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Gods and Glory: War for the Throne

Gods and Glory: War for the Throne for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Wargaming Group located at WARGAMING  Group Limited Incorporated in Cyprus , HE 290868, VAT CY 10290868U, TIC12290868W 105, Agion Omologiton Avenue 1080 Nicosia CYPRUS. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Best game I played in a while. I love the way you need to play it. The graphics is good and the help you get from alliance is awesome if you need anything they will help you with it. I have spent some money on this game and hope I didn't waste it with upcoming updates. This is a must play you can play with friends and family.👌🤘😎
I have played this game since there years ago I really regret how much time and money I invest in this game .Please don't do my mistake. UNISTALED
Don't bother playing. You'll spend money and the devs will change the game making you regret investing any time/money into the game. If you do fall into this hell hole, research water as its the most OP unit and will absolutely destroy any other god with ease. Lol the devs asking if I've tried out all of the games features after 4 years of playing 🤣😂 this game is done for.
After Deca took over this game is going down. Those greedy... they increase the price for premium currency in the same time decrease the amount of it in pack, increase the requirements for chests in events, DESTROYING ALL THE FUN I HAD WITH THIS GAME FOR LAST 3 YEARS! Big F*** You!
Oh no; CB play everything but War for the Throne? help. Putin can use her cb. bad bad bad . auzzie number 1. no help for Auz?
The latest update switched the game from "pay 2 win" to "pay to play". E.g. a previous aliance target was 100k points, it's now 210k points. That is, if everyone wants to get the reward. Targets are much harder for lower level players. Development after level 20 is counted in weeks and months. PVP sucks too. Someone attacks you and then shields, so you can't hit him back. In general, you should play only if you have a LOT of free time and money. You have to be online all the time, literally.
Been playing this game for years. Never had a problem loading up except if its patching.. Dont know what these other reviews are on about, I see alot of reviews saying it dosnt work.. Msg game support they always get back to me if i have any issues. Never heard any complaints from others in my alliance either. Good game my only issue is its abit pay to win. Its not pay to play but pay to be competitive with top tier players.
Pay to win. I have played this game several years. There a no way u can play without paying. Unless u a crazy masochist. And the worst thing is that developers unbalance gods constantly. If u upgrade water god in future it can be weakened. That really insane.
Putting aside the fact that some offers are available only for iOS users, while on Android there is an error when trying to buy them, or the fact that after a maintenance window that took 6 hours there was nothing as an explanation or compensation, the game is nice, good graphics, kills a lot of time, could get booring sometimes - overall experience is a good one
P2W. The pay to win ppl will farm free players all day and night. They will move next to you and attack while you cannot do anything. P2W can be top of server in 1 week. Free play cannot reach that because after a year, you are still behind the P2W who started a week ago.
The Darn thing doesnt work! Spent more than 80MB waiting for the psuedo download to happen then the thing crushed!
Frist of all the company is promoting racism. Public and private chats are full of swearing and racism. The second one: This game is to expensive, to make progress you need to spend a lot of money. Also, players using exploit to find players using disguised on map.
It's a functional game. I just don't like how I can't choose a different character or even gender. Also that the VIP isn't permanent, like Lord's mobile or primal wars. I believe you can only save your game on multiple devices with social media, which I don't have and don't plan on making one.
A very exuberantly brilliant game. I love the design the colors the structure of the game play. I thrive on awesome games and I have played lots. This one has me stuck since I started. And I've been a gamer since atari. And with these type of games, you usually don't have enough money to continue after a certain point. I haven't ran into that problem just yet. I will continue to play this game and would surely play any other versions if you bless us with another installment. Completely enjoying.
Good games, catches you very fast, lots of in game activities and very addictive. The only thing which it's a bit not so fair it's that you can attack or you can attack much lower levels therefore they have no chance to defend... but the game it's great, thank you for it and keep it coming.
Unfortunately they keep changeing the game without any regards to their players, only aim being: maximizing their profits. Too bad, game is nice, but you need to invest a lot of money (1000s EUR) to even have a chance of being competitive. If you are looking for F2P or low cost... Avoid this game. (been playing for 1+ years... Significant money sink)
I ve tried to log in for the last 4 h and it doesn t work.Appears the Deca logo and after that "God s and Glory has stopped" notification.If I uninstall and after reinstall it again,works but only till I log off,cause after that it s the same cicle all over .
