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Golf Orbit: Oneshot Golf Games

Golf Orbit: Oneshot Golf Games for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Green Panda Games located at 48 rue Sarrette 75680 PARIS cedex 14. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Awful. Way too many ads. Take a shot, ad. Take a shot, ad. Take a shot, ad. If your on a phone call, the ad won't play. Half the time I can't get out of the ads because the X's are small or won't even show the X.
The game is alright, nothing earth shattering, but it's clear that the developer is only motivated by money.. Don't waste your time playing this, as you will spend more time watching ads than playing
It'd be given more stars if there where alot less ads, I get you need ads to make money which is cool but after every shot?? Completely unnecessary, 2) it crashes and forces restart of the app after watching the jackpot ad EVERY TIME without fail, 3) used the app today for the first time after the October 30th update to find all my upgrade progress reset and HALF of what I spent in my balance!!! Other than those issues (which need fixed ASAP) the game is fun and enjoyable, good time killer and for me a chill out title. Fix the issues that myself and others have mentioned and you are getting somewhere :)
Horrible game. The game itself is fun, but the algorithms for where the ball lands, power meter, and upgrades are all rigged to have the worse of two outcomes. Also, the "Jackpot" meter doesn't fill up all the way, is advertised to multiply your winnings by 100 if you watch an ad, but only lands on 10-30 Everytime. Speaking of ads. The number of ads in this game is ridiculous even by VOODOO standards. Then to top it off $7.99 WEEKLY subscription to go ad free. The developers really screwed the pooch on this one.
Played for 5 minutes, and quit. You know why? Yep, you guessed it, way too many adverts. Why don't you developers pull your heads out of your keesters and cut way down on advertising, you greedy bastards. Looked like a really fun game till you ruined it . Green panda sucks donkey balls!
Honestly pretty fun game,but after about 10 mins of playtime o couldn't stand the nonstop ads. It's either watch a full ad to get something as a reward or get forced to watch an ad if you say no anyways. Honestly if it was a one time $5-$10 purchase to get rid of ads I would heavily consider. But the only option is to subscribe to the VIP garbage which is $11 weekly. Waste of time and I'll never install anything from Green Panda again just because of the ridiculous advertising. Fun though ngl.
Nearly subscribed to a weekly fee. When you first open the game, there is a big yellow button that says start. This is to start a weekly subscription for £8.49. I wonder how many people have been scammed with this?Luckily I have to confirm any purchases with a password so I wasn't fooled. Took me ages to find the hidden X to close that screen. Hit the ball a couple of times then an unskippable 1 minute ad. Forget it.
This would be a great game if they got rid of all the damn ads. Im almost half tempted to just uninstall this game. Ads are just a waste of time in my opinion either than that good game. Oh an the reason I gave it one star is becuase im not a fan of something thats going to waste my time. One more thing if you people who created this game would take the time to read some of these comments you might wanna get the issue resolved with the damn ads. Im not paying to take the ads off you cankissmyass!
Love the concept and the general gameplay, it's a well executed bit of fun. The downside? Ads. Ads to the point that I'd comfortably say that half of my time 'playing' this game were spent watching forced, unskippable ads. The only option to bypass this is to pay for a 'VIP' membership that seems reasonably steep. Or play offline, which removes a few features as the game relies so heavily on ads. Of course profit needs to be made, but the amount of ads in the game ruin it pretty quickly.
