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Is a Action game developed by IDFAME located at Room 1010B, Building A, No. 1618, Yi Shan Road, Min Hang District, Shanghai, China, 201100. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Violent References, Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Poor game...i used to play this a long time ago and reinstall it today but what i got is the Force of game logo.Sick of waiting,always freezing ohhh man.
After allowing the requirements. The screen is just stucked up. My net is stable though. My Device is Realme 5i. Fix the problem.
After uninstaling the game for mount then when i got it back it will just freeze but i still like the game that is why i instaled it back please i want to play the game aging fix it and me and my friend can and also i have almost all the character and i dont want to lose them
I have bad experience a not balance it turn of awakening hero coz u need more many to upgrade does heroes, and the chat in game there is no communication in game field only emoji and a few build in words. So you cant know if ur team is a player or an ai.
Ratings of previous players got me down, and here i was going to play it but then it suddenly crashed. dunno why but i was having hard time if i will download it. i was looking for these kind of game. but these comments got me down but still downloaded it. but in the end. see not worth it pls fix it QUICKLY before i stop playing this NICE GAME(I MEAN IT) if it wasnt for that crasshing and lagging. pls pls pls this game i really love it pls fix it already
This is a great game. But there was one thing that ruined the game for me. As you rank you'll if u get one of ur characters to a rank above 30 you only get play with bots and not actual people. This makes the game easy to win and ultimately boring.
I used to play this on my ipad, but when i downloaded it on my phone (samsung j2 prime), it doesn't work. It just crashes
Last time i played this game , it's really an interesting and amusing that can be enjoyed in a 5 or 6 _ minute period But today when i installed this game , the loading screen just stuck displaying the icon "Force of Guardians" i waited and waited but not a change happened at all ! I'm really looking forward for that to be fixed immediately And as the previous reviews mentioned , the heroes are quite a little bit expensive ! That's all i have to say and i really look forward to play it soon
Game won't even launch anymore, just stuck on the loading screen. This game had a lot of potential and it's sad to see how the devs just gave up on it.
Graphics and Audio are all topped up and the Multi play is very very entertaining and Fun,I'm a past player on this app and I'm stuck on the part where "Force of guardian" on screen,Dont know why cus I didnt change devices and wifi is good,sooo any reasons or possible why this happens?
Im searching a moba pixel or 2d style in many years because its so unique you never see any 2d moba in playstore or who the one created this is the one i searching it look likes moba but its so many bugs the most annoying is waste of data i reinstall again and again and always stuck in the force of guardian logo plsss fix this i've never seen pixel moba i think this is it but the dev. Nothings to do to fix all of issues..just make it 5v5 tower defense items shop and more..
PLEASE FIX THE NETWORK ERROR AND SUPER LONG WAIT NOW 😠. plz developers Other than that it's a reeeally good game And fun to play also sometimes challenging. I encourage you to play it.πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒAlso the wait which is a hour for free gifts on treasure in shop is stupid TAKE IT BACK I DON'T WANT TO WAIT A FREAKING HOUR FOR A FREE GIFT CHANGE IT BACK TO SECONDS NOT A HOUR!!!😠😠 Hey now the loading screen is really long and glitched it's stuck on force of guardians logo.
Honestly, this is so good. One thing i hate tho. No account - no Progress save. I deleted this game because i had to free up some space just to download some temporary app for schools and when i reinstalled the game. My Progress has been reset back to zero and its kinda disappointing.
too bad i really liked the game , returned and the server issue still worse than ever . i hope you come up with aa sequel of this game with same gameplay because this one really had so much potential from the start . . .
Managed to open it! And wow, this game is great. I love the fact that things in the shop don't cost much and that you can get things through ads. I am excited as to what this game has to offer next. Uhm, just a suggestion, this game would be good for a 5v5 MOBA gameplay like LOL. If that's possible, this would be the first pixel MOBA game on android. Anyway props for a great game!πŸ‘
I honestly enjoy this game but there are a lot of problems that need to be fixed immediately. Those issues are the lag (please fix this first), always getting matched up with bots, it is very hard to collect in-game currency quickly, the heroes are expensive, and optimize the controls editor. On the brighter side, the gameplay is really great, and the graphics is also great. It really needs a fix so please fix these issues immediately so I can enjoy this game and recommend this to my friends.
