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God Kings

God Kings for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by InnoGames GmbH located at InnoGames GmbH Friesenstraße 13 20097 Hamburg Germany. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Implied Violence, Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is good within itself. My only problem is that people can attack you over and over again where you cannot even recover your troops back. It already takes long to heal your troop which can be longer then your obelisk last. Then its also a process to build new troops. This game does not give enough time to recover or redefend themselves especially for those of us who work or go to school. Would of gave 5 stars but that issue makes me want to quit and uninstall.
This game is stupid you get attack 24/7 each time your damn Shield shut down it's such a retarded game this game needs a change like for example if I didn't do anything I can't be attacked for no reason and all those cheap trash at higher levels keep on attacking me in my shield is down and I didn't do anything so they attack me for no reason maybe for resources but that's f***** up this game needs to change like put a boundary on this game like you can only attack this person if that person did something to you this game turns into a burden every day if you don't get freaking on you get f****** attacked I hope you guys fix this stupid game
Fun, good layout, adequate help with mechanics - the biggest thing that is annoying is that when you get something completed whether it be a building upgrade or a monster killed there is a small rectangular purple bar that comes out and it covers up the timer. So if you're trying to use speed ups or complete something you need to tap a bit or wait for that bar to disappear. If you guys could put it on the opposite side of the screen it would be fine
Amazing game and highly addictive! Maybe just work on improving the quality of the textures of the Guardians a bit but otherwise amazing!
At first I was attracted by the ads and the graphics. The people in world chat were pleasant. Then, a kill event started that lasts three days. I have been reset to zero ten times, I have no defenses against being reset by other players, and they relentlessly attack you. In all, I would say this game has reached it's capacity and no new players fit in this toxically designed game. I would rate it negative stars if it would help remove it from the Play Store.
Awesome! A big and very positive surprise. Great and addictive gameplay - the "one more turn" syndrome kicks in, even without turns in the game. The giant, ancient-gods-related Familiars are much more likeable than any generic "army commander" I've ever seen in similar games. Mini-quests are making me constantly upgrade the kingdom/army/economics/technology, guiding me so I don't have to spend TOO much time thinking "which upgrade should i do next" etc. Sending troops easy to do, etc. Great! :)
I have sunk too many hours into this and while it is hard beating off stronger players, including those paying more it was workable. However, when someone buys the guardian apophis on five stars (no way to get it free) 90% of your defending troops die instead of going to the hospital - removing the key mechanic vs stronger players. What is the counter to this? I can't usefully defend weaker alliance members either now. Save your time and don't start playing in the first place.
The game is epic... Amazing graphics,guardian and many things to do.. the developer must be proud of himself or herself and I've been playing this game for 2 years.. but why did I rate it 4 stars because I can't login my other account and now I have to start all over again.. plzz help me out😥😢😭
A game with beautiful graphics, simple enough, reasonable drop rates, reasonably priced promotion packs(more reasonably priced than most), and i can play the game for hours in one sitting. There is a very big problem currently, however. This game needs a new server, since the current fourth server looks like a bit old already. Nevermind new f2p players, its hard for new spenders to catch up. Other than that, keep up the good work and improve the game further! 4* until new server opens though
This game is strictly pay-to-win no questions about it you got to pay to keep your Shield up when you run out if you don't you get attacked
Really a nice game I think it's should make some looking like RPS and making 3D view it could be nice
I rate this 4 stars because there no good event that get player active or entertain. Creator yall should add some type of events or something. Also yall should add more guardian. That all for now.
You will not progress here if you are a new player once a high level player found you on the map. A player with 450 million power can attack and zeroed even the smallest players and you can't do nothing about it. Even a 10 million power players can't fight back to a 450M. Only the stronger players will enjoy here as they are the only one who can harrass the system. Other games have a rule on this like you can't attack a base who is 3 level lower or higher than yours and you should apply that.
When I first started playing about 5 or 6 months ago it use to be a blast. Now it has a completely different playing environment. All because of the support team. Not just myself, but many other players as well. After I get done playing this game I personally will no longer play any game associated with this company. If any of the people in this company feel free to contact me directly if you wish. I don't normally post reviews for games, but this is an exception.
