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Golden Farm : Idle Farming & Adventure Game

Golden Farm : Idle Farming & Adventure Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by P.D. PLAYGENES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED located at 1, Anastasiou Sioukri, THEMIS COURT, Floor: 4, Flat: 402, Limassol 3105, Cyprus. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game doesn't start half the time Uninstalled reinstalled cleared cache won't open... it's a shame cause I was leveling up until it decided it didn't want to work anymore
This is just like township the game That till lock me out . Hope this game is not like township! Man price on this game is so high you would have to like is game to pay at these prices. Sorry but in the game I was playing before I was lock out of the prices was not that high . The game was township. But ! Don't get me wrong this game is awesome too
I really like this game! I enjoy the different games within the game. Unfortunately today the game won't load for some reason πŸ˜₯
From the word go( 5 minutes in the game) you cannot do much without paying money. So for those who just want a game to kill time, surely this game is not the one. Infact most of the games now are not for fun but just scheme for them to make money. No not only the data spend but in-game purchasing money. Unfortunately, the review won't say such because only good reviews are shown. I tried and wanted to enjoy( ..why would I download it) but... as said above.
Thank you for fixing some of the bugs but now I have a new bug, I have to watch 2 adverts before I get the gifts from the movie theater and sometimes trees fail to go away after watching an advert, I cleared cache and data and the problem keeps coming back!!
There is no way to play this game without spending actual money. The game was enjoyable until level 17 and then there was no way to move forward without spending money on jem's
Was an awesome game. Not anymore I've played this game for years. The updates in the last 2 weeks have sucked all the fun out of it and made the game pointless and arduous. The only point now is to get you to pay money to play.
I like the game but it keep freeze up when I am in the middle of a quest and stops working and I have to reload it.
I love this game but with that being said I have a problem with i leave the game when I go back it wants me to refresh and I keep pressing refresh and I spend 30+ minutes trying to get into the game and still not get in. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it worked for a couple of days and now I'm right back where I started. It is really frustrating.
Love the new updates makes teams much easier to communicate with and see how actually plays. But can you make a section for trade only amongst the group ? Other than that wonderful updates
Enjoy playing but can't get special items for the love of money, I'm not paying money for the game. Also the new free houses are a waste of time and why can't we delete them
I really like this game. But last week we have the big problem with selling some stuff for my friends. I put some stuff to the market, my friends see its but cannot to buy because are getting the notice "it is sold" , and it is terrible!!
Firstly , this is an ONLINE game so I removed one ⭐ for LYING , it's no where related to Offline nevertheless , it's nice . Please add more challenges
Great game but it has frozen on the Halloween update I waited until the next day & tried again to complete the Halloween update and Yippee all is well and I am happily playing again.I have three favourite games and this one is in top spot. I love it Love it Love it. No I don't have a stutter I just Love It. Ha! Ha!
Now you reduce everything things price and all the machines prices are are same. Why did you reduce the price of items we need to sell in the markete. Look thats not fair. Plz do the same prices of the items or reduce the prices of the machines. Thanks otherwise this game will be the time waste. Thanks
I play this game over a year now. They take away Tom, and farmer pass, they limited trees and bushes, they make it more complicated to get the items to expand your area, give way less items for upgrading, and so on... But now, they changed the jolly, took away the trainings of the pets from many players without explanation. I lost 18000 coins, my teammate lost 1400 diamonds because she bought the pinguin but she got it with 0% upgrade.. Same to my other teammate from 30% to 0%. We want answers!
Hello. I really loved the game but I'm sure some people cheat or hack the game which makes the game less attractive. For instance I haven't sold anything in my market for a whole day, then I sell a land item (without ad) so a friend can click and buy, but the moment I post the item, it'_s already sold to another player. Ty for your answer, it would be a good idea if we could sell some stuff only to our own community. This would prevent outsiders from stealing.
So far, so good. There are many games of this ilk, but this one has some interesting changes. The graphics are good, if a bit cutesy, but that's not a deal breaker.
