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Golf Clash

Golf Clash for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Playdemic located at 2nd Floor Kings Court Water Lane Wilmslow SK9 5AR. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The prices are just crazy! I have spent $60 on this game and played over 8,000 games and still have a #6 Extra Mile. It's a fun game but sheesh. Just ripping people off. Now EA games bought it, the prices will prob double...I mean, they have to compensate for the $1.4B dollars some how.
This game does absolutely cheat! Algorithms set up to make you lose once you've been winning for a while. It also will send you notifications about a chest being ready to open when there isn't one ready, also tells you that you forgot to open a chest, not true. If your looking for a game to piss you off really good then this is the game for you!
I like the game but I believe it should only take 1 hour to be able to open chest so many players can earn more as they play.
Don't waste your money early! 4 weeks of fun, with relative decent match making formula. But tour 7 and above, trophy formula doesn't work. Clubs matter too much, and you can't win to get enhanced. So at the 4 week point, you can tell its all about making money. Shame they can't fix this matchmaking issue. So thanks for 4 weeks of fun, but don't waste your money with these guys.
The game is rigged, you can go on a win streak of 10 then lose 10. Check most players win rate and its about 50%. The developers even admit that a core of players cheat so they can get good scores in tournaments but tell them off instead of banning them. It's all about raising money. If you can afford to lose your cash go for it. You'll never get anywhere unless you pay. Shame the game dynamics are good but it's gone to be a arcade game with silly graphics and hole explosions.
#4 review. Dont waste your time and money on this game! They are nothing but liars and cheats! They never acknowledge when the game makes a mistake. They do nothing but take your money! Shots are always set up on transitions. Rough to fairway,fairway to fringe and fringe to green. Almost impossible to get a fair shot. Sometimes putts are so long there is not enough power to reach the hole. Please dont play it! You will be taken for all youre worth. Remember liars and cheats. Terrible game toplay
Definitely uses bots way to often, perfect shots the whole way hmmm yeah bunch of BS. Would be a five star game if the bots didn't make you go on losing streaks.
I've checked to see what balls I have then went to play and some were gone when I went to choose one. I have the best driver available and it's taking so damn long to be able to upgrade, 85-90% of the people I play can drive the ball further, might as well just give up on some of the holes then. If you don't pay for stuff it's gonna take you forever to advance.
Game full bots and AI programs. Some to let you win but most of the bots take any purchases a real person buying coin or jems. Don't let children play this game. There should be a warning at beginning of game to tell everyone that you a mostly playing the computer or your playing a person with 6000 or more games its like you are playing against Tiger Woods with all his clubs and you have none and these players are playing down at the beginner's level. This game is a ripoff.
Been playing for about 10 months. Game has caught up to me. I don't purchase anything. Goes against you. Over time they see this and want to get rid of you. Play becomes totally unfair. Opponents suddenly become much better than you and you don't get the shots you call for. Losing becomes the norm and you become totally discouraged. Not fun anymore.
The ball guide constantly glitches making it incredibly difficult to accurately calculate shots. The sudden death play-off holes have completely different wind speeds meaning you can never have a fair play-off. Any problems you relate to support are met with absolutely incoherent answers to things completely unrelated to the issues presented then they end the conversation, if you bring the problem up again support just says your issues have already been addressed and end the conversation again
The game for me just isn't enjoyable any more. Just like most other play for free games, you'll have pay to win. Awhile back, in effort for more profit, the daily pin chest was replaced by challenges and another token added... they also added lame chats and other prizes that you can win or pay for. I have done fairly well without paying a cent, but unless you have paid for the super special balls, the wind are too much and it's just not fun to play.
It used to be fun and competitive with some kind of evening out algorithm. Now it's just cheating garbage to get you to spend money on power balls that you don't need to play well to win with. Such a shame too. It used to be a fabulous game to play. Good for you Golf Clash, you're making your money from the weak minded. Just zero dollars from me 🤣
I played a game for 100k. My next shot won the game and it was a putt. Soon as I'm about to shoot the game says connect error and I try to rewatch the match and its not there. I pay cash on this game and to turn around and get cheated on this game. They need to fix this.
My main complaint is that pitching and chipping in are way too easy. It pretty much doesn't matter if your first two shots are perfect and better than your opponents' because getting the ball in the hole on a 15 ft putt is just as easy as chipping it in from 15 yds on the fringe. Also, I'm not sure if this exists but you should have the option of throwing away prize chests before you open them to make room for new, higher quality ones
Game is rigged. Can only win a certain amount of games it's no coincidence that everyone Is on an average of 50% won games. You will play a perfect shot and the other player will hit a great shot and lane perfectly. It's the same as any game designed to try and make you spend money.
Fun. But uninstalling for two reasons. One is that chip shots are way, way too easy. You could hit it on the fairway, the green, then putt it in. But then your opponent has a bad shot, gets in the rough, then hits to the edge of the green, then chips it in to tie. When you played the hole much better but they get rewarded because chipping in is too easy. Secondly, the difference between clubs is way too drastic. The better player loses because people who played longer can hit the ball further.
Enjoyed the game to start with but going into a match outclubed and out ranked makes the game unbalanced. I even thought about buying in but I won't spend money on unfair play. Algorithms are to win then lose more than you can win so you will spend money, no problem I just play another gift game.
This is not a great business model for a game. But it's great for playing with friends. Games are rigged (they save the "other player" shots and can arbitrarily give you a hard to beat match). I only play this with friends. Rest of the game is garbage.
Great game but could use a little tweaking. Matching seems to pit vastly different skill levels against each other. Several losses tap out your reserves to play at the same tier.
