.
Not even worthy of one star. I started playing 3 days ago and I could not play more than 1 shot in online mode. After first shot all I get are time penalties and eventually game automatically restarts. Game pause in the middle of room mode. No wind deviations, unrealistic and home screen is so confusing. Too many bugs and glitches. And with such a big size game your expectations are high.
Awesome game, great graphics but spoilt by the amount of money it takes to make competitive. New account and now can't get vip, have to pay for pouches which u could get before with gold. Consumables box is no longer and ad watching gives you bearminimal.
What's going on, since the last update I get game freeze then shuts my phone down, wt. Then makes me start from scratch . Getting jack of this b.llsh.t
They have introduced a magic watch that can be reset to 0 wind factor, giving some players the opportunity of scoring a Hole in on every hole. Huge mistake on Com's part which will see players leave the game in droves if this problem is not sorted out quickly.
Just as most are saying you can not play challenge match it times you out after first shot. Can never complete game
This used to be one of the best online golf games you could play. But over the last few years the quest from Com2.us to turn this into a game of where the big spenders can dominate is getting old and tiresome very quickly. The scores in any mode of the game are getting ridiculous and unrealistic. With the introduction of the 0 wind watch, players are now getting 9 hole in ones per 9 hole mode. No one in their right mind would think this is even remotely realistic and or even fun. All it takes is about 1K dollars and you can turn any player who has only played the game for a week into a top tier player. These 0 wind watches are killing team/guild battles by turning them into a HIO slugfest. What is the end game for such battles? a -27 losing to a -27? What a joke. Many veteran players are quitting and many teams are folding. We are not talking about a few dozen of players quitting, but hundreds and possibly thousands giving the game up Its an easy fix. Allow players who have a 0 wind watch play in a separate new league where that will be the only league allowed to play with 0 wind conditions. Allow everyone else to play, grow and learn the game instead of getting smashed by a person who spent lots of money to get one piece of equipment. Clock is ticking, there is a group of 300 players who are giving Com2.us a little while longer to make this correction or we will put the game down and go play another golfing game that is more realistic.
Excellent and engaging game with good game mechanics that are challenging without being frustrating. Good balance of offline and online play. The only thing stopping this game getting 5 stars is the convoluted and unintuitive equipment upgrade mechanism.
Little confusing at first about boxes and stuff but after figure out it gets easier. Besides that little snag, it's awesome!
Very poor zero stars played my first game and its like connetivity issue when i have a good internet connection This is just a nonsense app i wasted my data and time on this useless app
Made a purchase, items were never delivered, customer service gives the run around; they also deleted my last review, so here I am rewriting. Uninstalling, getting a refund from Google. Take a lesson com2us; bad customer service can ruin a great game; I've been playing for years, and I'm willing to give that up.
Don't even attempt to play a match unless you like seeing the other player drive the ball 500+ yards to the green. Totally unrealistic match play. Oh, when you first start playing the match, you'll be paired with a player of the same abilities. But after you move on, then you're screwed with the other player out driving you off the tee to the green. DO NOT waste your money buying upgrades. Just stay in the FREE play area.
1 year ago this was a 5 star game with the best guild system anywhere BUT this has changed to the point it is almost unplayable, unenjoyable and friends for years , dedicated players are quitting everyday. The introduction of a pay to win watch removes wind leaving no variables and a hole in one on every hole, no exaggeration , every single hole , leaving any new player about 10 shots behind an average player with no way of competing. Do not download until they fix this issue !
It's a good golf game. But it freezes up on you a lot. I'll give it a few more days to see how it goes. But so far, not happy.
Golf Star was probably a nostalgic game in the Com2us games. I used to play the game ALOT when I was a child.
Good instructions, just same course over and over again. And limits on number of times you can play before you are out of hearts.👎👎👎💤💤💤😵
Every so called update or maintenance activity screws up something else in the game. You ever hear of the saying, "IF IT ISN'T BROKEN, DON'T FIX IT! !" !?. Now, the damn sounds of the birds are louder than when the crowd claps or the AI voice says something. How about letting the players decide what they want to HEAR ! !?
Was a great game until 8yd winds were introduced,you need to spend alot of money now to compete with other Guide's,so many players now giving up game,
It's a great golf game. And they really take care of tge user. They are always putting random items in my inbox that come in handy during gameplay.