Nowadays its very hard to get items πŸ™...it's look like developers are only focusing on island n nothing else πŸ™.at first we used to get gems from island ..Tom's vanπŸ™ n good rewards from air balloon race tooπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ but now nothing only island
This game was so amazing and I will admit I used my debit card alot lol. Unfortunately the new update everything has changed and you can't get any where in the game like before. People are leaving and very unhappy with the drastic changes. If you have the money go ahead and play other wise it's lost the fun.
Too many updates! I have run put of data because everytime you update it, it takes our data.i love the game but may have to stop for this reason Please can we fix this issue so i can continue playing
Update: I started to really like it but, very expensive for a free game. Spent $15 already out of cash and diamonds, level 17. Storage is all full (expensive upgrade) Can't get any further without spending another $15 on the cheapest pop-up now, or playing very slowly :( I'd say about $10 a day to enjoy. Great graphics, but I'm just tired of "free games" costing a fortune, especially when we're all unemployed, stuck at home and broke
This is mostly a good game. Progression is slow since I refuse to spend money on a game. My biggest complaint now is that I can't update it. I get an error message every time and have tried all the troubleshooting steps. I have successfully updated 16 other apps in the last 2 weeks so I know the issue is with this game. Please fix this so I can continue to play!
I am enjoying a new and different farm game which is a lot of fun. I like the game because it's not like all the other farm games. it is a little different and that's why I like it. all the others were so alike I got bored with them. something new and different is refreshing. I am enjoying it and hope new items that are added are also different.
I playing golden farm game it is very best farm game on play store only and only one i like it very much i played only 1 game and this is golden farm it is very best Best best game
Nice farm game, somethings are a little expensive in game like the machines. Ouch. Fun to play though.
After the newest update can't utilize the video ad feature in game. Found this out after 7 of my strawberry bushes died and I don't have any shovels. Way to go on somehow making the game even more unfriendly towards the players.
I like playing the game but it seems like the more you upgrade your barn or silo and then even sell stuff out of them they get full faster than they did before you upgraded. So I'm literally just planting crops, making stuff and then having to sale it because there is no room to put it. Other than I would love it so I can only give it a 3. And the land also. I buy it and then it gets dynamited but still leaves that bushes that you have to use shovels for. So you buy land and can't build on it.
I'm playing this game for a year...it's awesome 🌹but since the last update there is some lag and why the market have 10 minutes...i feel now it is programmed not a real players sell and buy
It fun can play with friends and love ones and build a relationship where you can try something new that you or your partner like it's great game
Until today the game was fun, other than how difficult it is to buy land and you can't progress until you do, but now it's glitchy and closing constantly. I've tried everything except uninstalling... :(
This is more helpful to younger generation and for me as adult similar to township game then I love that game this to me I get bored afterwards and not for me it would be more to help other younger crowd
Its a great game and would have gotten four stars if it wasnt impossible to play without spending money and five stars if it was gonna be around after January.
Everyone on my team is quitting because of the changes. I was having fun and now I'm sad because a good team has been destroyed because of how you all executed these abrubt changes!! I'm furious. Don't bother with the "balanced game" copy paste reply. I may be back if you all can figure out a way to make people happy again...
The machine items cost too much and harder to complete games and takes too long to build your farm nearly deleted
Thanks for the updated version, please ensure that it starts giving paypal cash also i.e real money game
Please fix the game, we can't even share upgrades so our team can build for there land and barn and silo. We get materials from our trains and it gives us things we don't need at the moment so we share to our members but it is impossible because it gets snatched before we tap the box to get it ugh... not liking this .
Just downloaded the game and can't even get past the tutorial. Once it makes me buy the bread oven, it freezes and I can't touch anything on the screen. Close app to try again and it starts from the very beginning of the tutorial again.
The latest update is awful! If you will go in that way from now ?? clearly it's not worth it to stay online! I'll uninstall it 100%
Love this game! Extreamly addictive but not since the last update. Everything freezes then i have to exit out of the app and re-enter. This happens frequently...
