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Is a Role Playing game developed by FLERO Games located at Wemade Tower, 6F 49, Daewangpanryo-ro 644beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyenggi-do, Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm giving five stars after the following bugs /issues are fixed: 1. The screen always goes to the main menu before it goes to the desired place. 2. The presets always stay empty.
Trash rates, trash auto battle game. Headhunting is totally useless. Very hard to upgrade heroes to 6 star and campaign difficulty spikes up so fast as if the devs begged for player's money. The game's only been up for 3 months but it feels like it's almost abandoned by both players and the devs.
Played when the game was released... Let me tell you something about this game, if you don't like high grinding or luck to get a SSR OVE. Don't play this game. I remember when all the tanks aren't strong until they boost most of 4 stars Tanks... It's harder on PVP but i still pass for the New Star PVP. I reached to level 55 with 2 accounts but it likes the game is still in trial (WIP). Most of the community is VN, KR, JP and Few EN. I do not recommend to anyone who doesn't like grinding.♡♡∆∆∆
I really want to enjoy this game! I don't want to give it a hard time since it's new...but I can't play it. It let me download the data needed, I connected my Google account and started, amazed by the story and animations. Once I got to the tutorial level, everything was fine. However, once one of the girls used her special power, a cutscene was supposed to play, but all it does is freeze. (edit): I got it on my phone and it works. I was trying to play the Chromebook version (that doesn't work).
This game is a lot of fun but I am having issues starting the app. When it works, it opens and works perfectly. But sometime when I start the app, it gets to the start screen and I tap the screen to start and it just freezes. The entire app stops. I figure it is a hiccup, but it doesn't move. I have to ope. The app several times to get it to work.
This is the one! Been playing since it came out and I got to say it's pretty F2P friendly, it is a grind if you're trying to do competitive PvP but other than that it's really fun, the game rewards you for just playing the game. But let's be honest, the real reason we are here is because of the waifus there is so much to choose from! I honestly can't wait for new content and new girls.
In this game you'll remain stuck because leveling up the units is so hard, so you need to wait for a days for just leveling a unit (Daily exp once per day). So if you want a strong unit you just need focus on your starter unit, but if you don't have any dps, tank or healer you're getting stuck aswell... In my case I don't have any tank and healer so I want to promote my main team but leveling up the other unit is hard... farm exp on any stage is just wasting your time.
Well it's a good game though even you don't need to pay some money for it... It's easy to get gold, diamonds just doing mission and you can find some waifu either the animations are cool
This is a fun game and certainly has its charms but I do have a few issues. One i feel all 3 and 4 star characters should have a anime cut scene for a ultimate not only a few here and there I hope that changes the most. Second the forced microphone access is a but sketchy but I let it slide for now. All in all its sofar a decent game but need some polish bad.
I must say this is a hidden gem,even though it is very underrated,it is still very fun to play. I like the graphics,the skill animations are awesome,the game is very friendly to players,and I like the characters too. I just hope that this game will be focused on and not end up dying too like the previous Goddess Kiss. The last update is still very recent since it's just last year in December so I hope you guys update because I will very much keep this hidden gem forever. I'd rate it 10/10.
Downloaded at the beginning went well but when it went to title screen it kept freezing when it pulled up the option to download more for a better experience
Having played the original Goddess Kiss game and enjoying it, I tried this out. It's different enough from the original to stand out and the gacha mechanics are solid. You can earn plenty of pulls and characters just from playing. The addition of anime style cutscenes when using skills is also a nice touch. The reason I have rated it 3 stars however, is due to an issue. A day ago, the game started freezing during battle and has to be closed
This game is fun, but challenging and the storyline is dramatic. However, there are a lot of girls to choose from to battle for you. Being a captain is great ☺️! I also love the close bond between the captain and the girls! One thing I would suggest is to have less drama in the storyline and make it more happy. Other than that, it's a great game!
I was just scrolling by and I found this it took of my attention and when I installed this I tell myself this is a gold. This is good game the graphics, gameplay and voice actor were very good. Hoping for more characters and events released in the future.
Unstable Network Error!? Past Couple of days have not been able to log in. Just keeps throwing error. Internet connection is fine.
Impressive various skill animation, tutorials for new players, events, graphics, gameplay & etc. They all deserve 5⭐ ratings for those developers who made this congratulations on making a game that suits for everyone, keep up the good works your efforts are all appreciated, looking forward for more updates & new Ove's thanks again & more power!
