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Goat Simulator Payday

Goat Simulator Payday for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Coffee Stain Publishing located at Lögegatan 11, 54130 Skövde, Sweden. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
its pretty fun, but I have three complaints. 1 whenever I choose a new character, the idea reset back at the zoo. 2 the camel won't spit, even when I drink water. 3 the map is a lot smaller then the other got sim games. other then that, it's great!
Amazing game, but I just wish that there were more pranks and other things to use money on. I also wish there was a larger map
This game is enjoyable, but annoying glitches like being able to walk on nothing occur. When you go into a cannon and switch characters the characters turn grey and black and have these stupid red bumps on them. The glitches really put a bad image for Coffee Stain Studio
This game is so good you can do so much things in it even the music is cool there is just some bugs that needs to be repaired but anyways I give 5 stars
It's fun but when you unlock all the characters theres no point but in waste of space you still collect coins. So all I'm saying is to make more quests or a bigger map or more character's then it would be way better and I love your games and alot of people do so make more goat simulator games.
Its probobly a great experience if you play a on a good phone, but mine isnt really built for this type of pc graphics so its not really good but gameplay wise its still your classic goat sim 2012 game with a twist
I got this game for my grandson. He loves it. Says it is so fun. He says the tongue jiggling around on the person is the funniest. Hope to see more and more of these goat games. Keep up the good work.
Well, I have played this game before on my Samsung Galaxy s6 and it was fun, but now I have a Samsung Galaxy s7 and it won't download it says it will take more than 3 hours but near the end it just stops and I have to re download it. I just restarted my phone and hopefully it will work.
I wish u have a update of 1train 4 carts on mobile pc ps4 and Xbox and that u have railroad crossing sign and the railroad crossing things that dings and that the train comes every 2 minutes and that u have first person mode
Guys, if you have any bugs or issues, tell the developers. Don't spam the comments with "I want a refund it wont download i've tried everything." You obviously haven't tried everything because if you turn off the wifi it works. Poor framerate? That's your fault for having a tablet made in 2015. Great game by the way!
This game is so fun, you never get bored of it, worth the 4.99. The game is glitchy, but that is what makes it fun. IF YOU GET THE CHANCE TO, GET THIS GAME ASAP.
I love this game but I cant even get on it anymore! I never play the game now and I installed it in 2019. Later in 2020 I installed it again and it still has the same problem! It just has a gray back round and I can only see a glimpse of a thing that says pause download. I dont know what to do and I only rate this game 5 stars because of the memories from the game! Plz help! I dont want a waste of 5 bucks! Help!
I love the goat sim games but this one is a waste of money. Of all the goat simulator games, this is clearly the worst. The map is so small and theres only one world. The quests arent puzzles at all because they give less than minimal information so you can only wonder around and hope to eventually find the nonspecific place you're looking for. Theres this bug that makes you respawn everytime you try to change characters and it's been like that for years. I couldnt even get a refund.
it was very fun!!! i think it is one of the best goat simulators!! because in this one you start out with four chatacters and they can fly, run fast, and you can drive cars in this version!!
i have every single goat simulator and out of all of them this is my least favourite. this game is so broken its not even funny. the character switch button is too close to the joystick so while im moving around i accidentally click the button and then im back at the beginning. the cops are broken too. everytime i do a quest with them and i go near them they latch onto my character and glitch the game to the point where i cant play because my character is broken.
I've played this game before and... it is SO good! When u try 2 attack the police, he flings u really far and it's hilarious!!! I would definetly recommend this game! But rn,... it won't install SO... if it installs, then I would definetly recommend this game! :D
This is definitely worth the money! The car features, The exotic animals, the various options and the gameplay in general! I would recommend getting this app!
This game is really fun you did a really good job on this game and if you're bored you can just get on the game so I rate 5 stars
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I love the game I play it everyday to get a good laugh the ragdoll physics are very cool I only recommend a few things to update number one: it would be cool if we had more maps to go to like on PC version and if we had more pranks and a little more mutator anyway ik this game got a lot of work put into it oooooh another thing when ur playing as helicpterkin can u adjust the mask on the face so I dont look like it barely on thank u
Recursively "connects" unsuccessfully to Google Play Games. Very embarrassing considering how many hundreds of refunds you guys will have to eat for no reason other than laziness. There are reviews talking about this from the beginning of December. Normally, you put games on sale that are actually playable and don't have game breaking bugs.