Ok, coming from world of tanks pc since 2011, seeing "Russian bias" yet again in reviews? Second, combat is mostly what you get in those clan of clash sort of games!! Yet the 1000 repeat of such a genre? Basic weird battle with skills not even described then in 20 sec I'm in a castle with that helping hand telling you what to build. At the 30 sec I was here writing a review.... My God! Can't a decent company buying loads of gaming studios do something new???
The game is fun at the start but soon you find that the game takes a bunch of time or money to catch up to the people who have been in the game for years. you can drop 500 dollars on the game and recieve no customer service when they update and you are locked out of your account. I have never seen a game that cost so much yet delivered so little. when you pay for steak, you don't expect ground beef on your plate. This game should be removed from app stores.
They showed a video of heroes of might and magic 2 stating it was an old school type of game. This is just another mmo, build a default city, build boring troops, March to locations on the map and auto battle. False advertisement, nothing like the advertisement. I feel very deceived by this company for promising something and nothing like it is in their game.
I've spent money on this game and can't help but lose it bc of constant glitches reboots the game constantly!
Don't start playing this game. The developers are intervening in the game play and gives their friends unfair advantages, destroying the experience for everyone else.
Don't bother playing. You'll spend money and the devs will change the game making you regret investing any time/money into the game. If you do fall into this hell hole, research water as its the most OP unit and will absolutely destroy any other god with ease.
It was a really great game till u guys ruined it with your new update. Referring mostly to the Alliance events part.You should fix those points!For the Trade Mission for ex 90k points divided to an average of 70 members doesnt equals 3 k points per member.Or at least you should make those events like they were before..there s no fun in having a CC event everyday..cause the way you did those points is like it and it s really wrong.
Pay to win game, after recent update (20.03.2019) the game became even more pay to win, super difficult for free to play players and players who are lower levels. To win the main prize in both solo and team events is now extremely time and resources consuming, where top prizes haven't changed and remain the same worthless and trash items as before. The developers have 0 interest in their community, requests have been made to balance the units, research and building time lowered. None fulfilled.
Great game, east to handle, but I feel some guid or manual could be better to add into the game for better understanding the signs, symbols and their effects. Big pro: it won't make you bankcrupt even if you would like to use some cash. Great deals could be found less than £1. Looking forward to see the updates:) For now on this game is my fav:)
game has major flaws, brought to attention of em, for starters no auto translator button in chat, if you get on a kingdom with non english speaking players, kingdom chat gets confusing..also this game cant type in chinese thats completely blanked out..but my biggest complaint is favoritism by chat mods on game..i played on kingdom with russian players..you know this game you say words like dumb and sucks you get chat banned , no warning by mods..yet on kingdom russian said far worse not banned.
Worst ever app on empire ever seen It load slowly any time u wanna do any thing even when playing it on a bigger phone. After downloading in play store u still need data to open it,when other app are giving u welcome bonus
Beware! Do not download! You will made spend fortune, and I mean actual fortune, but will never get the satisfaction. The developers grant super abilities to chosen players making any of your investment completely useless, and downgrading you by their actions, manipulating you to spend more. Non existing support in game. The game full of bugs and not balanced. Waste of time and money. Not a strategy as described. The battles based on luck and spending.
It's a good game please dev team can u put a translator on chat that player can andurstand each other
an almost exact copy of hundreds of other games. And the same gameplay, there is NOTHING new or interesting here. Build city and army. Join an alliance. Pay through rhe nose to keep up if you want to be in the top. and the game is INFESTED with russians which miracolously have access to unlimited funds.