I playing golden farm game it is very best farm game on play store only and only one i like it very much i played only 1 game and this is golden farm it is very best Best best but some soon problems make this game very worst there are many problems destroying this game very much like increasing gems in factory for Increase space and items cost so cheap like fruits or vegetables and factory items please first ok this many problems and no events come fast fast events come very slowly like trade pl
The game used to be really very very good but the makers have got gready and all they want you to do is buy gems to expand land and storage dont waste your time on this now really rubbish game
I love this game, but something happened tonight, it froze, I closed it, restarted it and even uninstalled and reinstalled the game and I still can't get the app to open anymore.. plz fix this soon as my train is about to leave and I only had 1 more item to load!!!! Thankfully, it came back up the next day. But the game itself is running much slower, glitching when I'm planting or harvesting.
I like this game, it can be very relaxing also. For a few days, when i went into the "mailbox market place", there was what i thought was an update. When i went to a players farm, down in the right corner there was an icon such as a tree and when i clicked on the tree it automatically helped that farmer water the trees that they had marked as needing help. So i didn't have to go looking for those marked trees. also there were icons for the train and/or the zoo. Now those icons are gone. Why?
You guys are ruining your game....you are going to lose all your loyal players and spenders....none of these new updates even make any sense. The way you guys set it up there won't be enough wood products and fruits to go around....why limit things so much?? You see everyone unhappy please fix or Will be deleting! Been playing almost 2 years....
Have told you three times what is wrong with the game it keeps freezing and have to relload the game has only been doing it since your last update please fix your last update so we can play the game without it freezing and having to relload all the time or will have to delete the game which I enjoy playing or did until your last update.
I was enjoying the game until it started to get stuck. Where the problem is? It's when I activate the balloon for bombs. How often? For the last 4 days. Not using it no more.
Missing coins for the third time. Possible hackers. Sent email. Too many issues with this game. Will probably uninstall. Your reply to me was not in english via email and there is no reply here.
BORING! Same as every other farming game. Sow and harvest crops, deliver orders, sell goods... make items etc... blah blah... need stuff to upgrade your silo and barn, cant get those readily, need axes and saws for trees, they cost a fortune with diamonds, need dynamite for rocks ets... bulding take HOURS!!!!! ...cant place things in certain places... ADS!!!!!!.... YET AGAIN ANOTHER MONEY GUSSLING GAME to make you spend real money to be able to progress.... go to islands for quests need engergy
I tried contacting someone through support but no answer, something is wrong with the academy, can't research or scroll down on categories and yes I have more than enough coins and points to be able to research, just clicking the little green arrow icon does nothing so something is wrong! Please fix this problem.
Black screen is all I get. Waited 15 minutes, tried to open the game 5 times but each time just a black screen and no game
This game would be great if you could clean up your home screen quicker! It takes too long to collect supplies to clear a piece of land.
As a disabled veteran I just want to thank the company that made this game because this game allows me to relax and remain calm when I am going through my Flashbacks of the War so THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING SUCH A GREAT GAME THAT I CAN ENJOY!!!!!😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸
It's a cute game, but the farmers pass its way too much. Fortnite's battle pass bundle costs $12. The dev of this mediocre farm game is asking for $20. The work that goes into developing this game is not like that of higher quality games like Fortnite, Valorant, RDO, or other games that offer passes. The asking price does not make sense. I will not support a game that wants to leech from its community. Uninstalled.
Having a great time playing. Keeping me busy farming. Only wish that the times for gathering and making product was shorter and feilds were not limited.
Started playing this when funky bay spoilt their game. Wasn't too keen on it at first but as we go further into the game im beginning to love it. Love the chats and being able to help each other .
Sending alot of reports about constant force closing, and spending a lot of time cleaning up after the force closing, after spending alot of real money gets you nothing gets you nothing but ignored. It's not worth playing because of this. And my tablet is new with 29 GIGS free.