Like everyone else their too many ads. I got used to them and continue to play, but then I noticed there's not much to the game. Beside the main first shot and then if your on the green to do one extra shot to try and make it to the hole. After that if you miss it's either give up or try again for as many times as you like after always watching a full ad. I want an extra shot if I can't make it on the first shot, especially if I'm too far away and can't judge properly. I was doing one over and over after watching ad after ad to try and make it. I finally gave up. I wanted to make it because that was my longest shot so far. I also don't know if they have one but I can't seem to find a save feature to store my profile. Maybe if I buy their subscription for no more ads, plus extra items. Maybe I could save then. I don't know how the unlock system for the other characters works. I kept getting in the 1500 range and nothing else would unlock for me. I don't how to get others, but I'm not really wanting the other characters. I just stopped getting them after a while of playing and upgrading my character abilities. I just wanted the pro female character they have locked up since I am a female and just always played as one. Not trying to make a political statement or anything. I just want my male and female character to be my choice of who I pick to play and not have one locked. Same as the pro black character. I can understand why the other ones has to be earn since they will be fun extras to play as in the game. I just don't really understand the other two as much. Unless it's a way for you to somehow pay to get them. The game is alright. It can be fun at first for a little while but after that and the constant ads which I don't want to pay to get rid of. I don't mind paying to help devs in their games. Only in games I really enjoy and can see myself playing alot will I pay to have them removed or pay for other features. This is not one of them. So I just think it's an decent game for a short amount of time with standard gameplay. It's a decent time waster.
I opened the game and IMMEDIATELY got a message to upgrade to pro for 10 dollars a WEEK! Of course I said no, and got ads after every hit.
Total disasters game whenever I hit perfect shot it would get in water or it hits back from the wall although control and graphics are good
Very fun and simple right off the bat, ads are easy enough to avoid, but the game quietly stops advancing after you reach a power of @450%-500% respectively. Theres also no limiter on how much you can make, so the game simply crashes and will not boot back up once you reach 10 quintrillion coins. Overall, I had fun, wish they had expanded a bit more on it.
This game is really cool!! The only thing I have to say Is each round is maybe 7 seconds and every 2 rounds there is a 30 second ad. So you watch more ads then you get to play. If you turn on airplane mode though, you can play it but you cant jackpot. You have to be off airplane mode to do the jackpots and stuff only bc you need to watch a ad to do it. Other than that it's a five star app!!
Over 100$ to get rid of adds a year is absurd. A one time fee is normal and not over 10$ and 10$ should be the price on this game. The adds in this game are very intrusive.
Well the firstproblem is that after 10 minutes of gameplay you get bored because the leveldesign its against the player, if i touch the edge of the water even with perfect shot cancels everything and shut the shot down, marketing its broken to the bone and the devs are shameless because this isnt a complex game to deserve the money its kinda 3 week work after that nothing just premium
What could be a really enjoyable game is completely ruined by an overabundance of ads, including one for a preposterous weekly subscription. No one in their right mind is going to pay for that, stop jamming it in my face. Constant ads between nearly every turn and menu completely detract from what would otherwise be fun gameplay. Dial it back a little and you'll be much more successful
Fun, but greedy developers. Instead of an option to remove ads permanently, it's a weekly charge to lose the ads. Sure, you get some benefits in game, but the subscription cost is more than many MMORPG monthly subscription fees. To be frank, the developer has got to be high. Like, actually high when they thought it was a good idea. I imagine they aren't making much from it.
Firstly, for the game to be ad free you have to pay £8.49 a week, which is over £440 a year. So if you're a parent who's child could accidentally buy this, PLEASE CHECK! I don't understand why it's so expensive, I don't even understand why you need to pay a subscription, this game is at the most about £1's worth. So gameplay, you click at the right time to aim the ball and for the power of the shot. If the ball lands on the green (near the hole, which is entirely based on luck), then you drag your finger back to aim the ball, but you only have one go unless you want to watch a 30 second advert for another go. Otherwise, if the ball isn't on the green when you hit your first shot then you have to start all over again. I played for about an hour in total and was still only hitting it about 2500ft, I have no idea how long you have to play this game before you go into space but I haven't got the time to find out. So if you like games that are entirely luck based, extremely repetitive and mind numbingly boring then congratulations, you've found this game. If you like games that require more input, are not entirely luck based, don't require you to watch constant adverts (unless you pay over £440 a year) and have at least a 2/10 on the entertainment scale then don't get this game. TL:DR EXTREMELY BORING EXTREMELY REPETITIVE CONSTANT ADVERTS UNLESS YOU PAY OVER £440 A YEAR LUCK BASED
It is fun despite the ads. I have gone through all the maps(3 maps). The fourth map is locked and be sayin' "coming soon". I have been playing for a few months now and my coins will not accumulate more than 18 million or (18M on game) and even tho I get a perfect hit (which is not to difficult) I land in water most of the time and my one brilliant "alberos" (which gives you ×30 gold) gave me an eagle (×10 gold). I might be uninstalling this, but I do like the game
Ads. Omg ads. Every shot, ads. I'm well aware it contains some ads, but every single shot? No, It would be a good game, but the ads. I'm not interested in spamming my phone with intrusive ads every 5 to 10 seconds. Normally I would just delete an app and be done with it but this was so bad that I felt it deserved a 1 star and a review.
