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God of Stickman 3

God of Stickman 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by W N Yume located at .. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like this game but please update this to multi-player game me and my brother is playing this game but we want to fight each other i will give this 5 star after make this online and offline
It's so awesome I dont have problems with it it literally can run with low wifi it uses real forms on DBZ it is like showing old and new situations on the battles it is the bomb.
I love the game, been playing it for years uninstalled it before but that was to install a different game but the reason im not giving it 5 stars is because i want to request that the developers make the transformations more like the anime, can you please give us the buttons to detransform and transform when ever we want. Developers please make this happen if you do i will rate game 5 stars and more... Thank you
It would be great if you added more transformations. I know that all of those are from orginal dragon ball super and dragon Ball z But it would be great
I rate this game one star because the levels are too hard, how do you expect me to enjoy a game that I can't win
Very fun and addictive, I just really love this game!! I also love the feature for blowing up planets. Every different type of way to play is a great time passer. It's also very fun to see how fast you can level up characters!!this game also is something I use to stay awake in class instead of sleeping and now all my grades are going up!! Thank you for making this game!! πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ€˜πŸ‘ Maybe add Ya-cha (with all super saiyan forms just for fun) Kid Go-en Ba-ok And let them have all the forms. And if you can, add online mode so we can play with other people online. Keep up the great work! πŸ‘
This is awsome of his transformation but one thing is bad that it is not in multiplayer please do this game in multiplayer in bluethooth and wifi bluethooth like airplane multiplayer when you make it multiplayer this game will become number one game in world all game of draigon ball will 0
This is the best dragon ball Game I have Ever Seen On Android ITS AMAZING and also please make it eaiser to get forms its very hard please make it eaiser i beg you. Also I love The Game Amazing Graphics And Amazing Fighting styles And Amazing Forms Keep Up The Good Work! Also one more thing Can We Get Like 100 Ball When Defeating A Opponent Please add that i love Your work i want this game To Be The Best Stickman dragonball game ever!
Amazing but plz add a use all points option or when you hold the plus button it rapidly uses alot of points because i takes me an hour to upgrade my character
Amazing but if not already added can you plsadd super saiyan blue evolution to vegeta also can you pls add the kaiokenx20 for son goku??? (These are suggestions) i love the game keep up the great work!!!!
I love this so much, it is a very good game to play off line. But would like to see a clash feature, for when you and your opponent both hit each other a punch/kick and also a beam structure feature as well.
When goku and gohan and goten and gogeta and vegeto does a kamehame it should always be blue should be blue not red no adds should be shown in game play and people should be able to play as gods of destruction but it should cost a lot of dragon balls snd ther should be no limits in training people should still be able to gain progress and and you should add beeruses world and the land of the kia's and king kai's world and and people should be able to play as hit the buttons should be bigger
It's fun but it's there little problem why I did my characters are not upgrading when I won the lvl I upgrade to level 2 right but it's still lvl 1 now I'm in lvl 82 but still lvl 1 pls fix this bug
Love it but could you add more playble characters and maybe a survival mode and maybe make ultra fusion's were you merge to fusions like bro-ren and vegito to make bro-geto and please add buu please add Frieza also I have maxed out all character skills forms and levels but when you get past level 71 which takes for ever I think it's max you level up every battle
This game is awesome, almost perfect,but it would be great if you could hold down the upgrade button or set the amount that you wish to upgrade instead of spamming the upgrade button, it takes to long. But its great still. Also when will the new update be released plz.
This game is fun to play there's new things added from the last time I played and it's the best Stik man game also the game should add were when we have everything we can restart our character and start over and all ower money will be gone
I love this game I just love it the controls are simple the graphics r nice end the gameplay never bores you just one thing and only one thing whens the next update cause if I use the special move then it makes the characters bug out and I can not damage them in any way shape or form please fix it and that's all
Wonderful game! However the ultra instinct isn't ultra instinct if it doesn't automatically dodge maybe you could add a feature where it automatically dodges when you block once you've transformed into ultra instinct that is the only thing that stopped me from giving a 5 star review
This Game is really Fun! One of the best dragon ball z games that wasn't made by Bandai! One thing though, What does the Energy Upgrade thing do exactly? I doesn't seem to make much of a difference on whether I upgrade it or not. Also, The New Update that you guys announced in March hasn't arrived yet, not even In November when you guys said it would. So Will the New update at Least be here before 2021 arrives? Again, This Game is awesome!
