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Golden Tee Golf: Online Games

Golden Tee Golf: Online Games for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Incredible Technologies, Inc. located at 200 Corporate Woods Pkwy Vernon Hills, IL. 60061. The game is suitable for Everyone (Tobacco Reference) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not a bad game, once you reach a certain level though you realise you cant really proceed unless you use special equipment. They do give you some but you need to pay for as much as you would need. It gets frustrating that you can't get a ball close to a pin on the daily 9 without special tees or balls. But it is a good game overall.
I've been playing golden T since the first machine came out. this app is great. just wish ball options we're more available.
The more you play & get the feel for the game..the more you will want to play CAUTION: can be addicting
Okay game, overall, but; The completely arbitrary, BS "Levels" are how you're matched in League Play, not by your actual average and handicap. I'm at Level 42, playing only since September, against players who outmatch me by *YEARS!* of gameplay. People who average -12 to -15 or more. Why bother competing, at all, when there's quite obviously no chance of there being truly fair competition? Add an ability to adjust the virtual trackball sensitivity. Not all touchscreens are the same!
Excellent game, my only criticism is the price of items offered very expensive maybe something too consider, but as I said excellent game.
Complete trash. Autoresponds to bad reviews with a bot (which tells you it's not a bot) directing you to their social media page (yeahhhright). Daily 9 contests are rigged beyond belief, but at least when you see the matchups, you can tell who the preordained winner will be - it's the guy you're chasing when you get that one hole where you adjust three times for the "wind" and the ball lands in the same spot each time - you're not gonna get closer. Save your money and your blood pressure.
Game plays great...graphics are great...but your ad generator has cheated me out of well over 100 gold bars...if that don't change I will remove it from my device and edit my rating to a warning to all other potential players...no one likes to be cheated...
Shot metrics are WAY off. The shots are completely random and follow no actual algorithm at all. I have hit with the wind behind me on a down slope and came up short and into the wind on an upslope and came up long. Like many here say the shots are just random. Much better and more realistic golf games out there. Now let's here the excuse by incredible technologies to "contact their support" or how they are "working to make this better"
Great game, easy to learn mechanics. It loses a star from me because the point system as you reach higher difficulties forces you to land nowhere near the cup in order to get more putt points. If i can land the ball within 6 feet of cup on a 240 yard drive there should be points for that! A radius like in the challenges would be great. Funwise, controls are easy like the classic arcade fame. Also a tutorial on how to spin ball would be welcome.
Not bad but putting is not challenging at all. No allowance for height or depth of green. Too little info in general. Generous with coins but too little to do with them. Worst of all they pester you to give them a five star rating, not a real review. That alone ALWAYS costs you a star in my book.
The game can be played at your on pace very relaxing one of the best golf games to date hope the game developers can keep it working as is the game needs vary little tweaks good golf . I have dropped one star dew to the club upgraded being so expensive upgraded clubs take a month or more to upgrade also the three games that are available for the challenge course get ready boring with nothing but the same shots over and over this is a couple of things the developers need to address.
Love the game and have only been playing a few months and have slowly made it to level 46 with not paying any money on purchasing items. Unfortunately at this level you will need to purchase gold fees and balls which I am not willing to do so I wish they would make contests that are on equal playing levels which means all get same clubs and balls and tees to make it fair. I try to compete but without having all the best you will never win.
It's a very fun game. But you need to have gold to get the good golf balls. But the only thing I don't like about the game are the players That take advantage. Of lower-level players by playing in the tournament and not playing at their level. . You're at a disadvantage because the higher-level players playing in a lower-level tournament have the better equipment. It would be cool if you can communicate with your friends to compliment them on a good round of golf or even do a little trash talkin
Extremely hard to.hit a straight shot. I have even tried at the edge of the phone and I still get a hook or a slice. Lots of opportunities to play against other people or challenge yourself.
Terrific game! Challenging and FUN. Also tons of hours of UNINTERRUPTED game play. I would give this game 10 stars if I could.
Fun game. And it's free. You can buy stuff, like all the others, but they don't push anything on you. It really is free ..... And fun.
Poor ability to gage shot power. Putting alignment is weak. Once you draw back you can't reduce the backswing.
4 Stars? Graphic are over coloured, childish. Wind gauge, non existent. Putting, well! Stroke selection. Too complicated. Awards, very little. Advice - don't bother downloading, you'll only end up uninstalling it.
Game is very good and easy to play. Like why game it takes a bit of learning to play. I've really been enjoying it.
I spent several hours yesterday on the challenge stage to get more stars from my previous playings. In which I did yesterday. Today it defaulted back to where I began yesterday to get more stars. A waste of several hours of play......
If you love to play golf,GIVE THIS GAME A TRY NOW!!! GREAT GRAPHICS, well Tutorial to get you started MOST OF ALL ALOT OF FUN, SO DON'T WAIT, SEE YA ON THE FAIRWAY!!!
Love this game. Can't put it down. Great strategy game. Makes you think about your moves and gives you a lot of options to choose from.
Fun to play 9holes or a few shots. Putting is a bit unrealistic, yet so was the arcade model. But still a pay to play unlocking a golf course with good play is impossible without paying$$.. Still fun golf
Good game so far, it took a little bit to finally work out how to take decent shots, but overall it's a fun game.
This game is very frustrating. There is no way to know other than by the view how much a shot is up or down hill, add in the wind and the unknown slope on the fairways it makes the game unfair at the best of times. It also looks like a money grab the only way to upgrade you equipment as fast as the courses do is to buy gold bars. I don' know about anyone else but I will not do this as you also have to watch adds for little gain. It is hard to believe that this game cheats as bad as Zinga poker.
This has got be one of the best quirky golf games out there.... There's so many challenges that keep you busy for hours... Like I was getting 2 stars continuously on a level but after 20 tries I finally got 3 stars, I had such a feeling of achievement it was wonderful.... And it's not one of those AD money grab games..... The graphics are Amazing... And the controls are really easy to use... WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE.... 5 stars all the way just fir sheer playability and fun.
Although I just started playing this game I find it enjoyable to play . The graphics appear to be 3D if you will and looks realistic. However there is a lot of waiting at times for downloading. But overall it's a enjoyable game to play.
Completely inconsistent. It's like golf, in that one hits a golf ball w/ a golf club. After that all similarities cease. Regardless of location, a 10 mph wind should impact the ball the same everytime. Also putts sometimes cannot be made, no other club or ball choice for a 100 foot put uphill middle of the green can NEVER be made, you are penalized for a solid shot. Not realistic, one could change clubs or hit the ball harder however gt forces you to basically take a penalty stroke every time
Of all the golf games that I have played this one seems to be the most realistic and best and has quite an impressive tutorial if you like golf games you'll love this one
Half a star. This game cheats so hard. Especially if you dont buy items very much. Could be wicked cool if it was fair. 16 under on a 9 hole course is not realistic unless u spend a lot of money. And the free chest multipliers omg so crooked the mob would be impressed. Still play it but it gets old very quick. Dont download unless u have alot of cash to waste u wont get anywhere otherwise.
This game is very well designed with a reasonable challenge, and not a typical pay to win system. I love it!
Love the game great to past time although to be competitive on the tournament level you have to spend cash the price for the good balls that you need and clubs are to expensive just to buy by beating opponents and challenge levels l on the game. Although there's plenty of fun playing the game without spending cash. although to be there in the forefront cash is needed
Get this game! Nice graphics simple play. Does not break your bank to keep playing. Lots of fun and addicting.
This game is ok unless you are ultra competitive as it is slow progress getting the best equipment without paying for upgrades . Personally I just enjoy playing and competing on the lower levels if you get beaten by a player who had paid for the best equipment and boosters that's ok it's their pocket remember it's just a game and you will enjoy it more
Great golf game. And not inundated with ads. Its really a respectable game. It's not constantly punching persons in the face asking for money. I really have true respect for the designers of this golf game. Very well thought out, very smart.
Loved this game when i was in college. I just wish i had the ball to spin. This version is great on the phone and in Bluestacks. I am still learning the playstore version and need to figure out how to aim in Bluestacks. FIVE STARS!
Love this game.... Loved the arcade, and this one follows the same principle as the arcade.... Great golf game..
Most of 5he play is fun. But, the wind speed and direction is deceiving sometimes?? Don't like that. However, overall its fun and frustrating!