Ok so, graphically the 2d art is great (live2d) but 3d combat modal is chibi. Combat is straight forward, and is actually really old (like girls x battle, single skill/ultimate with passive skills). But gonna give it 3.5, in google is 4, because the story is actually interesting. And the game is really stream lined so it's a good side game to play. Unfortunately it's realeased along Genshin and has to compete with the likes of E7, KR, and EH. For 2020, it's an average game with interesting story
+good art for some girls +animation and voice acting is good -bad name selection on some girls -skill description is too vague, lacks information -elemental advantages are so old school +/- gameplay is good but gets boring afterwards
the evil spirit of tyranny - 2 (stage 2) always freeze when boss health is 10-20% left. Please fix it. Other then that game is great and fun.
I am a fan of RPG games, I've never come across a online game that has a very long story like this game before. In my opinion, the story is a bit boring. Too many fillers, but Im still curious about the continuation of the story. The gameplay is already very good. This game is f2p friendly. To be honest I prefer the story more than the pvp mode. So please quickly update the story. I want to see the continuation of the story soon. And I hope that Abie will be reincarnated as an ove Overall 4,5
Well apparently we can get most of the characters but the requirements for various upgrades using coins such as char skill and boost up is too unbalanced with the amount of gold you can get by grinding and weekly dungeons .. very unbalanced .. hard to max even one character .
Nice game overall and I like the characters designs. The story is quite a cliche and boring though. The battle system is good but needs more improvement. There should be option to skip the cinematic in the beginning of lethal skill because it's quite wasting time. Also, it's better to have 'diver' characters, which could bypass the front line since the back OVEs are pretty overpowered in this game.
This game have frame rate issue i've tried with all device even the most powerful one, but still find frame rate drop, also you better do something with the game bcs no one playing this game anymore, i come back and all i can see is empty chat hope u can do something to get some player
i do have fun with the game, it's pretty f2p friendly with it's rates, and i do enjoy the characters. however, the pvp and mc dialogue is awful. i get you want pvp to be random so that it's fair in a way for everyone, but that's kinda nullified when there's so many whales, making it hard to get anything. and personally, i feel the mc dialogue options were just unnecessary and kinda gross
I totally like this game! The characters are SUPER KAWAII and AWESOME! Even though I never do tournaments, I still playing the game for the story. Win or lose, keep it up and get stronger. I will keep playing this game. Thank you for that awesome effort you have for the development of this game. I hope there will be more cool stuff to come. I'm so excited to see more. I just hope that Athena Asamiya of King Of Fighters will be in this game after Mai Shiranui.
Great game so far, I can see myself playing this a lot more in the future. The characters are interesting, the dialogue is hilarious, only thing i might change is here is the fact that the original opening song from the first game isnt here. I used to sing along every time i heard it
I used to like this game. KoF spin off event seems broken. I have spent hours building a strong team, lvl50 5* dark tank on 3rd boost & well-geared... gets dead in 4 hits by lvl 38 4* water peons. Makes no sense & VERY frustrating.
I've been playing the game all night and have been enjoying it, mostly the collecting aspect. Got myself a Mai! The issue resolved itself, but it seems to be a problem with the UI. There is another bug where I'll have to restart the ap entirely to claim pity rewards and stuff. When I try to quit a stage it will freeze for a little while as well.
Graphics, Girls, Mission, Story, Rewards are very good. You can earn everything inside the game. Overall, give it a try. You won't disappointed
I have mixed feelings. The microphone permissions are definitely keeping me on edge, but as the danger-defying human I am, I decided to venture in to see just what to expect from this game despite that sketchy demand. So far, quite f2p. You can get free gacha tickets for first-clearing stages. Tutorial easy to follow, but a bit much if you ask me. Nice waifu collector, though I wish they had some more elements from the first game. Giving game a chance until I get proof of any malicious intent.
This game is very fun, and I love the characters. The game play is very addictive and because characters are always being added, it always is new and fun to play. The events are very well made and nicely balanced. Overall it is very enjoyable and fun!
Can't download the extra files. Only gets to 29.6Mb or 12% before it stops. It does this on both wifi and my phone's data. Not sure why it is doing this. Would love to be able to play. If you could look into this, it would be great.
Pretty decent. There's a recruit system generates random units but you can "possibly" get the specific unit for free or just recruit them that costs around 1 pull(in-game currency) and you can refreshes every 2-3hrs for free. The thing that I don't like here is the animation. The x1 speed feels slow to my eyes while x2 speed is of course way faster. It's like there's nothing in the middle. The special skill animation feels slow as well, it makes it tiring to see for me after 2-3 times.
