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Godlands RPG - Fight for Throne : Legendary Story

Godlands RPG - Fight for Throne : Legendary Story for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Overmobile located at Novosibirsk, Russia 3/1 Ul.Musy Dzhalilya. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Moderate Violence, Nudity) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very disappointed this does not have new servers to give new players a fighting chance because apart from the fact you start 2 years behind the leader board this would have been brilliant.
Downloaded the game because I thought it would be interesting based on its description. It was a letdown from the poor tutorial, which doesn't example simple things like dismantling strengthens your equipped weapons and armor, to the dungeon in how to avoid traps. Worse thing was putting a block on the portal and dungeon for X hours which can be lifted with gold(paid currency). That was all at level 1 to 5, so I cant imagine how it is after you sunk more time and cash into the game.
Game is not fun. devs have to make money true. but gold is required for everything. devs got greedy and the game is gonna die now. So many better games out there if you want to spend money or earn in game currency.
Not worth it. My Story: Start the game. Receive an in game email:How do you like the game? Try to answer, but surprise I can't answer because I'm not level 14. Played for 4 minutes and now everything is on Cooldown. I assume I will get a standard reply from the developer that they are sorry I didn't like the game...
The game is a total scam, it's all about making the player purchase gold to advance. I bought gold on sale September 5th, was supposed to receive mythril with my purchase, have contacted support services many times. They are sarcastic a-holes, then the just put me on ignore, I've posted my frustrations here this is the 3rd time, today is Oct 10th. i give up I have spent $ much on this game, I had the number 1 clan on my server, but I'm done being ripped off. Avoid the scam don't play.
Way too long cooldowns on systems that give experience and then require you to use premium currency to upgrade stats after just 5 levels of upgrading them
the wait is to long the only thing I like about the game is that your actually able to see the armor and accessories on your character unlike other games
It is a very nice game , made with a lot of care☺. But takes a bit time to wait😔 (arena, portal, chest).
Cool game but the only BUG issue with it is that you need hold everywhere. Skills, stats and amulet. Like really
Played a lot of games, never one where you have to wait so long for 5 mins of gameplay, if you didn't have to wait, it would be awesome!!!
would be a good GAME if it wasn't such a money-grab, you have to continually spend gold just to be able to progress through the main quest, and if you want enough gold to do that, then guess what....you have to purchase the amount you need what a joke!
Enjoying this game so far. Would be cool to have different player avatar pics to choose from. Purely cosmetic of course. Otherwhise enjoying the game so far , keep up the amazing work!👍
Limited support and options. To save progress you have to link it to Facebook only. Not everyone is using FB. Asked for refund and am given a run around. Game itself is OK. Slow progress to level up and get the max gear unless you spend money. This is simillar to their other game called Avangers. This game has better UI and UX design though. In addition, there is a waitime (about 2h) between each play you are allowed to play. If this had Google as saved progress I would give it a 3-4 stars.
Love it the only thing is hate waiting for things to open don't have much money in my account to buy gold can you cut down the waiting time down beside that I love the game ty
We all know when we see a classic in the making. Lots of fun and lots of other stuff that is necessary for an awsome game!!!!! Thanks team for making a great game!!!!!
so far so good. except because of timed waiting, you can only play for about 5 to 10 minutes at a time, unless u spend $
Haven't been on it long but this is my type of game, working towards a more powerful character and setting a goal. Simple, Easy and all round interesting.
Just two login days into the game. Seems pretty good so far, definitely like the direct approach vs. other game mechanics. Only problem so far is the wait time between looting the dungeon, arena, portal, chests etc. If they would make the cool down time for these aspects of the game alot shorter I would probably stay logged in longer. Also I feel it obserd that you have to wait till lvl. 14 to send messages. Will update my review soon. 4/5 here. For nothing is perfect.
im rating this game because its pay to play its not free dont get it wrong you can download it and play it for free but you will not make any progress you will have to spend at least 100$ to get better equipment you will not get it for free and you cant grind it so developers are just greedy for your real noney and they are not mentioning that you will definitely will need to spend a lot of real money. you can try andlook it for your self and if im wrong then i own you 100$
Takes way to long to play , why do I have to wait a hour and thirty minutes for jus about 5 minutes gameplay and it's REALLY hard to get gold
If ever, there was an award for "most worthless gaming concept", it's this one. There's virtually no action involved. You do nothing but spend your hard earned money for pushing a little attack button. And you can't get any further, unless you spend even more. It's 100% PTW. Avoid this garbage..
Interesting game, but the load time need to be shorter. Otherthen 1 hour maybe 30 min, or so depending on the characters lvl. Little 3D graphic maybe good in action or character equipment. Also the reply to that one review that stat "naked girl", is normal in a fantasy setting. But that just my saying. Everyone have a right to there own opinions.
its a fun game but having to wait 2 hours just to go to the next level is realy irritating and dosint make much sense and holds it from a 5 star for me
It seems like everything is restricted and I played for less than 5 minutes. Locked chests, locked mazes, timers for dungeons and arenas. Oh and suddenly a popup window opens asking me how do I like the game? I write a full on reply and click send to only find out that the mail is also blocked for me. Google play says they are in the top ten grossing, so they must be doing something right.