NOT WORTH YOUR TIME - Just DL'ed this game & realized that it really sux!!! Has problems w/sustained Internet service, DOES NOT SAVE ANY PROGRESS IN GAME & DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO USE OTHER FUNCTIONS W/IN GAME..... UNINSTALLED & WILL SEARCH FOR A BETTER GAME THAN THIS ☹☹☹☹
I loved this game but for some reason, it renewed itself. I closed it an hour ago to wait for my crops to grow and then when i come back it wants me to click my character again, its completely whipped everything i did and i was so close to finishing something ive been working on for weeks. It wasnt backed up to my facebook (my fault should have) but now all my progress is gone, is there anyway to fix this
This is better than Funky Bay. You can trade at others' markets, set your price, this game allows you to collect gems easier than other games, and reach next level quickly. Good graphics, relaxing and fun
I enjoy the game but at the moment it keeps closing when I try to open it. I have cleaned my cache and restarted my tablet.bNothing is working?
Having problems with this game, update isn't good so whatever you did it isn't working now, crashes and things on farm are smaller and hard to have room on farm to touch trees end up touching other things instead of trees. And things are invisible not all there please fix this problem thank you.
Developers thought of everything!Farming game can be played without energy points. Energy games are optional and independent from farming. You can talk to other players in the co-op. Zoo renovation games are at a higher level. Choose to keep your farm small with veggies and animals, or grow it larger with lots of patience. It can keep you busy for many months, but it is more fun if you can pay occasionally and support the developers. Homeschoolers can teach economics with this game.
Well done guys you finally started to get this game right, the latest improvements are excellent& I'm finally starting to enjoy this game again. Keep up the good work please. Only negative I have is please address the Hackers and still them from using bots to automatically buy or steal the update items like gavels, deeds, screws etc as it's frustrating now.
Update: 10/26/20 I am so disappointed in this game!! The last changes are just terrible. Only a limited amount of trees can be planted at the time, the cost to sell items has dropped by half, although machines and trees still cost the same to buy, slots on machine prices has double on diamonds, and the islands are basically trash!! I can't even rescue zoo animals it is impossible. Jolly competition rewards are pointless! I give this game until next update to be better or I'm uninstalling it
it's so nice game of farming and it's has a lot of fun i am playing this game from last month there is so much things to move and so interesting farming game it's look like a real farmer the graphics are good and give 5 stars to this game thanks to team for making this game and I say to all persons that are reading my reiwew please install this game it's so interesting .πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Since the new update affecting how much I can sell my goods for, I will never have enough coins to buy any more machines. I dont want to play anymore, and I deleted my game.
I jus started playing and spent $$ but with the last update, I now need another building just to use the one I bought.. I don't have space and it asks way to much to buy new land. This is an underhanded way to squeeze us for more $$. I am looking for a new game.. also lots of complaints in the groups. This game is going down hill fast.
This is really under par. You cant collect the daily gift. It does nothing but freeze up if you try. Then there's the issue visiting friends again it does nothing but freeze up. Also this game says it can be played offline but this is also a lie if u try to play offline it says to connect to a network to play. Dont download this game just takes up space!
Recently lot of fun had been taken out by reducing the prices& stars when you sell the products & now the movies are also taken out πŸ€”πŸ™„
Lack of tools to clear land,and increase storage, kills this game, can't get anywhere, I'm only on level 15, and already just going in circles
Well I've been playing this game for 2 years. Really enjoyed to start with bit recently they have changed some things and it's not enjoyable. Just winding down before leaving
Resetting my phone advertising ID doesn't change anything. The Movie Theater still doesn't work, as well as the WATCH AD option for cutting trees. It's not about the setting I guess. It's about your update on the game. And again, no more double reward sucks. Another thing, the land purchase. After working so hard to acquire those items needed to purchase a land, I thought it's wicked that you only give us a cow pen size of land after purchasing. It's too small.