I am speechless because this game is fun whatever I would say is less . Exellent ! Keep Developing . Edit -) I have seen many players having problems with spenders and shields so I wanna answer them and hope they will see it . 1. Spenders - lol they are spenders ! They have much more resources and better troops than you ! So put a shield when you go offline and this is where the next problem starts so for that I think your calculations could be wrong or you would have clicked the wrong shield
really nice. holds a candle to war and order as well as Dragons of Atlantis. people aren't as chatty as I would like, though. also there's a bug where it sometimes wont let me raid a shrine, even if it's the exact same. as the one just around the bend. if it can be as good as wao and doa though, it's worth it. well worth it.
was playing this game and enjoying it! wasn't using any money to get better like pay to win. was building nicely and had worked hard to obtain monsters. nice clan and helpful! unfortunately that all changed when i kept getting slaughtered by users who are 50x stronger than me :| my beasts were getting captured leaving me with nothing and having to recover everything lost. this made me uninstall the game and thankfully no real money was wasted on this pile of heaping garbage. thank you developers
Horrible game now nothing but problems and major connection issues and bugs and they DONT/WONT fix anything cause they are done with the game and the developers DONT care because the game is basically ending cause they have said it themselves but are keeping it active to get as much money out of people as they can before they completely shut it down. They DONT care about players all they care about is money.
Creaters encourage stronger players to go out of their way to destroy everything that you have constantly no matter where you are on the map. And the shields only last so long so there are going to be at least a few hours a day where you can't shield. Don't believe the auto response that this comment is probably going to get. Just don't waste your time playing this game.
I use to have alot of fun playing this game. Then the servers got closed down which have made the game very boring. The support team that you have to deal with are very rude. I am always polite when I have to deal with them and they always respond back with alot of attitude and are sarcastic most of the time. Am2 is dying. Players are leaving and starting new accounts in the server that is open(am3). I have spent way to much money on my acount in am2 to start over in am3. I'm very unhappy with the game.
The game itself is fun with good people but unfortunately seems the Dev team is all about taking your money and not keeping players informed of really anything until an update comes out. The Dev team gets defensive if you ask them about anything involving the future of the game and offers no online support through forums or their website for players to voice there concerns or input. If your looking for a game to play short term I say give it a shot but if your looking for a game to invest in long term I would look to other games.
Its not what i expected. Rather than be about the guardian creatures its more pvp, multiplayer, generic building with some god beasts thrown in. The resource gathering, constant upgrades to me are kind of boring, its not really exciting, more tedious than i'd like. Overall for me its not great, mostly because i thought it was something having to do with god beasts not multiplayer generic castle building. So my own fault.
First off, I've spent money on this game so I'm not a non spender mad about losing to a paying player. This is a textbook P2W game. I've been playing over 3 months and have watched it degrade rapidly. There's been multiple issues of shields dropping 3+ hours before time is up. Devs refuse to do anything about it, after numerous complaints from all over the server. High level resource tiles are disappearing. Everything done is an attempt to make you spend. Don't waste your time.
I'll start off by saying that this is a great game as far as graphics and gameplay mechanics go. It's interesting, engrossing and addictive. I threw a bit of money at it from the start, here and there, thinking I'd stay a while. I don't mind doing that. BUT. . .I'm afraid I'm going to uninstall. And it's because of what I consider to be a horrid pvp mechanic. Anyone can attack anyone, no matter their level or strength; that's bad enough. If attacked you lose military units, of course. That's to be expected. But for an attack to wipe out EVERY SINGLE FORTIFICATION and defense that you've put time and effort into? Not happening. Twice now I've been attacked (I usually stay shielded, but hey can't babysit it 24/7) and ALL. . . .100%. . . .of some extensive defenses were wiped out. Too discouraging and doesn't make sense to have to start from scratch like that.
I absolutely loved be this game! It's so addictive. It's got everything that I love, gods, building a city, and so much more. The alliances, at least the one I'm in, is really trusting and helpful. They always give me resources and help me with things I need. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who I think would love it. Hope y'all have a good day.