Game is up to its old tricks. No chance of winning at the moment. Does the wind affect the ball or not. Such BS. I'm done!!!! It's pretty much a scam. Once you start spending money on the game, they make it impossible to win. Sometimes the wind makes a difference sometimes it does nothing. Not happy with it at all. Again?? This game is [email protected]!
This is by far the worst game out for fair match-ups.... its one of those games that just tries to get you to spend money. The only way to compete and have half a chance of winning is by spending money.... i quit playing some time ago because of this reason and just recently re-downloaded hoping it had change.... no such luck
Spent over $1000 and still not got clubs or balls as good as my opponents..they will constantly match you against much better players and if you complain they say no its not fixed you just need to focus and upgrade your clubs, why not try buying some better balls? Damn! by the time you get to tour 9 it costs roughly $150 for a single match. Its not about fun or gaming its just about making money the rich get richer the poor get homeless cos they cant afford their rent after playing this piece of
Short story. It's free to play but if you want to compete you'll have to pay for the upgrades.. The game is full of Sandbaggers who don't play in thier leagues, the matches are not even, People use grid overlays and say it's not cheating when it is. There's no tie breaker in tournaments so playing against a opponent is useless.
I wasted a year and a half on this game. It seems like this game will only let you win for so long, then you go weeks without being able to win and you loose all your money. After loosing my money WAT to many times I deleted the game. I should of deleted it a lot sooner to save my self a lot of time and trouble. If you have LOTS of real money to spend every week/month then maybe this game is for you? Eitherway I'm disappointed and wish you didn't have to pay to play. I do NOT recommend
The game itself is good n relaxing to play... However, the amount of coins it costs to play other tours is ridiculous! The increases in coin cost per tour is crazy, it jumps ridiculously per tour! Maybe you can adjust n make a little more reasonable!!! Also in the shopping store to purchase coins n gems, You should offer better deals!! N last you should add more words and emojis to chat! #Just 1 persons opinion!
This game is fun when it works, sometimes. Playdemic is a joke of a company. They push out major updates littered with micro transactions and cosmetics and no additional actual content. They ignore 95% of what the community actually asks for, including basic fixes. Their compensation for when the game breaks are cosmetic items, not fixes to scores in tournaments. They obviously don't do any testing prior to updates. I play due to our clan at this point and that may not enough anymore.
While the game play of this game is phenomenal, their matching system is terrible. If you start out playing good for a week or two, have maybe 100 rounds under your belt and win 80% of your games, they will match you against players that have maximum level clubs that have played 66,000 games in some cases. When you get into mid-level courses it makes it nearly impossible to win. That problem alone forces you to shove lots of money at the game if you want to even be competitive.
This game is such a blatant cheat it's laughable. If it doesn't want you to win, you won't. Shots adjusted for wind aren't affected but if you don't adjust them, they are 😂🤦‍♂️ And how are you supposed to play against someone who's paid for a bag full of fancy clubs? The game could pair players more equally, unless it's to try and get us to spend money. They wouldn't do that, would they? 🤔🤣
Tons of fun. Clash Royale meets golf. Play one hole, 1 on 1 with a random enemy or friend. Lots of great pay to win stuff in there too lmao
Money grab MUST connect to Facebook just to play with friends. Takes too long to load. Why does it keep stalling at 95% instead of launching? Can anyone fix this?????? ______________________________________ Should be able to play with friends though contact list NOT just Facebook Should be FREE play Loading should be seemless
A VERY addictive game. I've been playing for over a year. I have five active characters. The oldest of those characters has opened all the tours. Basically, Playdemic (app developer does EVERYTHING possible to force you to spend money. They are the most aggressive developer I've ever run across. The ONLY reason I've not abandoned this game is the clans. You can join a clan of 50 players. Clans compete against each other. I've made friends with people from all over the world. Be CAREFUL!
Love the concept, don't like Ringers sneaking in to play lesser golfers, like level 250's playing low level golfer's, other than this... a lot of fun!
Fun game, support pretends they know what they are doing, a good waste of time...but overall no pain no gain (so it hurts if you want to get anywhere in gameplay). Possibly rigged (google it). Of all the games I have rated (not always under this profile) it doesn't completely suck, I can see how they suck people in, but even if you plan to pay for upgrades....they change the rules by making you play people that are above your skill level. Cheers.
Great game! The graphics, playability, and physics spot on. Very fun to play. But, since the update, with all the BS, became very much a money grab! Very expensive, example: it was basically $7 or $8 just to say "d`oh!" to my opponent. Ridiculous! Even I noticed an excessive amount of head wind after the update. Pushing us to keep buying special power and wind balls. Especially, if you want to be competitive in tournaments and the higher tours. The chests you earn, not very generous at all.$$$
The match up or pairing is a joke. I constantly get paired with someone who's 100 points or higher than. Hard to beat someone who has better clubs the wind doesn't affect them. Really hard to win and earn money to better your clubs and be competitive.
Horrible game .. You can't win , Arrow slows down when it wants to and speeds up when it wants to , therefore you can't aim accurately. ..Confusing also with all the different clubs...no way of knowing how far hole is....
Good fun game, too pricey for most things, 8 bucks or so just for a word in a bubble to send to your opponents. I enjoy the game alot and you can be competitive without spending any money it just takes ALOT of practice and skill and getting to know the courses. Its worth the download and i spend a little scratch here n there just for my own pleasure, cuz im the best player in like 10 different dimensions so far and think im a demigod now, atleast thats what my cat tells me. Happy gaming