First I think difficult.but now is think easy than another golf games.also welcome golden tee pack is reasonable price.so I bought pack.but some courses crazy difficult.
Love this game. It's fun and easy However, Its the only game I have that always freezes constantly. Always an issue after the first swing
Super easy to navigate,,,huge selection, of games and you don't have to pay an area and a leg ,if any payment at all GREAT APP KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
Not the arcade game, but pretty impressive for a mobile game. Been playing about a week, and only had 1 issue that was resolved.
I love it... I don't buy into 'loot box' games... but this has class all over it. Fun, adictive and easy to grasp... brilliant graphics... ads are an annoyance, I never buy anything that is advertised to me, that's a thing I do. Great game... none the less.
The graphics and gameplay for a game with the name Golden Tee should be more high def and realistic. Game seems to be on the slow side for me
I've tried the rest now I'll stick with the best Great golf game. You don't have to have to pay unless you want to skip gaining skills for upgrades on equipment. The controls are great and responsive to the what's influencing the shot. My only problem is playing in contests with players that appear to have far greater skills and equipment, but I guess that's what prompts people to pay for upgrades, everything else is free, I'll just have to practice more.
No ads unless you choose freebies 👍😁 Good physics, not too complicated, not too simple. Lots of different ways to level up, daily 9 is nice. Challenges are as many as you want. Campaign mode is massive, Contests are great. Nice that it's not an "Upgrade" black hole for clubs like other golf games.
The looks great and plays great. The cost for items (clubs, clothing etc..) is insane for casual players.
At first it takes getting used to compared to other golf games. But eventually it's awesome you can start and stop when you want. Super fun!!! Wish the wind pushage on the ball was more accurate but hey still super cool
Love the campaign mode....not easy to ascend without spending money, which I refuse to do, but a fun game. Don't participate in social media, so I can't play anyone head to head...Bummer.
Best golfing game I've experienced, very few ads, easy controls. However I would like to be able to actually change direction standing in the challenge section and remove the information down the left hand side when aiming in that direction on the shots, as they hinder view of target. Otherwise great .
Great golf game. Really been enjoying playing this. One of the great things is that you can avoid adverts and don't have to spend cash to play and still have a good game. It's handy to watch a few ads to get extra coins. You can buy stuff or just slog through and earn stuff instead over a longer period. Gameplay is really good with the aiming and power needing a bit of nifty finger and judgement skills. Really enjoying this. Hope I can get good enough to take on the big boys at some point.
The thing I love about this game is that you don't have top play against anyone. There is a challenge path that gets tougher as you go and a campaign path. I hate golf games that only allow you to play against another user. Edit: this game is still one of my favorites. There are no ads unless you want to watch one for free stuff. As you get better, you can control how difficult a hole is. You can play one hole at a time, so it's not a huge time commitment.
So far I have been very pleased with the actual play of this game! Very realistic (its not perfect), very challenging and I hadn't had to spend any money as of yet...That too me is a plus in any book!!
Variety of challenges as well as tournament play Takes some time to master,but good tutorials. Courses and skill levels will keep me entertained for some time
This is by far my favorite game app, but I have every course & I'm sick & tired of getting the same 2 or 3 courses when I play a tournament. One time I tried & got the same course 3 times in a row. This needs to change.
Graphics are good but it is not about that unless you have the space for that, and who does! 4 stars 4 sure so good to go! Now the gameplay is pretty good and deserves 4 star rating. Don't get frustrated while putting it takes a bit to figure it out but when you do you will be glued to the game. The developers did a great job of bringing back an arcade classic, so get your best golfing attire out and get ready to tee off,cause it's Golden Tee time, FORE!!!!P.S.watchout4theflyingsaucerinLV!!!
Rigged! Enough said! Today's games suck! Bring back arcades! Download ( Pro Feel Golf ) for a real game experience!!!!!!!! This was a great arcade but unfortunately they dropped the bomb on this one switching to Android to fill the gap!
Downloaded and set it up. Played 2 holes and the game wants me to pay now to upgrade. So I Uninstalled it and moving on. The game maker is only concerned with making money so don't bother.