Playing this game for a while and my review is, the game has very nice gameplay mechanic, beautiful artwork, and art style, graphics not that bad, etc. So I hope they won't ruin the game by P2W because I hate that kind of game companies. But overall this game has a pretty good potential for playing, and I wish to you devs and the crew to keep moving forward, and be successful for your game.
Good game overall. Cute graphics, slight nudity, funny stories. But since the game was not promoted properly, the community is pretty small and the dev team does not make enough money so... they put ridiculous prices on the vip market. They give you lots of tickets to summon A LOT at first. But a week later you will struggle and they will release new girls even better. You either pay a lot of money... or you fall behind. The rates for SSR girls is way too low btw... A very cutie money grabber.
Have been banned without reason. Over the last decade of me playing mobile games, I have never been falsely banned or banned at all. That has changed with this game. They can't even get the ban message to show properly. /n shows and does not go to the next line. If you play this game, prepare to one day get banned for doing nothing wrong. I'm not using any emulators, custom clients, or anything that would promote "fraudulent" activity of the sort. Good thing I was a F2P player. Stay away.
I would definitely call this an upgrade to the first game Goddess Kiss. It is unfortunate that the mechas have been removed, but there are familiar and new girls to collect in this gacha game. Smooth gameplay and has a clean interface. I like some enemies, equipment and characters have familiar mecha designs to the first game which is nostalgic and very appealing. I'm a f2p player and I can say that this game is very f2p. 3% to get a 4* in gacha is very generous tbh. Having fun with the game!
The game is fun but i get will get locked out of my account for a day or so out of nowhere i dont really know the cause it says fraudulent activity but im not doing anything other than playing the game i really like this game but getting locked out of it every other day is getting annoying
So coooool game ,but one thing sucks more cutscences ,less action and that too auto mode😂😂 but still game is love.
It's been 10days since i played this. I accidentally uninstalled the app so i tried to re-install it again but when downloaded mb reached 145.2MB it will suddenly say that "Connection Error" even tho i have a fast and good wifi. I tried many times and still the same, now i can't play. I hope you fix that as soon as possible.
A good game in terms of the characters provided and also the many features that make me not bored playing this game. It's just that regeneration to get gold / coins is very difficult, I even exchange diamonds for coins because upgrading skills and gear requires a lot of coins. For others there is no problem, I really enjoy this game. I am waiting for the upcoming events. UmU
game stuck on asking permission for downloading additional resources im pressing confirm and the game is unresponsive, the bgm still plays even though ive exit the game i want to try this game. Is this a bug? please fix it im using a pretty nice phone so im pretty sure its not my device edit: i have uninstalled and installed it
The game itself is enjoyable enough. The problem is the support team. I made a purchase the other day and I didn't receive anything. Contacted them about it and they didn't even bother to answer me, let alone solve the problem. If you want to test the game, do it. Just don't buy anything. Cash grab at it's best, since they don't even give you the prize!
DONT PLAY THIS if u don't like hardcore grinding, competitive (PvP) or blame the bad storyline (its kinda dramatic in general but still have some good points if u look in another aspect), etc . I'd instead recommend this for those who just need to kill their bored time by let the OVE girls crash ur foes, doing stuff on them or simply just enjoy the idle grind. The dev actually listens to previews so they'll get the game improve. Also its f2p friendly if u put in some brain while playing it ^^
Update after a few months: Its still a decent game. I'm at the point where I just need to farm more gear and gold but its still not a bad game. Its just lacking alot of content because of Covid (I assume) I do hope that by the end of this year this game will have more content than we can ask for 🙏🙏
I like this game and its good but can you do an another crossover with king of fighters but this time its angel or athena also since i didnt know of the mai event i missed it plz do a mai gacha revive and add skins
Here is my new review, the way I like that you developers put a event mission reward with energy bun and I like it so you guys can make again. I was hoping you guys can make weekly and monthly free diamonds in the shop cuz that would be great and if possible. New characters is good but hoping to see more spin-off story and hopefully I'm going review more for the next upcoming update and Happy Halloween to the developers.
Well,its completely different than the previous GK..BUT,still the same with every level up,u won't get any stamina replenish unlike many other games with same mechanic..so,3 star from me for now. 3rd day-i fixed myself about ancient boss frozed the game after turned off all SOUND TO ZERO.. seriously???no help at all from their helper!
