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Goldfish Collection

Goldfish Collection for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Cross Field Inc. located at 東京都新宿区北新宿1-1-19. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's pretty nice, straight forward game. Tutorials are not a one-off. You can find them for reference any time! My only complaint is how "needy" the dog is. Is there aomething you can do about the dog running out of affection/love? Especially when we humans sleep. There is no way to protect the fish as it is now...unless there is something I have missed?
A relaxing and fun game to pass the time, goldfosh grow up quickly so you arnt waiting a whole day for them to hatch and mature
Awesome thanks for the great time with the game it's been raining all day but the game makes it feel like I was at a pond fishing for goldfish.
Currently waiting on supplies I purchased. Bought the ¥480 pack and the money left my bank immediately, and then I got a failure message and my drops have yet to increase. Either I would like the drops I purchased, or my money back. I couldn't find a "contact us" in the app, so I'm posting here.
An excellent collection game. Grow goldfish and upgrade their environment. Look after their cute guard dog. Use potions to speed things up. Fill your album with unusual goldfish. Great graphics, easy game play and it doesn't suck up hours of the day with mini games. Very stable too.
This was a cute game that is fun to check up on every couple hours. My only problems with it are that there is not much to do when your goldfish are growing, and if you leave it for too long, (like overnight) they all die and you don't get any money. I haven't had this game for too long and there might be ways around it, but this is just my opinion so far.
Fun, but you stop getting new fish after just a little while and that makes the game a bit less motivating to play
Very cute game. I love how there's all kinds of fish to collect. The background music is very relaxing too! The only issue is the dog meter running out too quickly. There's a few minor typos but nothing too serious. :)
Good game, I recommend it if you like collection games. Fish are cute and the broken English can be fun to read. Warning it is add aggressive .
So far, I love it! ..But theres one thing I kinda dislike. 1. How much attention you have to pay to the game so your fish wont die. What I mean by this, is the love and affection you need to give to your dog so the cats dont kill your fish. But hey, I'm kinda a lazy person, so maybe this is just me. I also have a suggestion that I would love to see in the game - your personal fishtank where you can put any fish you've caught in there. I'd love to say more but I'm running out of space to type.
Great! I love the graphics and everything, there is just a really small typo. The potion pack where you get one of each has a small typo where it has a 'w' where the 'e' should be. That's all that I've seen so far. Great game!
I really like this game because it's fun to discover the new types of fish, BUT, it takes a while and I understand but I get bored over the time while waiting and sometimes I will forget about the fish.
I hate the way devs added a pop-up ads. Definitely 1-star for that. We installed your game to play, not to watch ads.
I haven't been playing for long, but the game is decently entertaining and the art is adorable. It can get a bit dull at times, but there's a nice little thrill of excitement everytime I get a new goldfish that I think makes the boring moments worthwhile. Overall, a good game!
This game is awesome I got new fish and I love the design really impressive work I sometime I left it alone hehe.And this game has special fish I want to unlock it but I must finish all of the achievement first this game very good and I have potion I buy it by exchanging my rainbow drops
It's a really cute game, and theres lots of fish to collect. It does take a bit for them to grow up, but it's not TOO bad. There are a lot of ads as well, but I dont have anything to do so I don't really care. Overall good collecting game. I would suggest more minigame things to pass the time while you wait, as well as more achievements to make money so you're not just staring at a screen waiting to get more by chance.
I love the game, but as many have pointed out the dog's happiness runs out way to quickly. The english translation isn't that great, reading the desecription of the fish is pointless, you can't tell what it says.
I downloaded this game because it looked cute and I've had other fish aquarium games. It seemed fine at first but the second time I opened it (a couple days later) all the fish were dead. I thought "ok it has been a while and I'm only using beginner level food and items" so i upgraded the doghouse, filter and pump and put new eggs and food in. I checked the app a little less than 24 hours later and same thing, they were all dead. I can't play a game if I have to check on it every 2 hours.
This is a very relaxing and mindless game to do for fun...it obviously has some typos as I presume it was developed in a different country, but it's still fun :) very fair for cost and earnings ratio compared with other games
In 10/26/19 I made a rating to get an award (how do I spell that). Now looking back even though I haven't had this game in about a year. There are a couple things this game could in prove on. Like not having to wait so long, it's a great game if you have lots of tine on your hands or just like wait based games.
It's so cute..the graphics is so smooth.. especially for the fish lover..this game is made for you..need to try this..the reason i give it 4 star..cause I don't see any stray cats coming to my pond..why?😭.. anyway it's a good game...thank you..
Its a good and relaxing idle colorful game. If open for suggestion/s color customize. An aquarium or pond to keep the chosen gold fish or for breeding, and collection. Naming of each fish. Thank you.
I never thought a fish game would make so happy! This game is so amazing it gives me something fun to do when I'm bored
Really cool game if u like cuteness and cool looking goldfish! The only thing I don't like is on systems like older sorts of tablets and phones it glitches so much and likes to kick you out of the game! Other than that if you have a good system I by all means recommend it! Btw it also needs a lot of attention and it does get boring if it's not quite your thing.