Im not sure whats going on but ive played this game before covid happen and uninstalled it cause it was offline for a long while and today i installed cause it seems like at came back but I can't access the game for some reason cause it would get stuck on the starting screen. Explain to me whats going on did it stop being available for certain phones or something?
Dear player if your reading this pls dont install this game cause it has so many bugs and super super super super super lag and the this game is full of bots and heroes are not so equal so just exit and download ML cause its more worth it and besides it have a same amount of mb and ml is balance or you can just wait for lol wild rift cuz it is better than ml and devs good luck
It's an amazing game, fluid and smooth. Only issues are the connection issues and lack of control. I don't particularly like how we can't set our controls in an easier fashion, and how we can't resize it. Downloaded the game and it crashed twice right after opening it, crashed again after the patch was installed. During in-game, it's laggy as hell. Would give a higher rating but that's where ima keep mine for now, great game if not for the lack of an easier user interface and lag.
This game is good overall, but in its current state it is still not as polished as I would want it to be. The controls are fine-ish, definetely needs to be more smooth. The graphics is very good, although a bit laggy on my phone but that's fine. The options, specifically the control layout, needs much more polish and easier to use as well as add a resize option for the joystick. I will re-review the game later on when it becomes more polished, but for now it still needs improvement...
Hello, I would like to review this as an overall great game, i even invited my friends to play this game but there is just one problem. I understand that this game just released but I'm having trouble by just starting the game, It lags for about 5-10 seconds. and then it finally opens the menu. But overall, it's a great game, If this can be a World Tournament, It would be a BOMB. Thank you for making this game, I appreciate all of your effort for this.
So heres the deal with this game. It has SO much potential. Its fun, it runs smoothly(when i can finally manage to login and stay logged in) the characters are well designed and because everyone is on an even playing feild, the winner just comes down to "who was the better player". However i have a very hard time getting in and being able to play for a long time. Ive donated about 100 dollars so i can see this game grow. I love its style and it makes me feel like im playing a fun, fast MOBA.
EXCELENT GAMES, I LIKE THIS GAME SO MUCH. I HOPE IT MORE MODE AND ALSO MORE EVENT. I think you need more explanation because many newbie don't know about the menu in game. THANK YOU. One thing is easy to win because of the enemys are bot :) please make the enemy other player so I can show of my skills.
I really like this game! I got a new phone and was excited to play it with a better brighter screen and a better face for an overall better experience. Came back to a major disappointment casue the game won't even load up. PLEASE FIX THIS GAME!! πŸ˜ͺ
Fun but lots of bots so far only 3 non bot games but i assume it is bcs i just started and all my characters levels are so low. Also probably the best tutorial of any game of this sort. You play it after brief (less than 30 sec) synopsis of each mode. All hero obtainable with the basic currency (gold). The rest of the unlockables are various categories of costume pieces that have no effect on the characters stats and can be earned f2p with luck and time/ taking advantage of events, and so on.A+
It's definitely a 3v3 brawler type game, but it has these interesting MOBA elements to it too. Honestly, it just needs a lot more players, this game is so fun and fast paced. It has these weird gacha characters that I can't seem to get though. Overall, I really like that it's super casual due to the fast pace, but I have a feeling it could be super competitive too.
Pretty fun MOBA. its more fast pace than the typical MOBA, skills drop from kills and vanish after use, so your always using new skills. heroes seem easy to unlock, you get coin easly. This is what it would have been like if SNES had MOBAs.
I like this game. I like oixel art and this game nails it. But i notice one problem. The controls of each character are delayed as a result i dont use the skills at the right times. I reinstalled it after some months and it doesn't work anymore :( Plz do something!
This game needs more attention. It's simple, fast, and fun. Love it! I love this game, but now its stuck on the loading screen. I hope the dev will fix the problem!
Yes, it is a multiplayer game but the enemies are ALL BOTS. And it won't be a multiplayer game unless you inv a player. What's more? The bots has this defense mechanism where when you use a Leap/dash or even get close to them, they'll stun you as quickly as possible, they won't even let you land a hit. I really wish that my enemies are players so I can use my strategies better.
