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Goldfish Movie Maker

Goldfish Movie Maker for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Campbell Soup Co located at 1 Campbell Pl, Camden, NJ 08103. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So when i got it was great but somehow when i played one of my movies it looked like it but the voices where from one of my other movies it was weird.
This app isn't the best. The movie doesn't even show all the characters. The movies I create take forever to load. Most of the time the movie doesn't load AT ALL. You also only get 7 scenes I think you need atleast 10.
I love the game! It inspires me to become a movie star. The funny thimg is that we can design our actors! Every thing works great. The vocie is very clear, so i hear everything it says PERFECT. At 1st i didnt find this abb and just gave up. But then i found it and had faith again. I shared this abb with SO many people. Now they all have it on their phones or laptops. This is just a huge thank you. Keep being you!!😊😊😊😊
When I first started, I loved it. But, then, it wouldn't let me make the characters talk. But, before, it let me. Why would it say I can make them talk, then I make them talk, and then it won't let me? it would only do that if the app was made wrong. so, I think the app was made wrong.
This is kinda terrible why can't you just ad more backgrounds,characters,and make you're own thing like a creature? (I wanted to make a siren head movie)
This game was fun. But when I made my second movie, it froze up in the middle of it. And I feel like there should be more costumes.
Ok now I'm only Riteing this is because I did two stories movie things and the game isn't really working anymore but instead of giving it a 1 star I gave it three because it's very creative and you can do mostly anything you want you can dress them up you can pick the setting out and do a lot more but please make some more strings and gold fish and clothing and fix some bugs and then your game would be perfect
I love this game very much you get to dress up the characters make your own movie.The only thing is I wish there was more things dress up the characters and that's basically it I haven't experience any bugs so I'm happy about that. I would recommend it πŸ˜€
It fun i just wish you could make your movie a little longer and you could have more characters it's really fun
this game is really cool to use your imagination .to make your own movie. you get to use different goldfish and you get to use music.and you get to dress your stars. You get to use different backgrounds.my favorite is the medieval times
This is a great app but the background music should be optional so that you can hear the dialog clearly
Okay I love this game it is fun and all but I can not get the game anymore I had it on my old phone and it was awesome but now that I have this phone it dose not want to work but you can dress up the gold fish and pick a background for the movie it can be as long as you want to and there are different characters and everything this game is awesome in my opinion this game has some good stuff but I am sad because I can not get the game anymore and also the game as no probems and it has no adds.
I had lots of fun playing this game 😁 you even get to design your actors and even though I'm done making my movie and I watch it and it takes a long time every time it loads a scene it's still a pretty good game
The game is good I'm not going to lie but their is not a lot do, there isn't a lot characters and settings. Plus that's the only thing you really get to do. In my opinion.
It's fun but there's a few problems one is for me it's really laggy two the maps have there own music so the I can't hear what the people are saying three there are only 7 slots for the movies.
its super fun unitill the aduio of my first move went to my second movie and i tryed to make a new movie but all the things went black and i couldnt see my schreen please fix it soon the app is awsome
For me it was a one star because it was SOOO hard to hear and because it is Halloween tomorrow I wanted to use the spooky house and you couldn't hear it well πŸ‘Ž
I really like this app, but there are some things that need to be added: maybe add more scenes, props or characters as a paid / free DLC. Also, you can't export or share, either as an MP4 file or on social media. I think they did this because kids probably don't have an account, or because they want kids to stay safe on the internet. If you want to do it, you could use a screen recorder, like Mobizen. Overall, great app. Love to see the DLC!
It's a super fun app, but there are a few problems. It should include more scenes, costumes, and characters. It could also include text bubble so you know which character is talking. Another thing is you can use different audio edits to change the voices of the characters. Overall, I think the app deserves 4 stars.
I HATE this game because when I finish my scene I add music then when I press next it doesn't let me so I deleted my scene and made a new one and I picked the music it still doesn't let me press next
This game is great, but it would get me stuck on the loading forever when I was trying to preview what I had so far, and I would have to restart the app. I am on Android. Please fix this, I was trying to make a Youtube video but got stuck on the loading screen. Also could you add Internet to watch other peoples movies worldwide? Yes, somebody else said that, I agree with them.
I love this game i made a movie but when I finished the movie and I previewed it, It took so long to load someone else already complained about this but I need to complain to because it's a bug and it needs to be fixed, But I love this game!