Its a great game, it is very fun and cute. I love how you can get so many different gold fish, but I dont like how many ads there are.
The game itself is great and very fun but now I have a new phone and the game glitches and there is no fish... Please fix it soon... I know it's not the phone I had it tested and the game restarts everytime I open it and even then the opening screen had no eggs just a cat, the dog when you tap it it's multiple hearts and love and the bar fills super quick unlike last time where it took time to pet it and watch the love bar grow.
I love that you can collect so many tiny and cute fish, the only problem is that, we need more space can't there be a place where you can just keep the first you got of that fish, like when you get a new fish can we be able to put it in a place where they won't be sold? So we can keep them, that's all I ask! Thanks!
I used to have this game a last year and I just reinstalled it but now it doesn't work. The tutorial happens but then the fish disappear. If you close and open the app the fish are there for a few seconds but then they disappear again. You can't click on the fish tank at all. All in all I remember I used to love this game, and I'm very sad it doesn't work anymore. If you fix those bugs I'll make this a four or five star review but until then it's a one star from me.
I love this app! I know i just got it but I love it already!! Btw its very cute and loving and i like how I can ship fish but my parents have a ton of fish! And this is just what they do everyday! Water changes shipping going to Fed Ex and much more! But this can teach you alot of stuff if you want to have fish i recommend everyone to get this app! Its kinda simple but most important of all its very loving! This deserve a five stars ❤ ☆☆☆☆☆
So cute! I love all the silly designs for the fish. The translations are a bit iffy but it doesn't ruin the game at all. It's a nice game to visit now and then to see how your fish are getting on. I like it a lot!
It's very nice! Although I do recommend a feature where you can keep the High Quality Goldfish as pets. I think it'd be a great feature for any pet lovers!
It's cute, easy, and fun but not everyone can feed the fish every hour maybe three hours but overall I love it nice work
This is the cutest game ever! It runs smoothly and is just the perfect game. Looking for something super fun but relaxing? You just found it.
I love this app! I totally recamend I didn't have any lag an fi didn't mind the adds to much and there isn't a lot of them either!
This game is sooo cute and i highly recomend getting it if you are looking for a fun kawii game! And also its free which is the best thing ever honestly, but still get this game i gurantee dowloading it.
Cute art, and the dog is the best part. Wish there was a timer for the fish so you know how long it will take for them to mature.
It takes so long to get a fish to grow and plz put ads to get the raindow drops this is so bad plz make it better it keeps crashing on my tablet
My absolute favorite game, with the best part being the broken English translations. The descriptions of the fish make me laugh so hard. I always look forward to discovering new fish for this purpose alone. The ads aren't overwhelming at all and the game is very fair. Doesn't feel like a cash grab every 5 seconds, which I greatly appreciate. Thank you so much for your horrible translations, please don't ever improve them.
I like this game because the fish are so cute and you help them grow and show the dog tricks I give this game 5 stars .
This app is an accurate representation of what having a fish pond is like. Accept you get to have mutated fish. This app is great, and I think the cartoony style is reassuring. This is one of the most wholesome games I have ever played. I definitely recommend this.
Very, very boring. I mean, its cool to find new fish sometimes but even then you have to wait a long time to even gather them. The waiting times make this game disengaging and its easy to forget about.
Does not send notifications at all, food runs out, the cat comes, all my fish die and no notification (yes notification is on and yes the app has permission)
I very cute and fun game, but you have to check every two hours to see if your fish have died or not which can be very annoying. The English is a bit sloppy too, but I do recommend.
Its ok, I think the descriptions are a bit strange lol but besides that its ok, good time passing game ^~^
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!. The animation is so so so cute and kawaii. Still some bugs and glitches maybe because of my phone?idk. I Love this game So much! I played it a long time! I enjoyed playing it !!
The waiting in the pond takes a bit more than most would like but this game is one you would play when your doing something to keep you from being overwhelmed with stress while working on something big and many game that are like that have a wait time so you work and play.
It's a really fun and good game, but my only problem with it is it takes forever for the fish to grow and it's very hard to get coins you don't get ads very often which is a plus it's a great time killer tho please try to fix it so that it's easier!
A cutesy amazing game! I've only started to play and I've already fallen in love with this game, the feed Is surprisingly affordable! The dog mechanic is super cute! And all in all it's so amazing! I'd rate it 5 stars but I want you guys to keep adding just so I can rate it even better!~
The game is really cute and its simple enough to play for a while, but I wish you could actually make breeding pools with certain fish to get certain babies, or a few mini games that do certain things for the ponds, like speed growth or help them mutate into rarer fish or just play the game for no real reason but to pass the time.
This game is so cute and sweet! The only thing that could make it better, i think, is if you could make your own personal tank of goldfish.