Palace lvl 7 cost 200k bricks. Max you can storage capacity 165k. If u will not pay, your progress is stop. U can't build ore upgrade your storehouse if your palace isn't lvl 7. For palace lvl 7 you havent space for resources in your storehouse.
I have sent in multiple screenshots of the differences between attacks and defenses from 2 max research players, and to show how broken the game really is, a guy sent a full march of the lowest tier troops (t1) with an elemental guard, against an army of the highest tier troops (t4) and was able to kill all of the highest t4 troops with his army of lowest t1 troops. There is no longer any point in training t4 troops, when t1s do the same work and cost a little food to train. Broken mechanics.
Until the last balancing, this game was good. Of course, with a credit card, you can move faster, but it was not complicate to play your cards right, it was a question of managing your resources, to find a good guild and managing your shield. Now, with the new balancing, it has become a real "pay-to-win". I didn't change my way of playing and in one week, I lost everything. I continued to play while a week, but it has become a real wasting time game. What a shame! Uninstalling.
One of the features that interested me was the whole Guardian feature, but when I got my first Guardian, I was a bit disappointed. The dragon just looks so lousy. The resolution on him is terrible. I know it's a phone game, but the phone is capable of better graphics. I know it's just Graphics I'm criticizing, but I do think they need to be reworked.
Absolutely one of my favorite games. Collect guardians to fight with and boost your city, plunder resources, defend yourself, train troops and so much more to do. This is an easy 5 star game!
The game is attractive to look at, but unfortunately it's just not good. It's an endless grind of upgrading buildings, guardians and military, and then getting attacked by players more powerful than you are, at which point your ENTIRE military, including ALL your defenses, are wiped out, and you have to start over again. INNO protests that is PvP, but there's no balance whatsoever! If your opponent is slightly more powerful then you, you're dead. Maybe after lots of tweaking but for now, NO.
Seems like an awesome game. My biggest problem is that I'm starting in the newest world with tons of accounts with billions of power. This makes me unattractive to this game Until there is a newer sever available. I would have to spend big $$$$ to even have a chance of not getting zeroed. If new worlds become more available i will come back to play. Other than that I will not waste my time trying to play catch up.
Could be a good game if there was some balance to it. High lvl players can massacre little citys making any new player ready to find a new game. Yes you can try to keep a sheald on your city but one laps in the sheald and you get to start all over with city defenses and troop. That leaves you with little to do for hours or a day. Not fun. The new base thing just makes it easier for the big old cities to farm the little ones. Enjoy the frustration if you install this game.
A highly polished game that runs well. A little slow on new updates but there's plenty to do. There are a lot of Veteran players who are willing to help on World 1 so go there for a hard mode challenge.
A so/so strategy experience. The giant beasts isn't something new and the graphics are kind of lackluster compared to other games. Also there is so much thrown at you right from the get go it feels clustered and messy. Some of the notifications are so tiny you might miss something and the sheer amount of stuff they have you do at a single time tends to get overwhelming. It works if your just here for a little while, but I can see this becoming very tedious if played for a long time.
The basis of the game is pretty solid and fun, however the drawbacks are huge. Let's start with the latest update... Basically useless. World chat is "coming soon" even though it had been introduced like it works. The cosmetic changes to UI are stupid..just plain stupid. Why keep changing things that worked well enough from the start? Because you feel compelled to make an update? Make something of substance instead of all the junk changes. How about all the previous updates? Good things = new gaurds, vip system.. Everything else = basically useless. These UI changes are a waste of time. Repeatedly changing things that don't need change is futile and it makes me sad that you can't seem to address the most glaring issues. Things that need change = closed servers. Even if you make more "end game" content, you have killed off, lost or truly estranged so many players that it would still be of only minimal value without any players to share in it. Less than 200 active players does not constitute a good server base. Implementing content will be too little too late by the time you get around to it. New content has been long overdue and thousands of players have quit. That's all on you Inno. Let me be clear : UI enhancements are not content. They are after thoughts added to actual content. Open the servers, merge them, don't let player X with palace 21 hit noobs.. not that hard to do... We'll, it may be hard, it is inno games were talking about...