I've played alot of other golf games, this one is by far the best. And let me explain why. The accuracy of your shot is based on your back draw and forward swing. Not on some pin point target and a pendulum swing. It's based on the sweeping motion of your finger. You will never get ten "Holes in One" all in a row in this game. This is about as close to playing real golf as can be accomplished on a mobile device as you can get. No annoying pop up ads. And the diversity of playing options.
I actually can't believe how good it is it's as close to the actual video game at the arcade as you can get no joke
Nice game but I wish there was some way of knowing how close you were to being upgraded to the next level. Gets a bit tedious just plugging away with no indication of how you're progressing.
Fun game. Game play is fun. Allows you to work the ball, which sometimes saves strokes. Lets you be in control, not the computer.
Gradual increase of ads as go deeper into the game, nice graphics and motion but it's getting too annoying to enjoy playing.
Fast, to the point, no constant nagging for more money...what a great change from some of the others I've tried. (Golf Clash can suck it, its just a hopelessly stupid setup now on so many levels...) Thanks for this app though! Having a good time with it so far!
I completed an event and it said I made the leaderboard but then never showed me the leaderboard? Also, why can't I check the leaderboard of a contest or head to head during play?
Excellent experience, very immersive for a tablet game and subtle natural control of strike. Also ads are almost voluntary and pay is optional, and if you do it's worth it. A very well made solid product worth my time. There are a few arcadish elements but mostly a serious approach of the golf sport, in a funway. Highly recommended.
Simple, user friendly, entertaining, tutorial and quick play are essentials for all game apps and this one has went above par. Would benefit to put some "very short" video skits in the game between good shots and bad ones as more of a grabber and put one into the game more
Game is great and graphics, but the ads for boxes! Needs to be more for the person playing the games liking! I am not interested in the casino betting games. If they only made more for things I am interested in? It would get 6 star, one more the when what is required.
Good golfing game. It may take a little while to get into playing the game, with the controls. You do get rewards fairly easily. I didn't like some of the skimpy outfits for the female golfers, so I think this game was designed by men for men. What about some better outfits for the ladies? There are professional lady golfers, as well as male golfers. Women and men should both be given respect, and dressing women in very revealing outfits is very out of date.
Great game! Like it that I can move through the motions without a bunch of loading. Great courses too!
Am enjoying this game, but becoming too expensive and daily 9? How do you get those shots? Overall though its not too bad a game 👍
It's a fun game but I have a bone to pick with the developers. In the challenge area....where getting in the center red nets the most points... explain to me why several times I have put my shot into the hole and I get "not on target" 25 points?!?! Not on target? I put it in the freaking hole!!! I should instantly get the maximum points for that round, don't ya think???
This is a good game. Overall similar to real GT but some factors like wind seems way over powered. Especially at novice or above. All modes are fun. 9 dailies is basically closest to the pin. I give 4 stars because exp is very slow to gain after rank 5. I'd like to see a longest put mode on this and real GT.
You really couldn't ask much more from a free game. I find it very fun with it being one of the few games where you don't have to spend money to be competitive or win. Outside of maybe adding some more leveling either club stats or player boost based on your level I couldn't ask for much more. A must download in my opinion!
Looks great. But no controls to look at your shot before you hit. No adjistments for elevation, such as a pitch or a flop shot. Basic hit and go concept. Looks great though. Just too far from real golf... Overall if your new to the game of golf, not a bad app...
I enjoy the game but only playing the courses myself. I am at the top level 49 but do not play in any contests? The reason being definately rigged when one player eagles every hole on every course every day there is something up. As I say I am at the top level but I cannot do this every single shot as swiping the screen you are sure to mess up sooner or later. Good game must don't play tournaments. Probably bots playing would like to see Trick70 play live on mobile.
I do like this game a lot. However, it would be better if we could get more gold bars, and a better selection of apparel for your character.
Good game. Entertaining. I now understand about what people were saying about putting - you can purposely shoot farther away from the hole on the green to get more points from a longer putt. I think the only way to solve that is to make the putting part more involved like other games. Overall Im enjoying the game.
