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Dig it your way! - Ballz Cave

Dig it your way! - Ballz Cave for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by F.I.L Games. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You maybe a great deal if you made it a bit more like that one thing can you make it a bit more different then you want to start a 1⃣
Another dirt digging physics game. This one can be played offline and has short and simple levels. Compared to other dig and roll games, this seems to be an advantage for playability and the few balls and objects really help avoid the many issues of other comparable games. Quite OK casual game.
this game is very boring, I wouldn't advise you to get this game, ones: there's WAY to many adds two: the game is very boring three: why is this "not designed for children" like COME ON this is more like a child game than a elder person get a grip of your self this game is a waste of time I AM WARNING YOU DONT INSTALL THIS GAME
wast game. no entertainment, no enjoyment in this game. please don't wast your time and data. online for children πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ€¬πŸ™ƒ
gud. just that all levels are lost every now and then. and thereafter yiu need to start from level 1.
It was very fun but it kept freezing! Every other level I would draw a thing and it wouldn't load all the way. And when I would try to redo the level it would take such a long time! At first I thought it was my wifi but everytime I would turn off the wifi on my phone it still wouldn't work. But, otherwise, it's very fun to play. It isn't that challenging though, so, it would be a good calming game maybe (only if you fixed the freezing). Just please try to fix the freezing.
It was a 5 but after like 100 level it was ad after ad after ad...you can't hardly play the game without them. I'm very close to uninstalling it.
hey guys so i LOVE this game and all but during some levels/parts of the game the ads dont work right sometimes during the game and sometimes the game is a lil glitchy at times!!
This game is fun and all, but why is it not for children??? I have a few questions. 1, this is a good game for children. Children you can play this. 2, why does it repeat? This game is bad, I suggest you don't play it.
Not much of a challenge, but a fun casual game for all ages with decent physics. Playing with the eye balls is especially funny! Just needs some sounds and a cute optional music.
I love this game but it need to be harder more challenging and I love a good challenge. And I know you can't make it too hard for other people b/c they may not like it. And like another comment I seen I agree it should be where you have differ balls. But I love the game it is amazing and fun!!!^-^
super easy. I'm almost to level 200 and haven't been even slightly challenged yet. if you're looking for an easy, relaxing game, this is it.
This game is very addictive. Im over level 1100. The reason i give it 4 stars and not 5 is because once every 2 or 3 levels the game freezes and wont allow you go move for 30 seconds. Also because when it freezes sometimes the digging will keep moving down in the same spot and often kill the ball.
Great concept, but EXTREMELY easy levels. A third grader might find these levels difficult. I got to level 200 in one day, and I played the game for about an hour. Some of the levels there are about as difficult as the first levels in the game. Different level difficulties appreciated.
Seriously?! A 30 second ad every try? Ridiculous! No instructions - do you avoid the pink things or are you supposed to collect them? If collecting then why? Uninstalling.
Fun Game, but it isn't even a challenge...it might be difficult for a 3 year old, but that's about it. I got to level 60 really fast, and just got bored of it... then uninstalled.
There's not enough difficulty/problem solving. I was hoping for a ramp up where you'd have to play a level 4 or 5 times to make a perfect route but every level is too easy
I am glad I have gotten through 6 levels and have gotten no ads but I just don't like the content of the game but you should download it and try it. I have played better apps though. Anyways that is all I have to say goodbye.
This game is literally AMAZING! But the levels are just repeated and not really challenging at all, Still I LOVE IT! Also, I'd recommend having more ball skins, more daily balls, daily challenges, going back to previous levels, making more complex levels, and also something to do with gems because there is not much stuff to do with gems. But this game still deserves 5 STARS! This is my opinion.
So it's a good game and all but after almost every level theres an ad and it's annoying I know that that's how they make their money but I feel like they shouldn't put ads after every level but other than that it's a good physics game I'd reccomend it
three things. 1. Remember where's my water? 2. good game, actually! 3. How is this not designed for children???
this app is so fun to play and the negative stress it is a very very nice that way you know why I can play this all night
Could there ~BE~ anymore ads!?! After every two levels or so, there is another 10-30 sec ad you cannot skip. And then there is an ad talking up the lower half of your screen between levels.
I really like this game . Because i love hockey . And this game is about hockey and digging . And my family members play this tooo . Because i tell about this game to my family members . And my family members very like this game . So i give 5 stars to this game .
I like it but why is it not available for kids like bro. But it is fun and stuff but to easy I want it to be hard not easy but ok. But kids still going to download it anyways and know matter what so yea
It's a cute game but after about 100 or so levels it get repetitive. Same level over and over. I really dont understand why it says not designed for kids. My 11 year old daughter or even my boyfriends 7 year old son could play this game!! It only took me like 2 days to get to level 387!! Not very challenging at all. Doesn't get longer or more complex as you go either.