1.) I would suggest an additional feature only in the power of alliance "leaders" the ability to shield citadel. This shield should be given as a 7th day login reward. This shield would protect not only citadel, but all members for 1day each shield. 2.) Also, the power of normal shielding should apply when one is plundering. 3.) Citadel shield should be able to be bought for $4.99 a piece as well. Just a thought
I looked the company behind this game up and was surprised to find that it was German and not Asian. Mobile developers will never learn. This looks fun, but it does what 99% of these fantasy games do: it throws way too much information at you instead of giving it to you very gradually. You feel overwhelmed. They're giving you rewards that you take without really grasping why. These types of games feel generic and empty even though they may not be. I should be a developer. I'd solve this problem.
I love the game but as a suggestion,I really think that it should be a higher VIP level ,I maxed out more than a year ago and I'm still accumulating VIP points that are useless😶
Pretty fun and time consuming! I'm not getting attacked like crazy like these types of games tend to happen!!! So a good one on my end. Never mind just got all my troops killed by one person in like a second! Takes waaaaaaayyyy to long to amass troops for something like that to happen!!!!!! Fun game but this is like the equivalent of almost beating a game and then loosing all your data and having to start over! Not gonna happen, I'm done!!!! Bye game thanks for the experience
Hard to believe that the developers are playing this game. A key feature of the game is not working properly, allowing for a few huge armies to defeat any player, whatever its level, preventing them to properly grow. The best way to define this game is like a cage where at the end, whatever size your army is, you will be burned down if you forgot to shield. You cannot follow any strategy as the teleporting feature prevents any sound strategy of alliances, growth or defense.
I used. to love this game, but lately there are so many events that reward higher power players for attacking lower power players, I can barely progress. I cant keep my shield up all the time, and every time I begin to make progress I get attacked and lose everything. Tired of barely making any progress, so I'm uninstalling and womt be reinstalling any time soon.
Bad game, do not lose your time and money on it. After the recent update they buffed the costs of new buildings and the power of guardians yoi have to fight against. Everything they care about is money, money and money. The most unbalanced gsme I have ever seen in my life. Max lvl players can zero your account in 2 hits and you will lose everything you played hard to get for some weeks or even months. Everything in the game is designed to make you spend more money, so go and find another one.
Nice Concept, but... I love the idea of the game and it really seems like something I WOULD sink time and money into, however, there is only 1 server. It puts every new player on one existing server. There is no way to switch servers as I'm pretty sure there is just one available. I won't be spending money on the game because see, I like to play to win. The top guy has like 1 billion power. That is ridiculous. Any chance of servers being added? Will 5 star when it is so. Plus I'll invest.
Very fun game! Except more powerful people shoykd get their own map while the smaller inexpierianced players should get a map with other players like that, that way theres an even playing field!! Also i think energy should come back faster cuz some ppl dont have enough power to do dungeons and/or cant buy energy, like me. Thank you for developing this game!!!!Also gamers should be able to upgrade their stamina capacity for longer dng hunting n stuff
It starts off as a really fun game but it will quickly grow old fast. This is more or less a pay to win game. There are no restrictions for say someone that is 800 million to constantly attack people that are 10 million. The beast's are static and mostly stationary. There's not much skill involved. Basically if you pay money you win. And yes I can already predict the response shield and teleport etc, etc High level player's WILL target you and keep targeting you. Strongly suggest...don't play
This is the dumbest assz game I have ever experienced ...you have to stay shielded at all times... limited speed ups. I can see when you get attacked you'd lose some troops but not all and not even any to heal....So what is the point. I uninstalled.
This game is like all these type of games. Build up, grind grind grind, join a clan and then eventuslly get farmed by bigger players when your shield runs out... Lose a million power each time.. then build back up and repeat.. that's it that's all.... "try to keep your shield up" ... is what this game should be called. Edit/reply I got to 6.5 million power, shield runs out (I have spent money) then you get hit lose 3 million power... spend 1 week to get back up. repeat. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME