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God Punch: Idle Defense

God Punch: Idle Defense for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by goGame located at 51 Tai Seng Avenue, #B1-03, Pixel Red, Singapore 533941.. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very intresting concept has me intrested will update review later...so far I love it easy to understand and control :) Update:So far im progressing fast however starting to get bored would love some more game modes of some kind to keep things fresh plz and ty and yes cant wait for guilds :)
-1 for asking for a 2min review. -1 for a tutorial that describes buttons instead of just having a '?' button that describes the buttons by text. -1 The tutorial gives no space to actually explore and wants the game played at its pace. Game asked for a review mid tutorial, I havent even been able to play the game yet. I prefer a skip current tutorial option or skipping the entire tutorial option. Again a '?' button would solve this.
Nc concept. It just drains my battery a lot, provide performance settings for battery drainage. We also need competition, better add tournaments, guilds and rankings, as well as events for a much exciting gameplay.
Amazing! Characters with huge arms to punch are so nice, cute. Game is visially very appealing and gameplay and controls are also nice. Addictive and challenging.
Was fun at first. Definitely playable without spending money. However, it has limited things to do and updates have not come out. As it stands now, this has devolved into something boring. Fun for a week or so, but no longer gives reason to come back to it.
This game has some real potential, as far as idle games go, its got your standard stuff, reset your level progress for a resource and items that upgrade you through resets, yada yada yada, but the mini gods and seals, along with the gem galaxies kinda make this pretty interesting, it's it bit lacking in content at the time of writing this, and has a few text errors across the game (US-english) but it looks like this game has a real shot at being a pretty good idle.
A fun game with a really nice art style! The space theme is really cool and I like having to defend the earth. The "minigods" are really cute and a fun addition to the game.
Great Idea of a game! I really enjoying it! And such snooth graphics! 1 problem, rebirth are kinda usless when you switch levels, and transform is too hard to get
So cute game. I like the graphics, the colors, the 3D effects! Creators have put a lot of effort. Download and enjoy, I recommend it!
Awesome Game, the 3d effect is so good. Developers have put lot of efforts creating this game... enjoying a lot playing this game, must download and keep playing
ĐawnIaod (WHAFF) App to FREE MONEY. C.c.s. is, at once, enjoyable and entertaining,and maddeningly, frustratingly challenging! Ifyou needa few minutes to unwind and just give yourself a bit to recharge from the daily grindof parenting, job stress or what have you, openthe app for this game. I really do enjoy it. Lotsof ways to earn free perks, too!However! I DONOT like the fact that the "daily reward" streak going back to day i if you can't play every day.Not a HUGE deal, but annoying nonetheless.Atleast to mez
Just play for few minute and good. Main character is different than another idle. There are a little bug, idk in a few minute i will be back to the first screen like i just open it again. Hope it will fixed soon. And the game make my phone(samsung s9) so hot, hope there will be an update to disable animation or make lower animation, so we can play much time in game and dont worry about the phone and battery.
Fairly decent rebirth style game. I'd like to see a feature that allows me to choose incrementals for leveling minigod(s) / zero. But not too bad of a game so far. No real reason I've seen to spend real money yet. Maybe if you included a "remove ads" buy option, I would be interested. I do really like the x5 rewards for watching ads, instead of the typical double rewards.
Awesome game and graphic and good of control, it's really cool game and easy to play, I recommend to everyone πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
During the 2x probably around wave 60 I kept getting the small blue orbs (dont know what they are called sorry) for more points. Like sec id watch one i would get another. After playing more i kept playing on the normal speed i prob got one like every min. I know it makes sense to see more at 2x but it felt like it came in burts a lot. Also getting an option to pause the game during upgrading would be nice. Other than that i think the game is great.
Fun game. Love the art style and the beating up space rocks to protect earth lol. I will be playing this for a while
the ads seem fair (not forced & optional) the game looks nice, quite a (mute)firework show but this recipe, this game is nothing new, play it if you like the theme :) p.s. i will add to this once ive played enough
Fun game but got some bugs like not getting idle video rewards for x5 (usually for +5hours) also does not advance stages but works if not waching adds. The minigods affection level always shows zero, rainbow path I seal shows upgrade button but does not upgrade after lvl5.
I really like this game. It's fun and challenging and keeps me addicted. It's very asthetically pleasing and I just like being in the app. Good job!
