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GOD OF MAGIC - Offline Choose your own adventure

GOD OF MAGIC - Offline Choose your own adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Back to Panda located at Budapest, 1165 Olga utca 29.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very cute, different from anything I've ever played before. It's got a Lot of different aspects to it. It doesn't have much for explaining what to do, but u can basically die a lot n do it by trial n error. It's very easy to get gems n hearts.
So far I have no issues with this app and I have to say that I like it as you don't need other people with stories to accomplish growth of your player/wizard. I think the story so far in the 1st chapter is really good and it keeps me interested on what to happen next. Also it's not a pay to play app and ads are not overly populated only watch them to keep going on or you can pay for growth
Amazing!!! The only thing I dont like about it is that after a certain amount of turns, i have to watch an ad to continue. And also, how do I equip items???
The mini game to increase level in agility kind of stupid. Volt keep missing the square even though my finger already touched there, sometimes I even required to touch so far outside my touchscreen which is ridiculous. This rob the fun in the game itself. So disappointed.
Fun to play! Easy progression but you can wind up with stuff far above your level depending on your choices
This game is incredibly unique and quite fun to play. I haven't found a mobile game that has captured my attention quite as much as this one. Great job guys!
Cute but I wish that when you played the challenge game that your skill would increase instead of you having to go through it again and level it up!
LOVE the story, LOVE the character, love everything !! 😍😍😍 I hope to find many games that similar to this. I'll play it if I find them 😍
This game is for kids. It's too easy and I don't like how it's like you're texting with the characters. I was bored after playing for a minute.
Interesting and easy to play except for one mini game as the control does not work well enough and in need of frustrating multiple tries before to finally get to a stage that I can pass through that level. Other than that, it quite an enjoyable game.
I love this game, but the Agility puzzles are impossible to complete. My finger reaches the edge of my screen so the figure won't jump any further.
I LOVE THIS GAME if you add a heart recharge and a so you can customize how you look and I'm not taking about Volatar Then I will give the last star. PS. this game is so good to me it replaced SAKURA SCHOOL SIMULATOR. PSS. IT WAS BAD AND BORING SO I GAVE SAKURA SCHOOL SIMULATOR A BAD REVIEW.
Very fun game! It's interactive, not many ads, though there are some. It's chill, and is fun to play!
At best, it's unmemorable. At worst, boring, tedious, and dialogue reads like a children's bedtime storybook. At least the ads are reasonable.
Love the story and the way it was done, the minigames are addicting and you actually have better than no chance at getting good loot with the wheel XD I download and delete a lot of games but this one's definitely worth keeping around XD
It would be 5 stars if so much hadnt changed from its original version. I love the story, but now there are so many adds plus premium choices. They werent premium before. It changed so much, and mostly for the bad. I liked it the way it was before. They really just ruined it with the constant adds and paid choices.
It is annoying to do mini games every few questions. Every few steps a long story, it raises up the level for the challenge.
There is no way to get pass level 90 on this game I do enjoy playing and I do love challenging games but this is to much for me
Good story with some fun choices that affect where the narrative takes you. Id recommend this to any fans of TBA Games. Also the mini games add a great layer of difference to keeo the game challenging. its not perfect but it is great, cant wait to see more from the developers!
Controls/minigames are horrible. They're off and the games are really hard and frusterating. Once u run out of health potions you have to watch an ad only to recieve like 3 more. The storyline and graphics are great, and i would have given this 5 stars, if weren't for the games.
It's cute and fun. The mage second guessing you when you make a decision let's you think ahead before making a move. The minigames are fun and there's not too many adds.
Great until you get to chapter two and beyond when every mini game is too dam challenging for its own good, which makes the game unplayable because if you can't beat the mini game you can't progress. Was good at first would love to see some sort of balance tweak that makes the mini games easier. Spell casting for instance the hit box for things are bigger than they appear also 5 shields in your way almost makes the mini game impossible, but 6 is fine.
everything was pretty cool so far except when the guards come when youre breaking out of the pirate ship the sneaking minigame would have been better as like a maze or something not a picture puzzle
It was awesome and all but more choices should be available like 4 ...but anyways the games story line was lit.
Bad grammar, bad writing, boring story, simple minigames you've played elswhere, energy limiting systems.
Boring game advertising itself as a choose your own adventure. But here's the thing! You're not in control of your own character! You're only a 'guardian angel'! Yeah, nice choose you're own adventure. Even if you do choose 'your' own adventure, you're limited in what you can do. Too altruistic? You die. Too awful? You die. You have to follow the game to play, and you have to watch ads to progress! Terrible game, 0/10 would never play again.
OMG.... it's not common you find such a fun game! the adds are few and far between, and I don't upgrade skills because the mini games are so dang much fun! wonderful job, keep up the amazing work!
I think logic should be something a little more like light trivia or simple addition maybe a mixture of the two. Not a puzzle you can memorize the pattern to as it mixes up the picture.
the "remove ads" button covers up the difficulty level of the challenges, and reappears after entering any menu even after buying it.
Storyline is too one sided. You have to be nice in order to progress in the game? I lost at my third choice. And I had to respawn where I am forced to say ok I'll help you to progress. I mean If you're summoning me you have got to pay a price, if you can't pay the price why the heck did you summon me? Nothing comes without a price. Basic law of anything this game has an IAP. I thought this game went where I wanted it to go. *The choices are too limited and lacks imagination.*
A very good game, though has some bugs (Voltar saying he called him even though he said he wouldn't) and some slightly off angle hit boxes on spellcasting. Would give 4.5 stars if I could.
I have no conplaints so far. the game runs flawlessly, the shop items are cheap and a good deal, Iv already bought the starter pack, things are going well. Cool interactive story
Terrible. Not a "choose your own adventure story". It tries to pose as that. But what it really is a series of mini games that are a cycle of click, point, drag. The graphics are cute. But the gameplay is not enjoyable.
Super fun game! I can't stop playing! The storyline is so interesting, I'm totally hooked. I completely recommend this game to anyone!