LOL! Yup, relay all the bias, and dl nithing like usual. Worthless, game is too bias for change! Its been years since this game has been fair! Every update, the game gets worse and worse! Fair play is nonexistent! Support will do everything to help korean players and screw everyone else! Beware of the bias putting guides! No issues get fixed or addressed ever! Support will turn the blind eye on issues! Watch out for korean bias in 1v1, tour and world champion!! Korean bias lives!!
The app(company) got greedy over a period of time. Their phylosophy is corrupt. I've played this game for years as time has passed they stopped giving free 'stars' in the inbox to play, especially during maintenance. And they made everything so expensive. You've to win 20+ games against robots(super humans) to earn 100 stars in a one on on game. Like the graphics but if you're planning to get into this game - Please don't. Not worth it.
I have been playing Golfstar for over 5 years. The graphics are above and beyond any other Golf game app. I'm almost 60 years old and I play every day and I work my fingers to the bone. Highly recommend this app.
Had this App for a couple of years now and it has slowly got worse to play and it's so frustrating. I get constantly forced to reboot just about every single game i try to play and it takes that long to reboot i lose every match - I've reported it numerous times and get the same reply :- make sure you have good wifi - close any other Apps etc - all of which i have & done but it makes no difference !! If all the buffering and rebooting was fixed it would be an excellant App to play.
This is as close to real golf as you can get. Controls are great and graphics are great. Obstacles annoy me but other than that, great golf game.
Playing against other players just doesn't work. The Tee Off works like it should but all consecutive actions result in time outs (with penalty) or all UI components just vanish (you must force quit to continue). I'm using a Pixel 5 - so I'm as close to Stock Android as possible.
Cant even play. P2P get to drive then never get a shot after other player takes theirs. They penalize you everytime, unless you get a hole in one you're screwed.
Game is unplayable, keep getting ran out of time immediately when it's my turn. Don't waste your time with this game
Game would be great without the timeout penalty no matter what I do. I tee off once and lose 3 shots and the match
Game has taken so much away since last 4 updates, multiple lucky box drop a lifeline to many. Now reach a level where GP is in abundance for use in said box just accumulates uselessly. The caddie watches are an expensive joke on us all. Feel as though Comm are wringing us dry in these difficult financial times. Boo.
Needs patches ASAP. First mission for a Match Play, every shot following the tee shot was a time-limit stroke penalty after a few seconds. After I lost the round, of course, the game freezes up after spinning for extra rewards. Log out, log back in, immediately takes me back into the "claim reward" screen & freezes up again. Uninstalled, re-installed, same results. Last attempt, the game froze my entire phone to the point that I had to remove my battery.
Good game till u get penalty strokes for taking to much time but u don't even get a second to hit.. very disappointing!! Could be a good game!
I've been waiting for a game with longevity, something requiring skill without the competitiveness, this game is great whether you're a pro or novice, it's challenging which is great. Only 4 stars for now as I wish I could really do more with the players look, nothing major
The game has been slowly ruined over the last couple of years, but last months Season 9 changes are the final straw. The game used to be free to play and pay to progress quickly. Those players choosing to pay money would mostly only gain in advancing quickly and not gain much competitively. Now the game is becoming pay to play and totally pay to win and if you don't pay you are no longer competitive. A big shame because it plays a very good game of golf, second only to WGT in this respect.
Was a fun game but lots of bugs now that allow cheating . Booting me out in the middle of a guild battle & people with ios get multiple holes in one in a round .. I've spent years building my player but I've almost had enough ..
Fantastic Mobile Golf Game. Not your everyday simple mobile golf challenge. This is realistic, challenging, and has great depth. If you are looking for a golf game that will challenge you, this is an absolute must play! Graphics/Gameplay are fantastic, Online Modes are excellent & as you progress you open more. Crafting system is very good. Tons of free play!
Easy to play good for beginners and pro players alike plenty of choices of equipment Easy to level up hard to put down
Fun but be prepared to pay real over and the putting is hard especially at higher levels great game but sadly a money hungry company just like all the pay to win games prove me wrong
It keeps telling me that I am getting a penalty stroke for running out of time, even though there is plenty of time on the clock. This happens repeatedly and the game is unplayable!!!
Game is beautiful but when game is disconnecting and connecting every 2 min make game ugly and not interesting anymore. But I'm still playing game because i liked. So you should do something about that, I'm not the only one who complaining about that. And every time when disconnect and connect again collecting my data. You robbing bastards
This game isn't bad and is actually fun to play but the challenge match feature where you go up against another user is completely broken and won't let me finish a match because it says that there's a bad connection when that's impossible so I keep getting penalty strokes or just booted off