Best farming game I've ever played. There is always something to do. The graphics are awesome and really thought out. I have not spent any money playing. The game thought of everything, even ways to help assist with gathering and building. Watch a commercial for 30 seconds and you get building materials or gems or other helpful prizes. I definitely recommend trying this game. You'll love it too.
I loved that game. But they changed time limit in shop and shop amount. Too much ads. I am not happy in game as before.
I have rereaded your game I have given the gameplay and the controls in the game one star I have rated the graphics with three stars. Now let me explain why first the buildings do not come with instructions on how to use them second the silo and the barn requires payment to upgrade them these items are not provided by the game apparently which makes the game play unplayable when it comes to storing what we need to fill orders. Which means your game is not playable.
It is a fun and relaxing game. I just wish it didn't take so long to produce feed for the animals and that the money that you earned was a lot higher so that you can buy the equipment that you need to produce items and so you can decorate your farm too.
Had the rating at 5 star and now dropped it to 1. The game has horribly inappropriate ads at times with murderous zombies and other sexual insestuous ads that are terribly inappropriate for anyone, let alone kids. I am extremely disappointed with their lack of integrity for a game that is supposed to be labeled for Everyone.
Was great but the lastest update has caused problems . Often crashes when in the market trying to buy goods
Takes way too long to earn any money, the cinema extras are too far apart, you cannot buy hardware to upgrade your barn and silo. The extra game gives you 100 energy tops but you use nearly 50 on the trees and stones. Will give it a little longer, only been playing it for 2 days but making no progress if you do not listen to what we are all saying to you then we will all just uninstall this game. We are the players listen to us.
UPDATED REVIEW! We couldn't sell each other land upgrades without a robot stealing the goods.. and now we can't sell eco fuel, axes, shovels, or saws without robots taking them the second we put them up?? My friend hasn't been on in a week to sell anything. She went to sell me eco fuel for my zoo and a robot took it.. why is the game going downhill so fast? It's really sad. You went from 5 stars, to 3 stars, and now to 1 star. I love this game but yall are making impossible to play!
Why can't I buy products now? I only can purchase with purple diamonds (which takes FOREVER to get). What happened to the MARKET? Soooo EVERYTHING is too high in demand? That makes no sense???? Think you might want to check the glitches in your game. Just saying. Getting real boring...
This game used to be great until it became mandatory to have workers for your animal pens and you had to pay to have workers. This has spoiled my experience. It is bad enough to have pop-ups every time you open the game, the market, and the farm stand. I'm just disgusted.
You miss what I'm saying you didn't change this. When something has been bought on another farm it's automatically suppose to take it off. But no it tells me and other people that it has already been bought. So take it off if it's been sold so nobody tries to buy it again. I don't care what you change just take the items off or make the basket empty please, thank you. By yhe way I don't mind the updates. I like new things ,just make the old things work.
I spent 250$ on this game and I greatly enjoyed the game then they completely change all the ways to spend gems and halfing the value of all items ripping off all of us players that supported the game. I quit. The gem price increase on machines was shadey enough. But halving the value of all items is too far. Your game will lose all it's loyal players.... So greedy.
I have/had a problem and i sent them a message about it. I was sent a reply on the same day in just a couple of hours. For such a large game/company I was thinking it would take a couple of days. Very quick response time. As well giving a straight answer. Been playing couple years this is my second account lost first to a bad phone. On old account I coined it. On this one I'm not having fun. But is taking longer to level and all
They just got their star back & wish I could give them 10!! They fixed the pausing issue I was having. This is a GREAT GAME! : )
It's really tedious and slow to advance in the game the cost is rediculous for the things you can do....also what is the premium membership getting me I don't even know .... It's sad cause the game is really fun
I really like this game at first. Even spent $ on it. Since the update, it freezes pretty much constantly. Too annoying to spend much time playing anymore. Some of the updates were nice, like the tree watering being simplified. The little 'houses' were a poor addition and I hope they are removed.