After lvl 150 I realized that the game was never going to be hard enough for most people... 3 stars throughout the game and 3 star rating
Don't get me wrong I love sports but this lacked some childish creativity to make it stand out from the rest like other childish games I absolutely adore 🀩just look at me in 45 and I like childish πŸ˜…games as they give me good memories of my childhood and also make me feel youngπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜›πŸ˜œπŸ˜
its ok the levels are soo easy and a little boring you can do art on the first level and then you can't it said not for kids im now 9 and i still find it boring it wasted my time playing its really boring for me download gacha life way less boring im warning you DO NOT DOWNLOAD their is ads every were for this game dose not mean its good i can't give it zero stars like other games so ill give it one star thanks for reading my review hope you have a nice day
Good game The advertisements in this game makes the game absolutely unplayable it's crashing every single level I've sent umpteen system reports I've had enough I'm uninstalling it prove that system reports that actually make a difference the just greedy enough to put an advertisement in every single level and the game hangs on that advertisement just enough to make you want to uninstall it I don't even want to give it one star it's one star too many. Too many advertisements for children
Extremely disappointed in this game and the strong pressure to kill your enemies this game seems harmless and I'd enjoyable until it gets to the ads telling you to kill people
This game is good for a quick distraction from anxiety. it's super easy and not stressful. It does have a few glitches here and there and it seems the levels do repeat themselves, but I do think it a good nerve calming game.
Easy but pointless game. Hope the dev didn't spend too much time on this one. About 20 minutes of gameplay before you'll get bored.
This game is so easy and cuz of that I enjoy playing it but it had a little mistake and that was I cant see were I'm putting the ball except this it was good and I think 4 stars is enoughf for this game.
Very addicting! Fun! Easy to do! Love it! Great time taker! Does get boring though! After quite a few levels it never changes! Just keeps doing the same ones over and over again!
Why is this game not designed for kids? The graphics and gameplay screams kids, not to mention it's advertised on kid's games. But, besides that, it's a pretty good game.
This game intrigues me. Its a real time killer. Everyone's phone must be broke because mine doesn't freeze. Its very fast with no ads. Its awesome!!! Im 12 and im in love with this game it is definitely for kids. Make another game like this please!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey its really good and I play it but my mother likes it alot more so just hear out my mama I am writing for her: it is very nice game. I like playing it. I would recommend it to everybody. Its fun playing the game.
It was fun but got old.....And why does it say not designed for children?πŸ˜•....To me anybody could download this including children....U guys know that putting that there might cost u downloads right? On a unrelated note, U guys need to add something to this, All the levels are the same.....Got boring after awhile😴...Dont reccomend it
i haven't even played this game but it wont let me on it! when i click on the app it sent me back to home so i uninstalled the app then downloaded it again ... still dosnt work.😠 when i saw the ad i thought id give it a try but trust me dont download it its trash 😐
Fun game, but there's way too many ads. The graphics also need to worked on, every few levels the game stops responding and you have to wait or close the ap.
it keeps on saying read it and it keeps on having too many ads so there how do you like it it's boring I bet even my new baby sister will say it's boring cuz she thinks everything is fine but even this boring for her change another game like into a kid game this is like yeah I know it's for everyone but it's come on just trash in a bad trash away like trash is a good game if you like going side little so it doesn't really do anything to your knowledge so yeah so I give you to store
it's ok but every time i clear a level there is an ad infront of The next level button that makes me have to wait. And it's very anoying and I know they probably didnt do it on purpose but it's still very anoying but this doesnt make the game unplayable its just anoying and the ad is one of of the only ways to make money from free to play games. Anyways its overall an ok game not the best but it's a time killer. So i think you should give it a try. And the controls are easy.the graphics are ok.
this is a really nice app! simple and easy, also creative! the only reason I'm rating the graphics four stars is because it doesn't look like there was much work put into it... not that they're bad or anything!
Terrible,it didnt move the ball when i dug under it,It took like 30 minutes to get the ball down.IT CONTROLLED THE BALL ON ITS OWN AND PUT ME ON SPIKES.I know its mean but,I'd rather die than play this game!DONT DOWNLOWD,it says "No kids"where im 8 and its EEAASSYY!!!(the worst game Eeverr!!
Best game EVER! 5 STARS cuz there's hardly ever any ads, even so, they're short n quick, just stay away from grass, n red lava, very great game, PLEASE don't change it!!!