I have been looking for a game like this for a while, and have finally found the perfect goldfish game! When I type "goldfish game", I DO NOT want a casino, go fish, or a saltwater reef game. Believe it or not appstore, I am ACTUALLY talking about a game featuring goldfish. Thank you for finally making this game.
Fun game. Some difficulty with purchasing, but I like that the purchasing seems entirely optional. There's no pressure.
Goldfishies are cute! But would like the option of a timer to see how long the pond has until full grown.
Tried to buy some drops (dumb, I know) and the payment was accepted but the purchase came through as a failure. Assumed that meant they would cancel the payment but checked my email just in case. Sure enough, PayPal email that my payment went through. So they took my money and I didn't get drops. As far as I can tell, there's no way to contact devs in game either so. Either don't give them any money or avoid this game altogether. I'm pissed.
I think this game is definitely worth trying if you feel like you want to relax. One thing I really think should be added into the game is that you could breed fish of the same kind even if they are high quality. This could be useful for producing more fish eggs.
Very cute game, but it crashes very frequently and ALWAYS crashes when I try to view the fish tank. The fish take a bit long to grow without a special item as well.
The game is cute and all but the english translation is pretty broken and even though I have notifications on in setting an everything it never notified me when the fish have hatched, please fix
This is a fantastic game it's so fun and entertaining I have one slight problem though... I went to sleep last night and you need to care for the dog but I was asleep so I couldn't and it let the cat get to the fish today I woke up and was a little angry but other than that this game is truly amazing :)
This game is fun. I haven't gotten into it that much yet, but I've played it before and it gets pretty fun. All the fish you can get, decorations, pool filters, and it's just really fun with that! I didn't even know of the decorations the last time I played. If you are looking for something to play while you're bored in quarantine, this is one of them.
it's fun and cute, I'm definitely enjoying it. however the English is very broken and there isn't much to do other than waiting. also you need to complete all the achievements to unlock the decorations for the special fish and one of them is to scare away stray cats but the entire time I have been playing I haven't seen an single stray cat anywhere.
Very cute fish and a semi intrestingly weird fish too but all and all a okay fun game when really bored.
I'm pretty confused for the most part about this game, can you not sell all the fish you raise? And it'd be nice if there was a timer for how long the fish have to grow. For the most part this game is pretty fun
It's a really nice app! I've always loved collecting games and this is really nice for those types of people. Thw only thing I'd say is "bad" is maybe the adds. Could be toned down some.
Thought the game was cute and wanted to continue. But I did not receive in app purchase even tho the cash was deducted. Quite disappointing Edit. Finally received the purchase thanks.
Great for frequent breaks. Can't really sit and play for long periods of times because there isn't enough to do but you need to check in often so you can't set it and forget it.
Simple fun! The designs on the fish are super cute and fun, and it doesn't take long to level up items and get new fish. Not a huge time sink but still addicting
If i could give no stars i would.i couldnt even start.there was no egg button :<.and i couldnt do anything in the shop.
Not really a game so much as a five minute at a time check in. Fish are cute, game plays well, but if you can only get on once or twice a day, it is going to be disappointing. Your fish will die after about 9 hours. Super easy to keep going if they do though. Not overly punishing in that respect.
I think it is very good. But I feel like it would have been better if the rate of the goldfish growing older is faster but overall, animation is good, and loading speed is fast
Make a purchase and get even more ads. Change the screen and it's an ad. Not to mention when you buy a pump they all say pomp except for the menu to purchase them. It's not a great game, it is barely a game. It is like they didn't even try they just wanted to throw ads at you.
Just got it and it's super cute! But I tried to buy drops, it took the money, and never gave me the drops....
I love the game! But i can't seen to figure out how to scoop then into the tank instead of losing them, its making me lose alot of cool fish. Theres gotta be a different way to get them into the tank from the pond. Help please!!!
Very cute, simple and relaxing. It's easy to understand for a beginner and nice to come back to if you haven't played in a while. This game is adorable and I love it.
Very cute and adorable. I love the fish, but I think the waiting time takes too long. I suggest maybe entertaining the players with mini games, such as puzzles. Other than that, the game is great. I love the cute fish designs.
I like this game a lot. It's cute & doesn't require internet to play. As someone who doesn't have unlimited internet, it's a nice change. And the music is nice. My main problem with this game is how poor the spelling and grammar is. I don't know if it's a translation problem or what, but it would be nice if the creators could proof read the writing and make it easier to understand
Simple idea. Fun for wasting time. It's not too hard to get coins (although getting silver and gold fish to upgrade your actual fish before selling them is slow). The concept was pretty easy to get after the tutorial and a little playing. I like that there's a free fish food option, and that fish eggs are free. English translation is good enough to get the concept, but not perfect by any means.
I love the way they sparkle in the water it's so beautiful :) the tails are extraordinary highly recommend the game fun and satisfying to look at 👍👍👍👍👍😝🐟🐠🐠🐠🐟