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Gods Of Arena: Strategy Game

Gods Of Arena: Strategy Game for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Y8 located at Web Entertainment Limited Unit 1038, 10th Floor, Central Building 1-3 Pedder Street, Central Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
At first you play a while and get bored but as soon as you complete the first arena you are introduced to tons of more armor, weapons new enemies what more could you want 👍👍👍
Awesome game. Gladiator team management. No cash shop of any form. Only downside for me is no perma-death for gladiators and no type of training/barracks option, if the dev's were to add this in easily 5 stars. Good job on a good game
Loved every second very addictive. It's hard for me to get into many games. This game shad Mee hooked in minutes.
Same as below comment 3 waves is tough and more strong equipment should be available or make it fair fight as enemy keeps getting strong as we level up. I'll give higher rating if it improves.
Pretty good stuff but I don't realy like knowing about slaves but played it a few times just call them gladiators not slaves!!
The game is great. While your able to play it. (The Problem) Not enough updates to keep people playing. (Solution) If they really wanted to fix the problem every so often they should do an update that adds an arena and every new arena add new weapons and armor. Also just something I know we all want is A BETTER SPEAR. please and thank you
the game is quite fun. your decisions in the battles dont matter too much but the amount of different missions makes up for that. the only thing that bothers me a bit is the lack of different gear, you get the best gear fairly quickly and after that you only have the achievements to grind for.
I enjoy playing this game. It doesn't force me to check it everytime, so no time pressure. It also doesn't force me like those "either wait 12 hours untill energy refilling or pay us".
I got a new phone and tried to upload my previous data which the game doesn't have any function of. I spent about 20 to 30 usd on the game I messaged tech support if I could get either my money or my progress back. It's been about a week and they haven't responded don't spend any money on this game.
Great game, loved every second of it, although it makes it difficult to improve your equipment at certain parts of the game, it also gives you nothing but really hard fights at points in the game, otherwise great game
I was really enjoying this game... until the non-skippable ads started showing up after almost every battle. Optional add are great... but mandatory ads get uninstalled by me.
This game is great! But you should update it so that your team can be bigger, I mean to have a second team, wave, just like in any high level quest or arena fight
great game, makes you think when you play, the difficulty grows with leveling of fighters which is good , different combinations of classes + skills given by wearpons allows tonns of combat strategies. you guys did it great , no major flaws, I really enjoy playing. Note : items in the shop , you had to progress in main quest( city fights) to unlock new items. if you spend to much time in side quests like I did you will find you enemy stronger 'cause equiped in items you cannot buy yet
Not the most amazing game I've ever played, but the ads were fair and the IAP not pushy. Bought the ad free pack after beating the game just to support that behavior :)
There's a game breaking glitch that hasn't been resolved and just quits when you're about to win a hard battle.
Nice game but my problem is everytime i win in battle it shows an ad the ad is broken cause it just blank yellow and i cant get rid of it and sometimes when i open the game it doesnt please fix it this game look fun
Honestly, this is one of the best games I've seen in awhile! It feels just like a flash game. Also you can turn off the ads for $2 which is a really good deal.
please add more items and arenas and let your gladiators get a higher level otherwise great game I finished it after a month and I loved it focus more on the items and arenas your to focused on the multiplayer version which has great potential but I think this will be better nice job
Very entertaining and overall nicely constructed. It is not a Farming game and helpful items are easy to come by. It all depends on what teams you put together. Thumbs up! I am considering supporting the game and looking forward to future updates
This game was great and loads of fun, and very satisfying once i finished, required some strategy but that didnt hinder the gameplay, lots of unique abilities, weapons, ect, very nicely done, no problems to be reported, i just wish the story was longer and there was more to be done, but overall, its a great small game with a great small end. I will definatly recommend.
Love this game, but now the ads ruinning the whole game. Taking up quarter of the screen. Can't enjoy it anymore. Sad when you found smtg good but they're just the same like others.