Not a good experience... there isn't much to do, not a variety of characters, and not a variety of props and places. Please try to make the game have a bigger VARIETY of things so the fans would be able to create big things. More of an app for kids anyways....
I love how you can make your character feel an emotion and make it act it out and explain why they are feeling that way. But they should add a little more characters so the player can have more options to choose from. If that happens I will give it a 5 star
I love this game you can make so many movies and then you can make it rich goldfish you miss movie with goldfish it's crazy and then I love this game because it's super silly and I just like being silly and funny Dalhart this game❀
I love this app you should totally get it! But the reason I gave it only four stars is that sometimes the sounds in the background over power all of the voices iam doing and you don't notice it until the whole movie is done.
Pretty good but it is hard to control and doesnt have as much backgrounds to choose from overall pretty good game but i cant do any more than 3 stars
this is my favorite game on my Chromebook tablet! I have already made so many movies and it only takes about 30 minutes to finish! if you think you can only make 1 movie you can make way more!
A very good and fun game but I would put 5 stars but when I try to watch this moive that I made it will just stay on that screen and cant watch it I can only watch different ones
At first I thought this app would be nothing but a shameless sell-out movie-making tool that would get just 1 or maybe 2 stars, and while it's still technically a sell-out app, I had quite a bit of fun with it. Ok, recording your voice with the microphone can be a bit messy at times, but then seeing what you can do with the limited characters, props, and backgrounds at your disposal will finally pay off as you come up with tons of ideas for making the most wackiest, and funniest movies ever!
This is AMAZING I LOVE it! It really lets your creativity out! The onle thing is that you should be able to check out other peoples movies but other that that it is AMAZING! Keep it up!
This game is THE BEST I play it to calm down I play it every day! People that say that it gets stuck...that's just your Phone/Tablet
This game is great becuse you can make moives but with me when i dont record for a while after the charters are put in when i do start recording its just black when i look at it for a long time but it is still great
Its a fun app,but i just found a huge problem.the app keeps deleting the first scene in my movies WHEN I DIDNT TELL IT TO.it only does this after i have watched the movie once.
It's very disappointing a brand so we'll know would put their name to a poorly made game. You cast is very limited to what they can do. Then for get adding dialog to the movie it's hard to record and if you have music playing just forget it. Don't bother downloading you will only play one game and the uninstall.
This game is just awesome. You can make movies, it's super easy. You can just record your voice. I love it.
Amazing app I love making movies with it. I made a movie with my brother and it was really fun. There does need to be more variety though maybe some more backgrounds, characters, etc. Overall fun app. Maybe make it so you can post your movies for other users to see.
Trainwreck of an app. Has very few and unintresting backdrops. You have to voice your character as you "animate". If you can call it that. And as the final nail on the coffin you are limited to the amount of scenes you can make.
I give it 4 cuzzz there needs to be places and characters. You also need to fix what it does to ur voice.OTHER than that it is a great GAME!
Needs more costumes i want a ghost coustume please if yes more stars coming soon.oh! and a new tec.map if yes 10 star rating coming soon to you! its true.this game is so amazing i love this game 4 extra star rating coming soon!
This app overall is good, but it could use more options. For example more backgrounds, more costumes, and even a button to type out what your characters can say instead of recording. I like it.
THIS IS AN AMAZING GAME!!! Making movies is pretty simple, and anyone could do it. it's fun to choose the cast, and put on their costumes, choose the settings and stuff. However, when I made a movie, I did get to watch it once because you get to watch it right after you make another movie, but after I tried to watch it a second time, it took forever to load, and I didn't actually get to watch it again. Plus, for some reason, after I made second movie, I got to watch it again several times. πŸ€”???
I love this app,u can make movies, roleplays,and more u can customize ur actress pick through 7 characters im pretty sure and pick backgrounds for the sences its just amazing i love it also the goldfish go-karts i love this app i think my opinion ppl should download it ☺️ (my opinion)
It's amazing but it just takes forever to download my sister's always like can I play can I play and I'm like no she always wants to play on my phone it's so annoying but that's how good it is you should download it it's so good you make your own movies but you can only go up to 7 characters but I still like it but cell takes forever to download
I love this game cuz you can make movies and everything the best for even like 1 hour. Really good I love it and keep the Moor Goldfish has really good and the Goldfish Mac is really good keep the good work goldfish I really do like the snacks so it's really great I love that game that's the best natural I wanted to say good job and again keep up the good work goldfish
This game might be more famous but there might be a problem with it all the time. But, I wish that they allow you to do 9 scenes. 🀭