Alot of game icons are just black squares making it hars to see them sometimes or even know what they look like. The meteors, bosses seals, and several others are these black squares. Game errorers happen every so often as well.
Amazing concept and execution, I love the graphics and the gameplay! Got hooked up to it pretty quicky, highly recommend it!
Seems like a cute game. Don't entirely get the "God Punch" title when you're bashing meteors, but... meh. Also, would like to be able to switch to scientific notation; the "a, b, aa, ab" numbering is bothersome and powers of 10 are generally a cleaner, more readable format -- Tap Titans 2 is probably one of the biggest incremental games at the moment where both formats are available options to players, as an example.
Don't you guys have better ads than Funky Bay? I have had the privilege to watch an hour's worth of that crappy ad.
Alright y'all, doing a new review of the game. Here's what you need to know: 1. The game is very interesting. I like how the foundation is set up, the dungeons are cool, the ways to upgrade things are cool. In the area of cool graphics, interesting story and concept, and (expected) fun, I will give the game 5*. Most of this evaluation comes from what I see as the potential of the game. 2. The game is new. This means that there are some definite bugs and issues (that you'll realize once you get far enough along in the game). However, I've sent at least a dozen emails to support and I ALWAYS get a response back that is helpful and shows they truly care. You're going to run into some problems, but they are fixing them. They're very open to suggestions and respond to issues, so if you have one just send an email! 3. While the foundational game is very fun, it's also very time intensive at the moment for an Idle game. You pretty much have to pay attention to it all the time to upgrade things in order for the game to actually progress. However, they have stated they want the game to be more granular (hands-free) and I have given them multiple suggestions where they can do this and hopefully they will implement them. 4. The game has a lot of potential, but it's a little rough right now. It's definitely worth playing while you have free time and if you're competitive like me, then it's worth it to put in the activity now while waiting for leaderboard's and easier play to be released. All-in-all, I like the game. I'm giving it 5* because I enjoy playing it, despite the issues I've experienced thus far and I see the potential in it and want others to play it and it to be succesful.
This is the best game on earth and a pretty good game but I need to have internet but that's OK I really hope that you can make more updates keep it up with the good stuff make the game bigger and better it well be better and I'll like it so keep the good things on you should install it it's a very good game pls install it you well like it it's good
Adorable graphics, fun story with a very rewarding system. I spent some money on the IAPs and it did progress me a little bit further but compared to other idle games: You don't wait as long to regenrate your token things to do stuff and the games difficulty curve though is slightly lacking. I found out that some minigods have special interactions. Though I hope you add more detail such as Zero's in-game appearence matching what element he embraces. Keep up the great work!
Interesting mechanics and fun gameplay. Regular free gem rewards. A few visual bugs here and there, but nothing gamebreaking. Looking forward to further content. Thanks.
Terribly unbalanced drop rates. I'll be on stage 300 for years based on the cost to upgrade and what I earn. Didn't get the early rewards, either. I'll try again in a few months once some time had been put in to this game. After rebirth, the Earth upgrade resets to 0, but the cost remains the same. At Earth level 21, it is impossible to upgrade even 100 levels (out of 220) after a full day of play. And then rebirth resets all progress.
Simple but with great graphics. The game is intuitive and a good way to kill time. Getting addicted to it πŸ˜‚
Ive played almost every idle game out there and this is in my top 5, amazing game but can no longer load in as i get stuck on loading screen. Tried uninstalling and didnt help, playing on samsung s20+
I love this game! It is so aesthetically pleasing, graphics are beautiful and well done. Gameplay is that of a typical Idle/Rebirthing game but it doesn't feel completely redundant. Developers are also very active in addressing their players' concern. Right now the game feels a bit 'empty' but I could definitely see future updates that's gonna make this game so much better than it already is! I wish there was some way we could farm the other resources though.
Absolutely loved this game. The UI is great and the game itself is hard to put down once you start playing. Definitely recommended
Intuitive gameplay, f2p friendly, crisp graphics, and original concepts for an idler. It just lacks depth, I feel like I experienced everything about the game without much challenge in a very short time frame. I'm hoping the dev's keep developing this app as it could have a lot of potential if there was more to do. Also session errors (galaxy s9) seem to crash the app and/or restart a lot of progress.
The ui gone from time to time.. even without watching ads, the ui got error, the mini god menu is gone, the zero gone too.. please check it up