This game is great a little five second ad every once in awhile got some funny storylines for side battles and an awesome weapons and armor system got special attacks that aren't hard to get thanks for making this game
Great game, dont listen to the 1 star reviews it is possible to complete it, done it in 2 days. Not spent a thing, will probably re-play it in the future . 5*
Once at 50% its practically unbeatable even with leveled up gladiators with best weapons and balance. Also the game play itself is dreadfully dull. After 3 battles you clearly see the game has nothing else to offer but the same thing with more difficulty. No sense of reward for advancing. All characters dispite looks and weapons, play the exact same. Not worth 2 days of play time
At Rome, its complete BS, the enemy teams will have three archers and usually a spearman who can imoblize which renders everybody useless while their archers just kill you're team off one by one and in three rounds, there is no way you're team could survive this making it impossible to complete it.
One gripe with the game at the moment is that I don't get to choose or get rid of the starting character. Being able to name them would be awesome, being able either choose another gladiator or at least sell him later would be nice. Market is weird being forced to sell gladiators, hard to compare a level 10+ to a new one in market. Would be nice if I could keep my gladiators and exchange them out as needed.
It trains my brain alot you really need a strategy to kill opponents you also need no sacrifice some gear to get better gear super hard but good selection of wepons armor classes it is also a strategy to pick your gladiators class I would love if you add more wepons and amor and can you please add to net :)
some balancing issues need to be fixed. like arrows that do extreme knock back (this is just general arrows not abilities. abilities honestly ruin the game. im against some Ai that wont let you even activate an ability since they are spamming their own. abilities should be rarer in wepons and AI should have less abilities since it greatly reduces playability. the Ai is allowed to have 15+ units but players can only have 5. i played for just under a week and decided because of these reasons.
perfect phone game. minimal ads, easy to play, addictive and fun. very satisfied, i just wish it was longer and had more boss fights. But im perfectly fine with just starting over. awesome job!!
Really liked the game but only took my 5 hours of play time. And in the inventory i have to touch higher to actually select my chest armor instead of my boots, that made me sell my boots instead of my chest armor multiple times. Please add new cities or something to add more play time. And also whem you have like 5 soldiers and you try to see wich one to tap the special attack its very hard to see where he is maybe you could add a feature that highlights him when you select him in a fight
Don't bother installing, they collect all personal data you have. They say its for advertisement personalization, but it's all your personal data. What you like, what you wear, where you go and what you watch. Everything will be accessible.
This game looks simple but good. The reason I gave 3 stars is because it's unplayable because of fps dropping to 5-10 all the time.
I like the upgrades and idea of the game. Graphics are cool. If you make a sequel to this please make gladiators with stronger chiseled look more blood judo flips and strikes to the head. Also gladiators taller, I for one would play for sure.
I was having fun for an hour. Got the best stuff on the choice slaves attributed accordingly. Than all of a sudden cannot complete any mission let alone get past round 1 of 2. Absurd. Oh and if you get lucky(key word) enough...there will be round 1 of 3. On an easy 1 star mission with a reward that benefits you not at all..youll find your maxed out slaves with the best and only available gear won't make it past round 1. Don't see any justification in that difficulty regulator. GARBAGE GAME
Not much strategy, kinda pick your team and pray to RNGezus. Fun at first but you hit a wall... the game is repetative so likely won't push through the grind. overall, eh, mildly entertaining.
Very nice game, nice graphics, good dialog and a little bit of comedy. Some levels would require you to change your team styles, formation or equipped weapons to beat them which adds a little bit more difficulty (without making it impossible and i love it). Almost doesn't require grinding at all.The game's not long, finished it twice in less than a week.The only problem i've seen is the goul takes way too long to max out, so i had to farm after finishing the game to get his achievement.
Interesting game, interesting gameplay. For me personally not good, that it is needed to participate in intrigues inside the game with no choice.
it is so cool game. Allready deserves 5 star. would be good to add more creative equipment and possibility to have own arena, town or vilage
Amazing game finished it so quickly, because it was so good. The fights are really fun. I recommend it especially to people who like gladiator games. 10/10 game.
I played this game years and years back it give me memories i love this game maybe just more content weapons and more chracters and fighters would be better
Just not fun started out great but the difficulty curve is insane by the end you'll be fighting 15 guys just as good as your max of 5 group takes hours of planning gear and men to win just one fight by the end
When I used the spear strategy I win but I lost once and this is not fair because I your in 2 city the enemy gets 2 to 3 waves of enemies thet neans they have 15 warriors on there side could you add multiplayer and to make it fair make the limit to 5 to 25 then I would rate it 5 stars