The game is okay but right now I have two issues. 1) I'm stuck in a loading screen loop for Valor Arena and can't get out of it despite logging out and shutting down the game. It appears other people have this issue too going through the reviews. 2) I started the game with a guest account and tried to link my FB account and my twitter account but neither of them work. The linking process stops halfway and I can't connect any of them. EDIT: I love how responsive this Dev is.
It's a good game but their's alot problems that need to fix, for example a new release hero, you can't buy that hero by spending your "gold coins" unless using your diamond or glory point. And second, once you enter in abyss dungeons their a time that being laggy, and the game start to froze I hope this issue fix soon as possible.
I like this game but can u make 5v5 battle? I would really love to play with more players rather than just 3 players. Edit: after a month playing it i discover so many issues and problems with this game especially the lag and getting matched up with bots.I hope you can fix this bcoz it's boring to get matched up with bots all the time and it always lag when i play with ma frends πŸ™„
So the rumor is true, it crashed. Stuck at the main screen where u can only see "Force of Guardians" text. I love the graphic and the gameplay when I played this long ago. So sad it dies now. Fix it, and I'll give a better rating and comment. Good luck guys. I love your game, don't make us lose faith.
This would be a great game if you had to play the game yourself, but no you can allow the computer to take over by not touching the screen. That's some tired BS!! And the computer is near perfect. So if you like games of skill vs skill be ready to be disappointed.
PLEASE FIX THE NETWORK ERROR AND SUPER LONG WAIT NOW 😠. plz developers Other than that it's a reeeally good game And fun to play also sometimes challenging. I encourage you to play it.πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒAlso the wait which is a hour for free gifts on treasure in shop is stupid TAKE IT BACK I DON'T WANT TO WAIT A FREAKING HOUR FOR A FREE GIFT CHANGE IT BACK TO SECONDS NOT A HOUR!!!😠😠 Hey now the loading screen is really long and glitched
1. Sometimes my character just freeze after hitting or using skill. 2. At limited match (3v3v3v3) i cant even move. The game just freeze. Come on man, this game is so fun. But that freeze thing just annoys me so much. For now, it is a NO
Please make the game more challenging. I'm just fighting bots from the very first time. The names of the bots ends in - bv, - v, - b. And also common names for bots like picture, biebs etc. I won't spend on this game without any improvement and even not making it real game with real players. It's just a game full of AIs/bots. I hope you see this devs. It takes serious time and effort to make a game so be it. Be mature enough to make realistic game where we can compete real players.
It's a very great game, has lots of potential, and I find it genuinely entertaining, 6 out of 5. It's unlike any other game I've ever played before, very unique, but the only problem is, the gameplay is delayed, I don't know if it's my wifi *I doubt that tho, since I don't have a problem with other games*, or the server itself, I hope this gets fixed, I really enjoy spending my time playing this wonderful game.
It was enjoyable but not enought to the point I can enjoy it for more than a week. It's just as the reviews say that it was too laggy and very delay. Even getting the rewards are delayed, the sfx of getting an item are delayed especially the gameplay most of all. This game has a lot of potential if it weren't for flaws of it. I'll be uninstalling this and will only come back if this game ever really fixed their top problem which is the metwork and the "delayness" of it.
I love the game very much but unfortunately this game still need more update, first the lag is too much even when I use WiFi it's still lagging, second the control is terrible and last thing the matchmaking, I'm still newbie but the game want me to fight enemy that higher than me, so my hero can't fight because the different between the base power. Thanks I'll come back after you finish this problem :)
The gameplay is nice but the only sad thing is the connectivity of the game where it spikes alot from good to bad real quick and I hope game developers would change it because they made a great game.
I uninstalled the game the third time this month now, I'm starting to hate this game now, it keeps on stuck at the Force Of Guardian logo screen. Please fix this, this game used to be very enjoyable and fun, this game is good, used to be good. Please fix this. I'm so done with this game, please just remove this game from playstore.