Its a fun game. I like that the names of all the fighters are the same as the show. Also i would love it and so would others if you gave all the fighters there own forms.
I LOVE this game so much for many reasons a few being how it runs smoothly and how the controls are simple. I love the forms you guys give the characters. I CAN'T wait for the rest of the game to come out. Keep up the good work!!!
It's a good game, but I think they should make it in a way that when the characters transform their clothes get ripped off like in the movie to make it more real and exciting. I think you should also add a multi player mode so that you can play with friends
You should definetly dowloed this game its so scurate bot i hop woud like more carracter and i also think you poeple should add all transformation snd add a full transformation boting so i can go trate to full power ,cant wait for that update
I love this game. However, I'm curious whether or not the games still receiving updates. Is that still a possibility of ever happening? Also a few recommendation being: .Giving the auras of the forms more artistic look .Adding Gokhan (Goku and Gohan) as a fusion .Allowing players to also have access to playing as the villains with their skills and transformations. I could go on but its limited to 500 words only so oof. I've always loved this game and I hope it continues development! Thank you!
Its cool,its way better than part 2 different ways to fight and collect coins you play with different charecters and upgrade them to ultra instinct and fuse charecters its cool but i wish there was more moves like kio ken that would so cool to have and if you would be able to ad voices to the charecters or just like a scream when you transform that would realy cool oh and can you please slow the meter thing for destrowing the planets that would be awesome.best game to have and enjoy.
Iv been playing most of these stick/dbz games and this.one is prob the best iv played.love the way the upgrade\transforming works. Very cool. Ucan startright out in a fight by tranforming to yohr highest form, or use it as.your health deplets. Good game but would like a.rest for starting freash games.
Really love your game is just that I want you to add more transformations to the characters, fusion in Battle, and add kioken to Goku. I also want you to give fusion a time limit and make characters like jiren, broly ,gogeta and vegetto cps of 120,000000
It's a really good game with lots of dragon ball cannon stuffs added it really makes me feel like I'm in dragon ball but the problem for me in my opinion is that every time I get more than 4 forms the first form automatically removes and I have to skip forms which is sad but I'm sure you might fix and do something about it
The game itself is really great, the gameplay and game mechanics are superb to most dragon ball stick games. The only issue or rather part of the game I dislike is the outdated graphics of the gui and menu. The graphocs in general are good but the menu such as the play buttonafter a level and the you win or you lose text is outdated and don't fit the style of the game really well at all. Other than that, the graphics for the fighting and animations are very well done. I am impressed.
Love the game the animations are on point everything looks clean I play when I have free . But with all that being said pls update the game like a new item or move or somthing anything will make me happy or tell us somthing about the game pls it lost a star cause its been 9 months that all I have say
Games wonderful but don't ever delete it apparently you lose all your progress... as in final form on every character and characters between 15 and 45 million units of power...
I love the game and everything about it is that just that there are two many glitches for example when a oponent falls down and you press rapid ki blast button it hit the next opponent that appears and neither one of can move. But apart from the glitches i absolutely love the game
Its a very good game but i think you should make a multiplayer mode and low down the Prices of the forms and Characters
This game is satisfying when the world cuts in half but it's fine πŸ‘Œ it's still a good game hope theres more dragon Ball games your gonna make peace bro πŸ‘ and also I can't fuse with Goku and vegeta you should fix that bug too thanks and please fix the bug I can't fuse with vegeta and Goku please fix this bug in the new update please. My edit: And you too peace bro.
This game is great! I love the super saiyan hair it is smooth. Make more games like these and you made the game good
A great time game, very addictive, has better quality, great gameplay, and will not make you bored if you internet needs repairs while it gets fix. A really great offline game. This is one of my top favorite offline games. Have a nice day. And stay safe.
I'm honestly very disappointed in the Devs of this game, they lied about updating the game, after saying they'd update it in May, April, June, October, November, December, the game itself was amazing but it's becoming bad due to the lazy Developers who won't even be honest about abandoning the game after over a year of no updates, I recommend this game to people who like to play Dragon Ball games but I do not recommend playing games made by these Developers as they seem to be very lazy.
Its really fun to play, has a decent amount of grinding but not too much. Has tons of levels to play and I love games where you can use points to upgrade yourself. The only problem I have so far is that I've been waiting quite a while for that update.
I played the game before when it was first released and it was good I had some trouble with they fix the bugs and now it's still really good just I wish you got vegeto as one of the characters you can use when you first boat up the game because it's a bunch of the geotrans but it costs a lot so can you get on that please and can you also get gold cheetah as one of the other characters because what's the point of having one fusion when the it's just two people combined having those two Fusions
the game is great and i'm not really too big of a fan when it comes to ultra and mastered ultra instinct and i would like if we could be able to use all of our forms and not only the last four forms. please make it to were we can use all of the forms again Edit: We're still waiting on the next update unless you've given up on the game, but it is still fun to play and I am looking forward to the update
Hey I love it but the health and stats could be buffed, plus a few of noncannon forms can be added here and there, and u should add a tournament type mode for a certain amount of dragon balls or skulls plus I been playing for a year or 2 and its amazing keep it up!!!
Very cool game but the glitches need a little bit of a fix and they need more characters but overall amazing stickmen game
Overall this game is sooooo much fun and very addicting, but there is a couple problems with it, first of all I hate having to click 10 million times just to add skill points to my character, so please add something to speed it up. Also I don't like the fact that you lose ssj1 when you buy God, so it would be awesome if we could just keep all the forms. And just a little thing you could possibly add in is another way of earning currency like a quicker way. Thank you have a great day πŸ˜€
This game is the best of all stick man games. One thing I didn't liked about this game is that there is only a few characters you have I request to the developers of this game will fix that and add more characters other than that this game is best.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
Really needs more modes and enemies. We need more characters too, like Beerus. There needs to be a button to select the amount of stat you want in something, so you don't have to spam the buttons for an hour. Also the star breaker minigame needs to be like fixed. Every character no matter how strong needs to use 85 power to win any minigame, it doesn't scale depending on the difficulty or power of that character. If I have 50k power on Jiren, it should at least be at 60% power
Awesome it is great and easy I've already unlock goku you on my second day but I found a bug In global when you use 100% power with truhan(not ssj) after your done you will see. Goku black for a second
Love this game insanely fun AND this not like any other dragonball stick game and would like the devs to plz add more characters and also thanks a lot to do devs to make this awesome game thank you for replying and I just wanted to ask another thing Sir can you add multilayer mode so that other people could fight each other thanks again
It's just perfect It was a bit disappointing because you can not play up to level 300 like it says so if you can fix that I'll be very appreciative
This game is legendery you don't find games like this everyday it's pretty amazing with the attack animations and transformations but if you will can you please add omni goku, vegeta and gogeta that would make the game 10 times more enjoyable
I love it I don't see anything wrong except some styles for characters take a lot of money but doesn't change my experience keep it up!!!! Also thank you dev(s) for replying.
It would be awesome if we could make our own characters in the game it would be a good way to end the series as well customize the hair and transformations and transformation multipliers and transformation colors and energy color as well as costumes and color I've been wanting a game quite like this 1 for a while but would love it if customisation was available it would make the game more unique from other Stickman games I'll give 5 Stars if this can be done in the next 1 or 2 updates
Great game i love it i play all day keep up the good work but you might be wondering why i gave two stars is because 1: i have all the characters max everything so you need more characters 2: need more levels because i have completed all And final you need to add bosses and tournament please add it will be improving you downloads and rates don't even forget Comments
I love this game so much because you can use any player and you can make a fusion an it is not very expensive to make a fusion. Please please download this game
Its a very awesome game I love the graphics and I love all power levels/ transformations especially mastered ultra instinct and I am still waiting for the update though but aside that its a very great game you have to try it out sometime
I love the game I really do but you haven't updated in 9 months and you've said to some people that the next update would be out within the month but all of those replies were made in November and there's still nothing, just tell us players if you plan on stopping development because it gets quite annoying looking day after day to see no updates
Dragon ball z and stickman is my favourite but there is 1 bug that we can.t use power.up and special attack at a same time which cause an gulich plz fix it
This is literally the best stickman game I've ever played. Iove everything about it ,but ive completed al levels .so I'm really looking forward to the next update.