this game is 100% pay for win!!! so if you want to play without spending a tons of money this game is NOT for you!! events are all the same and the rewards are not equal or even less what you get back from your efforts and investments. every update is rubbish, never listening what players wants just what is good for they wallet.!! customer service is even worst I had to wait 6 months for a email reply^^^ I would give minus Starz but it isn't option.🤮🤮🤮🤮
It's easy to play and very mind blowing but there is a problem that it is updated after every weak or sometime. It's a bad decision. You have to make it update regular after 3 or more months. Thanks
RIP GAME. U NEED 1K++ DAYS TO UPGRADE ONE RESEARCH while the event only rewards u with 30 days + 15 days or 70 days max. The last event which took place on 21st december might be the end of many players. GOOD LUCK DECA
The game was killed by greed. The previous patches made it harder for people to play without spending tons of money. Construction and research times take months, even years and the "free" accs give you a few hours per day at most. Moreover, the last patch (20.03.2019.) is the ultimate patch of greed in which everything is harder to get and everything isn't worth the trouble. Do yourself a favor and find another game to play. EDIT: WROTE THE SAME COMMENT ON THEIR FB PAGE AND THEY BANNED ME :)))))
Basically a rip-off of "heroes of might and magic" a classic PC game. Even the sprites seem to be directly stolen from the original game.
Game support is impossible. They lack basic understanding of game and English. Reporting cheaters imposible. Reporting bugs impossible. And if you will write a copy paste answer here, you will prove me right that support does not read messages.
The developers used to totally ignore the player base and do whatever they wanted with the game. They are now listening and refining the game very well. You can compete and have fun spending very little if you are smart. Great fun game that is a good fun way to pass the time.
Aftet reaching level 18 (about 1.5 years of playing it) , i think i can say a few things this game: 1) its quite fun and adictive but... 2) progressing through the level not only takes time but also real money. Though the game is free to play it is definitely pay to win... the gap between high level paying players and the others is huge and there is no in-game catch-up mechanics. 3) the imbalance. Protheus units are pretty much best rank for rank... 4) lack of unit control in combat and RNG...
Another game with deceptive ads that tries to trick you to accidentally spend money. Garbage. Edit: that's not what I said, PR guy. Though you can progress without paying, UI constantly tries to trick you into accidentally pressing some button that is an in-app purchase.
I'll give it 2 stars because of the friends I've met over the 2years I've been playing the game. At a certain point it literally becomes impossible to play without spending money I'm a decent level on the game and my closes wait time for research is 70days the one after that will be about 130days and it keeps climbing I've seen players spend thousands trying to keep up with it. It's extremely sad to see a decent game ruined by money hungry developers.
390 Terrible update that ruins team play in the game.. And that's why we played it for a year+.. No more place for alliance leaders and top players to help others. For new players it could be OK but not for target audience that this game has built already.. Without teamplay this game is below average not so free to play, just to show you that you need a day to make units for 1-2 competitive attacks.. With new update you can sacrifice these units to receive random item and then no pvp at all..
It's a really good game. It is addicting and I think it's nice that you can attack anyone and win even when your smaller then the other person. It's a strategy game where you can have your own army and gods. I think this game amazing but pls add some more things afterwards because at around level 12 it starts to get a bit boring...
Kale and this game is awesome I just love it so much it's really fun why is skin so fun just too awesome to play but not better Nom Nom games so yeah I got this game and it's awesome awesome awesome 😍😍😆😀🙃🤟👌
Game gets real glitchy. If you invest a lot of time to quest for the rewards, then you don't get the rewards, then the devs won't make you whole (after waiting 2 months to process the ticket), well then the customer response has to be obvious. It is very strange, costs them nothing to keep their customer happy. Costs them a lot to piss a customer off, because we will just quit.
you actually did something to fix the xp gain! THANK YOU!! ❤ please please please fix the issue on my apple device! the game has been reinstalled 3 to 4 times and I'm still getting the same issue and it has been many many days now. all I get is the response "be patient". Edit: in game name: Ern. kingdom: plains of freedom. again, the issue is on my apple device and I sent out the email to the tech team on may 3rd. EDIT: Not anymore! The previous big update fixed the error
Very poor customer relation team. Tickets closed without a proper answer. No care for thier customers.
Pay to win game. Also after you've researched one god they decided to downgrade skills and make this game unplayable without spending money. How can You change something that I have invested money in and now stone god is useless? not worth installing, there is plenty games that you can enjoy and play it for fun but it's not this game.