IDFAME, other players cannot the this game cause of the the screen get stuck in the Force of guardian logo can fix this cause I want to play this game and share it with my friends but I can't play plss fix this
I'm really liking the game so far! It's a bit slow on my device, but the characters are cute and I like the gameplay too. For some reason though, when I bought the Force Workshop and the Goodwin's Epic Treasure Box earlier, I wasn't able to receive them both. Because of that, I had to give this a 3-star for now. Hopefully I can get them soon.
Dear IDFAME, This game truly amazing with the smooth control, awesome graphics, And fast gameplay. Although a lot of bots, still doesn't change my opinion about this game. I as a representative of the player who are willing to stay up late at night to play the Abyss Dungeon event, we are looking forward to the return of this game. With the end pandemic in the future, we hope you will be able to accompany our days back. Best regard
Got into the game once in several months of reinstalling, just stops loading on either the force of guardians logo or the pixel art of champions facing each other no matter how long I wait but logout immediately prompts the "are you sure?" Message as if it was actually working. The concept & graphics looked awesome & I wish it worked but it just doesn't work at all.
Game is pretty fun, a breathe of fresh air from all those moba ish cash grab. F2p too and premium user dont really have much advantages to free. Unfortunately, the game is getting very stale without any updates. Always getting matched up with bots which is very boring, and recently its getting very laggy but i really hate the fact that when I'm lagging the game control my character to suicide so i lose every match because of that.
For those who rates the game recently. Apperently, there became an issue concerning their Gaming Company due to the pandemic, but they still wish to continue on developing the game only if the issue of their company is finally fixed, and I guess part of the issue is because of the pandemic. If you want to know more or what the issue is about, go to their Facebook page named "Godlike FoG - Force of Guardians SEA - Home". I hope this might help for those who may have a low rating on them.
Seeing as they deleted my previous review of this game if you plan on purchasing on this game you will get screwed if you dont see anything on your account because the devs only out for money and wont support you if you try to contact them about refunds or taking action to give u the things u bought onto the game after being contacted
This game is dead. Its not responding. I kept waiting for 4 hours didn't pass the logo on the logon screen.
Horrible, game doesn't launch anymorr just gets stuck in the loading/transitioning screen. And the devs don't seem to care anymore. Don't waste your time, it literally doesn't work.
I don't know why but whenever I try to open your game it just gets stuck on the main screen and its not even loading.
The game idea is not bad, the execution is pretty good as well as far as I can tell but i believe it lacks some optimization as of right now, considering it's a "moba" kind of game it is not yet at the level of optimization that others games in the same genre usually pack. Other than that it's a unique one truth be told. Keep it up, i'll try it again in the future see how it goes.
I really love this game to be honest and I really am hoping for new updates and new events for this game, plus new heroes if I may! The reason I gave 2 stars is because, truth to be told, there really are a lot of issues right now that are frustrating, but despite the issues I still love this game and really am hoping for it all to be fixed soon. Please be consistent with the development and don't let those people hoping for the game down. Hoping for your new updates soon!
Hey I really loved this game when I first played it but please pay attention to your reviews and fix the bug crashes preventing any of us from even playing the game
The last time i play this game is its so good i cant play well somehow because of modules but when i go back to play this there are so many errors i hope you can fix it i really love this game
Gameplay is really great. Heroes are very balanced, different, and fun to play. This game has the potential to be truly amazing. The things holding it back are the bots and matchmaking. Unless you play abyss dungeon you're most likely only going to play with bots. The bots are decent opponents but only focus you and not your bot teammates. Fix these problems, advertise more, and I think the game could really be one of the greats on the play store.
Remember this game somewhat well, wanted to come back to it but it looks like the game doesn't even launch on my device, it just stays at the logo for a seemingly infinite period of time. (I let it for a solid hour and it was still exactly how I left it)
I enjoyed the game, but now I can't play it. I'm just taken to the force of gaurdians screen and stay there. Hope this gets fixed soon since I did drop a bit of money on this game. I'll rate higher as soon as I can play the game again.
It said that it's on maintenance But after that day it's still on maintenance then the next day is still maintenance So just uninstall it... What waste of storage and the looks sick but....