I like the game. Still not comparable to Hay Day. You need to give us quicker ways to get upgrade materials for the barn and silos. I'm tired of them always being full and having to grind, grind, grind for 1 screw a week. Please update this. Otherwise, great game. It will rival Hay Day if you were to drop a few prices and make it a bit easier to level up from the start. Nice job, guys. I enjoy the game.
unfair pricing on everything and giving you 1 diamond a level after putting in effort patience and time to progress then after I past all that, I don't feel like Im having fun with a little bit of coins left and no diamonds..the Dynamite button keeps asking me to buy dynomite when I already have Dynamite in storage. I've had over 12 Dynamite and had to get rid the of them because of space and I can't use. Takes too long for energy to load. Fun ruined. after I complete my app goals I'm deleting
I used to enjoy the game until all the recent changes were made, too many problems to write here without running out of room, don't waste space on your devices you will be disappointed! and the developers just keep giving everyone the same bs about maintaining game balance blah blah as an excuse for their crappy updates, a good game completely ruined! PS thanks for the reply but unless these ridiculous changes are reversed I doubt very much I will be sticking with you's!
Nice game up until now. Products aren't selling for full price.Need to fix the issues. Ya ok..still don't like it...now it'll take forever to progress...unless you want to pay to play...always a hook!!
I used to like it but last week they changed everything, making it so much harder to make coins or use gems for upgrades
Man this app is crashing alot even after having full network coverage it seems to fail in sign in. Need to check this soon.
Great game at first, then they rob you and limit you from buying any trees, bushes, and flowers. They steal your coins and change the prices on each item that you buy and sell at a lower price. I don't understand this game is no fun anymore. I do enjoy my neighbors and my members that play in my group. They too are worried about the game ugh why are you doing this to the game? I really enjoy this game. Please give me my coins back 30,000. I didn't do anything but move my strawberries around ?
Game is really fun!!! The only issue I have is that it won't let me play dinosaur park. Everytime it loads all the way to 100% Then it completely kicks me out of game and takes back to my phones home screen.
Loving the game again thank you for fixing the hacking problem that was going on now there is a fair chance of getting rare items in market again πŸ‘ hate the free houses but overall game is functioning much better now. The advert problem I had was resolved by delaying pressing the X after an advert by a few seconds as the advert was still counting down even after the advert appeared to be finished. Thanks for translation πŸ‘
Where is this cat they are showing????? Been playing for months and have never seen a cat. It takes a very very long time to gather the items you need to expand land and repair expand buildings. I'm on level 34 and still don't have enough to expand the land. Don't know how to respond so I'll update. In an ad you guys put on Facebook. One of the lady farmers picks up cat. There are no cats in this game. If there are, I want one!!!!!!
Hi,i like this game.its intersting and fun😍.its realy free just need to be patient Like real farmer in real life😁😜. After new update i have problem that in movie theater doesn't show me movie.it sends me :"ist not available right now" . I have ticket and haven't limited time problem Or i can't watching movie to remove my trees... .i uninstalled game and nothing happened 😁.I need your help.😊
Fun game but YOU HAVE TO PAY TO GET ANYTHING DONE. Iv been playing this game and yeah I buy thing but you have to pay so much for getting little to nothing
Do not make any in app purchase, you will loose almost all free advertisements for bonuses. You can't sell rare items to your community members because, there are bots buying it the moment you put it to store. Unless this changes there should be no good review. To your response. You forgot to mention by spending money. I have it and want to share it with a family or a friend. This developer cheats their own players.
Prices to buy are going up prices to sale are going down. Limits have been placed where they weren't. Not good.
I have played this game every day for over 1 year. Can only buy items when I first get my check once a month. Never had a problem getting stuff from the store. When someone buys an item it would take it off right away. Now for 2 days straight, every time I see a item that's hard to find and I try to get it you say it's been sold but keep it up there like it hasn't been bought. It really makes you mad. Normally when it has been bought you take it right off. To me that's cheating. Please stop it.
I think I could describe my problem correctly. I am a user, and currently I am unable to play any ad. means ad playing option is disabled. I normally cut trees by play ads but now I am unable to do it. can you please help to solve this issue.