A great game.Increase the space limit by alot, also after hits you fall when in the air,can they walk/run on the ground,can they fly higher.Fix the auras,add new characters,like zeno,his assistants, angels, adroid 16-17.Battle points should affect their attribute,so its possible to autodogde without blocking,reduce the amount to level up characters,also an option of whom to fuse with not just custom made fusion(come on lets be creative).Add a fusion button with another character to fuse with.
It is a great game overall I really like it though a nice addition to the power would be a kio-ken button that would be situated right above the ki charge button The ability of the kio-ken would allow the player a power boost for a short period of time and depending on how high the kio-ken is ( kio-ken Γ—5 and so on) it would do a bit of Damage to the player and stun them for about 10 seconds
This game is fun but it got really slow and irotatong there were too many forms in my opinion and it got tooo costly please lower the cost to uograde for new forns
I think this game is awesome, but I think you should allow us to transform into all the transformations even when we're maxed out. Another thing I think you should add is the ability to limit your strength if you want because when you get strong enough nothing is really a challenge
This game is so much fun and it's a really good dbz game but it can do even better like add better moves ect but in all honesty I think this game is one of the best I ever played.
There are too many bug in this game...please fix it as soon as possible..and one more thing...i wait for a long time for a new version...where is it?
This is the type of game I like keep it up. And to make it better can u plz add it to where it can be team fights and stuff. Make sure every person is on the screen no switching the character out okay. Like everyone fights at the same time. Thx if u read this have a nice life
This game is nice and all but I just can't get the fusion and so make it more specific so good luck with the game and make something like God of stickman 4 and 5 and I think you should add more skills and I think you should teach how to get the fusion
How abou5 adding the gods and angels and each transformation would turn them bnb into the abgel or gos above them. And could u add ssj rage ssjbe gohans mystic ssj majin and non cannon forms. I wo yo ld give 5 stars but the game gives basically ever one mui i could at least give them the correct transformations like how vegeta has never used ssj3 but u have it for him.
the health bonus that your character gets from its transformation is not enough at all and doesn't make sense. there is almost no difference between UI and base form when it comes to health. how about you improve the bonus hp and make it that every time someone upgrades the health, the bonus increases. also, what's the use of the ki upgrade? is it for a faster charge up?
I love this game and I played so much of it that I got GOK to about 30,000,000 base power, but recently I've gotten a Chromebook and saw I could play the game on here, but the controls are still for mobile. It'd be cool to have a setting in the menu that you can switch controls for Laptops and Smartphones so that everyone can enjoy it like I have! All in all, it's an amazing game and you should try it if you have a smartphone, hours of entertainment with many levels
It's different from all the other games. You can upgrade to different ssj and instead of only one you can transform into different ones
turn the bots damage down wow I can be double a bots power level and it 3 shots me I call ballshit and make broly and jiren get bigger when they transform, please add the triple fusion of vegeta Goku and broly and make vegetas final flash yellow. lastly make broly a arua green I'm done here do one of those and the star will go back up thanks. Oh and it's been a few months since you said your were going to update it I hope nothing bad happed including Corona.
Its working better and it has good game work, id like to see a fusion of gogeta and vegito, i hope this game has more patches on when a character hits the edge, still may fly around glitchy
Ok it been some months when is the update coming? And my ultra instinct character still have no automatic dodge. Ik it been a rough year for everone but please i beg of you please tell us when the update is gonna happen. If there is no update its fine we all deserve a break. Also Merry Christmas.