I am redoing my review, I have finally learned how to drive the cars in the game, I am having so much fun. I love this game. ⚡⚡⚡Shazam ⚡⚡⚡
I used to play this game before and loved it. But now when I'm on the home screen it loads but never connects to Google play games, it just makes a loop. Can anyone help? Also i can't get a refund. Edit: nevermind i fixed it
All you have to do if it shows the gray screen is clear your cache and data then uninstall and reinstall make sure you have Google play games.
At first it was great then it will never let me get into the game I would have rated it a 5 very fun and annoying you should get the game(I am playing on Android)
This game is a great add-on to Goat Simulator or a great first goat simulator. Runs smoothly and the graphics are hilarious. The only weird thing is that you can drive up the wall with the dolphin. I dont know if that's a glitch or part of the funny graphics, but I found it a little weird...
I tryed everything and I can never play this game again due to a weird glitch where when I play it, it just send me to a page that says pause download for a split second, then after that it says goat simulators content downloader. I wasted my 5 bucks.
The game is great! But I have one request. On apple devices you can get some goats from other games. But I have purchased all the games and I can't get a single one. Will give 5 stars if that's added in.
I love goat simulator but only on a console. The controls for this are terrible and everything moves way to quickly or too slowly there are only 2 speeds for how fast your goat can go..light speed or turtle...nonetheless the console version is great. Ill have to get this one on my Playstation when I get wifi. This world seems really fun to play.
This game is absolutely hilarious! I've played the whole series of Goat Simulators, and this one is by far, the absolute best. The charcters are very funny and they all have special talents. For example, the Flamingo has the ability to fly, and the dolphin in the wheelchair, can grow taller. 10/10 my favorite game.
It is very fun fun and enjoyable but i gotta say something to coffe stain. I don't know if any body agrees with me but i feel after you get every goat and you complete the jobs the game gets boring since you explored everything in the map. Maybe you make a goat sim where they have daily jobs, limted time goats that you can collect if goat sim does partnerships with other games and online multiplayer. Anyway keep the good work guys!
I have had this game for a while and to this day I still love it especially seeing a camel spitting at the polar coffe owner it's funny and k used the wheelchair to blindly knock out workers at polarcoffe
The most fun I've had in a mobile game. Become different animals, fly, drive cars, complete missions, and have wacky fun with ragdoll physics.
When it asked me to do 5 stars for different things well I didn't know so I put one star for everything because apparently I couldn't download the resources to play the game I was so mad but I can't even get a refund so unfair get this fixed and let us have refunds because if it doesn't work what a waste of money *(FIX IT OR LET US HAVE REFUND)**in devil voice*
A simple, fun, wacky yet very engaging game. Some people have said the game is superficial: after 5 minutes, it's boring & repetitive. Not so! The game has tons of things to do & many things to explore. I played the game 5-6 days/week, for 20-30 minutes/day, and I was entertained & engaged for roughly 1.5 months. That's a great ROI on my $5 spent! After a month and a half, I had seen, explored, & completed everything; I had partaken of everything the game had to offer and consequently lost interest in the game. But it was well worth the $5. Going to a movie costs twice that, and if it's a good movie, you're entertained for only 2 hours. Goat Simulator is a better deal by far! I enjoyed the pranks & running from the police. I also loved going around & hitting random people. My only complaint is that driving the cars is awkward & not very intuitive on the Android version of the game. But it's much easier & better on the PC version of the game.
Great game. Ton of fun and hilarious. Achievements are a bit wacky though. Seems there is a glitch. If I do the objective for an achievement, it gives me credit for an unrelated one. Only issue I've encountered.
This is such a silly game, i think the graphics are great, and i figured something out, for those of you who are having troubles connecting to goggle play just tap the left, or right side of your screen.
This game is probably my favorite in the Goat Simulator franchise. I only have one problem. Most of the time when I switch between the main characters, the goat, the camel, the dolphin and the flamingo, I get teleported back to the zoo. I know that the whole gimmick of goat simulator is a ton of ridiculous bugs, but this one really is ruining my gameplay experience. Could you please fix it? I find it near equivalent to a crash bug, having to restart.