Great game completely free options to play. Pay levels too. All around awesome game. One complaint the wind values aren't accurate at all. To explain, one hole the wind is blowing 15mph left to right. Ball travels perfectly straight!??? Next hole wind is 5mph blowing let to right. The ball gets blown 40 yds off target. I mean small complaint over all. It just frustrating. I still play many times a day. So not a big deal at all. Thanks for actually making a fun product
The only downside is elevation is downslope sometimes and no great notice of water hazards.Two thumbs up,otherwise....
Was great for the fact that you only had to watch ads when you wanted something. Now we have to watch ads for normal play? Done with this. Deleted, goodbye!
Love the game, easy to pick up and mechanics are good. Con: head to head, you have like 6 hrs to finish a 9 hole course. If you play, it takes about 15 Min to finish. It should be changed to an hour. I can finish real 9 holes in 3 hrs. Makes waiting on rewards for people who are idling. No bueno!
Game is fun and challenging, the only problem so far has been that the game freezes up and gets glitchy. Fix this and get 5 stars. Had to transfer game to new device. Did not loose any accomplishments or equipment, thank you for that. Game is freezing up. Still 4 stars.
I like the playing single but have the choice for playing with others. Courses have good graphics and eventually get front and back nine. Other courses available. Keep up the good work!
It`s a free game & paying any money is not recommended. There are daily give away of coins, daily chest which has balls, gold bars, tees & coins. You can just play the daily 9 tournament & earn additional coins & equipment. Have been playing this way for about 2 months & have over 1.2 mil in coins & at level 21. The game is better than most but the winds are somewhat unrealistic.
A very fair game as far as coin winning are concerned. I don't feel like the app is rigged to have me spending money constantly to level up. Which in turn allows me the right to spend money on the app at my pace. = I will be spending more money on this app then any I've played given the feeling of reward without consequence. Hats off to the developers.
The game is fun but JEEEEEZ there are sooooooooo many ads and the ads are soooooooo long. Come on people. Get a grip. I'm deleting.
Sort of fun. But after having it as my time passer game a few months, unlocking all of the useful clubs and upgrading to the second highest level of each club type, I reached "expert" level 40. Within a week was bankrupt from losing dozens and dozens of tournaments in a row being grouped in with the no-lifers. Scoring great scores in most of the games and losing in all of them gets old quick.
Awesome game I've played gtg for years. Still have my gtg card I used to put in the arcade game, to get extra courses and play against someone online. I wish I had the money I would buy your new and improved game.
I grew up playing Golden Tee the Arcade version. This version seem to be legit because the graphics are good, The mechanics works good and there's so many different choices from customization of characters and equipment, to picking different game modes. A good way to get a good feel of the game and how things work. Choose the Campaign and play that. You well catch on very quickly on what to do and how things work in the game. Plus you have a guide teaching you the basics.
physics can't be matched. fair but challenging. can earn silver for free in game and get rewards, better clubs etc.
The game itself gets frustrating after a while, as the shooting method is flawed. Unless you have tiny fingers, be prepared to have your shot go left or right when you don't want it to as you rolled your finger over it. This is the most important part of play, and it killed my desire to keep playing.
Decided to try this game again since the reviews is 4.6 This game is terrible. Gameplay is garbage. The graphics suck. These reviews is fake. You guys failed trying to remake a classic. This developer has become a scam artist if i was you (player) i wouldnt waste my money on this trash you will not get what you pay for and only get it for 9 holes then what u bought is gone forever wasted your money to these thieves.
Gets you started on easy shots, then you have to upgrade to better clubs or balls to make the challenges.
Fun game without having to spend a dime, however, your chances of winning gold or silver in competition is almost impossible. As with other pay to play games those that spend money dominate the game, but what makes it worse in this game is those that spend money are allowed to drop down in any level and play, which makes it impossible to win to advance to gain clubs, gold, silver and balls. Avoid if you are not prepared to lose, constantly.
Well, the developers tried...generously giving two stars. The physics and graphics are poor. Putts rocket to the hole, no attempt to make them roll realistically. Very limited gameplay options. I spent four months playing daily in the hopes the game would grow on me, to no avail. WGT is still the best online golf game...
I love the app but the coins/bars and reward chests go down all the time. You have to get these if you want to improve
Don't change anything!! I just downloaded today, been playing for about an hour.... its really good. In that hour I played, I expected to fail, but more importantly, I LEARNED how to play the game. Very good control mechanics, lots of courses. Beautiful scenery. You guys did an amazing job!!!
