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Gold Miner World Tour

Gold Miner World Tour for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by SENSPARK CO., LTD located at Asia Square, Singapore. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've been playing the Gold Miner series of games since their first pc release, and I am SO disappointed. You guys would have had a solid game if you had swallowed the greed a little and not added so many forced ads that I may as well be playing an infomercial. You're making plenty of money off the optional ads for bonuses and the ridiculous amount of purchasable content, the forced ads are an unnecessary disrespect to your loyal fans.
Really fun. The only part I hate is only being able to play 4 levels at a time because it costs 5 energy and you only get 20 energy at a time then have to wait half the day to play again.
This is not the original goldminer world tour. In the original it had zero ads, energy and crappy over priced loot crates and instead it was filled with collectables and recipes to combine those collectables into more valuable artifacts which for me made the game more addicting. This game is just basic gold miner with ads at the beginning and end of every stage. The worthless energy system that mobile games love to use. And every excuse to try and suck money out of the player.
Super games,very entertaining games, every stage very smooth playing game. All children's like this game. They play very well............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... ............ .. ...... ........nice
In this day and age there really is no excuse for a game to perform as poorly as this. It's unplayable 90% of the time, whether it's crashing upon startup or crashing when trying to advance levels.
Ad for each level. Seriously??? Buzz off!! Also why does the miner celebrate at each pick up and the claw resets ???? The claw shud start from where it left. Anyway, uninstalled coz of stupid ads that are more than the game.
30 second's ads coming after every level end and 5 second's ads before start of every level. it's irritating and lost interest to play this game so uninstalled it.
I love this game! I have been playing this game for many years and it is one of my all time favorites!! Thank you for making this game so much fun!!! It never gets old or tired of playing it. My go to game when i'm having a stressful day!
Ad after ad after ad, play, more ads, then more ads, play a little more, ad, ad, ad, ad, ad, ad, play. Should be called advert with a pop up game.
I uninstalled this after playing a few rounds. Senspark got greedy and started charging "rubies" (which can only be obtained by spending money) for every little feature and power-up. I'd be perfectly willing to buy a full version of the game for a fair price, but am NOT the kind of sucker who appreciates being nickeled and dimed for several times the value of the game. I'll stick with the Classic version, which will let you spend in-game credits on power-ups and gives you an option to watch ads for certain features. Basically, this new version is just a cash-grab and NOT AT ALL worth my time.
The classic gold miner itself, I liked the idea of having different characters, ropes, grips,... but the game isn't funny and relaxing, and the gold in the game doesn't worth much, and the rubys... how do I get them, I finished more than 16 level and I rised my level couple times but I got nothing. If you think making the game "Pay to Play fun game" then you must be retarded.
I really enjoy the game. but unfortunately it keeps stuck on lvl 231. just freezes every time. I am eager to continue playing but can't. Hope you will solve the problem soon. thanks.
Gold Mine World tour is my favorite choice because it's super easy to use and simple clicker style game play. Always i increase my income from buying and selling mining equipments. Through this all not real money but I really enjoyed this one for entertainment purpose.
I loved this game when I was younger and I was excited to feel nostalgia of when I was 5 or 6. Doesn't really happen. Once you beat the first 5 levels a start screen pops up and it renders your game frozen. Hope they fix this issue.
Game keeps closing when I try to play it, also problems with logging in with facebook. I'll give a better review once these problems are fixed.
Graphics are bad and gameplay has gotten worse since the original games. A lot has been added, but there's no sense of story or direction. It feels like a pointless grind, with the gold miner fun taken out
silly amount of adverts !!!! , each level which lasts 1min is followed with 2 adverts..shame good game but give the adverts a break developer's instead of every opertunity you [email protected]
Ever since I downloaded this app, I kept getting ads popping up at random points in different apps, but I doubt that's your fault, overall this is still a good game
Greedy developers, advertising videos every 5 sec, be4 lvl ad, after lvl ad, bonus ad, in between ad.
It is really frustrating that you can not remove the ads. There is way to many of them. Usually you can buy something..and by that, deactivate the ads. But not in this game. It affects the game experience in a very negative way.
Completely addictive. I dont have much to do so I completed the story levels in 11 days and took an extra 4 days to get 3 stars on all of them (even the event levels). Will there be more levels developed? Also, cannot figure out how to add friends and play pvp.
I really like your game but when you are spending 4 times more of your time watching add then playing the game its very very easy to loose interest. I deleated it.
Ads between levels. Multiple ads, not just one. I get that's how it helps make it free, but plenty of other games have figured out how to play ads and it not be so annoying. Uninstalling after 3 levels, 2 ads in a row, no thank you.
Played for 5mins and had over 20 ads with no option for removal I'm deleting that's just ridiculous. The game is fun and quick but ads really do ruin this game.way way too many
keeps crashing. can't make it through one round with out it crashing in the middle. then i make it through that round it does it to the next one. i was in the middle of a round and the screen went black it wasnt my phone cuz all my buttons and stuff were showing up. going to uninstall and try in a few months maybe issues will be fixed then.