I have played a few games like this one, but this one lacks offline earnings which does makes such a huge difference. And I honestly thought it was a joke when I saw the price for a WEEKLY subscription on another review at £8+ but it turns out the creators of this app fully have the audacity to ask for that much money to remove ads, get 5 skins and triple your score. Google really should also begin to regulate the amount of ads that and like this force on you.
Horiffic. This is actually a nice little game of the 'tap the screen at the right time to get a good swing, then sit back, watch, and hope you are lucky' type. There is no real substace to it, and essentially it is an advert vehicle. But fun enough to waste a few minutes on. BUT.. to remove ads and get 3x income, they have implemented a SUBSCRIPTION model of €8.5 PER WEEK. You have to be @$%&ing joking, right? I always think Candy Crush effectively killed mobile gaming with the mainstream introduction of IAPs. This is a hundred times worse.
I was excited to play this game and it is fun when you're not watching an ad. You can decide to watch an ad for a multiplier, but if you choose to just take the original pay out, every two shots you are forced to watch an ad anyway. Why give people the option of watching an ad for an advantage if you're just going to force them to watch one every other shot anyway. Real shame that you're forcing people away with your greed.
This game when i log in its just a green screen it takes so long too play this game is the worst game in the world its not even a game its just a wayst of time this game is hell
Unfinished. It is amazing to me that this game is two years old and is only this developed. I beat all three worlds over a few days with maybe three hours of playing to distract me while I was working. I don't know why anyone would ever spend any money on this game. Also, rainbows always have the blue end on the inside. You'll never see them with the blue end on top. That means all the rainbows in the rainbow world are backwards.
The game is good... But once you progress to the lava planet, the bugs start rolling in.... You won't be able to see all the graphics in the sky and once you have unlocked the Mario lookalike...no matter what you do, you can't unlock the next character. It happened three time to me already. The game freezes when you are asked to select the new character and you will have to force close the application. Safe to say your progress until that character will be lost. You will be trapped in an endless cycle of trying to unlock that single character only to end up with an app freeze at character unlock screen... Pathetic bug.... And I was beginning to love the game too
I got to the second world, got to take two swings then the game restarted on its own and started the entire game over. Needless to say, I'm disappointed. I liked this game but losing all of my progress is unacceptable. I also read quite a few of the NEWEST reviews and found something very unsettling. First, when I first installed the game it said the VIP was $7 a week, just a little while ago (right after all my progress reset) it went up to $10 a WEEK. The reviews I read about the price varied unbelievably person to person. One was up to $14 a week. Seriously? This game is ok but NOT worth a weekly rate that changes and goes up every time you log in.
The game looks fun. However, forced ads every shot or couple shots is bad. It takes the enjoyment out of the game. If you put in ads as optional for bonuses then fine. It feels more like a cash grab than a fun game. Avoid this game. I looked again, but almost $10 a WEEK for VIP? Bruh. That is so bad of a deal. For a simple golf mobile game. Yea these guys just want money. You can get netflix or hulu for 10 bucks a MONTH.
Ads every 2 swings gets a bit annoying. I get you need money, but other games have done just fine with having optional ads that benefit the player as the only ads they experience. Game is fun, but it gets out if control, and VIP is $9 like ???? I'd understand $4.99 but the way this was built monetarily - it just screams cash grab.
This is a very good game, however, in this game, you have to wait for the arrow, swing, and watch the ball land. The issue is, this takes seconds, and after every time you hit the ball and watch it land, you HAVE to watch an add which is easily twice or three times the amount of time spent playing the game. You scummy developers should go into tv advertisement, because this app is purely that. An advertisement. I'm tired of the garbage business practices that developers like these display.