Lots of fun so far. Nice tutorials to help out. Don't have to p2w, just makes upgrades faster. Great graphics and plays just like the bar style golden tee.
love golf and can't stop playing this game! prefer better in game guide for utilizing shot guides but at least can apparently find that on website. should have a way to view what's ahead while making decisions
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It starts out not too bad. As you progress, it's the same as Golf Clash. Wind speeds and directions are not always what they appear. The controls are a little temperamental.
*** Totally messed up a perfectly good game with the new update the new swing moves are stupid and I can't aim my shots anymore you guys force me to shoot One Direction all the time even if it's facing a wall please fix this I guarantee you will lose a lot of players over this
The game is more worried about fashion than playing golf. Too many options to try and confuse you into spending money. It has been deleted.
This is the best so far in a phone app i've seen. It doesn't force purchases down your throat and its free. I'm sort of patient so no neef for me to upgrade right away. They have many options.
Honestly a great game. You can't hack it, you gotta account for slopes and wind. Extremely well done golf app!
Garbage app that autoresponds to bad reviews with a bot (which tells you it's not a bot, which is about par - pun intended) directing you to their social media page. As if. This app is manipulated garbage. If you like the feeling of a game that lets you get close, then screws you to the wall with an unreliable wind gauge, execrable controls, a pungent whiff of pay-to-win and - at best - dubious opponents, all the while taking the attitude that it's your own fault, then this is the app for you.
Played in contests 3 days this week at varied hours of the day. Same 3 names scoring -13 and -14 under for 9 holes in EVERY contest. Whether it's at 10 in the morning or 10 at night. Obviously bots to try and encourage people to spend money to upgrade everything. I don't mind paying for a game to enjoy it but I'm not signing up for a monthly car payment just to be able to win a golf game. Deleting.
A lot of fun.use to play this when I was a kid in the arcade.should try at least once if you like golf games.
Great solid golf game & I love the swing controls, feels right. Been playing a few days and still don't feel pressed to spend real money. Theres a good selection of apparel options to customize your golfer, as well as the more zany choices like a devil head or gas mask. Lots of challenges to complete. Honestly I can't believe this was free.
Horrible , it changes evey moment. Do not get this game enless you want to waste your time and money. Zero stars.
Fun game, I have enjoyed playing, and will continue to play. My only complaint is the game often crashes when loading a hole, the loading bar freezes and then the next screen touch closes the game.
If you want to play golf made by people who never played, this is your game! How about those drops across the water, and drops where the ball never landed or crossed. A.i. in action for lazy profit orientations. Hmm...what could I do to make more money from a bootlegged game?
I have never spent a dime and have been able to advance and win contests. Yes, to win fight club and certain events, you will need to buy stuff, but otherwise, just play alot, open your daily chests, play daily 9 and you will advance.
Wind, shot, etc. is not consistent or accurate. If you just want to hit shots for stars, clothes, etc it's decent.
The only way to get past most later levels or to even be competitive is to purchase power ups. It seemed ok at first but then it became impossible. You cannot play in the better campaigns without purchasing javelin balls which are insanely expensive comparatively. It's one thing to get an advantage by purchasing but making it impossible is just BS.
I love the app, and this is a very small thing, but its also begs the question why? Been playing this for months, when you open a "reward case," it spins a multiplier for either 2 or 3x the prizes. 1st, the prizes aren't anything special, however 9 out of 10 times it will force a 2x reward. Easily seen by the wheel and how the pointer glides easily passes the 3x and stop abruptly at 2x. Its so small, it makes me question why do this & make such an effort to limit what should be a 50-50 chance.
Fun game so far! Once I play more I'll give 5 star rating. 4 stars is because I was promoted to give a rating and haven't played enough yet to get a good cell for everything... But def fun and I haven't been forced to buy anything to move forward as of yet but, I have the choice to buy it I want to enhance my game of course.
I really enjoy this game but just like the other ones around there going to won't money later to keep palying
Great graphics, but most shots are too difficult to make. Keeping the Pros out of the Amateurs "Henhouse" would be appreciated.
Great game, putting is not too hard. Lots of variety in courses and types of play,you aren't stuck playing 1-1.