Great expirience. However I encountered a major probably (or at least a problem which could be major). On level 115 against blue goku, the opponents ki went down to -20. This was after the opponent dashed on 0 ki. This also happened later on on level 119. I have a screen shot of it if wanted.
It was a really good game i spent aloot of time on it i think whoever is reading this should download or try this game OutπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ if their was 6 stars i would put them all. rewards great game creators. 2020 why hasnt this updated yet im still waiting for it 😒😒😒 i beat every level preparing for more pls tell me when it will update.yes thank you i havent uninstalled yet waiting for the update will be waiting:).Wow this month time went by so fast Thank you for making this game.be happy tooπŸ‘
Very good game,but i cant fly unless im in the hyperbolic time chamber background,why,and make the characters shout during transformations,make the characters able to access different forms eg ss2 ss3,during the fight by charging up make characters glow with energy when idle,and make the players life not go down so fast.name the story modes according to the sagas,make them able to shoot be individual ki blasts,and change the flame kick can attack. to melee or combo attack. 5,stars,please reply
New update:: Create a new update where you can : change hair colour of a particular transformation and skin colour for the hairless like jiren, upgrade a particular form instead of all forms and transformations and delete a particular transformation,otherwise this game is the best dragon ball super game I have ever played.it is unique
I love it no bugs and I got super sayain 4 same day when I downloaded it i love this game thanks so much I appreciate I never saw a bug or glitch happen realy thank you all for doing this when downloaded it a long time it sound boring now its awesome and amazing at the same time but I wish I could get a hack to get infinite dragon balls so I'm making low give that or I won't give you a five star also give me infinite death so I get all fusion or I won't give you five star hello can you hear me ?
Game is great lags and freezes, but that make the game funner to me because if something stupidly funny happens laugh so hard I fall to the floor. I've created all fusions accept for the unreleased fusions and maxed all of them out to Mui and completed the easy, normal, and hard modes, I unlocked all rewards on planet mode. The game is amazing I also love dragon Ball so it makes it even for addictive. Love the game keep up the good work. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT UPDATE.
SO AMAZING!!!!-Cristian also, i think there should be a feature that saves your progress after you delete it then download it again.(I can't believe the developers responded to my comment!*faints*......jk:)
Really good game but, there's only one problem.Can you add something that would put the points much easier. I will give this game a 5 star review if you add it to the game.😊😊
This is so far the best stickman game I have ever seen and played buh there is one thing bordering me and that is the buttons for the gameplay: THEY ARE TOO SMALL.Please make it better in the next update....TNXπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
It really makes you want to just stay on bc when you first start you have so much to do discover and unlock so I really like the game 5 out of 5 stars
The animations look alot better and is definitely one of the best dragon ball based stick man mobile games
It's a great game I just wish you added the last three fusions and updated this game more it's really fun to play I hope you update it soon but I want to inform you people have started to copy your game.
The game is good, I really enjoy some of the non-canon forms and I really wish there was a bit more creativity for different forms. Also, when is the update gonna come out? It's February of 2021
i used to play this on my ipad, and i still play it today, its one of the best mobile games i've played, and i also understand that games like these take a lot of time and effor into them.
Awesome game. But the only problem is that the costs of different things are really high and difficult to get. Wish there was an option to swap players in the middle of the fight or fuse them. Also could you make the power levels of everyone like in the anime. Feel like you are not doing justice to the anime. Overall nice game . Loved it.
I Love this Game! Here Is a Way to Improve This: Add Dialogues when Transforming and Starting a Battle,It would Be a Bit more Interesting with Some intro Animations and More... Now The thing Is,This could Also have some More idle Stance like a Cross Hands after standing idle for 1 second and A make Moves a bit More realistic like Kamehameha With Some Fire - Like Aura near the one Who used It and same with Other ones!
I love this game trust me i believe yall did such an amazing job but i have one complaint. Once you unlock supersayain God you don't get to turn ssj 1 anymore you go straight to ssj2 which is kinda weird. I understand in the main anime goku uses supersayian 2 more as more of the warm up form but still lol
Ok s I know that that strong characters like jiren and broly should cost more for forms, but still I think it's a bit much for the first form to be 40k. It should be like 2k or somethin. Anyways it's a good game with cool looking forms and stuff. It has nice little activities you can do, but I think you should add quests to the game, it would be more fun. Thank you for your time.