Other than having to wait hrs to finish the quest its ok if didnt have to wait so long for things to get done it would be an awsome game can u look into this thanks
I really like this game its so much fun, I like that you find boxes with energy! I just wish that after a certain time it will reappear, so I can get more energy.
Hackers are annoying. Unfortunately is getting really hard to play this game because of hackers. All the special tools get missing because people is hacking and using robots to stole and buy automatically all the gavels, pegs, drafting compasses, land deeds, saw's, screws etc. I really would like to ask please to the game developers to solve this problem. Edit: less one start because I don't understand anything! If you reply in English to everyone why did you answer me in another language!?
I really wanna play this game but the things is too long to wait to have progress in expanding looking for tools going to the island not enough energy to be able to go to the place. is not enjoyable at all stressful game...
I would like to say I enjoy this game. With that said I am also going to rate it low. I have this game on lap top with this app. Seems other devices have things that they do to help them through the game. Like the theater with videos in the evening after acquiring tickets through the day. This allows for rare items to watch the video. about 8 to 10 of those. Videos to chop dig and saw trees on the farm to remove the dead trees. This app does not allow that. There is also times you should received doubles play a video this app does not. It is a stripped down hard way to play this game and frustrating for those who start out. Then they added free houses with all up grades that attach to machines that block use until you do all upgrades. I have seen many players stop playing in lower levels because it is to much with no storage and no way to grow. This app to play is not on a fair playing field with the others devices and not worth it if you don't have the time to do the steps or learn how to play. We also need a page that shows how to do the different steps and what it is for. Not a community page where you promote the game with no information on this game. Please make changes to help with this app and new players to be able to enjoy this game.
The game is becoming boring day by Day with the changes in game rules... hackers in market, limited trees, reduction in harvesting...and many more...I think before one year, it was wonderful, but now, no such fun is found......sorry
So far so good, if left funky bay as it was getting to silly you couldn't sell things so if barn and silo full you couldn't play, so giving this a go xx
I've never put so much time into a phone game, but this one is just that enjoyable I've been playing it for months! There is so much to it that it keeps you wanting to move up. Enjoying the holiday season with this game too. Thanks!
This " Piggy Bank" event doesn't make sense to me. First, we have to spend time earning them. Then we have to buy them? I think that's pretty strange. It doesn't seem right to have to earn them, then have to buy them. I don't think I'm gonna be buying them after putting in time to earn them. Kinda like double dipping?
This use to be a really great game till y'all made a lot of changes...the main problem is it has gotten to the point to do anything in the game you have to spend money...WHY the sudden changes?
I have played this game for a long time and worked hard to get where I am in it and have, mostly, enjoyed it. Then, out of the blue, just like many of the other games they made progress much more difficult so that in order to make real progress you have to buy coins or whatever. Dont do it. Dont load this game. You will be let down. There are other games like this one... maybe give them a try.
It's a great game. I just started playing. So far the only thing I don't like is that I have to pay real money for crystals that I've earned.
Great game! But I'm extremely upset about easily wasting 30 diamonds on a stupud bush (I saved for months) because it didn't give me a "do you really wish to spend diamonds" warning. It's easy to select items just from scrolling through. I really wish I could be refunded my diamonds I saved up so long for. I'd gladly give that dumb bush back I never wanted. Warning to others. Be careful scrolling through your items to buy!!! Easily an easy way to get you to waist your hard earned diamonds!!!!
This game has gotten so bad for this month. The changes have been so horrible. Please make it back the way it was...
No support, exorbitant prices for machines and training, limited#of trees you can get,huge increase in# of diamonds required to open new machine slots,few diamonds and upgrading items given, only 3spots to hold boosters,too much energy required for clearing islands. NO LONGER WORTH PLAYING AS DEVELOPERS ARE DELIBERATELY RUINING THE FORMERLY FUN GAME!!!