The game itself is decently fun, for the time you can play it. However there are far too many ads, on the order of an ad every other shot. Byitself, that isn't too terrible, as most apps like it have an option to spend $0.99 or something to remove ads. Instead, this app offers a VIP service for $10/month to remove ads and give you a bunch of other perks. Who pays a monthly fee for a mobile game? I would have been willing to pay a couple dollars to remove ads but what this game offers is robbery.
This is a good game but I've finished it in a day. The amount of ads are absolutely ridiculous, an ad comes up every 3 goes and it's just annoying. There needs to be more levels and more elements to the game, like - unlocking different balls/players/clubs for different advantages while putting. This would be a great game but it's absolutely ruined by the ads.
While i wait for the ad to finish i came here to review this game. The game itself is good,addicting but the biggest problem is that i cannot play the game just because there is too much ads.Like after every 2-3 games i play there is an 15-30 sec ad.
After every shot the game tries to make me watch an ad. After every second shot it forces an ad anyway. About half of my total inputs for this game were about declining or skipping ads instead of playing the actual game.
This is a disgusting game. After every 3rd hit you must to watch an add. This means you have to watch in every 10 second . It has collect your personal data, doesn't matter what you want (if you don't allowed you can't play). I'm deleted after 10 minutes game.
I actually quite enjoy this game. It's a simple time passer, and the adds aren't that obnoxious (you can skip them). The reason for one star however is the sheer greed these Devs show with a WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTION OF €8.50 for a mobile game!! That is totally outrageous. I don't mind paying a one off payment to get rid of adds in a game I enjoy but nearly €30 A MONTH?? No thanks
It is not that glitchy for me I really like the game and it is fun I've already read all the other comments on my phone hold on I don't know what the heck going wrong with it like boy. @#_&*@#
Ehh at best, progress is entirely artificial along with the fact that the game has patches of six trees buildings etc in a row just to ruin any ball bonus you get for hitting perfect
holy ads. every new swing is an ad. want to retry and make it in the hole again yepp that will cost you an ad. want to claim a bonus guess what that is an ad as well. I get it you have to have some ads in the game but for christ sake every swing is ridiculous. it feels like they are trying to force you to buy the premium account so you don't get any ads.
This game is actually quite fun, but I bet you can guess what my complaint is ... Adverts everywhere. Adverts here adverts there . An advert for you, an advert for me, an advert for everybody. Which is petty enough for a start, but then you consider that the only way to get rid of them is to pay a subscription fee in excess of £8.00. Not £8.00 per year. Not £8.00 per month. No. £8.00 per week. This is bordering on extortion . It is most certainly greedy and downright nasty. All this for a glorified flash game. It is, however, at least fun to play.
THIS GAME IS A JOKE! Ads after every hit, then to disable ads, you have the audacity to ask your players for $10 A WEEK?! I'm taking this game off of my phone, and being mindful to never download anything from Green Panda again!
The only thing I don't like is the hills... my ball rolls down the hills. Can you do an update and make the landmark flat plz? That makes it more simple. Anyways I like the game a lot! If your exited for something play this! Time goes by faster when you play this game. I can't reach orbit tho, bit that's fine.not a waist of time, but the best of fun! This is long feedback so imma stop typing. Thx for reading!
It is a good game and has potential but there are SO MANY ADS every time I shoot a shot It feels like im getting an ad
Could be a fun game, buy the ads are insane. I would potentially make a reasonably priced purchase to get rid of ads. However, this game... $40/month. I have no idea how anyone in their right mind thought that would be anywhere near reasonable for a game like this....
Riddled with ads after every single round you play. Luckily for this review you can turn off internet connection and play ad-free. This game is pretty fun for about an hour until it starts costing 10K for a single upgrade. I wanted to wait to do my review until I got into orbit but at the rate I was going it would've taken a week. But what I did play did seem promising. It's pretty rewarding when you get an albatross, eagle, or birdie but it's not like you have any control over it.