It was a really good game i spent aloot of time on it i think whoever is reading this should download or try this game OutπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ if their was 6 stars i would put them all. I think you should add a multiplayer mode to fight a very strong boss like easy medium hard and GOD or fight online players for rewards Other than that, this is a great game creators. 2020 why hasnt this updated yet im still waiting for it 😒😒😒 i beat every level preparing for more pls tell me when it will update.yes thank you i havent uninstalled yet waiting for the update will be waiting:)
The upgrade are a bit pricey but anything else is good and the ultimate are quite cool move. The transformation should push back enemies
You guys have not updated the game in months and purposely ignored my review the game was good but playing it over and over with nothing new gets boring therefore I put this to 1 star personally the game is decent but at this point they just have the same message put out to users who gave good reviews and maybe some bad yet they don't ever tell people when to expect the "big update" when a lot of people that love the game are waiting for it
This game is dope like i said before but it does need to get updated, it hasnt been updated in like a year now and the creators said they would do it soon so im waiting for that :\
It's really fun and entertaining. But it would be great if you can just hold down the upgrade button or set the amount you want to upgrade that would be awesome and(sorry if you already know this but)when will the update be released plz.
Great game but every time i upgrade a character it gets more and more expensive and please make multiplayer and make the characters cheap
Please only thing I want to tell you is that add more characters make the graphics more clearly and please make it that 2 people can fight a particular villain and fuse in battle Please add more transformations to all the characters thank you
Great game! But more is needed. Like adding team fights and no choosing a character if previous one died. Everyone fights simultaneously, even 2vs2 match can exist. Even more game modes can be added like tournaments or a tower which you can climb infinitely, making you get kore rewards the further you go up. One thing to remove is when your special attacks stop recharging when an enemy appears after defeating previous one. Make characters have different speeds and also customization of controls.
The gameplay and experrnce are good and ive come to this game many times before but now its bugging out for the versus one (one with easy to god difficulty) and add a google act log in please.
It's a great game with fun mechanics! My only issues with it are that it's very repetitive, and the mission rewards aren't good enough to make the particularly difficult enemies rewarding to fight.
This is a well thought out game and is extremely fun and a good thing to do if nothing is going on and I only have one note of advice keep up the good work why this has 4 star is because i thing there is alot you could do with this game and just didnt i hope this gets an update soon keep up the good work
Jiren in the tv show has ultra instinct I feel like he should have that instead of the golden one but thanks for making this game it's really fun can there also be a restart button
Its good and all, but getting coins to upgrade is pretty tough. And you haven't released an update in so long. Release an update soon please.
Nice game i really like it but the reason I am not giving it five stars is because the characters should have the ability to fly and also add senzu beans that regenerate the ki and health
Great game, but left hanging since March 2020. Would be five stars if they finally came out with the update they said they would have in March 2020. It's now April 2021 and nothing.
This game is great I also wanna say don't listen to those people who give this game a 1-3 star, there just salty because they wanted to make a game like this. Also keep up the good work πŸ˜πŸ˜„
The game is nice very good.but I recommend you should add an easier way to level up your favorite character
Its great but, recently i've encounterd a bug where you instanyly level up 1 or 2 times i dont want the game to be easy all I want is a grind but the glitch is too op i didn't want to abuse it so I immediately reported it
II just installed this game and now I'm thinking it's very cool but it needs some sticks and controls it's very hot the at first it's easy when between planets of people but I need to know how so please I'm sending this updates so I left again so much thank you for making me thank you so much but is there and number four one please tell me okay
Great game! But more is needed. Like adding team fights and no choosing a character if previous one died. Everyone fights simultaneously, even 2vs2 match can exist. Even more game modes can be added. One thing to remove is when your special attacks stop recharging when an enemy appears after defeating previous one. . Make character speed a feature.
It's really fun and if i were you i would add a clothing section and you unlock the cloth by the dragon ball things