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Gold Rush: Gold Season

Gold Rush: Gold Season for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Always Good located at 04205 st Minskaya 16/1e. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Can u please bring back the old gold rush off todd hoffmans game of it but use the controls like the construction game 2 please i would rate it 5 stars if it could be like that or just the old 1st version of it please
What is the deal with the money. Every time I tap on my dump truck it says I'm getting seven hounds thousand dollars. But that's not what is adding up. This game has lots of bugs that needs fixed..
Can't even play the damn game as whenever I go to play it crashes instantly I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and it still crashes
Pretty basic idle game, uninstalled because there's no way to partially fill fuel tank and i am not tapping out 85billion to refill.
Interesting little game. My issue with it is that everytime I close the game, when I open it back up, my digger isnt working anymore, and doesn't work until I upgrade it again.
No way to actually progress. No instructions whatsoever and the upgrades costs are ridiculous. First upgrade is 500 click. Next one is also 500. Then 1200 then 76000! And theres no way to increase the amount you get per click.
Very bad Game. Can somebody please make a decent I think everybody would agree that we would pay top $ for a good game. Money certainly does not come into we don't care about spending money on it we just want a very realistic game with some thought gone into it.
Crashes a lot. There's no instructions as to how to start and what you should be doing. You spend more time on fuel than anything else
It's not terrible but it's not great either. I saw the add I gave it a go, but it dosent mention the more levels of equipment you buy the faster your fuel runs out. Also the rate your fuel depletes dosent compensate for the amount you need to purchase fuel. And the only real way to earn money to advance in the game is to tap tap like hell I think improvements can be made to make the game a bit better. Besides that It has the potential to be a pretty good game.
Games ok not great I have enough money and I still can't perform a corporate take over of everything business. game gets boring after yo make 100 trillion there is nothing else to do now.
Starts off boring then get even worst as you play more and the numerics are so off it's hard to understand how much money u need for each item. And to add insult to injury they make u pay ridiculous amounts for everything.DO NOT DOWNLOAD
Does not even want to load, i click on the app and is keeps popping up a message telling me the game has stopped working
Enjoy the game but ive upgraded fuel supplies to last over a 24 hr period... i get back on the game the next day and says im "taxed" i pay the tax and still have 14hrs of fuel remaining i cant understand why this is happening
Kept crashing everytime i tried to start the game so unfortunetly its a one star out off 5 for the game would not recomend the game at all
Installed game 2 each time I went to open it to play the screen went dark and sent me back to my home screen
Hard to collect money you have to stay on the game a long time to get your money up and game keeps freezing 🥶 over all not too bad
Installed not knowing what to expect with it. What I thought would come with the game would be instructions on what to do and a goal to get to, but nothing. Had it on phone for a while now, open it occasionally. Thinking I just uninstall soon as it might go on with nothing to get to. Haven't seen game developers make any replies here either, so they don't seem to care about it, so why should anyone else.
Game took three different times to download, then the game freezes up every few minutes, no instructions, and the cost to upgrade equipment is ridiculous.
Money in the game doesn't make sense .it just doesn't add up correctly .like a 7 year old created the money system on this game
Game is fun, however you cannot go past level 9 due to requirements unless you spend money. 7 Epic Managers required and I have 4. No way to get the remaining 3 without spending money. Should make this possible to skip with Mine Cash.
Its fun i guess but its just too hard to make money and its heavy pay to win game like who wants to play so they can hold insted of tap
Would be a lot better without the requirement to constantly tap the screen. £10 is too much to buy a game before you know you like it.
Terrible gameplay. No point or objective... The in-game text is poorly translated from another language and the first 5 minutes I played was nothing more than pointless tapping with no objective or explanation for how to play.
Game freezes often and glitches your income. If you should make $563/second it will only give $80. Also, if you clear the cache the game resets....
I'm sorry but I don't support android game creators that make it a pay to play situation, unless you are in it to go big and one day be the ceo of the next biggest console game creators no android or ios game will take my money for something that will be deleted in a week or so.
Just downloaded the game, and can't open it to play it. Not worth the time it takes to download... If it gets fixed, I will give it another shot
This game is the most boring game I have ever played, been playing for 3 hours, all you do is tap the screen, haven't even god abrock truck yet, and that's 3,800,000 more friggin clicks away. Yes it very slowly picks up but I'm tired of tapping a friggin hole in my screen, wouldn't spend a dime on this game!
Has potential. Got to the second goldmine, however it started freezing up every time I started tapping. Had to close out the game and go back into it.
I used to play it as a kid on my iPad, and I really enjoyed it! But now I got a PC, with a built in android emulator. Why dosnt it work?
Pretty decent concept and overall idea of game but poorly executed. The more I upgrade my fuel the shorter it lasts me and it takes forever to make money without constantly tapping rapidly. My fuel last an hour and a half I upgrade it down to 30 mins. So I keep upgrading and now down to having to open the app every 8 mins to reup on fuel.
Game keeps freezing, using android on a note 10+. All up-to-date and freezes near every 5 mins. Needs work.... lots of work. Or I want my money back.
New update Sucks!! Use to be really good Now the money has gone stupid. I haven't been able to make enough money to upgrade in ages! Just get taxed on the money and I can't see me being able to buy the next equipment without getting bored and never going on it again
Game is constantly freezing up, no tutorials at all, no explanations whatsoever. This game seems like it was just tossed together.
Game won't even open. It just crashes when I try to open it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, but that didn't help. Has been happening for at least a month.
Always kicks me off, very annoying. Please fix this problem because it is not fun it makes me mad about this problem.
This game has the potential to be great... unfortunately the idle earnings nowhere near match the need for progress. This game has been made for the benefit of the developer and not for the enjoyment of the players.
Crashes the minute you try to open the game uninstalled and reinstalled and it still crashes the minute you try to open the game
Poorly made takes me back to main screen of my phone and tablet after I hit open please fix soon would love to play it again
The game is enjoyable most of the time if you enjoy incremental idle games with the option to boost by tapping. The issues with the game that prevent it from being great are: Tap locations are not very accurate or are too restrictive Prices of basic permanent upgrades like "free fuel", "2x earnings", and "auto tap" are all overpriced by 50% at least. To fully enjoy the game you are expected to spemd at least $15 plus more for diamond currency. It is just too much to ask of players.
Pretty decent game just buy two of your machinery let run level up. Spend hours away from game refill fuel. Level up fuel to maximize your money. Why everyone crying over spilled milk is beyond me. Look forward for the updates good game