In general Pay for Victory game (scheme standard: begining period P2F friendly, start from chapter 5 world 2 strong time/pay wall; cause all core upgrade materials players can gotten only as PvP reward - it mean strong pay wall. For F2P players take victory in PvP impossible: always system draw lvl50+ teams with 5star+ characters, when beginer player has only 3-4 star characters maximum). Most limited resources is gold (need for all improvement action; SP system limit all: gold and item farm).
Won't let you play without giving them access to your microphone. Why does the game even need mic access anyways? And why not do the sensible thing of just restricting/locking out the things that "do" require the microphone when the permission is denied vs locking is out of the entire game? A shame, really, since I was looking forward to trying the out, but this is way too much of a privacy concern to even consider agreeing to.
This is a very fun and easy game to play. It is pretty easy to get Recruitment tickets for summoning. This storyline is pretty interesting. The only issue I have right now is that I joined a Guild and when I get to the explanation of the guild shop the shop opens over the Dialogue Box And glitches the game so that I can't do anything. I hope this issue is fixed soon
It's your standard gacha game but with more effort in the animation. A pretty good release, released with a fine amount of content. The sound track is pretty fire, I suggest adding sound track into the game so that you don't have to stay on the log in page just to listen to the openning song.
Easy to play You can play it on the go Without worrying about anything You can be doing chores or something else and leave the game running and it will do it's job
I got the 1 star ove's from an item so how can I complete my collection if there isn't any other way except that one item, how can I star up 1 star oves with out another 1 star ove or a 1 star support for them. Also I'd prefer to see the ove's stats while equiping gear instead of going back and forth between ove and the guidebook icons. Could you combine the ove and guidebook icons into ove guidebook icon? But despite all that I really enjoy the game.
So much fun. And maybe make gold and diamonds a little easier to get make it to wear the girls talk in english and make exp easier to get because im a point where its really hard to get exp and it gets boring if i have to go back and replay the same levels over and over to get the needed exp other then that really fun game cant wait to see what comes in the future.
Can you guys not have a tutorial quest where you have to "win 5 games in PVP". It makes no sense how you force fed a PVP mode and you have to win against real players, which means they might be whales or F2Ps. Why dont we even have a beginners fights with NPCs?
After playing this game for a week, its actually really good. The Oves are very cute in their simplicity. The game is quite easy to learn and you sont have to spend all day farming gear. Instead you farm Ove exp, which is quite the grind. I actually prefer this over farming the same dungeon for months trying to get gear. Also the devs are very generous!
The most generous game I've ever played on playstore, no ads and generous devs. Sadly in its 5 months of existence some bugs are yet fixed and translations are still broken. Still, an excellent game and I do hope the devs will not abandon this game. P.S. Do events to recruit limited OVEs so your new players will stick around for long. By the looks of it, your community is nearly dead so do something to attract new players like "many" in-game events.
(Edited) the first issue is being stuck at 11% download, just wait, it seems to lag at that point for few minutes. Next, this game got a generous amount of pull you can get. I just played for 5 hours and it will reach 70 pull in total. Dont want your results? You can reroll in many ways, lastly it like an afk game, at least in the beginning. We wait what the game has to offer at future update.
I think that PvP needs to be adjusted. I keep getting matched against full 5☆ teams with an occasional 6☆ thrown in, against my 2 4☆ 3 5☆ team (non of the 5☆ are max level)(All of them have SR gear). I've only won 4 times out of 15 matches.
This game is really good! Every character and the gameplay is good. The only that sucks is the story and scenario for the character and adventure is too little. I hope more scenario for the ove because I like the story.
Hidden Gem! Im surprised this game isnt very popular but it should be! I like the graphics, the art is chibi but in a good way, fast combat with unique skill cutscenes and animations, very nice soundtrack, its a very polished game, its really generous too, rerolling is quick it has 50x10 selective summon and you can make new guest account! I just played few days and i have several 4 stars and a solid team! I dont mind the grind its part of every gacha game! Try it and be surprised like me!
On C10-4 , my game keeps crashing before I can finish the fight. It happens at the same part every single time, and I'm not sure what to do. I'm having a lot of fun with the game and pre-registered, but I just cant figure out why this is happening! Will change to 5* once fixed :"]
*Edit* Installed on an emulator to block mic access. Original GK 10 times better. ----- Mandatory mic access. Uninstalled. Dont let these creeps listen to everything you say. Other games only request "while in use" access only when attempting to use their garbage voice to text. This requires constant anytime use beforehand. Very sleazy and probably spying on everything. Their greed killed GK, and now, not only did they abandon GK to attempt another cash grab, but they want your privacy too.