This is a fun game, but very glitchy. The dirt doesn't disappear sometimes so not as smooth as it could be.
this game is not slow or laggy for me so why r u being rude :/ ur rudeness is getting old :/ I have read most off these reviews and it is laggy for most of yall so y u getting mad its ur dam device
To the guy who said the touch detection is horrible, upgrade your device. It works perfectly only 2milliseconds of deley, not 20! My review: Awesome Game! But I still don't know why it is not for children.
fun game, but not challenging enough. im at level 450 and there is no real challenge, no thought process really needed.
Just came back to this game again to see of theres any effort made by the brainless devs to make improvements. I can sadly confirm that its a no. Still an easy as hell game. Still 3 balls and one objective and still has the lousiest level variation I've ever seen. At least add more balls. Maybe make it an objective to add some sort of difficulty to the level. Come on devs! You suck right now!
Horrible game as soon as i downloaded it,won't let me play the game if tou download it you might not like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Β‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!Β‘!!!!!!!!!!!Β‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!period
Great fun game for any time. But the reason i gave it 4 stars was beacuse it has no music/sound. Which makes it a bit boring to play. Apart from that great game!
I think I know why it is not designed for kids one of the ads were for underwear and it was inappropriate so if I was you dont get this game and also it is so hard to work and doesn't work most of the time any way I only it today and i had to uninstall and reinstall because it told me to and it eats your battery
Well, First of all...the ball moves on its own.Its so annoying!It brings it wherever the makers want to go!Unbelievable! There is no sound/music, so its boring whilst you play.The reason i rated it 1 star is because the game just is so broken!Also, its got so many ads.I dont know about you but i WOULD NOT doanload, its just so broken and laggy.
presently my favorite game, extremely addicting. Simple graphics, easy enough levels. just simple all around fun. Nice innocent game πŸ‘
it's so buggy and slow, which is a huge problem for the parts that require precise timing. 1/10 would not recommend.
Fun but past around level 100 - 150, the levels don't have any new things, they feel quite repetitive after that.
this is a stupid game anyone can play this game it's not only for elders unnesarily don't install this game I hate this game
this game is a piece of s*** how can something so simple have so many f****** glitches you people need to send an update or get it off the store you should be ashamed of yourselves
This game is way to easy. I told my friend that but he said that it wasn't easy and if I made it to lvl 100, he might think that it's easy. Well I got to lvl 200 in only 3 hours and yeah. It's waaaaaayyyy to easy. Also it sucks!
I have only started playing this game but I have already fallen in love with it. I like that it sets you targets and challenges which is a good thing. the perfect game for people that take an interest in golf. I am not saying people who don't like golf but people who like golf games shouldn't be allowed to play this as its suitable for everyone. 100% delightful!!
why is this not designed for children I am a kid this thing sucks because I have to wait seconds for the touch screen mechanics to work i hate this game so much 😑 i will never play it ever again 😑
best game ever made. the characters are very hot and the gameplay is exquisite. i definitely recommend this game to anyone who is over the age of 18. btw, this rating is a joke. the game is bad, but i'm a sucker for bad games. graphics suck. gameplay is repetitive. 'obstacles' are way too easy to avoid. i do enjoy this game though.
Was fun for a bit, but not challenging at all, after about a hundred levels, they start repeating. The game works as intended.
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my first time reviewing usually just uninstall and never play again. this game is not as described in pictures. ball doesn't register when sliding down the tunnel, it cuts out in a square shape and appears to flow in between two shapes the transition is terribly uneven and overall makes the game an enjoyable and unplayable. dont download it if these things are off putting for you
I like this game but it lags out and I don't know. When I swipe it takes forever to react. The levels get harder as things progress and if this bug is not fixed this game is unplayable. :(
Very easy. Levels repeat after themselves but the level your on goes up in number each time to trick you into thinking your getting further into the game. I'm nearly on level 400! Play with WiFi off way too much ads otherwise
Awsome game that is very creatuve and unique, addictive and passes time easily. But, I understand that this is still a fairly new game, but in future updates please try to include more golf balls; such as basketballs, baseballs, netballs, cricket balls, or even colour changing balls would be awesome! And maybe events that include competing against computer or an online player and try to reach the end before the other player, or quests/achievements that include trying to find balls in a set time.
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The levels are quite easy and repetitive, also why not designed for kids. Children could definitely play. I wouldn't recommend this game.
I tryed to rest the app out suddenly, it got black I waited for an hour it was still black then I clicked home it took my back to my home screen so, the app is just a plane black screen "yay so fun" I don't know why
loved it! I wish it was a little more creative but you know what it's fun. I play it a lot. it doesn't have ads(YES!!!) and it's very fun. just the fact it doesn't have different skins and stuff. but still I recommend this app!
ive played precisely 1002 levels,all of which are literally duplicate levels. there's no sound which makes it very boring and the lack of buyables with the in game currency of pink/purple diamonds. its pretty terrible overall. i do not recommend downloading it.