Ads, ads, ads, ads, ads, and more ads. Would be a good game but the genius who made it has not figured out that you will never make money blasting users with ads, literally every 10 seconds. It's amazing that a person can be smart enough to make an enjoyable game app but not smart enough to understand that the 16¢/ad click through Google pays doesn't work and never will. You would have made 100 times more skimping on the ads and users keeping the app for more than 5 minutes.
1 star for me if could rate 0 I would worst game ever to many adds and the game just stopped working and won't even load up!!!
No one would spend $10 a WEEK to play this game. If you do want to avoid the excessive ads then just put your phone on airplane mode.
I liked the style and idea, but I among others must point out the excessive amount of ads that constantly interrupt the game very frequently. That and I find the progression to be a tad too slow to stay entertained by.
Great game turned into terrible adspam. Ad removal is $10 a week. So might as well just wash your hands with printer ink, it's cheaper.
There is more ads in this game than there have been in Time Square throughout the all of history. The game itself is fun, the physics needs to be worked on (on lava planet, the ball will make a dead stop on every obstacle, even after a perfect hit on occasion) I also believe that if the ball is hit hard enough, if it hits water, it should be able to bounce out. Fix the physics and stop showing an ad every 10 seconds and this game could easily have 5 stars
Lack effort and imagination. So what disappointed me with this game was that the sound effects are all repetitive, regardless what you hit the ball with, wether it be bamboo or a lightsaber, they all make the same sounds. And the VIP portion of the game is pointless, for around £8 a WEEK! You get a few extra characters, other than appearance, are no different to any other character. Oh and the VIP ball that triples your reward. But the game is so short that it can be completed after the use of the free trial. I enjoy the game, it passes the time which is what I think mobile games are for, but this one could have been better, seems it's more about getting a financial return than creating a good game. Oh and the 3rd planet displays 2500 instead of 3000ft for the target distance (for the developers)
There are too many ads, the game is made to drive revenue instead of a better user experience. Really sad. Once you hit a ball you can watch an ad to multiply your score. If you don't watch the ad you have to wait longer for the continue button. Once you press that, you will watch an ad. If you want any upgrades other than standard three (power, speed, bounce) you will watch an ad. The game is overrun by paywalls. I like the idea of a subscription, but not if I'm spammed with ads to the point I don't want to play the game. Just go get a rush golf or a different app
Beautiful game, but damn!!! Too many ads. Literally every other swing....its ads...not ovene going to pay a weekly subscription of 5 plus dollars....no sir
It was very good but one downside was the game was lagging and flinching a bit but other than that it is a top notch game.
The game is good and all but theres an ad every second which makes the game unplayable and frustrating.Please fix it
This game would be an awesome time killer but way too many ads. An ad after each round just consumes data. What a waste of an otherwise great game.
It's just terrible , the gameplay is okay but the amount of excessive of ads shown is just terrible . I get 2 ads after one shot of playing each time, I've watched more ads then playing the game. Plus the micro transaction in this game is just stupid . What kind of game subscription is 10$ A WEEK?! it's ridiculously , a playstation plus or xbox live doesn't even cost as much . Yes it's 60$ but it's for a whole year . BAD MARKETING!
Basically unplayable, you can play for 10 seconds and then sit through a 30 second ad. Do better you cash cows
I think the thing that makes this game stand out from others with ads is the fact that you only have to watch short clips. The only issue I'm having is that there is an offline earning bug. Sometimes after an ad, offline earnings will pop up and give me no option to collect or triple so it's just stuck on the screen and I have to close the app and reset to get back to playing.
Theres are pros and cons to this game. they need to fix the advancing system to this game because while i was having run the entire game stopped advancing and I couldnt get past the 2nd stage. But the game itself ia prerty fun
Its mainly good but it gets boring after about 20 minuets. There are way too many ads and i have to turn my internet of to play without them
This game isn't terrible but, they charge weekly rates of 8ish dollars for a game that isn't worth 1 dollar. Since they charge so much im giving a bad rating because thats ridiculous.