Honestly, I kept trying to give this game more of my time but I just don't know how to. This game sums up to pressing a button multiple times. There is no immediate combat, no story driven campaign, no ready direction to gameplay, and no original design. This game is not worth it if you're in it for gameplay. You also are restricted from doing anything because of horrible design. If you're here for the artwork, the artwork is pretty nice. Though, I don't recommend this game at all for artwork...
It's a pretty fun game, almost better then this game boh I used to play. I'm not sure if it comes later, but I'd love to see some more possible moves or gear combos that provide different benefits. Basically classes or something similar.
the concept was very good. But overall i felt that the game was a little tedious. When you die you cant go in another dungeon for an hour, and when you try to level up your gear and skills it requires a large amount of gold, something that a new play doesnt have, not to mention that its a bit pay to win alot of things require gold which is the curency that you can buy. I saw that lots of items needed gold.
Not really fun, everything is massively beyond your level, you can do maybe 2 or 3 but only once, then you'll have to wait forever to continue. It honestly gets boring really fast after that. There are better games out there, and those other better games don't constantly slam you with pop ups that is basically "give me money to continue playing" when it's suppose to be a F2P not a P2W.
Godlands is a fun yet relaxing game to play and Im glad I gave it a chance. I recommend to any fantasy gamer to do the same! A job well done by the developer(s)!
Really cool. Would like to be able to do more before reaching a standstill but overall I enjoy the game tremendously.
needs to have more way to gain gold. there also needs to be a set level where you can take over certain tier of thrones. you got 8k power in the green tier throne? How is that even a logical matchup against people who are just starting the game? needs a lot of work. Played a game very similar to this game, it's called "Avengers" Stopped playing that one because it took forever to get any progress while everyone is so op. guess I will have to uninstall, and hopefully the new updates will be adjust
I love the original game. Even though it was simple but it had so many charm and attractions. The community was also great too. So when i see a 3D fully furnished graphically version of the game i installed it right away and been enjoying it very much. But im not a fan of starting over so maybe if there be some sort of transfer system maybe. Anyways a good game. Enjoyed it pretty much. But as usual one star down for a hellike grinding to power up the characters. Everything is way too expensive
this game was a good one but the problem is....the chapters, they've got cooldowns unlike other normal rpg games where you get to play it like its a normal game...devs pls fix this guys its not that hard
Repetative and a Huge Pay to Win. The games fun to play and all. But don't think you're going to be anywhere near a top player unless you spend Major $$$. Here's a good example you have a level 21 amulet, in order to get a level 22 amulet that's gonna cost you 10,000 gold. Your options are this play the game for months to get that much or just drop $45 and boom new amulet. Just remember if you choose not to pay like i do you WILL get passed by; by those that choose to pay money.
Very poor aspects of gameplay. Boring. Worst part is the lack of tutorials. it says one thing and that's all
Wpukd be a fun game, but you have to wait an hour cooldown for everything. Fight one fight, hour cooldown. one expedition, hour cooldown.
Very simple game, which may be a pro or con depending on what kind of a player you are. Could use more stat progression (maybe just more training levels) as well as a new kind of battle that does not cool down but maybe with less rewards too, that way anybody can play it as and when :)
Game gives opportunity to spend time improving. Limited level space decent graphics. A quick learn and easy game to conquer.
Good or bad. Doesnt matter. To me ots the perfect toilet break for the monotany of taking a krap :) only downside devs you guys gotta loosen up on gold. Silver is ok but gold my dude. No one is going to invest legitimate hard earned cash on a game u play for 5-10 minutes if ur lucky.
Please stop putting such a handicap on gold, and please make it so I don't have to wait an hour and thirty minutes just for 15 minutes of gameplay. Other than that, solid game.
This is a cool game ruined by time throttles. Literally, you can only play for about 5 minutes at a time before you have to put it down for a couple of hours to wait for cooldowns and timers.
Always been a huge fan of medieval fantasy, and this game captures it pretty well, however it's a "pay to play longer than a few minutes at a time" until you get to a high enough level where i assume gold isnt much of an issue. Summary: Good game, good designs, Wait times are too long, The coloseum is broken due to much higher lvl people just 1 hitting you, and its definitely a pay to win when you start getting involved with guilds.
Long cooldowns on everything so no reason to look at it more than 5 minutes a day. Otherwise good little clicker-style RPG game that rewards purchasable currency fairly often making actual purchases more feasible.
I wanna be clear. Don't waste time and money. For absolutely nothing. I have been playing this game half year. And then I bought new smartphone... and guess what? They dont have any option for login my original character. No response from support. Disappointed. ‐---------------,,, Anwer: I did it two times. So..No, thank you. I don't prefer scam like this.