I love this game it's so addictive but maybe you could add challenges or something like that so that it can be a bit more harder cause it's really easy but the rest of the game is amazing!!
Draw a line from ball to pocket with almost no obstacles. In 200 levels it doesn't get any harder. And im pretty sure some of the levels are the exact same.
horrible game freezes ever 3 seconds, way way too many ads with zero benefit to the user, ads popping up during active game play!
While this game is moderately fun, it lacks a few features that other games have. There isn't a way to see how many more levels you have left to complete the game and money builds when you don't have larger goals to work for. I would like to rate higher but it's not up to par with other games on the market.
This is the best game I'd ever played. Lovely game all levels are easy till now I have played. I had done 70 levels in just 1 day coz I am fallen in love with this game. Best game ever you can use this game to have a little bit fun.
Nice simple game that requires you to think a little bit. Took just over an hour to get 3 stars for every level upto level 180. Being free they have ads to fund the game but they are skippable after 5 seconds. As not for kids? This is perfect for kids as a learning/thinking game. Small tip, start from the bottom and draw up.
ok so why is it not for kids this game is what people design especially for kids I mean it family friendly but after a while it gets repetitive and boring. ps turn you wifi/data off when playing or you will get an ad every 5 seconds.
First few levels are really good but then the same ones cycle round and round, repetitive and gets boring.
fun game, but only play with data and wifi off. WAY to many ads. almost an ad every round you play, but if data/wifi off no ads whatsoever. also, having data or wifi on slows the game down a lot
Not at all challenging.This game is really really boring ,my only emotions when I playing this game is πŸ˜‘πŸ˜΄.Really I am warning you DO NOT DOWNLOAD and what is the point of the blue slime it does not efect you game at all.Plus I have no idea why it says it is not for children I got this from my sister and I am 12.I really wish I could give this game 0 stars ,but I can't so 1star is the next best thing.
it's okay but really easy and really repetitive. quickly got bored no idea why it says not designed for children cause it's very child friendly
ok this has a lot of questions for me. 1. how is this #3 on trending? 2. why is it not designed for children? 3. I believe I've seen another game with similar mechanics. 4. I was looking at ratings and reviews and it says there were some 5 star reviews but I look at reviews and there are no 5 star reviews XD. 5.Glitchy as the lines u draw take a second to load. 6.Looks like TRASH. see exhibit 1.
this game is very fun and addictive. I didn't see any ads yet... there is not that much but this game feels like a babies game, but don't get me wrong honey, oh just don't! this game is as fun as your fave game. so for relaxation, sit and play this fabulous game.
I just started playing the game so far I'm having a lot of fun but I don't believe it's for real cash
this sucks it keep on digging down when I dont want it to to laggy delete your GAME OR MAKE IT BETTER BECAUSE YOUR BAD AT MAKING GAMES DELETE YOUR GAME AND DIE
SLOWEST GAME EVER. And ads are EVERYWHERE. This game would be better if it was faster and had less ads.
I love this game you do not have to pay for anything and it does not have alot of ads in my veiw and i downloaded it after i played it on my Aunt's phone 5 stars this is a amazing game also if you could please in a update could you add a meatball ball that would be great and other balls because i have 900 gems and have every ball unlocked . TYSM!
#1 this game is so fun will i won the game I got $50 I was so confused like how should I get $50 just for playing s when I computed it I still try to put even though I still 1 but yeah you just have to finish all the levels it's really fun though I didn't do it for $50 it was really fun I just really wanted to come get it so I can play more games but then I was going into it more and more and then I got the $50 but I didn't really care I was just happy that I finish the game that's all that's all
Really enjoying this game, got addicted quickly! I started playing this morning and i'm already on level 107. I'm not saying all people would enjoy this game, but I certainly did! If I had to ask for any improvments, i would just ask for more skins, because the gems stack up quickly, and then you have nothing to do with them. Also a home page would be nice. This is a great game - would reccomend!!!❀🀣❀
Addictive This game is very fun to play and extremely amusing if I could give it 100 stars I would. I would highly recommend this game.
The levels are to easy, I'm on like 180 something, hoping it'll get harder, but it feels like I'm just playing different versions of level one over and over again
Fun enough game but lacking some features and way too many ad's. You don't need a 30 second ad after every other level when you won't spend more than 20 seconds on each. Literally 50% of your time in this game will be sitting through ad's.
Fun, but the HORRIBLE touch detection makes it almost unplayable. I dont know how many times I'd have to wait close to 20 seconds for my touch to even register. I'd draw the lines to dig, nothing happens, and then it all appears like 20 seconds later. its HORRIBLE. FAR from being worth the download until fixed.
why is it not design for kids I give it a one-star cuz it says it but I've been playing it and I'm only like 11