Absolutely without a doubt the"WORST" golf game I've played. You could eagle every hole and still lose. Game is rigged just like any other game. The game designers are literally laughing at anyone who actually pays money for this garbage.
Best Golf Game, not a lot of ads. Don't need to spend money to play. When the time comes, I will reward them by giving them some of my money. They are doing it right, and should be rewarded.
Fun for first 13 levels. At 14 you are under powered unless you pay for upgrades. Can't be competitive to win coins/gold without upgrades, can't upgrade unless you pay cash. Scam.
Tired of the devs excuses, The game is about as accurate as Helen Keller. I've intentionally fired the same EXACT shots many times against the same variables, particularly the challenges, the variables dont even change there. Even using sniper balls (which remove basically all variables) I'm still seeing 17+ foot differences. Can anyone tell me why Grand Theft Auto 5 has a better side golf game than any of the full golf games?
Great game, worth spending a few dollars to get some goodies and skip some waiting. There are special packages... buy one or 2 mid range ones for 10 or 20 bucks... its worth it. Spent more than that on any given Sunday back in the day playing in the bars To the people saying the game isn't accurate I think many don't realize how difficult it is to hit 2 identical 12 and 6 shots. If your follow through is off by even a few degrees you will fade/draw and lose distance. Super fun - Enjoy.
Good game but keeps kicking me out of the game every other hole bout sick of that and getting ready to uninstall it
This is the BEST golf game, for your phone, that's out there! I've tried them all, so I know! I played this growing up, in bars, & other locals, & have always enjoyed it!! Obviously, with it being on your phone, you don't shoot your shots the same way as you did on the arcade version, but it's still a lot of fun! You really don't have to pay to win, but like with all games, you only get the really good stuff if you pay for it! This is a good choice,if you're looking for a fun golf game!
A fun enough game, though the experience of playing events is somewhat tarnished by people using less than savoury methods to get scores. Cheaters in the game should get thrown out. The chance of scoring 9 eagles in a row are not very high without the help of computer assistance
After playing this game it turns out that it the most obvious of all the games that the algorithm decides the outcome of the game no matter how accurate your shots are. Really disappointed in IT
This game is very frustrating. There is no way to know other than by the view how much a shot is up or down hill, add in the wind and the unknown slope on the fairways it makes the game unfair at the best of times. It also looks like a money grab the only way to upgrade you equipment as fast as the courses do is to buy gold bars. I don' know about anyone else but I will not do this as you also have to watch adds for little gain. All in all I rate this game a 5.
Good overall. There are just a few instances where things glitched a bit, but That may just be my poor internet connection at home.
I don't like giving 5 stars but I doubt you're going to find anything more realistic, for the price anyway. They considered all the possibilities writing this one. Okay I don't golf but this really does emulate the game better than what I've found. Graphics are Great. Control is precise including Wind, distance & slope. Plenty of activities to choose from. Heck, I dunno, check it out. If you don't think it's worth the time you can toss it like I did the other ones.
Been playing Golden Tee 4 over 15 years,, first saw the game in a bar and have enjoyed the game ever since. I hope one day you have a driving range feature just so you can learn how all the shots and the club swing works better. I think it's the best golf game around, keep up the great work.
Game graphics are OK. Zero consistency. Shots are random. Can't get passed a certain point without money.
Great game, just play. Takes a little time to get used the controls but once you do it's fun getting good scores.
Great game, started playing GT golf in the 80's. This has wonderful grafics challenges. It's all good!
Fun game, but I've reached the point where I can't make any more progress. I'm constantly sitting at around 675 gold. It goes up and down some because of the Daily 9, but there's really no way to get much farther in the game without spending money. The contests are all way out of my league and are a waste of gold/silver to enter. I've done as much as I can in the campaign, so there's really nothing left. It was fun while it lasted though.
Once you get used to the controls and how to control the balls it's pretty fun game but I only gave it four stars because you don't get to keep the same ball through all the way to the pin, you should not have 2 waist special balls on every shot you choose a special ball in the beginning you should be able to play with that ball all the way to the hole.
Great app and fun to play with your friends (only 1 v 1 mode is available though, it would be cool to allow for more players to play at once)