update: there's no weird permission anymore, thanks for listening to your player. there used to be mic permission now i've tried this game with two different phones, both didn't ask for mic anymore. game review: great game, definitely better than other similar games. the gameplay is pretty idle,sortie your teams into various stages, your girls automatically attack the enemy, activate skills when available and done. the graphics and arts are quite excellent i found myself fallen in love with them
The game looks nice but becomes repetitive and boring very quickly. Pros: Doing missions gives you cards for free summons The designs of many of the girls and the animations are amazing. Cons: It gives you very little XP to level up with. Everything else is pretty lackluster like the armor designs and promotion system. The review system is garbage to finding out if a girl is good or not. The game lags when trying to do an ultimates. The menu layout isnt good and romance doesn't change anything
As far as gacha type/harem makers go, GK O.V.E is WORLDS better than the first game. Everything from localization, content, presentation, and detail. It sticks to the basics of thr platform media, but adds enough polish and detail that it's worth sticking around. I especially love the character notes and indepth friends system.... even as we make the girls all ours! And the battles are actually super fun to fight. I do kinda wish there was more control over the fights a la AL or GFL, but meh
Okay I was hooked on the game at first but then when you realized that the pvp content is just for whale players especially when most of the important exchangeable items can only be obtained using pvp currency. You cannot even choose your opponent it goes randomly pick high ranking enemy on your first battle. Tried multiples times on pvp but sadly the matchmaking is not even equally matched. Such a waste. Uninstalled.
I really didn't expect this game to be this much awesome. Music is headphones worthy! Story is amazing and I mean it, character development is one of the best on the market right now, contents are abundant, gameplay is simple yet satisfyingly sophisticated! Overal, you guys did it 🤘
Not sure if we just have a slow connection but there are times it feels like it takes time to load a certain action in the game. The server may be, I don't know. Grindy but okay for me. Not sure if anyone had an experience where it all fit their taste when it comes on how RNG'ngy these games work. Mats are definitely hard to get and it's okay considering that there is an option to play it for free.
Love the app, the story is interesting and the dialogue options are hilarious. My only complaint is that the text boxes that translate what the Oves are saying outside of the plot are only available on the home screen of the game. I would love to see them in the "Guidebook" section as well. Otherwise you only get to know 3 lines of their out of plot dialogue unless you speak their language, and with all the other dialogues they have, it's really disappointing not to know what they're saying.
Sure, the game may be fun at start, but it gets really boring soon. After few months and lvl 50 I don't feel motivated to play at all, just boring lvl and gear grind, and stupid RNG.
This is gold!! I dont realky put any rates but this one, this one is worth it. Highly recommended. Please support this game
bruh it wouldn't sync with my main google account so... why. team building isn't like the original goddess kiss where you would have to pick the characters positions. but it's still a decent game.
Very cute girls, I love the story, art and character designs. Can we dial it down on the 'tattered clothes' option however? As a female player, it's unsettling to see that sone of the more underaged looking girls have their clothes torn in certain ways (*cough* there's a difference between being torn from battle and torn to look 'sexy' *cough*) And PLZ GIVE LILY SOME PANTIES 🤬 Don't lewd my mascot loli 🥺 Also the kissing scenes for the 4* gotta go, don't want to catch a case from jailbait lol
Good time killer. F2p friendly although requires a ton of grinding. Frequent event and generous stamina rewards. Experiencing bug where it constantly freezes when you withdraw from battle. Hope this could be fixed.
I love the game The only things that I would like to see added to the game is evolution for O.V.E's that give alternate costumes. Also I would to have it that in the story mode if O.V.E's like Kilsty, Yana, and Wall join your team in story, then they should be able to be used in your team. The final thing is that it seems to hard to get experience for O.V.E'S and stamina, please make it easier to gain. Thank you and Please take my suggestions into account.
I love the character, but its hard to get 4* O.V.E, Also can you make the server maintenance doesn't make we cant in the game??
Hey there! Great game, I really enjoy it, I've played the first one before and really liked it. But I am reviewing because of a bug when clicking on Guild. The text vanishes, then returns and then I can't tap anything. I have to leave the game in order to continue playing. Just fix it. Thanks
good game but, after few days playing im starting to aware that everything is way too costly, need to pay freaking a lot of Gold when upgrading skill that does not give any huge difference, way too expensive boost up, 1x Daily training sure is joke, stamina regen way too slow (12hs cannot even reach 200st), guild shop that full of useless stuff, i did no say this game is p2w, but the gap of p2w and low spender/f2p way too huge, when whale can buy just everything using premium curency (gem)