This is one of the best games it has a big map it has Quest's it has mask it even has characters you can control and you can fly as the flamingo
very detailed and fun I love these games and I'm gonna download another one I really love the game and I reccomend it to people who have downloaded other goat simulator games just like this one, as I was saying this app is a great time killer and something I would play when I'm bored, especially cause this app does not need connection so you can play it anywhere at anytime! I reccomend to install it
I tolldely love this game!!!! The game is fun!!! Itmhas maps but the only down side is they are all 5$. If you have more then one, you can access all the games when you click on a game.
love it! here's an idea for a game- goat simulator goats of the west! a western game as a goat in the age of the cowboys! With pilgor and Don pastrami in a partnership in crime! Also can android have the same size map as PC? The map heres small.
I love it. But please fix car controls. When I turn it won't turn it just goes straight. Please fix this
i love this game i played it on a phone and it was great but now i am playing it on a laptop and its so hard to controll i think its a waste of my money beacause of that if you are paying it on a phone i recomend o donlod it but on a computer just dont if you already have good luck controlling it.
Best game ever the glitches is the best all the Easter eggs is the best Love all of your games Best game developer ever Make more games like this Love your work
This game is as funny as possible, no lag, no problems and fun gliches. This is not the case with a phone though. the lag is manageable but there is one bug that is so annoying. I cant move and interact at the same time. (like move and headbutt) This happens on the phone but not a tablet. This isn't a fault with the device as it does register two fingers in screen at the same time. I wish that this could be fixed ASAP as I don't think I am the only one having issues. keep up the good work tho!
This game is so fun I've seen some people saying they can't get in i can thought its amazing you can hit police offecers they'll run to u but they trip on everything and once they catch u tells the put u in jail or yeet u
The best game of my childhood. but I got stuck on one of the Misson's I didn't complete and everytime I picked a character i respawn at the dumb Misson I got stuck on. You may be asking what Misson is it, it's the buried games Misson I got stuck on it anyways I got sick of it and I tried to fix the bug but it didn't work
I liked playing the game on my Xbox 360 and that ran smoothly and was super fun but I bought it on mobile and it was quite slow and hard to control and most people when they buy a game they expect it to run smoothly and work fine so it was quite disappointing
I love this game but i would like you to add something please can you make it whrn the dolphin goes into the water it swims like dolphin if you can make that happen it would be awsome😎
I like the overall game but when I try to switch to another character like Valentino Salami, it puts me back into my old position where I switched to someone else.
The game was a big huge waste of money the game was so horrible all the characters spawned in the same area and there's no other areas
It's a good game but when I used to play it like at the middle of 2019 it had no bugs and it was good graphics although now when I try to go in it says connecting to Google play and then loads and keeps doing that so every time I play it I have to click the play button so many times to play and it still continues when I try to play it it's a amazing game and all but can you please fix this bug?
I absolutely love this game it is so funny once I bumped into a policeman and it grabbed me and another policeman came and I went flying across the map ! Great job. And I love the hilarious pranks ! 😍🥳🤩 and I unlocked the Catified goat and loads of cats came across the screen. Thanks for making it. Wait.... I wish you could participate with one of your friends map .... Still cool😁🥳🤩 I have unlocked lots of the goats and trophies It is sooooooo good and fun!
Hello yes we would like a refund on my little sister's tablet we have to pay for it for $4.99. Now thats fine but we have to pay a second time because it dissappered from the tablet. Thank you. 1. Why do we only have to pay on a tablet when me and my mom can get it free on our phones? 2. We would really like that refund 3. It charged her 2 extra times Please fix our issues thank you
great game I have no problems but discovered little glitch if you grab the car that can boost and jump and fully with it if you can have enough control to get past the sky barrier yo will reach a place of darkness sometimes I also got the original goat like this from the first goat sim
I love this game but if the creator of this game is watching can you please try to add in a multiplayer option or just make the game much better and more fun
I really don't know how anyone can dislike this game! It's so fun! I really like the feature they introduced where you could drive cars! Just one thing, when you switch between the main characters, it teleports you to the place you last used them... overall a great game though! 10/10!
This game is amazing! You can do whatever you want and if you get bored there are challenges! (I also like it because it has floppy funny characters)
Bug!Hey guys so i have played the game before about a year ago and it was good but now when i start it it says connecting to google play but just doesn't load for any of the goat simulator games it just says connecting then does some loading and then restarts but it works for other games just not these ones, so pls have a look at that.