Dont see anywhere to report bugs, but random app crashes after level, sometimes when you throw dynamite at a rock screen turns black and timer keeps ticking and if you restart the app it still takes your dynamite.. great app, ive been playing gold miner games since the early/mid 2000s when i got my first computer growing up!
I dnt like that theres ads so often. Also,game freezes. And ,why do you need to record on my screen? I'm not giving permission for that
Until you pair up with Facebook or Google in order for us to save what we earn and progress there will be no money spent. I'm not about to lose any progress or money I spend! Simple you want money, get facebook or Google!
Enjoying the game, so far, on the second area, now. Only problem I have had, thus far is a bug with tapping certain things within the interfaces. To get it to actually register what you're touching you have to tap, several times, and it'll finally pick up that you tapped it. This is probably a very simple bug fix, and it's a good thing you're still in the experimental phase of the game, otherwise this would be a pretty bad glitch to keep in the game. Edit: Can't go return to previous areas, also
Very enjoyable time killer!! Fairly exciting levels, an upgrades, fairly easy to pick up an play though in honesty will take a bit longer to "master"!! In any case imma be stickin round for a bit with it!!
Fun game, great graphics! The 2 stars is for way too many ads and the fact that you have to watch yet another ad just to get 5 rubies! Not enough ways to collect rubies considering how many rubies it takes to buy boosters!! Yet you can collect all the gold!!....and only 2 ways to spend the gold!
Adverts!!!!!! Need to close and re ooen game after each level in "events" . 5 adverts before level. Lagging. Disappointed!!!!
I love the game itself but I am utterly disgusted at the meet up sex pop up ads that come on.i never written a review before but gold miner is a game that children would n could play easily n those disgusting adz showing a girl having sex is fowl
awesome... I've been playing Gold Miner games 4 over 15 years now I love this one. the only thing that I would like to know or maybe it's not possible is how to go back and play the other Island levels
I find a game that is appropriate for a 5 and 7 year old kids. And when the 7 year old asks to remove it from her tablet,, and I asked her why.. her 5 year old brother said with no hesitation,, to much tv each time you play.. you have a cute game. But I agree with them.. the attention span of children is what your competitors are.
Game play is fun enough. The ad overload makes me not want to play as much though. Is there a way to get no ads? I would raise my rating if there was.
lots of glitches still. have emailed about the problems but it was all on the weekend. will see how it turns out and report back.
Very good game to play however show me advertisement you play one game and you have to watch 3 or more advertisements it makes me just want to erase the game
Entertaining, so far. Hopefully it will continue. 3/29 So far, so good. It's still on my phone. Play it, it's pretty good. Crane machine goodness wrapped in challenging play.
I love this game! I have been playing this game for many years and it is one of my all time favorites!! Thank you for making this game so much fun!!!
I played one game. Immediately got an add after the end of the game. What's the point of continuing. Feel like every game will have an add afterwards. Play for only 1 min get a add 15 sec maybe 30 sec add. I gave it 2 stars because I like the game.
Always loved this game. Simple addictive fun. Also any glitches seemed to be addressed fairly quickly, so pretty happy on the quality level. My only upset is that there aren't more levels.
I went to open the "free chest" and after receiving my items I click to play the ad for more gold game crashes, then I come back and all my items are gone from my chest, and now I got to wait 3 more hours to open another chest, the developers need to fix the bugs before launching the game not after.
Way too many ads. If you want red diamonds after each level...ad. Then to finish the level itself...ad. To start a level...ad. Each level is 60 seconds and there's at least 40 - 90 seconds of ads each level.
It is very boadring and it does not shows us how ti play and if we tap to right it will either go to left or stright I will recomnd do not play this game at all And in add it is shown different and the game is very different Boadring ..... do not play ...
Like most others, love the game but way too many ads with no option to remove them. Deleting this game.
Again way too many ads. Why you people seem to think you need an ad after a level and before the next level is beyond me! If you need that much revenue to run this simple of a game then you are doing something wrong.
Very good game to play but trouble starts when you make purchases! You don't get your diamonds & the developer contact details don't exist. Got that reply from Google server... Even the restore purchase feature in the game is useless - does absolutely nothing. Just there for I don't know what; most probably to fool people or something. I was forced to contact Google to refund my purchase... So people out there please be warned!!!
Fun game. I got to the end and there were no more level. So I deleted it and started over. I don't get collecting the card, I can't buy boosters or connect to Facebook
This is my favorite phone game by far and this here is the best version of it! Has cards to collect to help improve your game and all the Classic Gold Miner things are still here! Really fun all around, everything about it! 5 Stars Thanks!!
jesus Christ! fix the audio, its so cheap and sharp, it's ear piercing. very disappointing game. wasnt even worth registering for.