I'm having an enjoyable time playing it's a no drama game and that's a good thing I could do without the ads for games still a pretty good game
After allmost playing this game over 18 months and have many changes in the game. Today I am changing my rating as the game devlopers have just decided to shut the game down by putting so many restrictions that users will lose intrest in playing. Keep it up guys you are going down the hill soon you will hear from many
Meh I enjoyed it at first, but ads to get rid of trees, ads to get basic things, outrageous gold prices, diamonds diamonds diamonds. Like seriously. 1 diamond a level isn't going to wipe your butt in this game. Uninstalling for the second time and only went back because it had more people then the other farmer game but a week later just nope. I can't.
There are problems in the game that need addressing. There are people who are trying to do the new islands, but when they do them, there is no rewards at the end. They have Ancient Temple done, but that reward was not given to them when they finish. For our teams to succeed in training the new snow cub, all these islands must work. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM. UID number 667320, UID 9446315 messaged on 10, 11, 12, 20 18, March, 2021
Nearly a very good game. I have played many farming games including Hayday which is the outright leader and the one on which all others are based. This game made by a Russian company is well thought out and has plenty to keep your interest. The problem is that it's impossible to play without paying real money to buy storage etc which I never do. I know the developers need to make a profit and I would gladly pay for a game as good as this without the constant demands for cash input.
This game used to be great but now less money for selling things and machines still cost the same price to buy trying to get this to play on my tablet is a different you gave to use Facebook to which I haven't got and don't want
The game seems ok but who in their right mind is going to spend 400.00 on this game. The gaming industry is getting far too greedy. You lose 2 stars due to this ridiculous price tag.
I tried reseting my ad ID several times on top of restarting my phone after each reset and the game still freezes up when you launch the rockets from hot air balloon. It has to be something on your end that needs to be fixed. I'm getting really frustrated with the game
I'm disappointed I'm the game I had a better review but I've decided to change it .the game is slow and glitchy I've tried to contact the developer more than once on these issues to no response. It would be a nice game if it was fixed
False advertising, the game is not at all like it is shown in the ads Boring game where you can do much just wait for time to pass
Costs too much to play and takes too long for items to produce. Energy is used so fast you cant get anywhere in the game
Love how google allows developers to "respond" to a review which causes it to be removed. Therefore Im doubling down on this one star review. All the details were in the original review. All you need to know is that this "game" is garbage.
This game is fun if it wouldn't crash all the time. Switching to the mini games within the game makes it crash so much it's frustrating.
It's a good time killer but it keeps freezing so I'm uninstalling it until it's fixed thanks for making it but please fix
Loved the game until the robots buy our upgrade items can't help our community anymore with land items and since the update I stay on game for less than 2 Min and kicks me off the free buildings are a total waste of space I know alot of PPL that's quite this game now
I like this game .I'm addicted.the game is interesting but nowadays going stuck . When I open it takes lots of time to load . Please solve the problem.
Great farm game. Got similar to other farm games from where I've got to so far, market, delivery van, buy from other markets etc Love that I can set notifications to come through at certain times.
Game was brilliant till the started making ridiculous changes, now only allowed a certain amount of trees, every day something happens. How are we supposed to do trade and get wood for jolly?
This game is ok but so hard to get any upgrades on barn silo and land expansion people take them to fast in the market and when you send out train it is greedy on things
Game will not up date. No customer service. They take your money. But no help when you need it. Game could be fun if it works. No CUSTOMER Service if you have read my email you would have seen I have tried the things it said to try. Clear clean restarted many times while waiting 5 days for a response from you uninstalled you took the fun out of it. It has been 8 more days Does any one work for this company other than to money taker
Something is ready going on ,it won't allow me to watch videos so I can get rid of dead trees and bushes and flowers. Plus it won't allow me to go into the market to buy items from farms. Please fix this asap. That's why you got 3 stars your game needs fixed.
Changed format and now you cannot get ahead in the game. Made things more expensive and your products less in worth. Even if you have the truck things are more expensive and you cannot get more than a few items at a time where befor you can get up to ten. It sucks