I really enjoy this game...when it actually works. Every single time (not exaggerating) I open the app it freezes my phone. The game will be running, character moving and sounds playing but no buttons will respond. I have to lock my phone because I can't go home since none of the buttons will work. Unlock my phone, close the app and open it again and then it will work perfectly. I'd love to see that fixed. I don't want to uninstall this game because it's a blast to play but it's getting harder to deal with it
Fun little game had for a week and have not had any issue other than the standard ad bs but it ain't bad if you don't want to deal with them do this it works for every game unless ads are built in game but anyway close the game and turn your internet off on your phone and reload game and bam no ads
I will say the game was fun the first day I played it. Even with all the ads this game could be considered decent. But my main complaint is that this game resets. I don't know if this is a common problem or not but it has happend to me twice now. Both times I had made to the lava planet then woulf play for a little bit longer and then stop playing for the day. Then the next day I would log on all my progress would reset. I didn't think much of it but then today I log back on then all my progress reset again. This never happens when your on the planet in the game. It had only specifically happens when I make it to the lava planet.
Decent game. Same thing you've seen just a different take. Easily worth a 4.5 rating. The reason for the 1 star rating is this.... The game is littered with ads. There is no way to remove the ads with a single purchase (not even a modest $2.50) In order to remove the ads they want you to pay $10 a week subscription. What? Why? It's a power golf game, like another baseball game. Just golfing. There is absolutely nothing in this game worth **any** kind of subscription service. No just no.
Its good and all but the only problem is it wont let u watch ads. If u dont mind me saying,i think it would be better if there were missions, u can change the golf club and golfs, and u could choose your own character after unlocking it.
Either remove scary ads or I uninstall this game. One more scary ad I get = I uninstall and rate 1 star. That's why everyone doesn't rate 5 star. This game is terrible, that's all I can say😡
The game is fun but one question...what's with all the 10x's on the jackpot wheel? There's only one 20x, 30x, and 100x!!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Let me start off by saying that this is a seen decent game for passing the time. The only big issue I have is the crazy amount of ads that happen after every shot I make. When I started it was after every 3 shots but now that I can hit to Scott 2500 every shot there is a ad just waiting. It ruins my experience with this game and before someone tells me to buy the vip pass that's a hard no. The price of the pass is downright stealing. I refuse to pay for something that costs as much as internet.
This game is so fun it should be criminal. The "VIP" experience however IS criminal. Or at the very least very predatory, with every swing you are offered the option of watching an ad in exchange for better profits, which is pretty standard imo. However, if you decline you still have to watch an ad. Every time you play you must watch ads. But don't worry, you can disable ads, easy peasy, it'll just cost you $10 USD every friggin week. And they'll give you a taste too, a three day"free"trial complete with an auto-renewing subscription... Please, get real. This game is good, but it isn't $520 a year good. Hell, my PlayStation plus membership only costs like $50 a year and it comes with 3~ free AAA games every a month. Grow up.
I wouldnt even know how the gameplay is, because it keeps crashing. I hit the ball, crash. I try to buy premium, wasted money and a crash. I try to even open the game, crash.
I love this game, but after playing it once (and getting pretty far) when I restarted it, the music would play, and there was animation... But I couldn't click anything. Because I enjoy the game souch, I deleted it and reinstalled it, only to have the same thing happen two more times. I really hope you guys get this bug fixed. And I'm really glad I didn't pay to remove the ads, like I planned
Very good game. Just the Ads are really annoying. Every other shot you take is followed by an Ad. Gotta uninstall man...
Greedy developers. The game is alright. I would probably pay $3-4 to unlock the ad free version. That's a fair rate for what the game is. Instead they expect you pay $9.49 a WEEK to not watch ads literally every thirty seconds. I assume their target audience is children with their parent's credit card info, taking advantage of the fact that IAPs can't be refunded and that children don't know the value of the dollar. This is malicious behavior.
Game is great but way too much for premium. A one time payment would be fine but 10$ a week is insane. This is a phone game, not a full blown pc game
The content of the game seemed ok, Its difficult to judge when you get more than 1 advert per minute. I don't mind some in games that I play, and I don't mind paying a small fixed fee to remove them. I don't like constant full screen unclosable adverts that require an €8.49 weekly subscription to remove. I don't recommend this game